Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Soggy Donkey Saturday!

And no complaints here! Wow we had some very much needed rain over night. 1.75 inches - Everyone here was very happy to see it and although everyone is muddy and messy they are happy -
First up are Rosie and "Rene" (Irene) - they were at the hay bale having some breakfast. Rosie is doing much better again - we are really staying after her with her meds and she is getting extra feed to put more weight on her. She is starting to look better and actually has her personality back. And her best buddie and protector Irene is always right there with her - she is such a great friend.

Now how can you not love a face like this? Cali is just so gorgeous! And she is starting to learn to stop and pose for the camera... well until the flash went off with this one - she bolted after that. She will be going into the big pen with Mom this week - She is going to LOVE the room to run, she is a fast mover.

This photo is pretty funny - makes her look 10 feet tall. Pretty funny that she isn't even knee high - but I have been playing with different views and settings on my camera. OH and no Vicki has not had her baby yet.. in fact we are completely off of alert. That is a donkey for you! I think she was looking for extra attention while Lacey and Cali were getting theirs - now they are old news so she is going to wait until she can be the star - :0)
Is Macie just a pretty girl or what? I LOVE her eyes - she is the donkey that I showed from the back a couple of months ago - and everyone just died at how wide she was - well she is wider and still a few weeks or more away from a baby. She is just "big boned" and really shows her pregnancy -
But still a beautiful girl - I think part of her problem is that she has NO legs... really they are so short compared to everyone else. So that makes her look wider.. LOL wonder if I can use that statement too?

Alright I know it is blurry - but hey it is a great photo anyway! These two boys play hard! And I think they are sold too! Yes it will be sad to see these two go - but a neighbor wants them - so that ain't so bad I can still visit!
I didn't get any new photos of Libbie this week - this is from last weeks post - but the other day my screen saver flashed some photos of her and I just couldn't believe how much she had changed in just over 3 months...

Look at how round that little face was - awww

She was basically round all over and just so tiny! I could hold her in one hand then - now in one arm... LOL - My baby is growing up!
Hope you have a great weekend - I am cleaning out the bedroom - well starting I will do sections at a time. I started last night on my craft desk, I have a problem of wanting every thing I might need right at arms length away - space issues and lazy issues. But I have decided to box up a bunch that I don't use often and put in the closet - ok... so now I am boxing up then I will clean out the closet to make room for the boxes -
Have a great day!
HUGS and -


Chris (catt871) said...

Sooo cute!!! Gosh i've missed visiting your blog!!! thanks for sharing the pics!!!

scrappypug said...

I just love the donkeys!

TA Carbone said...

Michelle you say Cali is knee high but how tall is her mother and the others. Maybe I asked this question before but I don't remember. And oh Libby is getting to be a wonderful teenager


Suzanne said...

It's sunny here today that's because we are decorating!!! Great photo's I always look forward to Saturdays and pics of your crowd. Sue :o)

Maria Jesus said...

cute, Cali is cute, i love your pics :)

have a good weekend.


Heidi said...

LOVE the photos Michelle. I have to show them to Martine tomorrow (she is sleeping now) and she will love them too.

Hugs and love

Viv said...

They are all so gorgeous! Poor Macie looks like she's ready to pop! And Libbie has grown so much...they do that! And adolescent dogs can be sooooo naughty. Is she? or is she an angel as she appears in the photos? LOL

Ila said...

Love the donkey photos....and I can never get over how unique and Beautiful Libbie is!!....I am the same way when I it all at arms length...but soon find I can't even find a place to create..LOL....Hugs, Ila

Cazzy said...

Libbie is so pretty now and not a baby any more.

Cazzy x

Helene said...

Cali is a sweet

Annie said...

fabby photos again Michelle, but I feel so sorry for Macie, surely she can't get any bigger! hugs, annie x

w.i.t.c.h.-ler said...

They´re sooooooooo cute!!! I love your donkeys and your dog Libbie!!!!!!!!

ribenaruby said...

Just catching up with the photos, and how big does Macie look? I hope she will be ok and that Vicki will deliver soon, sweet Cali is a beatfiul baby. Libbie's poses get better and better each time, great pics Michelle, love to see them!

Anonymous said...