Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yes it is Donkey/Libbie Saturday!

HI - well this was a fast week wasn't it? Other than the heat here.. yesterday was 103 degrees, the only new thing in our little donkey world is that Mirta and Vicki went into the big pen with all of their buddies - Had just a few stressful moments. I am such a worrier when we let them loose. Vicki was so upset about being "locked up" and away from her best friend Ellie Mae that when we opened the gate for her to go out she took off and forgot Mirta.... We had to literally pick Mirta up and carry her out to Vicki. Then she realized what she had done and loved all over her. Later in the morning Vicki was grazing enjoying the pasture grass and well... Patti stole Mirta. Yes.. stole her. Sometimes the older "Momma" donkeys want babies so bad they will try and take new Moms babies. They don't hurt them, usually they love all over them. I watched carefully for a few minutes as Patti walked Mirta across the pen and away from Vicki - after about 5 minutes we went in and got Vicki's attention and she realized that Mirta was not following her. A little "talk" between Patti and Vicki took place - and she got Mirta back. Poor Patti, she is still months away from having her next one, she loves the babies.

Vicki has been a great Mom ever since, very protective. Which I really like to see.

Here they were coming up for lovin' last night when we went into the pen. I just love the little pounce that the babies take off with!

Cali is getting so big! She is so pretty, just always dirty

And Mirta is still so tiny, her coloring is really much darker than Cali's -

I don't know why but I love the way this photo came out.. Then "Dad" got down and gave equal attention to the babies Cali and Mirta -Well then then everyone wanted attention.. Ellie has a way of making sure you pay attention to her too - Adorable or what?

And Macie keeps getting wider... :0)
And Jazz is finally getting her little pooches on her sides too!

I tried to get Libbie to pose for her weekly photo... well she got new raw hide rings on her chew toy..... sorry guys she wouldn't stop "working" for nothing - very serious work getting the raw hide chewed down!
Look at those tiny little teeth working!!! Needle sharp teeth I might add - LOLThis has been the best toy I have gotten her. Well besides her baby Purple Dog. This thing keeps her from eating the furniture, the corners of the wall, the rugs, the door to bathroom, the edge of cabinet... I think you are getting idea here. This thing is great! The "bones" spin off and you put these raw hide circles on and then tighten them back on - she works hours at it. And the rubber parts clean her teeth.

Well I hope you enjoyed Donkey/Libbie day - I gotta get a move on I am so late this morning.. I'll be back tomorrow with the MichJay Challenge #2!!!

HUGS and I hope you have a great Saturday!


Tab said...

Oh I so enjoy looking at your piccy's of the donkeys and libby, they are all so adorable, especially that little Mirta, so cute LOL!
Thanks for sharing and have a fab weekend!
Hugs Tab xxx

Rach said...

fabulous piccies sweetie.. those donkeys of yours are so adorable.. and libbie is so darn cute!!
tfs.. hugs rachxx

Janis said...

Great pictures!

Happy Crafter said...

My goodness Macie looks fit to burst how long has she got now ?
The pics are all fab love all your darling donkeys and libbie is such a cutie pie, thanks for sharing these with us all Michelle :)
Hugzz Val xxx

dawnmarieg said...

Hi Michelle, gosh 103* that sounds nice and cosy lol, I was definitely born on the wrong continent! Mummy and babies all look fab and the nearly mum's look fit to burst! What a fab toy for Libbie, she looks so engaged in getting to that raw hide. Wonderful Saturday as always, thank you Michelle. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Diamond Doll said...

Awww Michelle such fab pics of Libbie and all the Donkeys,i love seeing How Cali and Mirta have grown.Thanx for letting us see them.
Trish (-:

ms.cheryl said...

Thank you so much for sharing these photos. I always feel like if I gave it a little more thought I could smell the farm smells.I love the smell of the said...

Adorable! Love the donkey Libbie Day!


Janice said...

I feel for those poor mama's with their swollen bellies in 103 heat! But those babies-too cute!!

TA Carbone said...

Hi Michelle
Got your message on my blog. I'm here. I was sick for awhile, didnt get out of bed for a week and felt very worn down. Even had to miss one of my classes but now I am feeling better and just relaxing doing puzzles. Thanks for your concern.

I refreshed my subscriptions to and started getting the posts again. Yippeeee wont miss Donkey days or Libbies day.

I have to say I just love how tiny Mirta is. When you look at her up against the others she sure is tiny.

And Libbies toy I have to see if I can find that over here. Not that pooh-bear chews on anything but his rawhides I like the idea to keep him busy for awhile.

Well have a nice week and I hope it doesnt stay hot for you in Texas.


Jóna said...

I just love to follow the donkeys and Libby every week :o)My daughter will love these pictures when she gets home from summer camp.
Love the "attention" photos.
Hugs Jóna

Heidi said...

Mirta is absolutely stunning!
I can't believe how wide donkey's get it just seems like it would ruin their backs! OMG I feel sorry for them.

NanaBeth said...

Poor Macie-she looks like she is going to explode! I bet she is miserable in all this heat. You must tell us where you got the rubber rings, I have 2 pooches I desperately
need to keep busy!