Saturday, May 14, 2011

Animal Crackers - We have one sick, one hurt and we got RAIN!

It has been a up and down week here. Iris is still sick. Poor little thing. She has a great morning, the a bad afternoon. Then a good day and bad day. But now it has come to basically me being her Mom right now. We have decided she just isn't getting enough milk from Mom. The other two kids are bigger and stronger and well... they are just getting a bigger share of milk. So I have started bottle feeding her a few times a day to help her get some strength. I am praying that once she is doing better she will get in there and get her own share and Chloe, her Mom, will then have enough milk for all of them. This is how it is most of the time though....

Her brother, Denim and Sister, Belle playing hard. Having fun and just being kids... while she is just resting off to the side. She is going to get better and stronger, I am going to make sure of it. I am doing everything I can for her. She is a doll....

And then our injury... Patti -
The dirt blowing has been so bad you can't even see across the pens some afternoons. We think that she got something in her eye and in trying to rub it out, she tore the corner of her eye. I was so worried about her, but we have been cleaning it and putting eye medicine in it and it is getting better. Less swollen and looking less red. I told her I COMPLETELY understand her pain and will get her back to normal as quick as possible!

Then my perpetually sick girl Rosie...
She is actually been doing pretty good - well for Rosie. The heat effects her quite a bit, but she has been holding her own. Can you see her talking to me here? ... Listen... "Common on Mom, Please let me out, I can sneak out the gate while no one else is looking... PLEASE" We have started something bad. Spoiling her you could say. We have been letting her out of the girls youth pen to add to her vitamins with grass and bushes. She is so tame that she just wanders around the yard and the house and when time to go back in the pen we just put our hand on her rear end and she knows it is time and heads back to the gate. Just after shooting this photo....... I let her out. :0)

And this is what I turned around to see. yep... "WHY DON'T YOU EVER LET US OUT?" Uh girls cuz then I have to chase you around and around and around for an hour to get you back in! It turns into a real funny game with them. Can't you see it in Lydia's eyes... yep... real funny! And yes, Juliet the standard youth girl is still in the pen with the girls instead of out with the other three standards. She really loves the other girls and we have a hard time making her go out with "The three Stooges" -

Yep... he did it again - He found more stickers and rolled around, Dad is going to be so mad that Autie has to have another bath so soon.... but he ain't getting in my bed looking like that! (Autie and Chica sleep at the end of our bed ) He still is cute though isn't he?

Miss Chica wasn't interested in having her photo taken in the least. She was trying to find another stick... Couldn't get her still for nothing. She was looking right at me with the cutiest little look on her face and in the 1/2 second it took me to snap... her head was turned. Puppies!

And Miss Libbie... speaking of Puppies.
We are pretty sure she should be pregnant - she is eating more, sleeping more and doesn't really play too hard - she was sitting on the porch waiting to go in and I could hear her.... common Mom it is hot out here and I want to go back into the air conditioning and my soft bed! And that is right where she went.

AND the good news of the week!! WE GOT RAIN!!! Not as much as they predicted, but 3/4 of inch is better than nothing. It was a scary storm to have only gotten that much... take a look at these clouds!
This was at 10:15 AM!! It was so dark outside, got even darker when the rain started coming down in buckets. We were lucky though no bad stuff here just good much needed rain! YeA!

Well... hope you enjoyed this week - me... gotta go and feed my baby outside :0)
Have a wonderful Saturday -
HUGS from me and all my fur babies!


Kirsten Alicia said...

I really, really hope Iris gets stronger, you can definitely see how much smaller she is compared to the other two. Thank you for taking the time to share your babies with us. Saturdays would not be same without Animal Crackers to look forward to. Those storm clouds look scary! Here in the south-East of the UK we are longing for rain too; apart from a brief shower two weeks ago, we've had none since March.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Cards By MI said...

Hope your little goatie goat gets better soon. Lovely photos and fun stories again. Love reading them!
Love n hugs

petra,s cards said...

beautiful fotoo,s!!!!! hope iris get better!!! gif her a big hug!!!
xx petra

Carol Dee said...

My goodness those fur babaies are keeping you busy! Get well wishes to all the ill little ones. Hugs to all...

Rufus said...

Poor Iris, can see that she's def. smaller than her brother and sister. But since she now has 2 Mommies, I'll bet she starts growing! I'm sure that Patti appreciates that you can understand what she's going through. Rosie, well, she's one lucky girl! Hope that you get some more rain, without the scary looking clouds.

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing. With your good care Iris should go stronger any day as well as your love for your babies will keep them well and they for sure know that they are being loved and taken care of. My do these clouds look non-promising; you're lucky it only brought a bit of rain.

LorraineB said...

Its so hard when our furkids aren't well. I know you will do all you can to get them back to being themselves and healthy. That was one nasty sky!!