Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Me and My Space - My Desk - My Punch Drawers

Time to show off my Desk! I am still working on labels for all the drawers, and boxes. But I am really happy with how this storage turned out. Everything is safe and mostly dust free :0) And no more middle of the night noises when Gato knocks over a 1/2 dozen punches.It is a good thing my Dad's old Drafting Table is so large - Cuz even with these Jet Max storage boxes that are 14.5 x 14.5 inches square, I still have a ton of crafting space on the desk. I purchased 8 different boxes. Four on my little desk to the side of my main desk, then four across the back of my desk. I'll show off all the drawers and spaces over time with you, I just can't wait :0) But today I want to show you the two boxes to the right. My Punch drawers.
Now there are 6 drawers - Right now 4 have punches in them. One I am using to put paperwork in and one is empty, for "growth". I have divided the drawers into brands and then styles.
1- EK Success/Stampin Up
2- Martha Stewart - Flowers/Nature
3- Martha Stewart - Loops/Lace/Arches
4- Martha Stewart - Jumbo
The jumbo EK Success and the Stampin Up punches fit perfectly.

Took me a little while to figure out the best way to put the MS punches in the drawer. I then decided that the corner and individual punches need to lay flat just a tad too tall. But the edge punches stand up and fit just perfectly. So I have them across the drawer, this way I know the corner punch is to the left of the edge punch. And each drawer really fits quite a few punches.

My punches are still with in arms length, well the ones I use most that is. And they are GATO safe and not collecting dust. One very happy improvement!

Now another personal item on my desk - This is a metal box that was a gift from my Boss and very good friend Heidi - She sent me three matching boxes that stack inside each other. And a matching pillow from France. The middle box is 6.5 square, and is my "done card" box. I keep my most recent cards that I have finished in it. Until they go off to other people, or boxed up for later use. Again GATO safe. She loves to eat the flowers off - so having them in this box she doesn't snack on my cards. It is a really good thing I love this cat so much :0) I love these boxes too... I look up at them on my desk and around the room and they make me happy and remind me of Heidi - Thanks Heidi!

Hope you like this weeks Me and My Space - I am very happy with my new storage, and how clean it all looks!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

I think I need to look for those drawers. My punches are just jumble in a basket. Hard to find anything. So not used as I should. Pretty tin from Heidi, too.

Maryann Laursen said...

Oh Michcelle, I just love your Me and My Space entries. You have sooo many really great ideas ever time and have shown soo many great things, we can actually make ourself for almost nothing, which is so cool. I would like thoug, if we could all have a handyman at hands as you have he he he he, but I´m not sure, you would lend him all over here, I´m afraid.
But your craftroom looks really awesome and I love how you´ve stored many of your things there. Sooo much great inspiration hun. Thanks a lot for that.