Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Beautiful Donkey Evening

I am so thankful for the man (or woman) that invented the digital camera! Late yesterday evening I went out and everyone was feeling good and wanted their photos taken. I took 48 photos! And a few came out pretty good :)

Angelina (Lina) was trying hard to be patient and wait for some head petting - she is such a ham!

Gloria and Coffee as well - all though Gloria makes all kinds of noises and snorts she really is not a patient little girl :)

This was a different view from the youth pen - Couldn't resist showing it, aren't they all so cute! I took this by holding the camera nearly on the ground.

The Grass is always Greener on the other side of the fence ......

See even Raffie from his pen agrees :)

But Valentine was enjoying fresh hay! Daddy had just dropped a brand new round bale for the three stooges, (our nickname for the three standard donkeys) - Valentine always has taken big bites!

Pavo our Thanksgiving baby is sure getting big - he loves playing with his Dad Black-Jack and his Buddie Freddie - that must be where the scrape on his face came from - right now he was calm and seemed to enjoy having his photo taken - Handsome little man.

I had planned on taking a photo of the rosebud I showed last Saturday... so you could see how much it had opened this week. Ummm Well.... the three Stooges got into Libbie's back yard, where the tree rose is, and someone must have thought it was pretty enough to eat - cuz it is now gone ;0)

So instead here is one of my MIL Lilly's that opened up a couple of days ago - Libbie loves them, she just sits and watches them blow in the wind.

That is all for today - sorry forgot to take a Libbie photo... by next week you will see a huge difference in her - she is changing daily!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
HUGS and-


Anita said...

Cute photos! what a great way to start my day!

Carole said...

So many beautiful donkeys Michelle...I love them all!
Thanks for linking my candy.
have a nice weekend.
Carole x

TA Carbone said...

Oh Michelle what a wonderful Saturday you have made it. I have to tell you that every Saturday I wake up, turn the computer on, get my coffee and read Donkey Smiles. To me it is like reading the newspaper and since I don't get the newspaper this is even better


Suzanne said...

Oh Michelle I want to come and live with you it all looks so wonderful the sun the donkeys and plenty of wide open spaces, my Honey would love it she would run wild, still we do have a bit of sun here today although a bit windy and we have been to the park this afternoon and she has had a good run so maybe its no so bad!!!! Sue :o)

ribenaruby said...

Fabulous pics Michelle, just love the donkey pics and Pavo really is looking different from the others,he is a cute one too! Can't wait to see Libbie next time, have a super weekend!

david santos said...

Fantastic posting!!! Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy day!

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures Michelle, Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Big Hugs, Nikki x

ms.cheryl said...

WHAT ???? No Libbie? Now thats just not right. I love all your donkey shots. I use to have horses and really miss watching them frolic around so I get my fix visiting your blog. Now if you could infuse a little farm smell into the blog it would be heaven. Thanks for sharing, ms.cheryl

dawnmarieg said...

Hi Michelle, Saturday is my favourite day, don't get me wrong, I love your cards as they are so inspiring but I just love donkey and libbie day. Your MIL lilly is beautiful. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Maria said...

Great photos, Michelle! Love the donkey photos. The flower is very pretty too! I love digital cameras too! I can snap away and not worry if the photos didn't turn out quite right. Do you have a petting farm or zoo or something?


papersunshine said...

Awesome photos! BUT where is "my" Freddie? I love his sweet eyes and face! It's been awhile I keep looking for him :) However any of your donkey pictures is a pleasure.
Lori K.

kay said...

fab pictures,love looking at them

retiredheather said...

Wonderful photos but where is Libby? Give some hugs to the donkies for me...they are so cute.

Viv said...

Your donkey family is just gorgeous! We have three dogs and a cat but I have always adored donkeys....maybe when we get some land....!

Linda aka backroads girl said...

I so love your critters! I'm glad you share with us. Check out my blog at: to see the ducks hatched on the pond behind our house. (Unfortunately, there are only 4 left... darn fox!)

Hugs, Linda

Annie said...

fabby photos Michelle, and I'm still in love with Gloria! wish we had some of that Texas sunshine here today. hugs, annie x