Saturday, April 11, 2009

Donkey and Libbie Day!

Saturday and I was out early this morning to get some photos.. we are expecting rain later - so it is very cloudy hard to get great photos... now if only that rain that we desperately need will come!!!

How is this for a Good Morning?

Coffee is a taller Mini... he can reach just over the fence with his nose.. this way he is assured to be first to get petted!

I thought this photo of Irene was kind of cool... she is sad today - her best buddy Rosie is sick again. And these two are joined at the hip, so when Rosie is sick Irene is kind of lost. I really wish we could kick these sick spells of Rosies, they are happening farther a part each time.. this time we made it nearly 8 weeks... but she is on her week of meds and should be feeling better in a day or so - (I took a photo of Rosie too... ;0( it was just too sad to show)

Two of the soon to be Mom's... Lacey is really starting to get wide.. and if that hay bale wasn't there you would see that Vickie is HUGE... I think we are within a month... at least by my counting - they have their own timeline - and yes... Macie my other really wide donkey I have been showing is still very wide..

How cute is this? Her spots are getting so dark - legs are really long, fuzzy puppy fur is almost gone.. just a few strays here and there. And those ears just make me laugh!
Uh Oh... no more posing... Teddy is coming to visit... she Loves Teddy!

First - I have to let you know, she is never allowed in the big fenced yard with out Mom or Dad... and Teddy is super gentle with her, we let her say hello give Teddy his kisses, and then we call her back to the middle of the yard. She gets so excited that she gets to say hi to him. Wish you could see how fast that little stump of a tail is going.

She really does lick the end of his nose, I think he gets a kick out of it too. Look at how small she looks here... now he is a regular size donkey, not a mini.. but still she looks so small.
I do hope these brought a smile to you today - they sure do me :)
Have a great Saturday!
HUGS and-


NanaBeth said...

Made my day for sure! I go to the computer every Saturday saying it's donkey day it's donkey day.

TA Carbone said...

Wonderful pictures again but oh I feel so sorry for Rosie. Have they figured out what this is that makes her keep getting sick.

Enjoy your weekend

Kirsten Alicia said...

Thank you for the gorgeous pics Michelle, but poor Rosie! I hope she gets better very soon. Libbie is even more beautiful this week. I've missed a few Donkey & Libbie Saturdays, so it's great to catch up. Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend.

Chris (catt871) said...

AWWWW these just made my day!!!! I love your donkeys!!!!! And Libbie's eyes are SO peircing, she is gorgeous!!!!

athleticsecretary said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures every Saturday - I look forward to them. We used to raise standard donkeys when I was a kid - they are so fun! And Libbie - I want a little dog so badly, but DH is so allergic that we just can't have one! She is so cute!!

papersunshine said...

Oh those last two were for me, I just know it! LOL! I am just kidding. Teddy is my favorite as I have mentioned before - his eyes are so sweet! The pictures show them well :) And with Libbie to boot, how lucky are we to see these two cuties together! Thanks Michelle for all of your wonderful donkey and Libbie pictures!!!
Lori K.

dawnmarieg said...

Hi Michelle, I bring you greetings from a sunny Glasgow, Scotland (makes a change eh?)its still a bit chilly though so no change there, really hope you get the rain you need hun, I'll do a Scottish jig/raindance for you. I love Coffee, his smile is lovely, such a happy wee soul. I really hope Rosie will be better soon and they get to the bottom of her sickness, then Irene will be happy too. Libbie is getting so big! I remember when she was just a fluff ball lol. Thank you for donkey and libbie day, I just love it. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Ohh what a cute Good Morning from Coffee. Sven looked at me strange as I started to laugh out very loud as I saw this cuuuute pic ;) And how cute is Libbie with Teddy? Cute cute cute!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics with us.

Anita said...

Cute photos! This is such a fantastic thing to look forward too.

Heather said...

They are too cute!! That top looks like he's saying stop messing around and give me some pets!!

ms.cheryl said...

Libbie's eyes are ELECTRIC and look like you just turned them on, sooo pretty.I love visiting your donkeys. They always put a smile on my face.
I look forward every Saturday to sharing your life in pictures.It is so sweet of you to take the time to share with us, your blog stalkers.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. HE IS RISEN , ms.cheryl

Viv said...

Soooo cute! Your pics are really fun to see. Teddy sounds like a darling. Libbie is at that gangly stage, she'll grow into those legs and ears eventually!

retiredheather said...

Oh I so love these picture days. I don't know who I like more of the donkies...they all look adorable. Thank you so much for sharing your babies with me.
Happy Easter

Danni said...

I just love Saturday's on your blog!! That first picture of Coffee just makes you smile!
And little Libbie and Teddy just melt your heart!
Thank you for sharing these!

Maria said...

Hey Michelle! I'm sorry to hear that Rosie is sick and Irene is sad. Hope Rosie gets better soon.

Love all your photos. . .all of your animals are adorable!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


ribenaruby said...

Happy Easter Michelle, lovely pics again and i do hope Rosie picks herself up real soon, Libbie's fur has changed alot and still as cute! Well done on the DT of the new Magnolia blog too.

Cynde said...

Happy Easter Michelle! I hope you and hubby have a relaxed and wonderful day. Your pictures of the "Crew" are all adorable. Sweet Libby giving kisses is too cute! I feel so bad for Rosie! I sure hope she outgrows it. I had a mare that was always getting sick, turned out she kept eating sand when she nibbled her spills off the ground. How do you stop them from doing that? She had a good feeder, but you know how they never keep their head in there! Feels so helpless when they continue to feel poorly. Hopefully Rosie will grow out of it. Thanks for the great pictures, and sharing them!

Heidi said...

Hello sunshine!
Ohhhhhh can you please send me this animals? I just Love them and the photos are soooooo cute. You lucky girl

Hugs and love

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics michelle, little libbie is so sweet giving kisses. sorry to hear that Rosie is sick again :(

Bev said...

And a very happy Easter to you all Michelle. Thanks for brightening my day with these fabulous pictures, how wonderful to see how well Libby and Teddy get along xx

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

What gorgeous photo's Muchelle and I love the photo of Libby and Teddy, Congratulations on your new DT post, Sorry I haven't been to visit much this week, I hope your having a great bank holiday weekend, Big Hugs, Nikki x

papersunshine said...

ok I feel like an idiot now LOL! Freddie is my favorite not Teddy! However Teddy does have those sweet eyes so maybe I have more than one fav (let's admit it, there are many favs!!!) Lori

Linda aka backroads girl said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see your babies! You'll have to take lots of newborn pics to share!

Love your little Libbie with the donkeys. She's a cutie. Thanks for sharing :)

Hugs, Linda

Dawn said...

Aww Michelle this just always makes me smile - that first photos is adorable and Libbie with Teddy too - I love it!
she is so tiny!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle .... happy easter to you !!!!
I love your donkey's :-) .... nad I love Libbie .... she is so cute !!!!
Now, on german ..... Ich habe mich sofort in Libbie verliebt, als sie das erste Malgesehen habe :-) !!!!
Ich schaue jeden Tag auf Deinem Blog vorbei, um sie mir anzusehen :-) !!!!!
Und natürlich auch wegen der ganzen süßen dnokey's :-) !!!!
Und natürlich auch wegen Deiner wunderschönen Werke *lol* .... aber in erster Linie wegen Libbie !!!!
Sie ist so süß *kiss* .... und Ihre Ohren sind zum Verlieben schön !!!!!
Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin soviel Freude mit Libbie &den donkey's :-) .... und freue mich schon auf die nächsten Fotos !!!!!
Sorry, ich mußte in deutsch schreiben ..... mein english reicht dafür nicht aus *lol* !!!!!

Best regards from Berlin in Germany, Dani

Annie said...

thanks for sharing Michelle - I love to see your furry friends each week, and I do hope Rosie gets better very soon. Just catching up with what you have been up to - wow you've made some stunning cards since my last visit! I'm just sorry I can't comment on each post individually but my energy levels are real low just at the moment. hugs, annie x

Kristen said...

Your animals are so cute! I love Libbie!