Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Wet Bunch of Donkeys... and of course Libbie

Well we have had the rain baby!!! Things were getting pretty serious here with the drought conditions and with out some rain the cost of hay for all of these donkeys was getting very scary! But yesterday a front came in... slow drizzle most of the day with a few little rain showers. We got 3/4th of inch... not much I know. We went to bed last night wishing we had gotten more, but happy that something wet fell. During the night... we got it! Now the rain gauge sits at 3.5 inches!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

I am so glad that I went out yesterday during a break in the drizzle to take photos for today - cuz now it is just nasty out there!

Right out the back door is the three standards round bale - they were all munching, taking advantage in the break as well - How cute it Ted E. Bear - he thinks he is so funny - he was shoving his head into the bale and throwing it up in the air and onto his head.

Gloria was watching him from the youth pen close by.... silly boys ;0) You can tell she has been out in the rain- Coffee and Toffee were really enjoying themselves - it was cool and wet and they were full of energy - I have to figure out how to video again... they were so funny running full out - they even wiped out a few times.

Here they were really rough housing and Irene thought maybe about joining them then decided - uh no those boys really do play rough. Look at how muddy and dirty she is!! Where is my beautiful white and brown spot girl?
That was as far as I got before it started to rain a bit more. Wasn't worried about me melting - but didn't want my camera to get wet... so I came in and snapped one more of little Libbie... too funny huh? Those ears.. those eyes! At some point this has to all match up and grow in together!

Hope you have a great Saturday - me... I am going to watch it rain more! We are expecting another 2 inches or so! Yee Haw!

Hugs and-


the whimsical butterfly said...

Ohhhh they are TOO cute! I love seeings pics of your little furbabies and Libby....OMG she is JUST the sweetest! Hope you have a great weekend and get to stamp!

Donalda said...

Looks like they are having a ball dear. Thanks so much for sharing these with us I just love seeing them

papercraftsbyrach said...

Glad you got your rain Michelle. we get way too much of the stuff here!
ted e bear looks so funny in that picture, and libbie wow she looks like her eyes are gonna pop out of her head. but oh so cute!!!
.lol..hugs rachxx

NanaBeth said...

Even rain can't spoil Gloria"s do!

ribenaruby said...

So glad you got the rain, beautiful pics once more, Libbie is still a cutie!

Cynde said...

Michelle they are all so darn cute! I love Libby's silly ears, up down all around...tee hee
How long does it take you to brush the donkeys out? I bet it has to be done on a schedule of so many a day or your arm would be sore! They are all so precious!! Glad you guys got some badly needed rain. I hate when it gets so dry and there is the threat of all the fires. Have a great day watching the rain and those fun little donkeys and Libby!!

Ila said...

These photos are just the Cutest!!...and Libby is Adorable!!...TFS...Enjoy your rain!!...Hugs, Ila

Bev said...

Oh this post has got my day off to a perfect start hun the picture of Libby made me laugh (as did your comment, too funny!)

june68 said...

Hi Michelle - your donkeys are very cool & cute !!!! They have great fun - I see it :-) !!!!
And Libbie ..... *hhhhhmmmm* ..... she look soooooo cute .... her ears, her eyes, her nose & her mouth ..... I would prefer it from the monitor fetch *lol* !!!!
Wish you und your Famaly a sunny sunday, best regards from Berlin, Dani

PS: sorry for my english ... :-(

Dawn said...

Great you got some needed rain!
They just look so happy and free - wonderful pictures and Libbie looks more wonderful every time pop over.