Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tilda's Beach House & Its Donkey Day!

Card first.. then donkeys -

Today I have a card for Friday's Sketchers Challenge Blog. And this weeks sketch is by Claudia! Fun sketch and a long card! You know I use to only make rectangle cards. And then... at some point I switched over to square, love them. Stinks that they charge more to mail them here in the US, but I do love them! But I really enjoyed this size today. It also gave me a chance to use a stamp that I purchase at a sale last year, as soon as I saw Claudia's sketch I thought of this stamp. I had to move things over a bit, and I hope that is ok with the "rules" of the challenge. But I wanted to include Tilda on this card and I had to place her all the way to the left or she would cover the wording on the image.

I colored both the beach house, by Stamps Happen Inc., and Tilda with my Koh-I-Nor pencils and Mineral Spirits (except for Tilda's skin colors I used Copics there). I cut Tilda out with my Fiskar's Fingertip Craft Knife. I rounded the corners of the beach house image and then picked out an orange and blue card stock follow the sketch and rounded the corners of them as well. I inked the edges of all three with a dark brown ink. The ribbon is American crafts, love how it has all the shades in it. Tilda was pop dotted onto the front. I gel pen stitched the edges of the orange card stock and then used three baubles on the right corner. Now if only Tilda would invite me to visit her beach house... wouldn't that be a great peaceful place to vacation!

Now it is Saturday and that means Donkey Day! I took my camera out this morning and everyone was enjoying breakfast. We hauled in large round bales last night. Wanted to get them in place just in case we get lots of rain from Hurricane Gustav and won't be able to drive into the pens. The donkeys just get so excited when Hubby drives in the truck with the bale dolly. You would think that they would run from the truck... not my friendly donkeys. It actually stresses the tar out of me until we have the bale unloaded and the truck out of the pen. Diego and Raffie actually try and catch the truck and bite at the tires, yes while they are rolling! I need to get photos of this... but usually I am trying to corral them and move them around. Then there are some that just see fresh food and won't even wait until it is unloaded to try and start eating off of it. I age a year or two during this process... and a bale only last 3-4 weeks! Whew!

This photo is pretty funny. You see they hadn't quite finished their last bale, but we needed to get one in anyway, so we left it wrapped and explained to them that until they finish the first one... no new bale. Like good children they are all eating the old bale... yea right... I saw them grabbing off the side of the new one as well! Oh well they are too cute to get upset at them. =)

This is one of the other pens, and this is Victoria and Ellie Mae. Ellie Mae is one of Hubby's favorites... she has that loud high pitch scream that just cracks us up! Sadly she has had a problem getting pregnant. We are hoping this is her year and will get pregnant this season, as she is already 5 and hasn't had a baby yet. Victoria is our spot that lost her baby this last spring. We think she is already bred again.

Lola and Lina... what can I say this is two half sisters that will probably always be together, they are buddies and really do have fun. You can almost see the trouble in Lola's eyes... like "I am going to jump you!" She hadn't quite jumped on her yet when I snapped this one, but Lina got her back a few minutes later.

Alright this isn't a donkey. And it is a horrible photograph. It was a million miles away and I zoomed as far as I could then again on the computer I cropped out as much as I could. We have tons of birds... and this morning you could hear a woodpecker just working his beak off! Well I spotted him... yep all the trees we have and this one is working the telephone pole!

One more photograph. I know Annie would just never forgive me if I went one more week with out a Gloria photograph. So this one is for you Annie! Gloria was finishing her bite of hay as she was trotting over to me, she is really cute and man you should hear her talk! She is going to be a chatter box, she hee's and haw's more than any little one we have had! And yes she is still tiny! Growing but she is gonna be a small jenny.
Well that was a lot today - hope you enjoyed and have a great Saturday planned!
HUGS and-


LaVerne said...

Isn't it wonderful to have lush green in the background instead of the dry fields of a month age...what a difference a little rain makes.
Your card is tooooo cute, but I'll pass on being at the beach this coming week. Again, thank you for the detailed commentary on techniques and materials when you post...Happy Labor Day...I know the babies wake you early and keep you busy, but don't labor too hard.

Jacqueline van der Sar said...

Wow, what a beautiful card! Love that scene behing Tilda!!! And such great donkeys, I showed them to my sun, now he wants also one in our garden.... ;-)) Thanks for joining FS!! Love from Holland,

Allison said...

Terrific scene the BG to your Tilda! And Lola and Lina could be called the WJs too!

Rach said...

love your card michelle, it is a lovely scene....i soooo love all your gorgeous donkeys they are soo adorable...big hugs rachxx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous card Michelle, really lovely scene with Tilda. Love love love your donkeys, I often get my girls to come and look at the photos when I'm reading your blog!
Thanks for showing us and for joining us again at friday sketchers.
Carole ;o)

TA Carbone said...

Michelle in the first picture the 2 on the left are they pregnant? If so when are they due


Sammi said...

Love your card... it is really gorgeous!! :)
Great photos of your donkeys... thanks for sharing them!:)

Cynde said...

Love the update on all the critters! Gloria is really growing, love her fuzzy hair on her face. Looks like she has a stocking cap on.. What a cutie! They all look so healthy and content. Oh love your Beach House card also. Would also like to vacation there...
Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Wow Michelle love the little scene you have created. Your donkey's look so cute. Hugs Nikki x

Shary said...

Love your card, my lifetime wish is to live by the sea, so lucky Tilda!!
Love all your donkey pics but my fav is Lola & Lina, they look full of mischief.TFS.

ink'n'rubba said...

aww my Gloria! thank you for sharing her picture for me - now being a chatter-box myself I can quite understand, but unfortunately I'm not tiny! give her a big hug from me please. And love all the other pics you share too. Back to the card, love that background with cute Tilda - we've not had too many seaside sunny days this summer though! annie x

Frances said...

love the seaside scene you've created with Tilda - gorgeous! fab photos too - my fave is the one of Lola & Lina - too cute! had to squint a bit to see that woodpecker :), hope it's not the pole with your internet connection! xx

Els G. said...

Wonderful card.
Thx for sharing your pictures, I really enjoyed them as I live in the city and don't often get to see a lot of green, nor donkeys!

cats whiskers said...

Oh thanks for showing us these wonderful photos, I just love seeing the donkeys they can cheer up any dull day and they are all such characters
Hope you are Ok and Gustav has not reached you, looks pretty grim fo the pictures we have seen
Hugs Jacqui x

Tracey said...

Fab card, that beach house looks sooo inviting :o)