Friday, February 29, 2008

Well it is Friday and tonight and tomorrow are the weekend crop at my LSS. You know I will be totally honest. I have never liked cropping away from home. One I can't pack my collection and take it with me. And I never know what I will need and what creative inspiration will hit me. I feel limited and frustrated working away from all of my things. Two I am not a "night" person. I hate to drive at night and by 10:30 it is bed time, so midnight is really late! I use to love late nights, then we moved to the country and my babies are Hee-ing and Haw-ing as soon as the sun comes up wanting to be fed. (I will be honest here, Craig my wonderful husband, feeds them 99% of the time) But I do get up and get going and make sure his breakfast is ordered so he can pick it up on the way to work. HA! I do make breakfast if he is staying home. I actually love to cook.

Anyway back to the crop. I have come to look forward to them. I have a ton of fun! Some crops I actually do get a lot done, I think last month I did 5 layouts! Then there are a few crops where I spent most of the time just sitting there laughing so hard that we do not get much done but hey I have fun with my friends is important too- and usually my sister Melanie is there too and it is great being friends with my sister! Who would have thought that when that little pain drove me crazy as a child. (HI SIS!). So tonight is my crop and I will be gathering as much stuff as I can fit in my XXL Crop in Style and be off to have a fun night with the girls.

Today's card is actually one in my pile, didn't get to play last night. I love making 3-D flower cards, for any reason! These stamps I got from Stamps by Judith and she rocks at making stamps to layer. I used lots of Pop-dots and spent a lot of time cutting out each flower to give it some depth. I just love these stamps!
Oh one more thing- yesterday was a GREAT mail day! I got my order of stamps from Rubbernecker Stamps! So I have lots of new images to play with!
Card info:
Stamps: Stamps by Judith
Paper: Bazzill
Ink: Brilliance Graphite Black; Colorbox Catseye
Accessories: Copic Markers; Cuttlebug

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Have a very mice day!

Wow thank you to all that took the time to visit me yesterday. And thank you for all of the wonderful comments.

Today's card was a struggle me. I love this stamp it is just so fun, but the size of the image stumps me sometimes. I must have moved this around a million times. But a hour or so later I settled. And I am ok with how it turned out.

As it was "finished" it sat in front of me and it just didn't seem right... and so I pulled out my stickles and added some bling. That always makes me feel better.

I wanted to also post a photo of one my donkeys. I got a few comments on them, and I have to admit I think they are what makes my life a little different from most, so you will hear about them often and get to know them as well. They are so much fun and each of the 20 of them. Yes 20. Have their own personality. So today I will introduce you to my "smiling" donkey you see in the corner. He is one of our studs Raphael or as we call him "Raffie". He is little, about 31 inches full grown and that makes one cute little guy. Now he is full grown and a real man. But as you can see in the photo he was just absolutely adorable as a baby!

Well I must run now, I have an appointment to get my hair cut. I say appointment loosely cuz, Mom is a hairdresser and I go in and then fit in where she has time for me. Hey I can say I have never paid for a hair cut my entire life so sitting a waiting for a spot is just part of it for me!

Remember - HAVE A MICE DAY!

Card Info:
Stamps: House Mouse
Paper: Bazzill; Daisy D's
Ink: Brilliance Graphite Black
Accessories: Copic markers; Prima Flowers; Brads; White gel pen; Stickles

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have joined the Blogging World

Well it is official! I have joined the Blogging World. Don't know if anyone will read but I have made my mark. I guess the purpose of my blog will be to share my two passions.

  • My Paper Crafting - stamping, cards, scrapbooking or anything else I can make with all of the masses of supplies I have collected.

  • My Donkeys - We raise miniature donkeys. They have become the heart and soul of our world. They take a lot of time (and money) but they add more love and laughter than I can probably share online.

So here I am and I hope to find people find the things in my life entertaining - hey if I can't laugh at all of this I might as well give up.

My Card is one that I recently made and it seems to fit for my first post! Yee Haw!

The info for this card:

Stamps: High Hopes - Paper: Bazzill; Around the World - Ink: Brilliance Graphite Black - Accessories: Copic Markers; Prima Flowers; Brads; Ribbon; Puff Pen