Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Me and My Space - My Camera

Hi - Today for "Me and My Space" post I thought I would show you my camera. I have had a few ask what I use, and today was a good day to share. I LOVE my camera. My "digital" camera that I had before was a dinosaur, and when it started dying I knew exactly what I wanted. And when Hubby said yes I was over the moon! I have had it for quite a few years now. And haven't looked at any other camera's since. OH well except that little flip camera for videoing that just looks to fun. I would love one of those to video for Animal Crackers!!! If you work for them let them know ok? LOL

But my camera was a great choice for me.

One it is a easy camera - and still really cool. But the main reason it was the perfect camera for me? Well I have all of my Dad's camera collection. He was a semi-professional photographer, a hobby but used it in his work. And well... he always had to have the best. So his camera lenses and accessories for his cameras were always top drawer. He had a film camera.... but his lenses were so good and after doing research cuz I didn't want to "waste" them. I found out that 2/3rds of them would fit a few DSL cameras... this Sony being one of them!

For taking my photos 80% of the time I use Dad's Minolta Maxxum AF Macro 50mm lens. Great for my cards, and projects in my pop up photo tent. It is vintage (really old) but it is still my lens of choice for my stuff. I even use this lens a lot for taking the close up's of the animals. It just captures so much detail.
If not using this lens and I want a more normal shot. I will use Dad's Minolta Zoomsi AF 28-105 lens. A great every day lens that is sharp and clear.

 I have a shade cover on the end of mine, which works good for so many outside photos.

Taking photographs is a hobby for me. I love snapping photos of life around me. Animal Crackers I guess makes my point huh? And this camera makes it all so easy. Makes me look like I know more than I do most of the time.. LOL someday I would love to take some classes and learn more, then take a photoshop course to know how to make that program do all it is designed to do, instead of just the cropping and re-sizing that I do.

Hope you liked seeing camera - It is a standard piece of equipment in my craft room and life.

What do you use? You love it? Share with me ;0)
HUGS and

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Spoon Full of Sugar - Bitter sweet

Hi - Tuesdays mean A Spoon Full of Sugar - and this week is very bitter sweet. Why you ask?

Well I am and have been so proud that I have been a member of A Spoon Full of Sugar for so long, one of my first DT's. I can remember the day I was asked to join. I went flying out the back door screaming to Hubby that I got an email from them asking me to join them. He of course looked at me and said A Spoon full of what? What are you talking about? LOL I was so excited. And have totally enjoyed every challenge since that day so long ago. So that is the sweet... the bitter.... After long consideration the challenge is no longer after this final challenge today. I know... sad. Really is very sad. But I understand. Debbie and Nikki have worked so hard for A Spoon Full of Sugar. They are the reason it has been such a huge success. They are amazing women that I hope to continue to call my friends, and hopefully work with on other teams in the future.  I will miss A Spoon - to all the team - you are all wonderfully talented and I have been honored to be a part of this team!

So the last challenge is Party Time. I was torn on what I wanted to do for the last challenge.  Challenge really is pretty wide open, and I started a card for the challenge. But then I decided after making my MIL's Birthday gift that was what I wanted to show off... I mean what is bigger than an 80th birthday party present? Right?

Yes - I know same pattern box I showed yesterday - and the link to the great tutorial is on yesterday's post. But I did my MIL's favorite colors on this box and then went through all of Hubby's familys photos and found this amazing photo of his Mom, him, three sisters and baby brother. Yes Hubby is the handsome little guy in the suit, isn't he just adorable! LOL
I think she really liked it. What is she going to put into the four drawers? No clue... but it was a fun party gift as everyone liked to see the vintage photo printed on the canvas. 

It is a special part gift, very personal. Now please do visit the Spoon Full of Sugar challenge. And Please do join us -

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happily Ever After

Did you think I had fallen off the earth again? Sorry I missed yesterday's Dust it Off post... was just crazy here. You see it was my Best Buddy Tracey's daughters Bridal Shower that I have been helping with invitations and decorations - and it was also a surprise dinner for my MIL's 80th birthday. Which by the way is today! Happy B-DAY Joyce!

So lots going on for me yesterday and I was a bit more frazzled than normal. First how about if I show you Tracey and I's Pride from the shower. Well other than gorgeous Brittany the Bride... I am sure Tracey was very proud of her :0)

But we did have lots of time in on this and it really turned out too cute!
Why didn't I notice that those hearts had spun around! But really it was gorgeous. LOTS of bling around each letter, and lots of different flowers, butterflies and such. We used Tracey's Cricut to make it, and then totally raided both of our stash to decorate. Don't even want to think about how many bottles of stickles... but oh so worth it!

I made part of her gift from me - I wanted something to put a gift certificate in. Not sure this was the best for a certificate, but it really ended up pretty...
 I found the instructions on one of my lengthy clicks through blogs... ever do that? I get so lost sometimes, but really enjoy finding new blogs! I got my instructions/tutorial from Ink Something 2 Blog - but do a search on Google for Drawer Box tutorial and there are lots of different ones - all shapes and sizes.
 I used Brittany's colors for her wedding. And the photo is from her engagement photos.
Gorgeous couple aren't they. Hope they don't mind I showed them off here ;0) I printed their photo on adhesive canvas - really a wonderful look!

From the shower Hubby and MIL picked me up to go for a quiet dinner on our way home. Just the three of us.. wink wink.... But once we got there - we lead her to the party room... where the family was! She was really shocked! Was a great evening. Three of her children, spouses, Grand-children and great Grandchildren!

Was a great evening - I think she really enjoyed it and that makes me really happy - she deserves lots of smiles with all her family - she is a super special lady! 
Have a great day! See you tomorrow for Spoon Full of Sugar and my MIL's Birthday gift.
HUGS and-

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Animal Crackers - Meet Baby RRRRAMON and Baby Sonia!

My post is a little late this morning... sorry... but I was waiting for the sun to come up and get out there to take photos of Macies Baby!! Yes she had her baby in the middle of the night. I woke up at 3:30 am and went out to check on her just in time for her water to break - run in and get Hubby and back out to see her born :0)

First up is Jazz's baby -

I am not for sure how to spell the baby's name the way Hubby says it.. his name is Ramon. Hubby every time he says it has a heavy accent and rolls that "R" for 20 or 30 seconds... How ever you say it, he is one handsome guy!

 He is a blackish coloring - with a visible cross on him. I think he is going to look a lot like his older brother Carlos - He has his attitude for sure! Friday afternoon - just 24 hours old and he was already driving his Mom nuts. He would run to one side of the pen - then just as Mom would catch up to him... he would snort, kick, buck and take off to the other side. You could just see Jazz's face saying... boy if you don't settle down and stand still I am gonna...... LOL

We of course got the traditional day one photos with "Dad". Hubby just loves this tradition. He has had his photo taken like this with every baby born here. Need to do a stroll down memory lane and show off some one day when I don't have any new photos to share.

 I got one photo just after Ramon was born ... first standing and then first steps. Mom was cleaning him up and knocked him over just after this ....

Now Macie's Baby -
She is a TINY little thing! Then again all of Macie's babies are - Her name is Sonia -

 Too stinkin adorable!! We were shocked when this little dark baby popped out. Macie has had three babies, and they were all grey duns - Jorge the last one had a dark face, but a grey dun. Angelina and Felicia are both carbon copies of their Mom. And now... Sonia - totally adorable. I think I said that... LOL
 She may not have her Mom's coloring, but She has her Mom's GORGEOUS face. We have always said that Macie is our beautiful donkey. Her eyes are just stunning, and have so much well... beauty - and it looks like little Sonia is gonna have the same eyes! She isn't quite as dark as her two day older 1/2 brother Ramon... has more light points and reddish tones.

Love this photo...
Was snapping photos of Macie and Sonia and looked up and saw Jazz and Ramon in the background. Isn't going to be long before these two are lapping the pen together and "donkeying" around. LOL Ramon already is... Macie's babies are usually much more reserved... so we will see in time.

And yes - had to have Day one photo with Dad -

Macie is always close to where ever her babies are. She is SUPER protective. Just ask Yolanda... she has gotten her back kick notice to stay back. That will wear off in a few days then everyone can sniff her and get to know her.

I wanted to show off Lacey and Gabby.... Yes, they are still in the back yard. Gabby just can't kick this afternoon fever thing, I am really getting worried. She acts perfectly normal.... just keeps running that darn fever -

Have a great Saturday!  I am off to hug baby donkeys!! How will I ever get my list of things to do done today???? 
HUGS and

Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Magnolias and Hanglars - BINGO

Friday!  I have a teaser for you for Animal Crackers tomorrow :0) Jazz had her baby :0) I am working on photos... and they will be on Saturday!  And Macie is real close to delivering... so maybe we will have two new babies to show you!!!!

But today I have a card to show - My Just Magnolias and Hanglars Challenge card. This week the challenge is BINGO... there is a bingo card on the challenge you pick the line you would like to take.

I went diagonally - GEMS - FLOWERS - LACE&RIBBON
Now I first picked my paper - I am totally in love with this paper pad. My Minds Eye Lost and Found Blush stack - Adore the roses and pinks with this collection. When I saw the birds and lace paper I knew I had to show it off on the card somehow. So I stacked the three pattern papers so those birds could be high and visible on the card. I colored one of my all time favorite Tildas for this one, it is a birthday card for my MIL.. shh don't tell her ok?

Digging through my lace I found a vintage piece of lace and I sewed a rose colored satin ribbon to it. For my GEMS I found some pink adhesive rhinestones - I put three on each side of the Alota Rubberstamps Happy Birthday. Now after I colored my Tilda I wanted her to sit on the ribbon - but I sort of wanted to have her sitting in a window like area. I then thought about cutting out her feet, and then an arch across the top of her - I like how that came out, then I needed one more piece to my BINGO... flowers. I just couldn't see where I would put "flowers" So I decided it may be stretching the challenge just a bit, but if I added flower soft to Tilda's flowers that technically is adding flowers to my card right?
 Love this stuff- have tons of it.... but rarely use it cuz I don't see it out in my stash. Need to make a mental note to have it out more often for cards. Cool stuff -

I did the inside as well - Love this stamp from Papertrey Ink for the inside of Birthday cards -

I hope MIL likes this one - I was happy with how it turned out. Now you need to pop over to Just Magnolias and Hanglars Challenge and see all the great BINGO cards the DT are showing off... then join us! Everyone likes to play BINGO!!

Have a great DAY... Toes day with my buddy Tracey... then we will come back here to do some crafting... and probably play with some baby donkeys ;0) 

HUGS and-

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tobi's Christmas Cuddles

I got to craft! And a just cuz craft! I was really wanting to color one of the new Stampavie images, with a bit of a different look. I had seen RACH coloring with very lightened ink lines. I had thought of trying this a while ago using Memento London Fog ink. But even that was darker than I wanted. She suggested making a copy on a transparency setting - really lightened. Well... I did that, and wow somewhat hard to see, but it really is a softer look once you start coloring. A real watercolor edged look. What do you think?
 It is different right? Oh but then I just had to add a bit of snow marker to the hat :0) A bit much cuz it really puffed up big! LOL OH and so you know the name of this one it is in the Laurence Collection - Toby's Christmas Cuddle... too cute!

Then I went to work on my card -
I used papers from Bo Bunny's Father Christmas collection. Love the old fashioned feel of these papers. I picked three patterns and sewed them all on red card stock with a zig zag stitch. A band of red satin ribbon across the middle, and then matted the image with Spellbinders Beaded circles red card stock. It needed more... so each of the "beads" on the mat I added a pearl :0) love that... took lots of pearls, but so worth it. Now I needed a flower. Why I don't know but it really needed a flower.
I took out red mulberry roses - it wasn't right. So I found the two Martha Stewart flower punches and stacked them up. They first are sprayed with Spritze sparkle... say that ten times fast!  Then while still wet I rolled the edges of the petals, and let them dry. Glued the stacks together, and then added one more pearl. Martha leaf and branches are also attached.

Then the sentiment... Totally Adore this one! There are lots of new Christmas Sentiments available from Stampavie make sure and take a look...

 I stamped this one on a scrap of the pattern paper, punched with a Stampin Up label tag punch, then colored the edge with a copic.

One Christmas card done! A million more to go! So have you taken a look at the new Stampavie stamps? Which one is your favorite?

OH I found that Stampavie and more's Challenge is Christmas in Summer... So for the first time in forever I am playing in a challenge with this card!!! :0) 

HUGS - have a great day, see you tomorrow for Just Magnolias and Hanglar Challenge!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Me and My Space - Blog Candy Winner!

 Hello.... Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of days! This week is just not been the normal around here, Oh yes, it is still hot and no rain, but the schedule of things going on has been a bit nuts. Hubby went fishing for a few days ( he should be home tonight! ) and so I have been on Feeding and Water duty on my own. I use to handle more of these things around here, then after my accident Hubby has basically been doing all of it. Oh I help water, and do lots of loving, but the chores of spreading out bales of hay and washing buckets and all... that has been all Hubby. And well... I am out of shape! That and the heat, and man by the time I make the rounds and get it all done twice a day I am done! Came in last night and just fell over in a chair for a while! Whew!

Plus we are still keeping a very  worried eye on Baby Gabrielle "Gabby" She is acting like a normal baby donkey early in the morning and late in the day - and would love to be out of this little pen in our back yard and running in the large pen bucking and kicking. But I just can't let her out yet. She still is running fever EVERY day... starts climbing as soon as it starts to heat up during the day and by 5pm she is at or just over 104 mark! And that is just too warm to let her run and get more heated. We have stopped giving her ice baths, and are trying to let her body learn to regulate it on her own... I just pray her body will finally learn - the vet says that she could just have a life long issue with this and as much as the heat is effecting her, the cold could do the same  - I pray not....  But I do think I am going to find a mini blanket to have ready just in case. She is a darling though :0) Totally sweet.

Ok so today is not Animal Crackers day - you are here to find out who won my Blog Candy from last week aren't you? Not to hear me whine about my chores, the heat and our sick baby donkey. Well I did the random number generator - and all though I still can't figure out how to copy the darn thing and paste it here... how do you do that!!! Without copying the entire web page.... but it did choose number 28!

And number 28 is.....
Rufus said...So glad to hear the news about Gabrielle! You are much more organized than I am! The only thing I could add would be that I keep my unmounted rubber stamps in large D ring storage binders, with a stamped index page. Thanks for the chance at some yummy candy!  R/

So Rufus -  If you can send me your mailing address - I'll get this out to you right away!!! :0) Congrats!!!!

Now for the tips - It seems that cute boxes is the number one choice of storage out there. I got lots of comments for them. I have quite a few cute boxes on my shelves. I love them. Ones I have bought -
 And I have even decorated my own boxes -

So cute boxes are a favorite of mine too - I love all the ideas you have shared, and I am even peeking into a few of them and seeing how I can use them! Thanks again so much!

I'll keep working  and I am already putting together more new stuff to share. See you tomorrow for an actual CARD I made! LOL Yep... did a bit of actual crafting this week!

HUGS and -

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sarah Kay - Letraset Safmat Lamp!

Dust it off Sunday - well... I am just too excited and have to show off something that was on the Stampavie and Letraset Blog this weekend... so Dust it Off - is postponed today :0)

While shopping the other day I had a light bulb go off in my head. Literally... a light!  I found these simple pretty glass lamps at IKEA - and for some reason I saw Sarah Kay Images all around the shade. I got so excited, because I knew with the Letraset SafMat product I could easily make that happen!

So how did I make my lamp - Well first I colored up 5 Sarah Kay images with ProMarkers -
Colors Used : Oatmeal, Ivory, Blush, Sandstone, Carmel, Apricot, Blossom, Dusty Rose, Antique Pink, Pink Carnation, Blue Bell, Lavender, Buttercup, Meadow Green, Marsh Green,  Denim Blue, Powder Blue, Tan, Burnt Sienna, Poppy,  Ice Grey 1, Ice Grey 5, Pastel Beige, and Blender Pen

I then measured my lamp shade. To determine the height I want to print my images on the SafMat -
Then  Scan or Photo your  images, and then print them to the size needed to fit the lamp shade.

Then it is just a matter of spacing the images around the shade and sticking them in place.

To cover the seams - I used a wide dotted satin ribbon. This is for decoration embellishment as well as to cover the edges of all the SafeMat printed images. I used a clear craft glue to stick the ribbon.

My Lamp is a clear glass - open on the bottom. I filled the glass with Mulberry Roses and Flowers, then used a piece of scrap card stock cut in the same size circle opening and attached it to cover the hole. You could also fill it with buttons, shells, whatever your mind can come up with!

I am pretty happy how this came out - I could see this in a little girls room, nursery or such. But for now I am happy with it sitting in my craft room   - I have to say I have been looking at all kinds of lamps now! I have a totally different one in the works  right now! What a great personalized gift item! A child's desk lamp with their favorite character and their own name maybe - oh the ideas are endless!
Thanks so much for looking - hope you enjoyed my light bulb moment!
Michelle Oatman

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Animal Crackers - Gabrielle and waiting more babies -

Thankfully Gabrielle is doing better. She is still getting a slight fever late in the afternoon. But she is starting to do better at regulating her temperature. It is just so hot  - so I am taking every day one day at a time and celebrating that her temp isn't getting too high.
 She is adorable isn't she :0) Her and her Mom are more than ready to be released into the big pen.... just a little longer kids!

Here is Caliente "Cali" and Felicia. Cali is Gabrielle's big sister. I love how different they look, Cali looks like her Dad Raffie, and Gabby like her Mom...  Now Felicia... carbon copy of her Mom Macey and her big sister Lina... Genetics... a funny thing isn't it?

Look at our boy Jorge...
 Now don't get me wrong - we miss Carlos and Paco... they are loving their new ranch and are happy BTW. But I have to say here.... Jorge has really come out of his shell. He has become very friendly and up front. Carlos was a very controlling boy in the Fraternity Pen... But now that he is gone, the younger guys are really warming up and loving... I mean look at that face - adorable!

And about those Mom's to be we are waiting on....
 I hope they keep things the same. I don't usually tell them that... but it is too hot for babies! We don't like them to deliver this time of year - but well...... we had some things going on last summer (me and my eye) and well some breeding happened when we didn't think it was. And well now we have some hot pregnant ladies. This year things are being controlled. Sadly the way to control it is to pen up the Jacks. So Raffie and Black Jack are in smaller pens away from their gals. When it cools off in September or October we will let them back into the bigger pens. Until then... we wait and keep an eye on the very wide girls. Jazz will probably be first, sometime next week...... we think.

Caught a cute photo of some napping goats.
 Chloe and her kids Denim and Belle always sleep together. They are always in a wad together. Here there was a morning breeze they found some shade and were taking a bit of a nap. Sweet huh?

My Libbie - High Strung - Leader of the pack - With that High pitch bark.....
Man I love her.... :0) She is a pretty thing isn't she! 

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday! I am going to work a few hours and then do some crafty things today :0) 

HUGS and-

Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Magnolias and Hanglars - No Ordinary Sentiments

No Ordinary Sentiments???  Ok, that challenge stumped me too for a bit for this weeks Just Magnolias and Hanglars Challenge. But all that really means is to use something a bit different - not the regular Happy Birthday - Thinking of you - traditional sentiments. Don't have stamps that are Not the Ordinary? Then how about just typing up something on your computer? What ever it takes. Me... I had a stamp... couldn't find if forever, but then in the very last place I looked.. LOL there it was!

Love this Lucille Ball quote for a Birthday Card -
 Can you read it? I don't like the font it is typed with... it is from a Close To My Heart set - Here is a close up....
Love it! I Love Lucy! LOL   For my card I used more of those My Minds Eye papers - this set is the Lost and Found Rosey set. Pretty colors in this one! I layered the two pattern papers with cream card stock and kraft paper. Sewed everything down, and added a satin ribbon. Then for more girlie I added some mulberry roses, Martha Stewart branch punches, and pearls.

My Hanglar girl is colored with my new ProMarkers - Really starting to adore these markers! I just need more ;0)
 The colors used are :
Skin - Ivory and Oatmeal
Hair - Carmel and Burnt Sienna
Dress and Purse - Pastel Beige, Marsh Green and Antique Pink
The back ground - Ice Grey 1 & 5

OH and shocker here... but I did the inside as well and actually remembered to photograph it! The Happy Birthday sentiment inside is from Alota Rubberstamps. 

 Hope you had fun with my Non ordinary sentiment card :0)

And hope you have a wonderful Friday! See you tomorrow for Animal Crackers!!!
HUGS and-