Monday, March 29, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Miss Marissa

Howdy - 

Today for High Hopes Stamps I was looking back through some of my older High Hopes Stamps and found one that always makes me smile. This is "Miss Marissa"

This is a larger image and I love cutting her out and making her 'POP" more on the card. I found some papers from Graphic 45 and colored Miss Marissa with Copics (colors below) and matched her up with the papers. The rich colors just seem to work with that plaid outfit and that huge flower. Before gluing her down I added a couple of Spellbinders border die cuts to the edges of the dotted paper. Borders her well don't you think? She looks almost as if she is standing in front of a window or something. For my sentiment I used "Lg. Fancy Happy Birthday" - fun font right? 

Copic colors used - 

Hope you got a smile from my Miss Marissa card - 
Have a blessed day - 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Animal Crackers - Happy Birthday Hannah

Howdy - 

As shocking as it sounds... this last week Little Hannah had her first birthday! Can you believe it? 

She is a beautiful girl. Still follows and minds her Momma of course. But she does stray away at times, but as soon as Momma Bella calls or snorts she comes right back. That will stop in time, but for now it is good that Momma Bella is teaching and keeping a close watch over Pretty Miss Hannah. 

You think that Juliet was singing Happy Birthday to Hannah when I reminded them of the big day? 

Probably not, this was more of pay attention to me and only me call out! Gotta love silly Juliet. She has more personality than she can handle! 

Old lady Macie - oh my she has such a such deep heart grabbing big brown eyes... 

She is really turning grey. Just like "humans" some turn grey some don't. She wears it well though don't you think? 

Love these two. They have been paired up together lately. Vicki and Ellie Mae, sweet BFFs for sure. They most all have a buddy they stick with. Donkeys are not good alone. Gotta have that friend that watches your back and you watch theirs. 

That is one of the things I love about them. They are honest and true to themselves and each other, and us. Love them always... wish all humans could be that way don't you?

This is my silly boy Sergio... my bottle baby that I raised. He can be so funny at times. I came around his pen and this is how I found him. 

Resting his head on the bar waiting for me. You see I HAVE to spend a some of my time just with Sergio, he requires it. Meaning if I don't stop and do our head scratches and kisses on his nose... then he will reach out nibble to make sure I do stop. LOL Very few times for the those lips to reach out and grab me (usually just my shirt) ... I always have time for those sweet nose kisses. 

Uh what about me Mom? 

LOL this guy is also spoiled rotten. His and his brother Chipmunk's pen is closest to the back door. Basically in or next to the backyard. So they get lots of chats and head scratches. Sorry though Alvin Jr. with your "Man Smell" I don't do nose kisses ... Ha! Just a few fingers scratching between your ears and eyes. I do love him... but have to be careful of the toxic smell on me. 

OH my fur babies just fill my heart and make me so happy! Hope they brought you a warm smile today too! 

HUGS and 

Monday, March 22, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Motherhood

Howdy - 

I think this is one of the cutest High Hopes Stamps - it has to be the young bunnies right? This stamp is called "Busy Mama"

It makes the perfect Mother's Day image - but any Spring subject would be great! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some papers from Sandy Lion - it has glitter enhancing that is hard to see. All my layers are sewn down including the High Hopes Sentiment "Hare Raising" Fun sentiment! Then there are two Spellbinders flourish dies in green, and it just needed something more... Digging through some older stash I found three small heart brads, perfect for this fabulous image! 

Copic colors used. 

One of my older favorite High Hopes Stamps Images! Ok there are so many favorites... I adore High Hopes Stamps! To pop over to the High Hopes Website store click HERE and have some fun filling your cart! 

Have a great day - 
HUGS and

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Animal Crackers - Gorgeous Day

Howdy - 

It was gorgeous here yesterday! And everyone was out enjoying the warm sunny weather and early Spring. All though not officially Spring just yet everything is blooming and turning green. 

Snapped a photo of handsome man Flavio - Such a looker! 

He really is good looking isn't he. I think he knows it. Him and his 1/2 brother Patricio are both handsome, and are BFFs. Always together and when they get playing they really play hard and rough! It freaks me out how hard they chase and bite on each other. But they seems to think its fun... sigh... Boys.

Patricio wanted to make sure you saw him and agree he is good looking too..

I found old man Miguel standing just past the guys watching. 

Its ok Miguel I think you are a looker too... a bit heavy, but always handsome. And you do seem to be enjoying all that new green! So much so that you we not really interested in going out of his way to come over to me for closer photos. 

Was out in the back pasture visiting the fur children. Nothing makes me happier than my kids - 

Bella was doing a bit of chatting with me, and begging for full 100% attention. Not easy to do with everyone around but we try... special moments that really warm your heart! 

Hubby sent me this photo yesterday. Gorgeous! 

This is a native wild cherry on our property. Was a bit concerned about a few trees around here after the freeze. But looks like most everything is blooming out now. A little late, but happy Spring is coming! 

Sharing another Antiques/Collectibles this week. This is in my kitchen. 

I've shared a couple of things individually here I think. The large Donkey cookie cutter that Hubby gave me for Christmas a few years ago, and maybe I showed the stoneware Rooster? But here is the entire shelf. I LOVE cobalt blue graniteware - one of my favorite pieces is the skillet with the original label still on the bottom. Never used. Oh and love the muffin pan, it weighs a ton. The Dairy Ice box is a favorite as well. Might have something to do with the fact that the old Dairy shares our last name. I guess you can tell we are not minimalist here... not even close. ha! 

Hope you enjoyed again this week. More smiles from my fur family to you - 
HUGS and 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Animal Crackers - What a face!

Howdy -

Was out talking to all the fur children early one morning and stopped to chat with Old Momma Cat. We have no clue how old Momma is actually ,,, I think we can count back at least 10-12 years.  

She is a slow calm cat. Unlike her two children Scaredy and Fraidy Cat - They move like lightening when you approach them. But Momma she is slow and cautious, still you can't touch her. Even so she is a member of the family here. And I love when I can snap a personality photo of her. 

Moving out to the far pasture I found the Ladies finishing up their breakfast. Darlene was enjoying it, but was kind enough to look up and give notice to me being there. Such a sweet old lady! 

Her 29th Birthday is coming up... I need to talk to Hubby about doing something special for her. Maybe a Spa day? I think she would love that! 

And just in time I looked over and found a special moment between Momma and Daughter, Patti and Irene doing some Donkey Hugs - a little you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. 

Love Donkey Hugs! 

Walking by the goat pen I saw Mallory relaxing in her breakfast. I don't show off Mallory to often. Not that we don't love her, she is just always off in the background and really not as outgoing or friendly as others. 

Now someone I do take lots of photos of.. He is just so much fun, so much personality shows thru the camera. 

Peso... My high pitched Man. He grins and those pop eyes just kill me. Despite him not giving us very many girls, I still love him to pieces. He is just so funny!

Common you know you grinned when you saw his photo right? 

Then some loving before I headed inside. Valentine my big standard boy. 

When I look at this huge boy and just shake my head to think that I carried him across our entire farm when he was born. I was not going to allow Cocoa to leave him outside with a storm coming. I think until later it was not the smartest thing to pick up her baby and walk away with him. Luckily she followed snorting and telling me she wasn't happy instead of showing me she wasn't happy. LOL I was just upset and freezing from being out in the cold rain all afternoon with her and her newborn boy and finally when trying to bribe or talk her into coming back to the barn didn't work I reacted. Thankfully she followed and they spent the night in the barn where it was safe. It was a nasty storm... Lol that was many years ago. 

I do hope that you have a smile again this week. It is so fun to share our fur children with each of you. They love bringing you happiness each Saturday -

HUGS and 

Monday, March 8, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Spring Fever


Show of hands... Who is ready for Spring? ME! I have an early dose of Spring Fever - ready for colors, flowers and green! And this image from High Hopes Stamps is perfect to bring a smile and share a little Spring Fever with a friend! 

I colored this cute image with my Copics (colors below) and then found some fun papers from 3 Bugs in a Row. Layered and then added a punch border from EK Success. Everything sewn down and placed on green card stock base. So fun! And then for just a bit more pop of fun I added three flowers and punch leave with orange enamel dot centers. 

Copic colors used - 

There is so many great Spring images to play with at High Hopes Stamps. Make sure to pop over to the web site store HERE and see it all! 

Coloring warmer Spring colors just makes me feel happy and warmer already! 
Have a blessed day! 
HUGS and 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Animal Crackers - Sunny Afternoon

Howdy - 

OH my yesterday it was in the mid 80's and gorgeous! Everyone was just taking the afternoon off and relaxing. Chloe had found a partially shaded area and was so beautiful enjoying life. 

Sunny and Warm and such a nice afternoon. It is going to be a little chilly over the weekend but then we will quickly bounce back next week. 

I think some of the fur children know Spring is coming... nature usually is pretty smart. 

Sweet Pea is one of many that is shedding out her winter fur and getting ready for Spring and Summer. And when they start doing that we can start looking forward to it too! We still shake our heads at the fact it was 4 degrees here two weeks ago. 

I found Crissy sneaking some of Alvin's hay... The "Hay" on the other side is always better on the other side you know. 

Same hay.. same bale actually.. but still better when you can sneak it away from Alvin.. LOL 

Now this photo just cracked me up! I was trying to get a photo to show off his new haircut. But nope... he was feeling great and loving running and barking at Big Al the other side of the fence. 

He is such a sweet boy. And I do LOVE seeing having fun! 

Hubby sent me this photo this week. And WOW! 

This beautiful Bird was perched in our old tree watching things. We love watching the Hawks in the area. They are so stunning. 

Ending up today I thought I would share another favorite antique/collectible from our collection. We have had this sweet antique painting for years. Frame has a few bumps and dings and the painting could use a little cleaning probably, but it still makes me happy. 

I hope that you have smiles from this weeks blog post. I love sharing my fur children and life. 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and

Monday, March 1, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Frog in Boxers

Howdy - 

This image you just have to smile! High Hopes Stamps "Frog in Boxers" is such a fun image and a great image for a pick me up "Hang in There!" card. 

Bright and Cheerful was what I was going for... think I captured that! I colored the image with my Copics (colors below) and found a piece of Paper Studio pink rose paper to match up with my colors. All is sewn down with zig zag and straight stitches. I found a hot pink polk a dot ribbon to tie around with a big bow. 

Then that fun High Hopes sentiment "Hang in there!" It all makes me giggle... 

Copic colors used - 

For so many fabulous images to have fun with visit the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE - 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and