Saturday, May 31, 2014

Animal Crackers - Hanging out in the Shade

Howdy -

Pat-Man wanted to be first up this week!

Found him hanging out under the tree near the water with his Mom Patti yesterday late afternoon. Man was it HOT here! Humid Hot! So most everyone was trying to hang in the shade. Patricio was trying to get me to come into the pen for some hugging... and he got his way of course! He is such a love!

Gracie is beginning to like it living in Franks pen...

You see Franks pen has the best shade of all the goats pens. And Gracie has tried to claim Queen of the pen I think - she is a bit of a control freak. But with looks like that she can get away with a lot! 

Now most all the donkeys were in the shade yesterday afternoon. Unless their was just a need for a good dirt roll... then you had to move out into the pen for that - 

Sonia was just finishing up her rolling around... nice and dirty now... feels so much better. Never have  understand that one. Sonia is one of the last ones to loose her long hair, looks like we will have to get out the shears and help. 

Found Momma Cat in the cat house yard enjoying the shade of their "jungle"... large weeds in reality, but they love playing and hiding in them. She is getting more and more friendly. 

The first batch of chicks are now looking like chickens - This is one of the Bielefelders-

She is really getting her coloring in and is getting darker - love the stripes. I have been calling this girl the mighty hunter! This gal can catch a fly in a flash! She is a master at it. The others still do a bit chasing and sometimes get a prize. But this gal - Man she is well.. A Mighty Hunter!

The Dorking Chickens are the smaller of the first chicks and Hubby calls them the odd black birds -

 They will be really pretty spotted and striped when they are all grown up... this teenage time is a tough time for them. Wasn't for all of us though?

Well hope you got a smile this week - I will be back tomorrow for Garden Sunday and a second post for The Whimsy June Release!

Have a wonderful Saturday!
HUGS and

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - In the Sky

Howdy -
Today's High Hopes Challenge is in the Sky... now I had to go through and really think about my little collection of High Hopes Stamps - Then I came across "Buzzin' By Bear" He for sure is in the sky!

He is so cute - Now not sure if those little wings could actually carry a bear... but hey a cute image and love coloring it. I used my Copics (colors below) Then pulled out papers from My Minds Eye Home collection. Love that all the papers have a glitter to them.

I then dug through my dies - man I need to find a better way to store these things!! They are a mess and so hard to find what I am looking for. I have  a box.. when I had a small amount of them it was find, but as they grew and got larger in size too that just got pushed aside, and now they just sit in a drawer in a stack. Anyway... I knew I had a cloud die set - Memory box. Finally found them and love how they look - also came across the flower die - cut it twice once in green then again with orange and layered the flowers. The sentiment is also from High Hopes - "Just Buzzin' by.." fabulous sentiment for the bear! I then added stickles - more bling!

The inside  matches with scraps -

Copics used -

Remember the tree I showed on Sunday that the old timers say the yellow flowers are a sign of rain? Well they are right! Got a little on Saturday, a little more Sunday and then a BUNCH yesterday! More predicted for today... so that tree... knows what it is doing!!

Make sure and buzz on by to the High Hopes Challenge and join us in the SKY!
Have a wonderful day -
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gardening Sunday - God's Rain Water is Best!


You can water yourself and things grow well... but over 3 inches of God's Rain Water over a week ago, and BAM! Giant growth!!!!

The tomatoes are really getting huge. I went out one day and saw little bitty tomatoes. Two days later found tomatoes like these growing. WOW!

The Squash and Zucchini I believe I told you last week have started coming in the house in great numbers. This is one day's haul... I think it was 14 yesterday -


Speaking of yummy....

The Strawberries are now coming inside! Yep so many that Hubby can't eat them all by himself outside so he shares and brings me handfuls at a time! MMMM they are so good. Love strawberries and buy them all the time in the store, but growing them at home these are really sweet and scrumptious!

Now this is just too cute for words...


YEP these are our watermelons!! Cute or what? There are so many of them now. You might just find us set up on the side of the road with them as they will all come ready at once I am sure ! LOL ... all thought I think there is a pretty long line of Friends and Family that are anxious for these to be ready. I am sure none will go to waste!

Pretty tree to show off...

We have three Palo Verde Tree's near Black Jack's pen. Good little shade trees normally... But then once in a while they go nuts with all these pretty yellow flowers. The old timers around here say that means it is going to rain. And guess what... it rained here yesterday afternoon -

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday - those in the US, make sure to have a happy but safe Memorial Day tomorrow!
HUGS and-

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Animal Crackers- oh so sweet!

Howdy -

Had to start off this week with my baby boy... Autie... oh my he is such a sweetheart. This week we had a long morning with all three of the doggies. Started off with Autie, then Chica and then Libbie (In order of worst to easiest )... we clipped them, sheared them, and then tried to brush them but by then I was worn out.

Autie was a total mess. His fur is so thick and long that it just gets so matted. The girls don't have that hair, thank goodness! The boy loves to be cuddled inside, but when outside he thinks he is a tough farm dog! LOL like he could herd or control anything. He barks this deep mean bark (to him anyway) but to all the goats they just look at each other and giggle wondering what that little noise is he is making. But he is my baby boy... And despite all three loosing their traditional Aussie hiney skirts... they are just absolutely adorable with their round puppy cuts! You would never guess we cut over 1/2 of Auties hair would you?

The older chicks got a new home - we needed to keep the older chicks in a different cage than the three new younger chicks I got a little over a week ago. So a friend of a friend was moving and needed to sell a few items. We purchased a used rabbit hutch from them. Other than not having a floor in it, it works perfect for the chicks. And they are LOVING their new two story condo!! The ramp is all the rage and the main source of entertainment.

They are getting big.. not big enough to go outside into their new coop. But growing for sure. It is cute they have started to roost on the edges of things too!

Man I really need to get the video on  my phone going to show photos like the next one in motion...

I caught Vicki doing a bit of scratching yesterday morning. Use to really freak me out as it sounds like the entire pen is coming down with all the metal sounds rubbing. But they stay together and evidently they are fabulous for just that right itch!

The girls are loving the new water tank "Dad" put it for them. I think I have told you Hubby is a freak about clean water and fresh water for all the animals. He finally has a good system worked out for the tanks. Snapped Lydia looking over after slurping....

Lydia is what I would say is our first real "Sorrel" donkey. We have donkeys that are brownish red in color but Lydia she is that true pink red color. Lacey is her Momma and according to her records she has lots of Sorrels in her background. Really pretty color in person, hard to capture on a cloudy day with a camera.

Couldn't resist... I know I showed off Gabby last week, but this week she did pose all on her own for a sweet photo...

She was waiting in a wad of girls for her turn at the tank. You know how heavy those heads can be - so she was using Sonia for a rest - Love this girl. Gabby is also Lacey's kid. She is so much like her. But she really really reminds me of Rosie. Lacey's first baby that was so sick for years and then we lost. Nearly killed us. But Gabby ... she has a lot of Rosie in her and has that same personality. Hubby says Gabby is Rosie come back to us healthy. I agree.

Hope these made you smile - I will be back tomorrow for Garden Sunday! Things are exploding in the garden!!!
HUGS and

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whimsy Inspiration - This little dog reminded me...

Howdy -
Now when I was looking for an image I ran across this sweet little guy from Crissy's Digi's.

He is from the Scottish Terrier Set -  well he reminded me so much of a friends dog that I just had to color him up and send it to him! Yes I addressed the card to the dog... They are part of the family too!
It isn't very easy to color a dog to match the real thing. But I think he looks close. I mailed it off earlier in the week, I so hope they already got it and I am not spoiling the surprise here.

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut with an oval nestie. The papers are from Farm House - Kountry Kitchen collection. Love these papers - I used dark red and black card stock, then die cut out a lace border from MFT. Then a vintage black and cream colored ribbon tied in a bow.  The papers are all sewn in a zig zag stitch. Viva Decor Black Pen for the dots. The sentiment is also from Whimsy and is part of one of my favorite collections - Cute and Cuddly Sentiments.

Inside the card is left over papers to match -

Copic Colors used -

Hope they like it and it gives them a smile - I just got to know their furry child really... and he is a sweetheart! They are lucky to have found such a great little guy and he is pretty darn lucky to have such a great family that love him.

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

High Hopes - Double Trouble

Howdy -

This week the challenge over at High Hopes is Double Trouble. And that simply is to either make two cards the same... or to use two of more stamps on your card. Now, time has been really short this week, so only one card from me and it was a quick late night yesterday working on it. That is the first excuse, second excuse... Hubby has been using my desk to repair some antique dolls for me. Don't know how your husband works on projects, but well... mine is a mess. And my desk has been covered in paint, putty, doll parts, string... you name it. Not to mention the piles of my things from crafting, and eBay items so the desk is really piled high right now! He is really helping me repairing some dolls that need some TLC, but I needed my desk! So I scooted over everything and worked in a tiny little 6 inch square... oh my it has been a long time since I have had to work like that. I can't complain he is doing it for me. But well guess I just did... oops.

How about my card -
I used two stamps.. well actually three...

Herbies Heifer and then Sign Post with Happy Spring sentiment. Love that sign post.. need to use it more, has so many good sentiments, and you can use lots of other stamps with it.

I had my scrap box sitting close so I dug for some papers that went with the images - colored with Copics...

I used a ribbon with reds and greens in it. And then buttons. I have really been on a button kick lately. Which is good I need to use up some of the thousand that I have collected.

Now you need to pop over to the High Hopes Challenge and see all the DT work, and then please do join us! A chance to win some High Hopes for yourself! We really would love to see you there!

Off to see about finding more of my desk and cleaning up a bit.... later this week he will be using my air compressor to paint the doll parts (insert scared face here) I have been "suggesting" that he spray in a box to help with overspray... oh man I hope that works out... otherwise I may need to redecorate to match the peach flesh color he will be using. LOL !

Have a great day -
HUGS and

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Pretty...

Howdy -

First off today I wanted to show you my pretty hanging basket we got this week. I have this adorable Donkey plant hanger off our back porch - got it years ago from the Donkey Sanctuary, I love buying gifts and fun things from their gift shop. Getting things I "need" while supporting a fabulous organization. Anyway... I have had this hanger for a few years, and for a very long time it has been empty. But while at the nursery the other day I found this gorgeous bouganvilla - it is called "Surprise" - it is my favorite of all the colors. they start out white and as they age they get pink.

Now.. the garden, well we have had 3 1/2 inches of rain since last Sunday. So things are really getting happy in the garden! The tomatoes are starting to really come on, the peppers are looking like tiny little peppers, squash and zucchini are FABULOUS! yummy yummy we have been really been eating and enjoying them. I am thinking of trying some Zucchini Bread if I can find a good recipe. (If you have one email it to me please! )

But take a look at the green beans!

Ok, so only about 1/3 of them survived... but the ones that did are doing great! I am thinking we might just have our first meal with some this next week... mmm can hardly wait!

Now we won't have any corn real soon for sure, but man since the rain the corn is just shooting up! As are the weeds... That is on the list for this week to get all the weeds out!!

Hubby also planted some okra this last week. He showed me and I think I saw little green things coming out of the ground. Honestly... the okra is his excitement. I don't like okra made in any way. People have tried and tried for me to like their way, I taste, but nope not my cup of tea in any way.

The grapes are getting ready to go into the ground this week too! The holes for their poles and wires have been dug, and now ready to build. The plants are looking great in the greenhouse, but need more room to stretch out!

After the storms this last week Hubby had to replant a couple of the peach trees. Not sure what happened, the wind, a pest or what, but they were leaning out of the ground. And to make things worse.... the peaches were gone! Darn it! Well we weren't expecting fruit the first year, but to have seen it and then it was gone that stinks! But at least the trees seem to be ok.

Now don't forget if you have a zucchini bread recipe that is good let me know...  Heck with the amount of squash we may need some other good recipes for that too! LOL

Hope you have a wonderful blessed Sunday!
HUGS and-

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Animal Crackers - Afternoon with the Girls

Howdy -

Yesterday I needed some quality time with my girls. But you see we have had some good rain here this last week. And my girls... well they are enjoying the grass in the neighbors far pasture. So in order for me to spend some time with them, I had walk all the way out to them. I know I shouldn't be lazy... the weather was nice it wasn't too hot, and it was breezy so that was good. But you see many people here have been really fighting snakes. So walking the long walk to the far pasture had to be a very focused walk for sure! Hubby went with me... just in case. Thankfully we did not find anything slithering.... but we found lots of gals... and one little boy really chowing down on the grass!!

Just had to show first off how big our guy Patricio "Pat Man" is! Handsome and unbelievably sweet! Love this guy! Look how much the Texas Sun has already faded his black fur to red!

This shot cracks me up!

It is a bit of the angle and that Juliet is in front of the other girls... but boy she looks like a giant with them doesn't she! LOL She is a big girl, even if she doesn't know it and clobbers me wanting attention. The girl is more like an ox bumping into you for loving. Never mean ... no just shoving for petting and ear rubs. Sweet girl... just big.

Then I was attacked by Miss Gabby... Oh my this girl is so sweet, hard to get photographs of too! She really wanted close up attention, rubbing her very dirty nose all over my clean shirt. The only way I could snap a photograph of her was to hold her face still with one hand and snap with the other. The girl is too funny! And Spoiled rotten! This gal is super special to me. Love her!

Found her Momma Lacey enjoying the afternoon breeze under the tree...

  I do hope we have another baby coming from her... we aren't discussing that subject out loud... a watched pot never boils and so we aren't even whispering about babies it in front of the "fat girls"... Man I am going to hate it if Hubby is right and there is only one more pregnant girl instead of three.... time will tell.... sigh.

Turned around and Pat Man had made it under the tree for a little loving from his Mommy Patti.

As we were walking back to the house I found Vera and Gracie lounging in the shade of a tree as well...

What a life! We are on the count down for babies from these two now... more kids coming around October!! At least Frank has been working on it... ahem....

I do need to report some sad news that had me really upset for a few days... couldn't post anything... Earlier in the week we found one of the Wyandotte Chickens dead. We have been thinking that maybe we have a chicken snake again... as the number of eggs we have been gathering has gone down.... Hubby saw a large snake earlier in the week not far from the coop. Then we found the poor girl under the hut. I was a mess. Part of the life in the country I know... but now Hubby is really mad and has been on the hunt for them! Warning if you slither on our farm...

The baby chicks are growing and will very soon have to be placed in a larger pen for them. They are all healthy and doing great... not real pretty right now. No longer fuzzy... new feathers are coming in! Lots of color!!

Hope you have a wonderful day planned. Hubby and I are going to work around the house and pens.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - What's Your Age?

Howdy -

Today's Challenge over at the High Hopes Challenge is to make a card with the theme of "What's Your Age?"  Well that was a perfect challenge for me this week as I needed a birthday card for a friend! Now I went a little silly with this one, as you see my friend... well I knew he could handle it!

I decided to go with one of the Senior images... "Birthday Bob" and had him thinking about the young "Bike Buddies"  I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then put it all together with scraps papers. I die cut out the Happy Birthday from Whimsy. Then doodled a bunch of stitches around everything.

For the inside I did a computer generated sentiment and used more of the same papers -

Hope he liked it - I love funny silly cards -

Here are my Copics I used -

Now you need to pop over to the High Hopes Challenge Blog so you can see all the cards with AGE from the DT and then join us... this is an easy one this week so make up a birthday card and then post it for us to see link it in the challenge and you can win win win!

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Just Cuz He Loves Me...

Howdy -

Now is this a pretty strawberry or what?

I have to tell you a funny story about this pretty red strawberry. You see my Hubby brought it in to me the other evening and said "Here I brought you this strawberry just for you - Just Cuz I Love You" ... how sweet is that. He then said not because you complained about me eating them all, just cuz I love you. I said well it is a big strawberry I will share it with you. He said no thank you I ate 4 or 5 outside, then he grinned. Gotta love him! LOL

Thought I might show you a little bit of the squash and zucchini from yesterday. This is the third cutting from the week...

The tomatoes have gone crazy this week!!

 Hubby had been saying there were a ton of tiny tomatoes on them but I haven't seen them... lots of flowers. But no fruit... until I looked really close...

 There are LOTS of them in there, you just have to look close!!

The Watermelon really is loving the heat and it really tripled in size this last week!

I think it will be a long while before we see any melons...

Now despite that Hubby has TONS still to work with in the Garden.. we went by the Nursery this last week "Just to pick up some soil" and Hubby found this tree. Well he walked away, and I could tell he really wanted it. I asked what it was... A Variegated Pink Lemon. Yellow skin but inside is a pink tint.

Ok, that sounded really cool.. and it smells amazing! No fruit on it but it smells wonderful! So I get excited about it and said maybe we can find room for one more citrus tree. :0)   Now hopefully we can get it in a nice spot in the greenhouse and get some fruit going on it!!

Well I hope you have a wonderful day - A Wonderful Mother's Day to all of the MOMS here in the US.

HUGS and-