Saturday, September 28, 2013

Animal Crackers - How Green is Your Grass?

Howdy -

I think I have been telling you the past couple of weeks about Hubby's "new grass". How we had moved around the donkeys to work on a couple of pens with some winter grass. You see you cannot put down grass seed and leave donkeys in that area. 1- they will eat the seeds 2- they will pull up any new growth before it is rooted in. So as much as it felt like torture the boys were locked out of their normal pen and put in the girls old pen next door.. and they had to watch the grass grow.

Yesterday afternoon Hubby decided that it was ok to let them back in.... I see children being let go and told eat as much as you would like in a candy store -

They didn't know where to go first and I am not sure now hours later.. that they have even looked up yet.

You can see they have lots to enjoy -

It is the greenest grass I have ever seen.. and it must be really good grass. I'll take their word on it though.

We had rain yesterday - surprise pop up showers. The three standard donkeys, lovingly known as "The Three Stooges", they normally head for the barn if they know a storm is coming. Normally... they have that animal instinct and know it is going to rain soon.. but yesterday, they got caught out in the rain. And heck maybe they just stayed out in it to cool of and enjoy -

Cocoa is the leader and makes all the decisions - so it was all her call - She is the only Woman of the three so of course she makes the final decision.

You can see she wet, she was soaked a little earlier but was already drying out in the hot humid sun. I see this photo of her and realize that she is getting older. She is starting to have more grey in her coloring. Hope she has many many years with us - She has a pretty good thing here... 20 acres. Eat what you want, it is all hers to roam and go where she wants.. Or doesn't want. Now the other "Two stooges" They have it the same.. other than they follow her -

Valentine McKee (he was named after a character in one of my favorite movies... there is some trivia for ya LOL) He is about 6 I think. A totally Momma's Baby - He is her shadow. And my boy too... Very slow and very sweet, unless he doesn't know you... or you have anything in your hands that could be considered medicine. Then He is fast strong and GONE.

Ted E. Bear

Our Walmart Greeter, and just about the sweetest boy there is. He was so wet from the rain. And was insisting on being petted. And yes... when a 750+ lb.  Donkey INSIST on being loved on. You DO! Even if he is wet and stinky! LOL Love this big guy.

Got a funny photo of Gracie yesterday after the rain....
She is my Super Model - Stunning Ice Blue eyes that seems to love to get her photo taken - But yesterday... I caught her lounging on top of one of the huts... a little afternoon Nap -

Even with her eyes closes sleeping she is a pretty girl. Can you see those Eye lashes??  Big blue eyes and gorgeous long eyelashes! LOL  Well she was named for Gracie Allen ... she was a looker wasn't she? (her brother was George BTW)

Now the last photo is about CRAZY -

 The chickens have just been acting nuts lately. Talking non stop - running all around - just nuts. Maybe it is the weather. There are no snakes. Hubby has been checking with me each day - and we have not found another. Whew. We are up to 9-10 eggs a day most days. There are 13 birds... so most all are doing their jobs. A few days here and there we only get 6 or so, don't know why but seems to be the normal each week. Honestly we have lots of eggs so if the girls slack a day or so a week it is ok...LOL

Well busy morning here  - Lots of chores, and plans today so better get busy. My priority of the day is a Pedicure with BFF Tracey... Hubby has a ton of other things, but once I confirmed the Pedi that was all I heard and cared about.. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and-

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

High Hopes Challenge - Dies or Punches this week!

Howdy -

This week the High Hopes Challenge is a fun one - time to dig through all the million punches or dies and find one to use with a High Hopes Stamps.

Sometimes I just need a push to move across the room and go through my stash. Found quite a few punches I haven't used in forever! Like finding new supplies.

I chose to color up one of the new High Hopes Image "Buddy's Gift Block" - really cute teddy bear in one of the blocks. I keep thinking it would be cute to use all the new blocks in one project... hmmm will need to work on something....

Here is my card for this challenge though --- I used punches....

I found some winter snow flake paper in my scraps - and then used the Martha Stewart Jumbos border/corner set - Double Arches. Now I am going to be really honest here... I messed it all up when I figured my sizes. And I had already cut all my papers when I did my punch... it was the wrong size... and I couldn't get the punch to punch evenly with out totally messing it all up... SOOOOO I faked it I guess you can say. I punched the corners, and one border punch in on each side. Doing that left a big punched hole in the middle of each side... To fix it.. I wrapped it with the ribbon around both sides. First gold, then a ruffled red velour. Kind of reminded me of the present "Buddy" is holding... and it fixed my boo boo... My sentiment is also High Hopes - "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!"

Here is Buddy's Gift Box up Close -

And here are the Copic colors used -

Great challenge this week - you really need to join us!! And there is even better reasons to pop over to the challenge .... there is info on a Guest DT call!! We want you to come and play with us over at High Hopes! Head on over to the site and check out the facts... High Hopes Challenge 

Have a great day - :0) 
Hugs and 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Whimsy Stamps Inspiration - Autumn Delight

Howdy -

We had our first "cool front" here in Texas. And things are not cool, but they are actually very nice. Really gives the idea that summer is over and fall is coming.

Made me want to color up some fall -
This is "Autumn Delight" by StampArt Design by Kathryne.

  I colored with Copics - (colors below) And then found papers from Graphic 45 that were rich and reminded me of fall. I layered up patterns added my image, then found a sentiment also from Whimsy -
Gratitude Sentiments - Love this collection of great Sentiments

Here is my image up close -

And the inside of my card -

And Copic colors used -

If only coloring up Fall would bring it on sooner! But it has been nice here so no complaining -

Busy Busy Busy around here this week - getting ready for one of our largest Antique Shows coming up... cleaning, pricing, packing and getting all ready!

Hope you have great weather where you are and hope you have a very blessed day -
HUGS and -

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Animal Crackers - The Sky is Falling!


Well this week we have been blessed with some really fabulous RAIN! Yep.. really great Rain! I went out to check on my chickens yesterday afternoon... (I'll share why I have been a little on edge with them a bit later...) Anyway I went out to make sure they were good, there was more rain coming and actually it hit just after I got out into their Coop.

My reds are not rocket scientist... Hubby keeps reminding me they have "Pea Size Brains" But these ding-a-lings stand out in the pooring rain. They were soaked. They were really screaming out yesterday and all though they talk alot and yell out I have just been on edge. So I went out and took them their late afternoon veggies, and planned to gather the eggs.... took my camera to snap a few wet chickens for you ...

They LOVE frozen mixed veggies... all though it wasn't the normal hot due to the rain, but they still enjoy them. So even in the mud they were happy scratching around, clucking and pecking up their green beans, corn, peas and carrots. 

When I was heading back in I realized that all the goats were hiding from the rain. We do all know that they will melt if they get a drop of rain right? They think so.. But the Guineas... they were out screaming at the top of their lungs. Like the SKY WAS FALLING...DANGER DANGER!! I told them all was ok and to get under cover.. As I headed towards to porch I told Hubby " Those stupid birds are all out getting soaked in the rain! They are idiots! ".... He looked at me and laughed. Then he said... "Uh you really need to look in a mirror Dear, you are soaked... and you were out talking to birds in the rain... " Guess he was right.. LOL

Now I know you are all probably wondering why I have been on edge with my girls.... I know this is beginning to sound like a broken record... but earlier in the week I went out to gather the eggs, opened up the coop door started to poke my head in to check out each nest and get my eggs... when I saw this.....

It is a VERY good thing that I have been lectured a million times from Hubby to look before I reach in!! I saw about three inches of this slithering in one of the nesting boxes. In all he measures up to over 4 feet long!! I ran back into the house and yelled for Hubby to get outside NOW!  It took us a few minutes to get him out of the nest, we were not sure what kind of snake he was. Not a normal Bull Snake and Not a Rattler... So we decided that if we knew it was a Bull Snake we probably wouldn't have killed him. As they do eat bad things... But then after a "debate" we agreed that whether or not he was poisonous he now knows where the eggs are, and will make it a regular meal. So he needed to "be taken care of" Especially since we didn't know what kind he was. So he no longer lives.  I am ok with it... and the chickens are really ok with it - as they were VERY upset. Maybe that is why they have been short on laying eggs the past week? Do you think I have been reaching in and he has been in there for a week??? Oh I hope not.  We now know he is a Texas Rat Snake. Not a "Bad" Snake... unless you are in my chicken hut!  

Now I am even more cautious! 

How about some pretty cute photos now... 

 As I was out yesterday I had a talk with Miss Libbie... Little Missy does not like to go out into the yard when it is wet. So she will head out and stop on the edge of the porch and sit down. Now I know she need to do her business... but it is like pulling teeth to get her down the steps. I knew she had not gone out so I was talking to her and this is the response I was getting.....

Totally ignoring me!!! Completely!! I raised my voice a little and said "Libbie look at me and pay attention to Momma!" and I am not kidding this is what I got when she turned her head towards me!

I have no words... LOL

I found a photo from last week I wanted to share - with you Anna Belle "Bella"

Having a issue with this gal right now....  We have her boy penned off with the boys. Long over due but he has been there for a few weeks now. Most Mom's will be sad for a few days - cry out for their babies maybe... but they usually after a week forget and move on --- Bella is really causing us a little stress. I think we may have to create a special pen for her if she won't let go of her boy. She won't leave that side of the pasture. She stands near the fences Rain or Shine - won't leave hardly at all. We finally got her to follow us across the pasture for a little while, she grazed with the other ladies that day. I felt much better... next day - she was right back over near her boy all alone. I think we may just harness her up and bring her up to the house in a small pen. Do a little spoiling, TLC and take her mind off things....

So what is your weekend plans?

With so much rain, and more predicted for this morning, we are going to stick around here. A little clean up and house and farm chores are needed. Would love to just get in the Jeep and take off for a day trip... but sigh... oh well.

Hope you have some fun planned!
Have a great day!
HUGS and

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High Hopes - Purple and Orange Challenge

Howdy -

New Challenge starting over at the High Hopes Challenge today - getting a little Fall feeling? The challenge is to make a card using Purple and Orange. Normally I know that would fit right in with a Halloween card right? Well... I went with a little different card - I needed a birthday card - so I dug through my older High Hopes images and found a few that haven't been inked in a while.. perfect for this birthday card -

Here is my card using "Tracking Thomas", "Moose tracks", "Large TeePee", and the sentiment "Tracking Birthday"

I found some pattern papers from DCWV that main colors were purple and orange, kraft brown base, then card stock in purple and orange. I colored my image in Copics (colors below) and then sewed all the pieces together. Yes, another easel card. Wasn't the plan, but the image got big.. and well it just sent that way. LOL  This is such a cute image... and they all work so well together. I added stickles to the image.. why.. who knows not real "indian" like, but I figure this was dress up Indian and he probably would have more fun with his clothes.

 Close up of the sentiements -

And the Copic colors used -

Hope they like their birthday card - again it is a little different for me to make but I like the way it ended up. I am sure you have some High Hopes images that you can work with some purple and orange.. join us at the challenge and have a chance at more High Hopes -

Have a wonderful day -
Hugs and

Saturday, September 14, 2013

AC- Girls Girls Girls

  That should get some interesting hits with a title like that huh? LOL This week the post is all about my girls. They have been left out due to their being little piggies next door at the neighbors and last night we hopped in the Jeep and took off to track them all down and bring them in for a few days. Neighbor has some house guest for the weekend, and I didn't want to have all the donkeys running loose... my donkeys might even follow them up on the porch to a chat... LOL

Anyway we drove to the back of the neighbors property and hunted them all down. It was easy to see why they were so happy in her back pasture. No one has been munching in this pen for over a year... and there is a TON of grass. Good thing we were in the Jeep!!

All the girls are together now ... Young, Old and everything in between. Here is the largest gathering of them... all the way in the back corner of course.

Juliet sure sticks out Huh? The girl will no go with the other standards, she insist on being with her BFF's.

Here she is as they came closer with Lydia... those two are joined at the hip most of the time! LOL

Lydia sure has gotten red... really a pretty girl, and she has her Mom's face and eyes. (Lacey is her Mommy)  They were a bit confused as we normally would have walked to go get them, and the Jeep was new to them... but with all the snakes out here lately... no walking in weeds and tall grass for this gal!

Here they are as we led them into the pen that joins our property... they are thinking... uh you aren't going to close that gate are you? ... Yep as fast as we can!!

This photo cracked me up... just a we got them closed into the pen Black Jack could see them again from our property... Lets just say the dude was very happy that his "ladies" were all still here. So he was really talking a lot and running his fence... Sonia and Gloria both were looking that way like... Dude calm down!

 These gals were more interested in the fact that "Dad" just closed the gate and now they can't roam the entire 20 acres for a 24/7 chow fest.

But as you can see the pen they are in is pretty and green as well... we have been blessed with a little rain the past couple of weeks. We are still pretty dry here... but enough to water the pastures and keep things growing. Next week we have better chances of rain - I am praying we get some then and really soak in... will do wonders in keeping it green into winter.

One more "Girl" For you - I don't really know if it is a girl or boy.. but we say "She" when talking about snakes here...

Hubby found this one on our front porch this week!!!

This folks is a Copperhead Snake. BAD NEWS here!! This is what we think nearly killed Patti last year. Hubby found it up onto of his Table Saw - he was using our porch as a work area, the day before he found it I had been on the porch and was using the Table saw to brace myself while working with Nally... who was getting meds for being struck in the face by a Rattle Snake!! I had my hand inches from where this gal was sitting!!!  Don't have a clue why it was so high off the ground on a metal top table saw... old timers would say it is going to flood... but seriously very scary! Now the really scary thing... this is my FRONT porch and she is just a baby... meaning MOM and SIBLINGS are close. So we are on panic mode here. Good news ... Hubby has totally cleaning off the porch, the back porch, scalped the back yard so the little dogs are not in high grass anywhere. But we are really worried, I just hope that any other snakes have moved away! Can't handle anymore now!

We were flipping through the  TV guide the other night and I saw the movie Snakes on a Plane... we looked at each other and shook our heads, I have bad dreams already don't need any help there!

Again... things are scalped down and we are being as careful as we can...  Winter needs to come so they will freeze and quit moving around.

We have a load of hay coming in today - Yea! starting to stack some up for Winter. With all these bugs and snakes... you think they know something we don't? Hubby thinks it is going to be a really cold winter here. I live in Texas and all though cold here isn't as cold as some places... I live here for a reason... cold is cold to me. Heck I carry a jacket lately in the summer cuz I get cold! LOL darn hormones! But I will deal with a cold winter if it will put all the bad critters down for a while! Whew!

Have a great weekend -
HUGS and

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Whimsy Stamps Blog Hop - New Digital Artist Alberto Gava!!!

We are thrilled to welcome a brand new digital artist to the Whimsy Stamps team of artists... Alberto Gava
This month we are releasing FOUR digital stamps illustrated by Alberto Gava for Whimsy Stamps. To celebrate Alberto’s debut release we are holding a fabulous BLOG HOP to showcase 
creations made with these fantastic new digital stamps. The hop starts today (Wednesday September 11th at 8.00AM EST) and ends on Sunday September 15the at 12.00 midnight EST. For this hop we have a TWO GRAND PRIZE DRAWS! Two lucky hoppers will each WIN the entire new release of ALL FOUR DIGITAL STAMPS. But that's not all ... we've also hidden 9 single digital stamp prizes throughout the hop and I’m one of the prize stops! To be added to the draw to win one of the new Alberto Gava digital stamps (winner’s choice!), please leave a comment on this post! We will draw the winners shortly after the hop ends, and a full list of winners will be posted on the Whimsy blog on Monday 16th September.

Here is my card using "Queen of Hearts"

 I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut her and matted her with Nesties. She needed some bling as all Queen's do so I stickle'd the hearts as if they were Ruby's with Red Candy Cane Stickles. Then dotted all the scallops cuz it just needed more!

My papers are from Graphic 45. Love the bold dark colors with her. I layered with Back card stock as my base, they red and dark yellow card stock. With the pattern paper in place I zig zag stitched it all together.

Felt like an easel card... so I did it all over again for the base. I used my computer and typed out my sentiment. Just felt like a funny sentiment... LOL

I added lots of Mulberry roses and these beady floral centers to the front. Inside I added a bling scroll, this is to help hold up the easel card when standing.

Here is my close up of the "Queen"

 And here are my Copic colors used -

Thanks so much for stopping by and happy hopping! Your next stop in the hop is -

DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT on my post :0)

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

High Hopes Challenge - Buttons and Bows


Boy I was running late on this card folks... sorry I had to rush this one, but my mind has been going on a few different problems here.. main one that caused me to just push everything aside... Miss Nally. One of our outside doggies. Yep the one that isn't afraid of nothing, and goes after anyone or anything that causes danger here. This time she got in with a Rattlesnake. AGAIN. She was bit a couple of years ago, and spent almost a week at the vets. Then this last spring she got took on the coyote when they tried to get to close to the goats. Then Sunday she found another snake... now the good thing is that she is doing ok, and I am pretty sure she is going to make a full recovery. Due to the first snake bite she has all the shots and has a the stuff in her to fight off the poison. We were lucky she was just grazed and it was on the top of her head we think. If it had been a limb or chest it would have been much worse on her. Man my fur kids can sure take the life out of me with worry!

Anyway here is my High Hopes card for the new High Hopes Challenge Blog - Buttons and Bows challenge.

I colored with my Copics (colors below) then I dug through my scraps and found some cute Christmas papers to work with the new High Hopes image - Candy Cane Penguin cute cute cute image! My sentiment is also from HIgh Hopes - Seasons Greetings.

I found four buttons that matched... man that is HARD I have a million buttons and matching more than two takes me a while. My ribbons... well I tried a red one, no it was way wrong color, I tried blue, nope looked horrible. So I just went with cream colored. And I am not happy with it but out of the three it was least of the bad. I think I need new ribbon. I have a bunch but i have used up all the good ones.

Stickles was added. I love Diamond Stickles for winter cards.

Here is a close up so you can enjoy the bling of the stickles.

Here are the copics that I used.

Now bop on over to the High Hopes Challenge Blog and join in on the fun with some Buttons and Bows and win yourself more High Hopes!

Alrighty... now I will head out and check on Nally. Then try and get some of my chores and projects caught up. How can one day of putting off get a person so far behind? Doesn't seem right that it will take a week to get caught up from one day does it? LOL Have a great day!

HUGS and

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Animal Crackers - NATURE

Howdy -

This week is just full of Nature. Nature of all kind!! Yep this week we have seen the all kinds - started off earlier in the week in a trap....

Now we have discussed this in detail... is this baby cute or ugly? Or does he fall under both? Hubby has been very upset as we have had a critter barn. These animals can leave their "droppings" on the hay and then the hay can make the animals very very sick. There is a long fancy name for one decease that equine get called "Opossum Fever". HORRIBLE thing to watch a equine have. We lost a standard years ago to it. So when we have a Opossum's or Skunks trying to live in our hay barn Hubby gets really serious. He set the trap as soon as he had hints that something had come in. Well he caught a Big Bad Critter first week. Then my Strong Man... he couldn't take it to the back of the property to take care of it. If it had been an adult no problem but nope... he caught a baby. And all though he has LONG nails and LONG teeth he is kind of cute. He didn't seem upset at all that I was snapping photos of him at all.

And this is my STRONG Hubby taking care of the baby... We got in the truck drove about 10 miles across the highway to a creek bed.. then he took the trap walked it off into the brush and let the little guy out.... LOL He said it was the cutest thing ever. Said he "bopped" out then bounced down to the creek and then looked back at him. Would have loved a photo of that.. but that grass was high, I was in flip flops and I didn't want to see anything slithery... we will discuss that in a minute!!

So the other day we went over to check on all the girls on the neighbors property.....

Finally after a few minutes they decided they would SLOWLY make their way to us.. but wait... they were not coming to us.... All in a line as they always do, they went right by us, and straight to the fresh water that Hubby had running in the water tank. LOL Eating all that grass can make a girl thirsty you know... LOL You can't hardly wee them but the line of donkeys was really long... If you look in between the fence levels you can see little dots... they were about 20 long in their slow parade. HA !

Now it has been really noisy in the back yard goat pens... You see... we have some of our girls from a year ago that "are of age" and they are making sure that the guys know!!

Ok, so it isn't the best photo to share but really it was so funny... we were laughing at the boys as this is really the first time the young boys have "understood" what is going on -

It isn't very nice that the girls will just stand there and totally torment the guys.. but it is nature at work I guess.

Check out the boys up close... I could hardly stand it I was laughing so hard...

 Peter and Paul would really show off... close their eyes, roll their lips up and lean that head back! OH I understand girls and why you have us fenced off.... OH PLEASE let us in with them ok?

And do you love Peter's bangs? LOL curl up just like his Dad, Peso.

Now back to things that slither.... Yesterday I was on the porch helping Hubby look for something and was going to water my porch cactus. When he points between the pots on the shelf... I FREAKED!!! This is what we found... ON MY PORCH.... ON MY PLANT SHELF... RIGHT BY THE BACK DOOR!!!!!!!

 Now those pavers are six inch block.. he is way over 12 inches long and he was inches away from my back door..... eweweweww!!! I have found them in the house twice in 11 years. But not in many years.  I think Hubby will be cleaning off my porch this week and maybe watering the cactus from here on!!

I wanted to take a photo of Autie for you this week... but I just couldn't. One he wouldn't stand still... and two I just couldn't embarrass him like that. I sheared him.. Hubby was busy, I didn't want to wait for him to help hold him, next time I guess I will. Cuz Autie did not help me at all and he is well... lumpy! LOL

Hope you have a wonderful day. I am visiting a doll collector/dealer this week so I am excited to see what she has... and what I may help her sell. :0)

HUGS and -