Monday, May 29, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Bear Hugs and Kisses

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps I went with a fabulous bear hug! This image is "Group Hug Bears

 A seriously sweet image! Too adorable. And perfect card for a friend needing a hug! My trio of bears is colored with Copics (colors below) and then cut out with a Circle die cut. I "fuzzed" the edges of the circle with my scissors and then inked. For my pattern paper I found an old 6x6 pad from Bo Bunny Pin cushion collection. I adore that quilted pattern and the colors. 
The layers are sewed down and a sentiment also from High Hopes Stamps "Bear Hugs and Kisses" Just made for and too perfect for this image. 

Three Pearl Hearts are added for embellishment. Love those little hearts!

Copic colors used - 

To find more fabulous images from High Hopes Stamps Web Store click HERE  you will fall in love I am sure! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Animal Crackers - Mmm this is good!

Howdy - 

Went out and talked with he lady goats while they were having lunch. It was very yummy I guess. 


I wish you could hear Olive Oyl... she was talking and making all kinds noises while munching on some fresh hay. It was so funny... yum yum yum - 


Jackie and her twin sister Lizzy were, as usual, sharing a small pile of hay. I wish sometimes I could understand their conversations... Gossip? Weather? Quality of Hay? Not sure.. but I am sure these two girls are gabbing it up over their meal. 

Mom Abigail and her daughter Penelope were also sharing a pile of hay. Now this conversation is much different than the sisters. 

I spoke to Penelope and asked her to come to see me. She took a step towards me, and then Mom Abigail made a little grunt... with a full mouth of food. That was all it took to freeze Penelope in her tracks and look at me like "Sorry Mom won't let me now, I have to stay here and finish my food" 

Ok so I do make up good stories with my kids conversations at times. LOL

Now my imaginary conversations with Bubba Cat are a totally different thing. I adore this boy, he is my lap cuddle cat in the evenings. He is my foot warmer in bed on a chilly night, and he is usually pretty good entertainment. 

Frustrating at times, yes. A mess at times, yep. But I love him to pieces... You can see that face he is all trouble and all heart all in one sweet kitty! 

Now I wanted to include a nature photo this week. But couldn't decided... roses or tomatoes? Went back and forth, then decided it was getting hot outside and just decided both!

Hubby and his flowers - he is amazing with his skills with plants. His roses have been just insane this year. The color of these is brilliant. I have no clue the name of them. I just call them the "hot pink ones".  Pretty! 

Now the veggie garden... well time has been short this spring and Hubby hasn't been able to put in the large garden he planned. But we do have some tomatoes growing in the back yard.

And they are SOOOO -  GOOD! I love them cold with cottage cheese. But Hubby loves them straight off the plants out in the garden. Anyway they are served homegrown tomatoes are a fabulous favorite! 

Hope you have an Animal Crackers smile this week. As normal it is busy, crazy and scattered but life is good and we are blessed! 

HUGS and

Hope you have blessed weekend as well -

Monday, May 22, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Teddy Bear Sampler

Howdy - 

 Today for High Hopes Stamps a very sweet image. Teddy Bear Sampler. Love how much is going on in this image! And that it is the perfect frame for a sentiment. 


I went with pastel colors so those bears would pop on the card. All colored with my Copics (colors below). A piece of pattern paper from my stash as the background. To add a little bling I used a Nuvo paint pen. The center of the frame is cut out to expose the sentiment inside the card. High Hopes Stamps "Beary Special to Me"  Perfect for these cute little bears and all those buzzing bees! 

The Copic colors used - yes there were quite a few of them, but it was just so fun to color! 

This really was so fun to color! A great happy time coloring. 

To see lots of fabulous images to color up click HERE and see all the fabulous images at High Hopes Stamps!

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Animal Crackers - Visitor

Howdy - 

 This week we had a visitor! But this time he is moving around the property on his own and just showed up to see if our pond was to his liking. Or is it a she?? 

We saw him a few times over the week - Hope he finds he likes the pond and likes living here. Safer than out on the highway! 

Feeding a friends cats for them - I wanted a cute posed photo of Pumpkin for you. But he only had one thing on his mind and I couldn't just sit and wait for him to finish. But he is a sweetheart and very friendly normally.. unless he is hungry. :0)

When I got home I think Porsche knew I cheated on them and had loved on some other kitty...


Is that a look or what? They know they are my babies and we love them totally! 

Now Ferrari... she was just cool with everything. Chillin'

She is just the funniest kitty when she sleeps. Totally relaxed and loves her home I suppose. LOL 
Was out watering yesterday afternoon - It was so hot and humid! Everyone was just trying to stay in the shade and breathe!  

Chipmunk was very handsome looking while enjoying the shade.

I looked across the yard and saw Cocoa just going crazy scratching on one of "Dad's" yard tools. Man she was enjoying it!

Machine was just shaking up and down and making all kinds of noise. LOL But she was happy so it was all good! 

Thought before I go I needed to do an update on the Chicks.... they are getting so big and feathers are coming in strong.

Ok... so the Bantam Chicks are not getting so big! Are they adorable or what??? They are all cute but those Bantams are totally too cute! 
Hope you all have your Saturday Animal Cracker Smiles this week - and I do hope you have a blessed weekend and Hug a furry or feathered friend! 
HUGs and - 

Monday, May 15, 2023

Cole's Laid Up

Howdy - 

Went to make my High Hopes Stamps Card this week and this image just seemed good for me this week. All though my issue isn't leg... its arm. LOL This is Cole's Laid Up -


We had a car accident this last week, minding our own business and BAM - and we are fine but man I am sore and my hand is still hurting and hard to color... but I kept going cuz I really wanted to see this little guy all colored up and pretty.

I colored with my Copics (colors below) And then found some papers from Echo Park Just be You collection. I LOVE the patterns and colors. I sewed down layers with my sewing machine - and then used High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Back on Your Feet" - perfect! 

And with that flower pattern paper, I went and found more flowers - mulberry roses, Prima green flowers and Martha Steward leaves punches. 

This one makes me grin... even in pain! LOL

Copic colors used - 

No matter what - coloring always makes me feel better - how about you? To find so much to make you smile and color click HERE to get to the High Hopes Stamps Store. 

Have a blessed day - COLOR! 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Animal Crackers - WE LOVE YOU SCARLET!

Howdy - 

 This has been a tough week! First we have to say goodbye to our sweet lady Scarlet "Red" - 

We have been watching her close - as she was just getting weak and skinny. But the last few days she looked better, then she was gone the next morning. We will miss her terribly but it was time and she was getting really old and she won't be suffering.

She was a really adorable kid wasn't she - and since day one her personality has been outgoing and hysterical.

Pretty "Red" -

And she loved sneaking snacks through the fence. She would run off all the other girls to get all that she could.

And if not there she would stretch those lips and get her own. :0)

Such a sweet beautiful lady -

We will miss her so much -

Then the next day - we were T-Boned. Hubby's little Jeep is now part of the past. We were very blessed to not be hurt any worse that the bruises and scratches we have. God saved us and his Jeep protected us, but his Jeep suffered and gave its life - I feel so bad for Hubby... he has spent the last couple of years fixing it up and getting it just like he wanted. Now he will start over I suppose. 

Thank you so much for visiting each week- and please hug your loved ones and furry babies.
HUGS and

Monday, May 8, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - High Flyin' Mouse

Howdy - 

Had some fun this week with a "High Flyin' Mouse" for High Hopes Stamps! 

I went for a "cute" fun card with colors that were spring-y! Papers are all from Echo Park Just be You collection. Love all the patterns and they all match perfectly. I then colored my sweet little mouse with my Copics (colors below) and then went a bit nuts with my zig zag stitching on my sewing machine. The texture is just too fun. 

Used my Nuvo white paint pen for some highlights in the image, and then added some fun enamel dots to the paper. For the sentiment I went with High Hopes Stamps "Dot Happy Birthday to You!" It is such a fun font for a sweet card. Just a fun happy card! 

Copic colors used - 

There are so so many fun images to play with at High Hopes Stamps - Pop over by clicking HERE and see them all!  

Hugs and 

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Animal Crackers - Chickie Chickie Chickie

Howdy - 

We finally have gotten some new chickies! We have needed more chickens for months, as we are down to only 3 chickens and Miss Guinea. Time, work and weather had us putting it off but this week we have our little nursery on our back porch!

They are just too adorable! We went for Australorp  and Wyandottes - but they didn't arrives on time, then looked at the New Hampshire Reds and the Easter Eggers - both look to give good eggs size and numbers and look really pretty as adults. I mean they are all adorable as chicks, right? But as we were gathering up our chicks... we kept looking at the Bantam chicks as well. 
 Totally too sweet and tiny for words!
Problem is they were straight run Bantam chicks.. meaning you aren't buying just hens - there are roosters in there too. But they were just too too cute. So we picked up 4 and decided we would hope for at least 3 hens.. one rooster we could handle. We will see how that goes - 
Even from the back they are cute... look at those tiny tail feathers! 
They are so soft and we picked lots of different colors in Easter Eggeers - 

I had to look up why they are called that - It is the fact that they can lay any color of egg. Blue, Green, Pink Tinted, Brown or white. And you don't know what you get until they lay that first egg. Then that is their color for life.

They already have started showing some first feathers!

Just like most babies they will grown up fast! Too fast - but then again their point is eggs and they have to be around 18-20 weeks old to start laying.  So I guess we want them grow up... sigh... 

Wow I showed more photos than normal - but I thought I would show one more - It is that time of year finally!

Normally I take a photo of Hubby loading our trailer in my mirror while I am driving slow next to the bales of hay. But I liked this photo this year. We were just about done. And this man couldn't load his hay for himself so Hubby jogged over and helped him load up his 40 bales. Love this man - always there for anyone. This week it has pretty much been for me... as I have been dealing with some health issues. But he still took time for others as well. Again - Love ya Honey! 

Hope you have a blessed weekend and have a Animal Crackers Smile this Saturday! 

HUGS and -

Monday, May 1, 2023

High Hopes Stamp - Just Hoppin' by to say Hi!

Howdy - 

Loving the Bright Spring colors right now. A favorite is green and purple! And this cute little frog is perfect for those colors! This is "Handstand Frog" - he so much fun!

I colored with my Copics, and went with bold colors. Then cut  out with an oval die, with a faux mat with my purple Copic. My papers are from my older scraps. Love the fun Mid Century feel of these. I sewed them with a zig zag stitch.

The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Just Hoppin' by" - fun for any bouncing little critter. 

Then still on my desk I had a jar of mulberry flowers - in that perfect purple color. So three of those, with green brad centers, then some Martha Stewart Rose punch leaves. Love how it all came together with these colors. 

Copic colors used - 


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Have a blessed day - 

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