Sunday, July 28, 2013

Me and My Space - The Fall Garden, of the Jolly Green Giant?

Yesterday I promised to show you photos of "our" new Fall Garden. I say "our" mainly because I plan to eat from this garden... Hubby has done all the work - Oh wait, I helped hold the panels up while he put them together....

Here is a photo of the garden just before we put up the last panel so I could get a good photo...

Now I know the first question is "What the heck is it all planted in?" These are the Jolly Green Giants Six Pack containers... LOL  Actually this is a bit of recycling here - A family member got these for us, they are some sort of packaging for trucks. But what they end up is the perfect raised beds for gardening. Six holes to keep each plant separate - but contained all together. Hubby drilled holes in the bottoms and we sat them up on old tables from our business we closed last year. Saves the Old backs you know!

This photo is after the last panel was put up and Hubby was done for the day -

We attached it to the side of the chicken coop - Have to fence it all off to keep the donkeys from stealing our veggies - or the plants before they had a chance to grow veggies -

Now if only I would go out this morning and they would be full and have lots of great things for a salad tonight! We have 4 kinds of tomatoes - JalapeƱos - Cucumbers - Zucchini & Squash (Hubby wrinkled his nose at the last two but still planted them for me)

Can't wait until it cools off so we can do other yummy good things.

Have a great day :0) I think we are going to BBQ today - just sounds good doesn't it?
HUGS and-

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Animal Crackers - New BackYard Fence - Close Ups - Chicken Soccer?

Howdy -

So this week our main focus was on moving pen panels, making things look much nicer. Then reusing the old panels for our new fall garden.

Hubby did most of the work, but I was out there with a lot of the time. For a day or so this week, despite my large hat, sun glasses and longer sleeves, I ended up looking like a lobster. But it went away pretty quick. I just don't handle the sun and heat anymore. But it was worth it - back yard looks SO nicer.

Doesn't it Jennifer?
This little girl has her Grandma Lillie's eyes... not sure if that is a good thing... LOL 

Here is how things look from the back yard looking into the goat pen - Love how much prettier it is - 

 Everyone was busy here - Chloe was trying to see if she could figure out how to open the new latch on the gate. Belle was using her horns to scratch and itch.. Annie is staring a hole through me trying to mentally convince us to bring out feed to them.

Love how everyone is getting along so well -

Goats and Guineas are all happy together. I think I have told you that we have found a few Guinea eggs. A few solid and a few squishy. But we were worried cuz we haven't found many eggs. Where were they going?

Then we finally saw that one of the girls kept going under the picnic table and chatting constantly....

 I think she was complaining about being the one that was stuck taking care of the "children" while the other two were out have lunch...  Not sure if we should let her take care of them, so far it has been a week since we found them, and she seems to be taking care of them so far. Wonder though if we should candle them and maybe put a bunch in the incubator... ideas?

Ellie Mae tried to give me her opinion.

But really she just want her ears scratched. And a little special attention. We were busy working but always have time for that ...

Took some small tomatoes that were really bitter out to the chickens last night. Then I stood there and watched a little Chicken Soccer...

Was actually pretty darn funny... they ran from tomato to tomato yelling and trying to steal from each other.

I think Little Bit was tattling to me that Large Marge just stole hers...

These chickens are the funniest thing to watch. Still haven't named them all.. so many look so much alike and move around to fast -

I know photos of Libbie from the back are boring - but I love this stance she does.

Her "I am boss and I am watching that over there... and believe me I can take care of you!"  She really doesn't know that she is only 10 inches tall. But yes, She is the one in charge of all of us.

Hope you got a smile today - I'll be back tomorrow to show you a few photos of the new garden -
HUGS and-

Friday, July 26, 2013

Whimsy Inspirations - Grandma's Garden

Howdy -

What a week - - - we have been working a bit around the farm. Moving a few pen panels around, Hubby has been setting up our fall garden area... and then fencing it off to keep the big donkeys from enjoying it all. But I took a little time last night to color. Having a hard time crafting lately. Time and Pain. My right arm is still giving me trouble. "Tennis Elbow"... LOL like I have ever touched a racket or done that much physical activity to hurt my elbow. Nope I have figured out it is the computer. I have been working so much with sales on ebay and such that the angle and typing... yes typing now is not pleasant. I got a brace this week. And when I remember to put it on it helps some. Any way last night I printed out one of the new images for July at Whimsy - Grandma's Garden 1 - there are 3 different ones... but I started off with 1. Fun image from Moon Cookie Gallery -

Went a bit different... totally not my normal colors. But the pain pills and hormone pills... they had me feeling a bit turquoise - grey and peachy :0)

Actually it was the new paper pad from Simple Stories "Vintage Bliss" - really different color combinations for me, but I like them. - I colored the image - it was too bold. I went over the entire image over and over with the Copic 00 blender. Washed it all out. Then went back and added a few darker colors here and there. Then high lighted with a white gel pen. Had to really dig to find that thing!! And long ago I used it on every card. LOL  I think I like how odd the image turned out. Well now I do... in a few minutes I will hate it. Just how I have been rolling lately...

I also used some Whimsy adhesive lace - One of my Totally favorite embellishments - You have seen all the gorgeous Whimsy Decorative Tapes haven't you? SOOO easy to work with - cut - peel - stick.

The sentiment is Whimsy's Gratitude Digital Sentiments - Great Set!

Here is the inside - all the same papers

and the Copic Colors I used -

Next week there will be a new August Digital Release... I saw them... you are just gonna flip out I am telling you! Just wait!!

OH and BTW... did you pop over and see the new Whimsy Rubber Stamp Release????????

How about this one?

Yep... I have already placed my order :0) Crissy Armstrong rocks huh?  He is called "Donkey and Friends" There are lots of great new things to see... but I am thinking that things will be selling quick with CHA and all... so get your order in quick.  Tell them DonkeySmiles sent you :0) 

Ok.. better start moving. Trying to get the gumption to get dressed and head over to the Doctors office for a weigh in... ugh..... 

Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow for Animal Crackers :0)
Hugs and 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Me and My Space - My New OLD hanging Cabinet

Howdy -

For months now Hubby and I have been looking for a hanging cabinet to put in my kitchen dining area to display and keep safe my Antique German Stick Leg Animals - Hubby was at the point of making me one and that would be great but he has such a long list of "to do's" that that cabinet was pretty far down the list.

Well last weekend while taking the neighbors around to a few of our favorite antique stores we found a perfect cabinet!!

I love it! It use to have that bright green old paint on it. The people who was selling it took the time and stripped it! Whew! Hate doing that. It holds my stick leg animals fabulously! Top shelf inside is stick leg Donkeys - Middle shelf is Stick leg Goats and bottom shelf is Misc. Farm animals... LOL On the top I have some of the horses from our "Show" box. I have a bunch I take for sale at shows. We don't have a show for a while now so I might as well enjoy them a little while right?

We have really gone nuts for these little animals. Most of them date late 1800's to early 1900's. They are a fun smaller collectible. I have seen collection's that have scenes created of total landscapes or farms.... oh if only I had the space!! LOL But for now these are safe closed up and I can still enjoy them. But wait... cabinet is pretty full... may need a second cabinet!! ;0) Better let the new on this wear off then say that out loud for Hubby to hear.

Have a wonderful Sunday -
HUGS and-

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Animal Crackers - Hi How Are Ya?

Howdy -

And a Big "HI... How Are Ya?" from Felipe and Pavo.  - LOL

Felipe is one funny boy - the guy just screams personality. You can see it here in his face can't you? He is a sweetheart. And then his calm, slow, cautious 1/2 brother Pavo. He is finally just as friendly as the other guys. He has always been sweet and not jumpy, but not as outgoing and didn't let you love on him as much as the other boys. Felipe... he would like to go with you discuss things follow you on into the house and sit down and tell a few jokes. Well at least that is what I get when I imagine how he would be. Pavo would have to get back with you and think it over then he would join you. Both are great boys.

Last week I introduced you to Bertha... this week I would like you to meet Blanche -

Now these are the only two Reds I can pick out and know who is who. The others have names but when they move around I loose who is who as they haven't shown me something different. Blanche... she is friendly and she has that dark feather on her wing. Big Black Spot on her so she is easy to pick out. She seemed to be interested in the hut yesterday afternoon. She kept going in and out of the door. There are no eggs yet... maybe she is thinking about it?

I call this shot "Guineas among the Goats"

I threw in a few handfuls of sunflower seeds for the Guineas... well the goats have decided that they like sunflower seeds too. So the Guineas have to wander all around, under and among the goats to get their share. I try and put them more in the grass so they are harder for the goats to eat, but the Guineas find them easily. Love the one walking under Chloe. They are not afraid of them at all and the Goats don't seem to worry about them at all.

There is nothing better than fresh cool running water....

You see the bucket farthest away that water must be stale. It is minutes old already. But the bucket closest "Dad" is filling up and Jolene and Macie are trying really hard to wait until it is a little fuller before they attack it. Oh... and they did just one second after I snapped.

Miss Mirta -

She is such a little donkey and reminds me so much of her Daddy Raffie. She has a spot that is her "mark" to find her among all the other spotted donkeys. I wish it had been a little more centered... would have looked more like a third eye then... LOL Not that we have any problems picking her out... she is much much smaller than all the others - Look how red she is getting in the sun. Pretty Pretty Spotted gal.

Here is a RARE spotted sighting... our spotted outdoor kitty "Momma Cat".

The outdoor kitties in the Kitty Condo - they are all getting much much friendlier. Oh three out of five of them still hide when you go in the pen. Momma Cat is one of those. She use to run when you got 20 feet from the pen. Super skittish - but she is getting better. Yesterday she stayed laying in the grassy weeds while I walked up to the pen side and put my camera in and snapped photos... I think she thought she was hidden better than she actually was, but I was getting rare photos so I didn't say a word to her.

This would have been my favorite -

The Black kitty Samantha was trying so hard to get my attention and was walking back and forth on the side of the pen, causing all the tall grass and weeds to move around .... Oh well still kind of cool shot. And yes as soon as I got my photos I sat on the edge and rubbed all over Sam and let her tell me all about her day.

Now to get the weekend going - I think it is going to be an average weekend here. A few errands but other than that sticking around the farm. What is your weekend going be?

I'll be back again tomorrow - want to show off a new cabinet Hubby got me. :0)

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Friday, July 19, 2013

Whimsy Inspirations - Floppy Hatted Pig :0)

Howdy -

Quick post today as I have a check up with Dr. this morning that I am gonna be late for. But I just had to take a minute to post a card I made with the Whimsy Crissy's Digis "Floppy Hatted Pig". No time to today to go into the Psyche side of it but I just love coloring little pigs! LOL

So here is my Floppy Hatted Pig -

My piggies and I like to play in the mud. Yea no time to psyche again... I colored with my copics (colors below) Then I played with new papers!! Love the new Farm House Country Kitchen paper pad. I added a Whimsy lace ribbon and over that red gingham. Then punched out some Martha frond leaves and Marvy tiny flowers. I added Viva Decor Cream Pearl Pen to the centers. Love Love Love that stuff!!! I am looking into getting that into my ebay store. I had to pull most of the crafting off to take photos again... ebay changed the rules on using "stock" photos... but I am adding brand new stuff now and will be putting the old stock back in - But brand new released stuff is going in as I get it.

Inside of the card -

Same papers as front and a Whimsy Sentiment - This is from the Digital "Get Well Soon" Sentiment collection.  A muddy piggie should make anyone feel better right?

Here are my Copic colors used -

And now I must run... Hubby is hollering at me that we will be late - and he HATES to be late anywhere!!! Later I am meeting up with BFF for a Pedicure and to catch up.... been forever since we have done our pedi day!! So looking forward to that!!!

Hope you have a great one - see you tomorrow for Animal Crackers!!
Hugs and

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

High Hopes - Anything Goes

Howdy -

Well today is the High Hopes Challenge. It is barely still today but I am getting it posted.. so I am not a full day behind schedule. LOL

We spent the entire weekend with our neighbors that now no longer live here. Love that they still own the property and come to visit. This weekend was just a short few days to have some rest and so we could see the baby. :0)  He is just over two weeks old and adorable. I spent two and a half days goo gooing and discussing important matters with him. he he ... What I didn't get done was my project for today's challenge.

So late but here is my project.

This week the challenge was anything goes. I love making these tag bookmarks. The tags at high hopes are perfect for them. These bookmarks are great little extra's to add in a card for a gift.

Here is my tag -

I used Kitty Tag    he is one of my favorites - I colored with my Copics (colors below). Then I cut him out loosely. My bookmark is made with scraps from Graph 45 and then lace and ribbons.

Close up -

Sentiment is called "Only a Cat" So so so true!!!

Here are my Copic colors used -

Hope you like my bookmark - sorry it is a little late today -

Now I am going to go and watch Mo pitch the All Star Game - HISTORY. Love him, he really is a classy guy.

Have a great evening -

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Animal Crackers - Put your Left foot out....

Howdy -

A few different and odd photos this week. A couple are phone shots from the week, but then the others I took yesterday afternoon while out talking to all my kids. This first one just totally cracked me up. I started singing to Bertha after I took this photo... "put your left foot out... put your left foot in.... put your left foot out and shake it all about..." LOL

Bertha and Blanche are two of the Reds that are "friendlier" they are all doing better now that the Guineas no longer live in the coop with the chickens. But the Reds are much more cautious. Bertha... she thinks that eating her feed and seeds from the scoop while "Mom" makes a fool clucking at her is the best feed. She also loves to be petted. She loves it, but isn't sure she likes it. Well yesterday I was explaining that she doesn't need yogurt or strawberries or treats every day. She was letting me know that she really did need it. LOL They are sure pretty...

And the Wyandottes are really starting to be Gorgeous! They were always pretty chicks but now that they are maturing they really are bold and well... gorgeous!

They are starting to really to fill out and those feathers grow... oh and their tail feathers are growing back as well.... LOL OH OH OH and I can't believe I forgot to tell you!!! The Guineas have starting laying eggs!! First couple got broke. Next two I rescued and brought in and we were thinking we might put them in the incubator and grow us a couple more guineas... but we candled them and I don't think they are fertilized. I don't know if they are so young (the birds I know the eggs are young) I don't know if they are too young OR... if Beavis isn't really a boy, but actually a domineering gal. We will see in time I guess. Now the two other girls have starting figuring it out and I think they laid their last couple of eggs under the goat hut... WE will see...

After I left the chicken coop. I heard the baby start crying out. "The Baby" is Valentine McKee. Poor boy was really upset. You see Val is I think about 6 years old now.. but he is a big time Momma's boy. He has been on Cocoa's side - never weaned or removed from his Mom. And every once in a while he will fall asleep and she will get up before him and wander off. Every Mom I guess needs some personal me time.

Well when Val wakes up and Mom is gone it is total panic. Just like a little boy lost in a mall... small yell outs at first, getting more upset then louder, then total panic running and screaming. And it goes on until she steps out and shows him where she is. Or we find her and get his attention and show him. Sometime I really do think she stays back and shadows and watches and laughs. Poor boy. This was just before panic. He let me calm him down and love on him. Ok for a couple of minutes but he needs to know where Cocoa is... he took off running and screaming... 5 minutes later he found her and the world was at peace again. Handsome boy. Big.. he is one of the standards, but a love.

This isn't a sweet or cute photo. But I just had to show you how stunning gorgeous Sergio is when he slicks off... he is already fading to red, about two weeks ago he was black black. But other than a little "pudgy" he has a really handsome coat. You would think we had bathed him and slicked him down. But our donkeys are pretty much natured bathed and groomed only by the trees and things they rub on. Shiny and handsome.

OH... BTW... he was watching Val run, buck and cry around the pens looking for Cocoa. I am sure he was thinking... "Dude my Mom left when I was barely a week old.. be a man, man!" On the other hand if Sergio sees a silver milk pail in my hand... he turns into a two week old crying for his milk. So I guess I am his Mommy and he is pretty attached to me too... I like to think anyway.

Wish I could have gotten these two's sister in this shot... This is Paul and Peter.

Or known in their triplets order and names. "Peter, Paul and Mary"  LOL

Now please do not look at my totally filthy windows. Not that they are "clean" but our back porch windows have never really been rained on. Until this last weekend... wind blew so hard that the back porch was soaked. And the windows are now a mess.

But I snapped this photo of Miss Libbie and thought it was just woo cute.

I have a trunk that I got at auction full of doll clothes. It is sitting in my dining room, under a window. Has been for a few months. No one has bothered it at all... until a few weeks ago. Miss Libbie has realized that she all though only 10 inches tall she can jump!! LOL She hops up on the trunk and now can see out the window easily!! She loves to stand there and watch the goats and donkeys... Serious watch dog. LOL

One more photo and if you are afraid of spiders look away ok? Hubby turned over a large planting pot while mowing this week and found this lady. Well except she was up running to get away when we found her.
He flipped her over with a stick so you could see her trade mark "logo" on her belly. This is a HUGE Black Widow. She was as big around as a dime!! Most of the ones we find are about the size of a pencil eraser. This lady was HUGE and ready to start laying her eggs. JUST in time! Squish!! She is no longer with us... sorry it is just how it has to be, I would hate her to bite one of the dogs and this is right where they play most. Much less me get bit! Can do some damage if they get you.

Hope you don't have bad dreams now... just think back to one of the other photos ok? LOL

Today we are going to one local small town trade days with our "neighbor" that we take care of her property. They are here for the weekend, so we are taking a few days off to spend time with them. Been really great. Miss them.

Hope you have some fun this weekend with friends or family! Make time to enjoy loved ones !
HUGS and

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whimsy Inspiration - Bicycle :0) My HS BFF Deana -

Howdy -

This weeks Whimsy Inspiration card was just too fun for me. You see as soon as I saw the Whimsy Image "Bicycle" by LiaStampz in the release for July I knew I had to make a card for my High School BFF Deana. You see Deana has taken up her Hubby's hobby of biking. And not pleasant rides around the block... no LONG "rides" Like 15 - 20 miles!!! In TEXAS!! IT IS HOT HERE NOW! Well I thought I would make her a card for a congrats for doing so well at her new hobby and this image was perfect!!

Bicycle - LiaStampz

Sweet image isn't it. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and matched it all up with papers from Simples Stories called Vintage Bliss. I sewed all my layers down, and then made up some flowers with a Martha Punch, and leaves from Marvy. I used Core-dinations for them and sanded all the flowers and the leaves. Love how that comes out. I dotted the flowers with Viva Decor Pearl Pen. My sentiment is also from Whimsy. "Ticket Notes" is a favorite.

Inside is more of the same papers as the front.

Now I guess here I should come clean huh? Sounds like I am just so sweet sending her the card for no reason at all huh? Inside I wrote basically... that this is how I think of her in my own mental image of her and her new hobby.... Spandex scares me!

LOL HEY she is my HIGH SCHOOL BFF.... WE have really done pretty much it all - I still shake my head when I think of how many quarters we "wasted" playing Astroid. And I will never ever tell anyone exactly how fast we were going when we launched her little car while hurrying to make it on time to "her then" boyfriend "now husband's" Soccer Game. :o)   Those were some great days huh? 

Here are my Copic colors - 

So hope you liked my card - she seemed to get a LOL out of it.

REALLY I AM SUPER PROUD of you Deana!!! Sure as Hell know you will NEVER find me in Spandex on a bike doing 15 - 20  miles!!!  Getting on the Spandex alone would make me pass out... Then once I saw myself I could never ever ever go out the door!!! Much less get my big rear end on a bike! I get hurt walking for pete's sake! LOL

Have a great day!! HUGS and

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

High Hopes - Water Water everywhere!

Howdy -

Every have a project you are working on and it just doesn't seem that it is meant to be? This card has had those troubles. I started working on my card Saturday evening... Was doing a paper piecing part of the image. Glued down the large section and went to let the dogs out - well it moved in me getting up and well... Her raincoat was off 1/4 inch. So I was tired, and just let it go for the night. Sunday we were gone all day, too late home. Yesterday I sat down to finish it, and re did the entire image new paper piecing. Went to do some high lighting around the paper piecing with a Viva Decor pen... darn thing exploded all over the image!!! Sigh...

So I just stamped her again and decided to just color her. Then while coloring her a rain storm moved over us... yep... power went out. Finally got it back and went back to work. After I was done and set up to take her photos... camera battery was dead. I am not kidding!!! LOL It was getting a little creepy funny by this time!!

This is "April and Mr. Waddles" she is for this weeks High Hopes Challenge - Water Water everywhere!

I colored with my Copics (colors below) Found some papers by First Edition "Family Ties" paper pad. Cut out a few patterns. Edged them all in red topic and then wrapped around with a red satin ribbon.
I kept it simple. Honestly I was just plain done - It was a struggle with this one for me. LOL Just before I snapped my photos though I decided the water needed a bit of bling to it. So I VERY carefully stickled it up.

Close up of the "rain water"

Inside is same as the front with same papers. 

Now you might notice that there is no sentiment on the front and nothing in the inside. Couldn't think of anything that would work. So I just left it. Maybe I'll need a card for a just note... 

Here are the copies - 

 Happy with how it all came out, but man it was a struggle!!

Today we are taking Hubby's "new to us" Jeep into town and get the oil and everything checked out. He is so happy with his "new" jeep. I'll try and post a photo this week for you to see. It is really adorable, but he hates when I say that. Have one on my phone... but not sure I want to tempt fate and upload it right now. Better get this post done for the challenge and checked off my list. Show off the toy in a day or so.

Have a great one!
HUGS and-