Monday, May 30, 2022

High Hope Stamps - Be A Donkey

Howdy - 

If you can't love on a real donkey then next best thing is coloring and making a card with a Donkey image! Right? LOL For today's High Hopes Stamps card I pulled out the fabulous "Be a Donkey" image! 


I started to color this sweet little donkey grey... but I had just come in from loving on one of my pregnant donkeys, Lacey, and she is a beautiful red brown color. So I thought in honor of the Momma to be I would do this one like her! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then set off to find some pattern papers to use. I normally do this step first off, but I was excited to color the donkey and totally forgot to pick papers first. Ha. But in my digging on my shelf I found a small paper pad from Carta Bella "Giddy Up" collection. I haven't seen it in a long time, and have always loved the cowgirl country feel. Pink Brown and Turquoise Paisleys - so perfect. I layered the papers up and sewed them all together with both straight and zig zag stitching. 

For my sentiment I went with High Hopes "Happy Birthday Script" it is always a favorite sentiment to use and I LOVE sending donkey birthday cards! I matted the sentiment with a piece of paper punched with an EK Success punch, then dotted the scallops with some white Nuvo paper paint. Now they are a little hard to see in the photo, but I had found some old rhinestone hearts the other day, and I knew this was the card I wanted to use them on. Hearts, Donkeys, Pink and Brown Country... OH MY! 

Copic colors used -

I was tired and well... a bit cranky when I started coloring my card. And after done felt happy and ready to color more donkeys! To find this image and SO MANY more wonderful images make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and fall in love! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Animal Crackers - ME FIRST!

Howdy - 

With these three girls it is ALWAYS a shoving fest to see who is first to get ALL the attention. Josie, Juliet and Hannah... and as you can see Juliet and Hannah are the pushiest in this photo! What am I saying they are always the pushiest!

And I think do to her size.. Juliet is usually the one that wins! 
I have had such a hard time getting a pretty photo of this big girl! She is in your face big time! But she is adorable so we love her to pieces! 
Went around to the end of the fence and got a photograph of Miss Bella calmly walking up to me. I loved all over her - until the three girls pushed their way over... sigh. 

So I moved down and chatted with Irene. I really really wanted to breed her this year and she was having no part of it. But I told her 2023 is her year! She is going in with Raffie!


A pretty donkey... just like her Mom Patti.

Now in case you can't see it.. Patti was hot and tired. I know Patti.. me too it is too hot to be out here asking you to pose pretty. She had actually been laying and rolling in a shady dirt spot. But when she saw me just was sweet enough to actually get up and come to me. It is an effort to get up you know. LOL

Louise said it wasn't fair to show only donkeys so she actually gave me a quick pose.

But honestly it was HOT and most all the goats were enjoying whatever shade they found and was half asleep. Just a few were out cleaning up the last of breakfast.. I would have been more of the hide in the shade girl myself.
Speaking of asleep... 

OH MY!! I was coming down the hall and heard this little noise. Wasn't real loud but loud enough I heard it down the hall. Mercedes was VERY comfortable and enjoying the sun for his afternoon nap. His cute little snoring and his very odd position was just too funny I had to snap a picture. After I took the photo I realized that Ferrari was not thrilled about his snoring! I think he was keeping her awake... LOL 

I do hope you have a smile today - especially with that last photo! Ha! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, May 23, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Nurse Kitty

Howdy - 

This week I went looking for images at High Hopes Stamps that I fell in love with but haven't colored up yet... and Nurse Kitty was one I just adore and it needed to be colored and put on a card. 

 She is such a pretty little kitty! I colored her in this yellow orange color.. after I found my papers I wished I had colored her grey. But still like the bright happy color. Colored with my Copics (colors below) I then used the pattern papers from Simple Stories Vintage Bliss collection.  I sewed all the layers together with a zig zag stitch. Now I haven't found my machine part that the kittens stole. I tried to sew with it anyway... it sort of worked.. I have to find that part! Silly kitties! Bad kitties! The sentiment is wonderful I love the mix of fonts. "Wishing you a speedy recovery" is wonderful.  I pulled out some buttons to use as embellishments... then I found some enamel dots that the colors matched up really well. And its been a while since my dots where used. Love them! 

Copic colors used - 


Fun get well card! There are so many wonderful image at High Hopes Stamps... They are my favorite to color up and play with! Pop over to the store HERE and see all the joy! 

 Have a blessed day! 

HUGS and


Saturday, May 21, 2022

Animal Crackers - You just have to smile!

Howdy - 

These days you just have to find a reason to smile! And I think Chipmunk and his smile just has to help bring you a smile. He has such a happy little grin and with those big pop eyes he is such a cutie! 

He really is such a sweet guy and despite his twin brother being such an attention hog he does get his fair share even if you have to sneak it to him when AJ isn't looking! 
I then made my way over to their Daddy's pen. He was have his breakfast as as bed. He normally does. I mean when you are this handsome you deserve to relax and look this good while having your morning hay. 
Such a good looking man. (He does know it)

Next to Alvin's pen I found Pavo enjoying some shade and a few leaves with his breakfast hay. 

We are spending a lot of time loving on Pavo this week. We have paired him up with Big Al and next week they will be moving to their new home. I'm not going to lie.. I may have tears. I love these two guys so much. And really didn't plan on selling Pavo at this time, but Big Al needs a buddy and honestly I know these two boys will be very spoiled and I know exactly where they will be and can visit. 

 Now I had to show this happy old man... he has now moved backed into his larger bachelors pen. He loves this pen and was thrilled to move back in!


"Dad" went in and mowed it and Black Jack was so happy to check out every square inch of it. Have I said I love this old man?

Miss Chicken was keeping a close eye on Black Jack ... ok I think it was watching for any grasshoppers since Dad had just mowed.. 


Had to show off "our" first picks from the garden. I am thinking a meal planned all around them right?

Then one last photo.. Hubby texted me this one day this week... Not sure if it was look how cute or look at where she is photo. This is Momma Cat on top of Hubby's new truck. She was so comfortable up high in the breeze. 

Wouldn't it be nice to just chill in the breeze? Or be like Alvin and have breakfast as your bed? Heck just the life of one of our animals for a day would be nice. They really enjoy life with no worries... LOL 

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile! 

HUGS and

Monday, May 16, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Birthday Buzzard

Howdy - 

I always need that special birthday card for that someone that needs a giggle to their card. And nothing fits better than Birthday Buzzard from High Hopes Stamps! 

 This guy just cracks me up and is perfect! 

 This sweet Birthday Buzzard is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then went on a hunt for some papers. I wanted something more guy like possibly. I found some fun vintage feeling papers from SEI - love the colors. They have 70's feel almost to me. I layered them and went to do my normal sewing... UH OH... One of the kittens decided to run off with a part to my sewing machine. A much needed to work part. I scanned for it didn't find it. Guess I will be totally moving everything from on my desk and under my desk this week to find it. sighhh ok back to my card. Since I couldn't do any sewing which is really making me twitch a bit... I found a grass punch and decided to play with that. I stacked up my papers and card stock and then found a High Hopes Stamps sentiment. "Birthday Wishes" - cut it out and then matted it with an EK Success ticket punch. 

Copic colors used -

Love this image! Makes me grin. Now the no sewing that is really causing me some stress. But I will have to deal with it... at least until I find that little part! LOL 

Now you just must pop on over to the High Hopes Stamps web site and fall in love lots of fun fun fun images! You can get there by clicking HERE -

Hope you have a very blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Animal Crackers - A Watched Pot Never Boils

Howdy - 

A Watched Pot Never Boils... an old time saying that feels so true!! First waiting for Baby Donkeys and Second watching the garden veggies grow! 

 We have moved Lacey and Vicki to the Momma Pen up close to the house. Pepita stayed in with Raffie she doesn't appear to be pregnant at all... again!! Sigh... But Lacey and Vicki.. oh yes they are are getting very close! 

Lacey - such a calm sweet pushy girl... she knows the Momma pen, and I think she likes being in it because she remembers special food, premium shade and such. She went right in and checked out the area to see if anything had changed since she was in with Hannah last time.... 

But Vicki... oh my!

Put the brakes on and said no. And when a donkey says no.. they mean no! LOL She didn't want to leave her BFF Pepita... sorry Vicki but Pepita isn't going into the Momma pen... she isn't looking pregnant so she can't take up space and attitude in the Momma pen. And Pepita.... she has lots of attitude! Actually she is staying in with Raffie to see if maybe alone in with him she will get pregnant. Please Please Please I so want a baby from her. But back to Vicki. We think she will be first. Hubby is saying much sooner than I think but we always do argue about how close they are.. LOL It is a sort of game we play. I am really looking forward to her baby... crossing all fingers and toes that it is a girl and has spots! But first healthy and bouncing around. But seriously would love to see some of those spots from Mom and Dad. One of their last babies was a dark brown girl. Adorable but a surprise that there was not a spot in sight! LOL 

Other than the spots, and her gorgeous green eyes I tell Vicki one of the other things I adore about her is her totally awesome mane.. not a great photo of her but I love the mane! 

Great right? I love it! 
Left the Momma pen and stopped to talk to the veggies in the garden. They say talking to plants helps them grow right? I feel like we have been watching them and waiting for yummies forever. But honestly it hasn't been that long, and they really have grown leaps and bounds. I just really want some wonderful fresh tomatoes and squash!

Look at all those sweet little "mators"! YUM! I told Hubby we need to make sure we have fresh cottage cheese in the fridge ready to go! My favorite way to enjoy garden tomatoes... sliced with cold cottage cheese and black pepper! That is a meal!

Now lets not forget about the squash and zucchini. They are just too adorable right now! and every day I go out and they are bigger and bigger. Recipes are ready to go! mmm Italian Zuchinni Boats! Common and grow! 
 Standing next to the garden in the goat pen pretty Penelope was munching on left over breakfast alfalfa.

She is so pretty - and loves that alfalfa... Looks kind of nasty to me, but the goats think it is the best thing ever. They only get is a few times a week.. the other days they have to make do with common old boring Coastal hay. Believe me they complain all day and let us know they don't like it as well. Ha !

I think Porsche is not too happy with me and my photo taking. I can hear her so clearly - "Mom get that camera away from and stop taking my photo, I'm trying to sleep here!"


Such a funny sweet kitty, she really is very nice and sweet. But this photo... I think she was just tired of me bugging her. 

Hope you have smile again this week... and I hope you are getting excited for LOTS and LOTS of baby photos coming in our future! I'm so excited!! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Monday, May 9, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Frog in Boxers

Howdy - 

 If you need an image to bring a smile to someone this is it! How can you not love High Hopes Stamps "Frog in Boxers"  and with the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Hang in There!" it is just perfect to bring a smile! 

I colored with my copics (colors below) and then shaded with a few pencils. I cut out the image with a Circle die cut, cutting out the toes of the frog first and making sure they pop off the circle. 
Now I have to tell you about the pattern papers... LOL Months ago I was picking up a mess of paper pads the kittens had knocked off the shelf. While picking them up I glanced at this clothes line pattern paper. Thought it was cute and then put everything back on the shelf. When I chose this image to color up .. I remembered paper. Thought I knew right where it was... an hour later I finally found it! It was perfect for this image right?? From Cosmo Cricket the boyfriend collection I decided to use a few papers from the pad. Layered them up and sewed them together with straight and zig zag stitches. Placed the image front and center and then created a tag with an EK Success punch to use with the fabulous Hang in there! 

Copic colors used -

I love making cards that make me smile, I figure it will do the same for the person receiving it. For SO many image to bring a smile, pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE and fall in love with LOTS!

Hope you have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Animal Crackers - ITS ALL ABOUT DARLENE!!


This week it's all about Darlene! Our old girl is officially 30 years old! 

 I know I talked about her 30th a couple of weeks ago here... but yesterday was the big day! It just felt like it had to be celebrated and talked about again - 30 and still beautiful! I spent some time going through old photographs of her yesterday. And remembering the day we bought her. I remember it like it was yesterday - standing in that field loving on this pregnant donkey - Hubby was trying to tell me that she was over ten and maybe we should think about a younger female. I just kept coming back to Darlene. She was so calm and so sweet and seemed to be a leader in pasture. I knew she would be a good fit for our family and she would take care of the younger donkeys in our pastures. And she has all these years. 

Looking back through the photos there are so many of her that I love!

She has given us some fabulous babies over the years - She is a fabulous Mom and she loves being pregnant and having babies. 

Yes... very pregnant. LOL She would get SO WIDE I would think she really would pop. But she was such a great pregnant girl, always delivered her babies with ease and then was super attentive and raised great baby donkeys. 

Adorable right? 

Now here is where I should probably talk about just how much she loved being a Momma... as she got older we didn't breed her as often and then we decided it was time for her to retire. She didn't like that and decided that if she couldn't have a baby.. she would take them. Yep... We had to watch her in pens with other Mom's and Babies as she would steer the babies away from their Moms and try and take over their duties. It was cute, but the younger Mom's did not like their babies stolen. Or borrowed? Ha. 

Today she gets her special treatment from "Dad" and every evening taken in to her special private area for her special feed loaded up magic geriatric powder with extra vitamin and minerals to keep her moving around good and healthy. I think she loves the special time with "Dad" and especially loves being able to eat her bowl of goodies and snort over towards the other girls making sure they know she has the good stuff and they don't. 

We love this old lady so much -

It is so hard to believe we have had her so long - it really does seem like yesterday she came into our lives and she has taught and led all our donkeys to be sweet friendly members of our family. I don't think we will get 30 more from her... but we are blessed for each day and year with this beautiful girl! 

Hope you enjoyed celebrating Darlene today - and have a smile.. maybe not as big as Darlene's but a smile! :0)

Hugs and have a very blessed weekend -

Monday, May 2, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Country Garden

Howdy - 

I just LOVE coloring up Spring, flowers and animals! My favorite time of the year! Well other than allergies. This week for High Hopes Stamps I colored up Country Garden - Such a sweet pretty image!  

Not only the sweet spring but also the country feel makes me happy! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some papers from Paper Studio that have that soft country springy feel to them. I sewed down the layers and placed the image and sewed it down with a zig zag stitch. Zig Zag if fun and makes me happy too! LOL - A wonderful Happy Birthday Script from High Hopes Stamps is perfect for this image. I was looking for an embellishment and decided lets go with spring - country and what makes me smile and pulled out some adorable tiny pink buttons. Love buttons! 

Copic colors used -

Now pop over to High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and see hundreds and hundreds of images you will fall in love with! LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and