Saturday, December 31, 2016

Animal Crackers - Year End Favorites

Howdy -

Well today is the last day of 2016 and I thought that would be a great time to look back to a few of the favorite shots of the year.

So lets take a look back... and how can we not first look at our only baby donkey this year -

Mr. Sebastian

This guy just oozes personality! Still does all grown up... LOL Such a handsome little man, this boy has been the center of attention since the moment he was born. Love this guy to pieces and for sure a favorite photo of the year.... But this second photo is my all time favorite of the year.

Hubby sent me this selfie this summer to cheer me up and make me grin. It still does!

Now we had three baby goats this year... all three little boys that now have new homes and families. But these three brought so much joy to us they had to make our favorite list for the year -

Luna - named for that cute little moon shape on his nose.

Such a sweet boy...

And his half brother Uno... this guy's eyes just melts my heart. So pretty he should have been a girl! LOL Very sweet as well.

And then a little later their larger little half brother Centavo... this guy was a BIG baby and very funny!

A stunning boy with tons of personality!

We added quite a few chickens to our family. The Bantams a true favorite new addition.

Sadly we lost Frizzle and Spot to some bad varmit... But Red the Rooster and Jet his girlfriend are doing well. Jet has actually started getting regular with laying a few eggs! We will be adding more chickens to our family this spring, I am pretty sure more Bantams will be in the order!

I could go on and on showing off my favorite kid photos of the year. I found about 20 right off... but I can only show so many in a post....

We will close with one more favorite photo - two of the standards Cocoa and Valentine in a field of Indian Paintbrush wild flowers...

I know you all know how much we adore our family and love sharing them with you each week. We are blessed to have each of you visit Animal Crackers each week and hope you will continue to visit in the coming year -

Big Hugs -

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Fox Friends

Howdy -

Things have settled down and a little quiet time for crafting after all the Christmas holiday. I had this adorable new High Hopes Stamp "Fox Friends" that I had been just really wanting to ink up. These little foxes are too cute to not color and bring to life!

Cute right? I colored up with my Copics (colors below) and then matched up with some papers from the Paper Studio Theodosia Square collection. Matched up with a dark brown core'dination card stock and kraft card stock for the base. I sewed down the layers and added some vintage buttons for embellishments. The High Hopes Sentiment "Thank You for being a friend" just seemed to work perfect with these foxes.

Inside of the card -

And Copic colors used -

The new High Hopes Stamps Woodland Friends are just so much fun and really great images for so many cards!

I hope you enjoyed these little foxes and make sure to see all the Woodland Friends - HERE at the High Hopes Store! And then keep a watch cuz the new release is coming out January 1st!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Animal Crackers - Merry Christmas!

Howdy -

A Very Merry Christmas from Animal Crackers! I snapped a few photos while out yesterday afternoon while out loving on the kids, in between baking and wrapping gifts that is. But first...

Thought you would like to see this years photo for our Christmas cards... Santa is for sure checking to see who is naughty or nice! Hope all my kids are on the nice list!

Now a few fun faces for Christmas weekend!

Alice and Vera... two sisters...

 Now we are going to "say" that that was a little kiss Vera is giving her sister Alice. You know sisters one minute they love... one minute they are head butting each other and fighting. But in the end they do love each other...

Annie was just chilling and watching the entire love hate thing going on.

Pretty girl... hard to believe she is now one of my old ladies. She was a young girl when we got her in our original 4 goats those years ago.

And speaking of my older girls. Our old lady love... Darlene -

Sweet girl... she looks so old and you start to feel sorry for her. Then she sees the chance at carrots and/or hay and bam! She is out trotting the young girls and beating everyone to the front of the line! Love my old lady!

One of the Guineas was standing still!!! LOL you have no idea how hard it is to get these girls to stand up and still long enough to snap a photo!

Too funny... seriously these birds are fast and always on the move!

Now someone that is NOT on the move....

 Hubby sat out his bag to fill it up... and sorry... Gato decided she wanted it more for a bed. Buy the cat beds.. and nope laundry, boxes, quilts and now Hubby's bag!

From Hubby, Myself and all our furry and feathered family we wish you a very very very Merry Christmas!

HUGS and -

Friday, December 23, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - Count down to Christmas Day 23

Howdy -

Have you been enjoying the Count down to Christmas at Whimsy Stamps? Today is my turn again and it is Day 23. And this close to Christmas I thought it would be fun to remind you "Don't Peek" at those Christmas presents.

I colored with Copics (colors below) and of course I had to use lots of red and green. Green card stock base and red card stock for the mats and lots of papers from Graphic 45. For a little lace look I used the Whimsy Stamps Die "Double Scallop Doily". All the layers are sewn together and then the perfect sentiment "Don't Peek" that comes with the image!! Three red buttons to finish it off. Love the grin on this little elf's face!

Copic colors used -

This has been so much fun counting down the days with Whimsy! Be sure to pop back and visit for the last few days! See you tomorrow for Animal Crackers!

HUGS and -

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Life's Path

Howdy -

How cute is a Hedgehog riding a turtle? Loving the new Woodland Friends release. This is "Kovu and Leo", the best of friends.

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found papers from Kaisercraft's Charlotte's Dream collection. I sewed down all the layers on dark brown card stock with a sage green card stock base. The sentiment is also a new one from High Hopes "Life's Path"... love this one. Added a few enamel dots for embellishements.

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

These animal friends are so fun to color!

Hope you enjoyed - And make sure to see all the High Hopes Stamps new release images HERE . and then see the High Hopes Blog HERE to get lots of inspiration.

HUGS and -

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Animal Crackers - Happy and Healthy

Howdy -

Isn't it wonderful when everyone is Happy and Healthy? So wonderful! Jolene has started putting on weight and her winter fur has thickened and she will be nice and warm for the cold weather.

She is thrilled to be back with her girlfriends and we are thrilled she is doing so well.

Bella was standing pretty and just looked like she posing and enjoying the warmer day.... weekend is here there a brrrrrr front coming today so enjoy it, cuz tomorrow the temps will be half of what it is today!

Gracie was out enjoying the little warmer day... well that and the soft bed... well ok it is breakfast.. but it is also a soft bed!!

Now Scarlet "Red" was lounging up on one of the huts... such a beauty!

She has had a hard week... she was in "season" and that is like a flashing light for all the other girls to be a bit rough on her. Poor girl. You will be back to your normal queen in a day or so...

Now how is this for a pitiful sad face... "Mom please come and love on my head!!"

No worries.. He is so adorable you can't just walk on by and not love this guy!! My handsome smiling donkey!

And I know I have shown of Moxie quite often lately... but I did have to show one more photo of how pretty she is with her new red collar!

Such a sweet heart! Love this gal!

So who is ready for Christmas? Uh me... nope! Guess I need to do a bit of shopping... and then plan my cooking... then a little cleaning... wow better get busy! LOL

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! Stay warm!
HUGS and -

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Whimsy Stamps 25 Days of Christmas - Day 15


Have you had a chance to visit the Whimsy Stamps Blog and see the 25 Days of Christmas? So much inspiration! And Day 15 is me! For my card I chose to use one of the Whimsy Digital Stamps "Star of Bethlehem" image by Crissy Armstrong... adore this image!

Ok... it has a donkey in it so you know I love it. But is such a beautiful image! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added Marvy Snow marker to the lambs, and stickles for the star. I printed out two fun wonderful digital papers. From the Distressed Polka Dot collection and the Jolly Holly collection. LOVE these digital papers! Instant pretty! Sewing down the layers, adding some yummy enamel dots and adding a sheer ribbon for embellishments. Then for the sentiment an older Whimsy die favorite "Merry Christmas"

Close up of the image to show off that fun Marvy Snow marker for those lambs.

Copics used -

Now make sure to visit the Whimsy Blog HERE to see all the inspiration for the 25 days of Christmas!

Have a truly blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Singing Crazy Birds

Howdy -

Loving the new release at High Hopes Stamps.. Woodland Friends are adorable! And how can you not love a trio of little birds called "Singing Crazy Birds"

They are just too fun.. you have to smile with these three. I colored with Copics ( colors below ), Marvy Snow marker, then matched up with Kraft card stock, dark brown card stock from core'dinations and My Minds Eye  papers. I sewed all the layers down, added a blue satin ribbon and lace. The sentiment "Good times"

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

Love these three birdies... and there are so many other wonderful new Woodland Friends in this new release.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Animal Crackers - Puff Up!

Howdy -

Brrrrr... Baby it's Cold Outside! So puff up and stay warm! At least that is how my kids stay warm when it gets cold outside.

Now Hubby tells me that Doris isn't cold... she is warm when all puffed up like this. But I was shivering out taking the photos... and that girl has nothing on those skinny little pink legs! Ha! No worries Doris things will warm up a bit this week again.

Two of the young girls were ready for the timer to go off... cuz as soon as it clicks... they have instant warmth from their heat lamp.

And then we will have all the girls including Doris lined up on their pole ready for bed... all toasty warm under that heat lamp. Close enough for warmth, but far enough so we don't get roasted chicken!

Flavio was letting me know that he really would like one of those lamps too please!

He looks so handsome this time of year. Nose and eyes look like velvet. And his fur puffs up so soft and fluffy. Don't you just want to rub those cheeks?

Miss Jill is one of my puffiest goats every winter.

Those cheeks are so full! I love this girl so much. She had such a rough spring, we came so close to loosing her when she lost her baby. I am thrilled that we saved her. Such a pretty smile. And so so so friendly.

Now Jackie.. love her too. But we really must work on her chewing with her mouth closed. So NOT lady like Miss Jackie!

 Still pretty though even if she has her jaws going!

I have a hard time not showing Louise off every week.

There are a few of the lady goats that just love to stop and pose so pretty for me. Super Models. Louise is just so beautiful! Well ok they are all beautiful, but a few of them are always so pretty and clean. And they just know exactly how to tilt their head and pose for me!

Like Miss Chica... girl is also a super model in her own right!

Very rarely clean, but still a looker even when a mess. Wind was really doing a number on her fur, but she still loves it outside. She is ten feet tall watching over the goats and donkeys she can see... on the other side of the fence. She barks and is all in control. Until one of them turns and walks towards her... then she is fast as lightening and on the back porch hiding around the railing. Cute still...

Hope you got a few smiles this week. And I do hope you have a furry friend to love on and stay warm!

HUGS and

Friday, December 9, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - Tight Squeeze and Addie the Acrobat

Howdy -

Have you seen the new fabulous things going on at Whimsy Stamps! There are DIGITAL stamps and papers!!

I have always loved Whimsy... both stamps and digital! And a few of my favorites are back! How can you not love "Tight Squeeze" by Crissy Armstrong???

This one is from a while back and I loved coloring up this digi...

And this is another favorite -

Addie the Acrobat.. again another fabulous Crissy Armstrong image!

This little guy is simply adorable!

I think I am going print off more and color up more cards!! If you need some cute Christmas cards now.. make sure to visit the Whimsy Store  and the DIGITAL ITEMS HERE

Loving them!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!
HUGS and