Monday, January 27, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Stinkin' Sweet Skunk

Howdy -

There are just some animals that are sweeter in stamp images to me. Skunks are one of those animals. In person .. un no. But to color up and put on a card yes please!

This is Stinkin' Sweet Skunk -

I colored him with my Copics (colors below) and then I found some papers from French General Jolee's collection. I sewed the layers together along with the sentiment "May Your Day Be Filled With Love" and placed them on a dark brown card stock base. Then I found three red vintage buttons. I love buttons on cards, and buy up any jars of old buttons I find!

Copic colors used.

To see all the "LOVE" image at High Hopes Stamps for your Valentine cards click HERE 

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Animal Crackers - We will always Love our Frankie

Howdy -

Well we knew this day would come, and hated the thought of it. But this last week we lost our beloved Frankie ... he went to sleep and that was that. Wasn't sick, wasn't in any pain. Seemed his normal self and enjoying life. And then he was gone.

Always a grin and love for those that came to see him. This man was very special. (And I think he knew it)

The last of the four original goats we got years ago. Hubby actually confessed to me that Frank was the reason he purchased those first goats. He fell in love with him and his fabulous personality the moment they were introduced.

He was the "man" and the only Dad to all our first babies we had. He took his responsibility very seriously and loved to watch his "kids" playing and never was rough or mean with them.

How could a face like that ever be mean?

Those ice blue eyes ... well that is how he got his name Frankie... you know "old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra.

And he was a handsome man for sure.

Frank.. we will always miss you - Saying goodbye was not easy for us and we will always have a spot in our heart for you..

Always and forever.

Have a blessed day - and hug your furry friends. They are not here long enough.

HUGS and

Monday, January 20, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Love Birds

Howdy -

Romantic Cards are so fun to create. And working with these two "Love Birds" was just wonderful!

Now this card just came together. I decided to cut out this pair of owls with a circle die cut. Then while laying on my desk it seemed they were romancing in the moon... so I went with it. I found a piece of Prima Marketing paper that had a "rail" they could sit on. I cut the bottom of the circle off cutting their toes out to hold on to the rail, then the tails were attached under the rail. The flowers in the pattern paper were cut out to lay over the moonlight. I colored with my Copics (colors below). Then layers were sewed together with a zig zag stitch and placed on a dark brown card stock base.

The sentiment "Dot Out Love is" just was perfect for this pair. Are you feeling their romance?

Copic colors used -

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Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Animal Crackers - Breakfast makes a Great Hat!

Howdy -

It is always great to save your breakfast by wearing it as a hat! Junior really was sporting a good amount of it yesterday morning.

LOVE this little guy! He is a bit silly... Sweet Junior - he couldn't understand why we were laughing at him... don't you wear your breakfast too?

Coming through the gate yesterday I tried to get the boys attention. I didn't really think they would be out of their hut as it was a gloomy rainy morning.

But then again, Dad had brought them in a new round bale the day before. And a yummy fresh bale of hay is just too great to leave for even a minute, even in the rain.

Sweet Ellie Mae, my beautiful girl. Sadly she was never able to get pregnant but she would have been a great Mom.

My screamer... her "hee haw" is more of a loud high pitch scream sounding like a young girl. Freaks a few out the first time they hear it, but I adore hearing that sound out in the pasture.

Irene, She is Patti's girl... years old now and praying that she is carrying her first baby herself.

A slow calm girl. She always has been super friendly from day one, one of my shovers. If you stop paying attention... she shoves. A shove a love ...

Got a photo of her and Bella watching the other girls at the new round bale.

 As you can see Irene was not letting a moment waste before she was heading off to get some fresh hay. You think Bella is pregnant too? Looks like a baby is laying a bit one sided there huh? Oh I am getting so excited for babies to arrive!!!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and have a furry friend to hug on today!
HUGS and

Monday, January 13, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Love Birds

Howdy -

I LOVE making Valentine Cards - and at High Hopes Stamps there are some really adorable images! This is "Love Birds"

They are so in love don't you think? And he brought her a rose... I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some romantic paper from Papercraft - love the pink and red. I matted with black card stock to match up with the penguins. I pulled out my favorite Martha Stewart border punch... and then .... nothing! It wouldn't punch, broke... OMG! I sat there staring at it trying to remember just when I got it.... uh... well over 15 years of service... I was so sad. But then pushed it aside and picked another Martha Stewart punch ... and sewed down the layers and placed on a black card stock base. For my sentiment I used High Hopes "Whooo loves your, baby!"

Copic colors used -

Now off to color more Valentine images!!! I just love them... Hubby's birthday and our anniversary so it is a favorite around here for sure!

Now pop over to High Hopes Stamps HERE and see all the LOVELY images..
HUGS and

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Animal Crackers - The Ladies...

Howdy -

Ok, so the other day I went out to take a walk with the Ladies. Ended up more of a shove for me, but was still great to visit with them and have chats about upcoming babies.

Now I think they were upset cuz I didn't bring anything to "snack" on, but seriously girls we are watching our weight...

Bella isn't she beautiful?

Calm and sweet along with beautiful.

Jolene... we are so blessed to have her.

She got so so sick a few years ago, and honestly we didn't know if she would make it. But will lots of love, prayers and the right meds from the Dr. She survived and made a full recovery. Now we are hoping for another bouncing dark baby from her! Thinking back to her previous babies and I just get so excited... gorgeous dark black babies. And with Black Jack as the Daddy... oh my.

Miss Patti -

The oldest girl we bred this year, but she has such great babies and wanted her to have one more before she is retired along with Darlene. Patti is such a great Mom and I am soooo hoping for some spots from her and her daughter Irene that was bred as well. But we will be blessed with all healthy babies.

Juliet... sigh Juliet... She watches over all the Ladies.

Now she wants all the attention when visiting, well until she got an itch... then I got away long enough to back up and snap her photo. She is so hard to get photos of. Then she was right back against me, shoving pushing and grabbing my camera strap. They all love my camera strap and I have to hang on to my camera when in their pen, it scares me one day they will get a hold and take off with it! And I know it won't come back to me in one piece!

One the way back to the house I found some more ladies that wanted to chat...

 Or was it some lettuce? No I am sure it was just me they were clucking to see. Uh yeah not even close.

Hope you have a grin - and enjoyed my girls today... We are very blessed...
Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and -

Monday, January 6, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Dino-Mite!

Howdy -

The moment I saw this adorable stamp from High Hopes Stamps I had a flash back to the excitement of those cute little valentines that we gave out in elementary school. With the semi corny sentiments...

This is Dino-Mite Dino! "You're DINO-mite..." 

 The sentiment is part of the image... isn't that a nice bonus? I colored with my Copics and then highlighted with my pencils. I went with a more CAS (clean and simple) with this sweet little guy... just added a trail of hearts - cuz a dinosaur with a large heart has to leave some love everywhere he goes right?

Then sewed down to a scrap of pattern paper on a white card stock base.
Still grinning about this little guy...

Copic colors used -

Now I know there is someone you would love to send this little guy too... And there are many more to choose from for your Valentine cards! Click HERE to see them all!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Animal Crackers - Chillin' in the Sun

Howdy -

It was such a beautiful day yesterday and everyone was enjoying the morning... just chillin' in the sun.

Peso was very chatty... 

I think he was just letting me know what a pretty day it was, and to say if you happen to have a snack that would be nice too...  sorry Peso... no snacks just lovin today!

Darlene was taking the chillin' thing to a new level. She was laying in her hay enjoying all the beauty of the day -

Old Lady you enjoy your rest, you have earned all the time in the sun you would like. What a special girl.

Jorge was just doing everything possible to get my attention.  Pacing, banging the fences and of course Hee Hawing!

Me Me Me... I'm next!!! Yes Jorge lots of head scratches and rear end scratches are yours next... This guy cracks me up.

Ted was taking care of his own head scratches...

Reach in to the hay ring for a bite to eat .... then rub up and down for that itch!  Such a clever dude! hehe...clever.

One of the outdoor Kitties!! Such a rare sighting!

But a little snooze in the sun was too wonderful to enjoy and as long as I stayed back just enough to make sure Kittie didn't bolt like lightening I was able to snap a photo!

Then Miss Chica... that girl loves to chill on a nice day. She was in deep thought on the back porch steps.

 I just wish I knew what deep thought really is for this cutie. LOL She is a beauty, just a bit nuts at times.

Hope you have a moment to chill and enjoy a beautiful moment in the sun. My moment... is out enjoying the fur kids. :0)

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and