Saturday, May 30, 2015

Animal Crackers - Enjoying a little sunshine

Howdy -

Well if you have been watching the news since last weekend you probably know that Texas has had more than its share of rain. For those that have emailed asking about how and where we are - we are fine - Our farm sits up on a small hill. The wort part of the flooding was not too far from here. It has been a horrible thing to see and we pray for all those families that lost loved ones or still have loved ones missing.

Here on the farm we have had lots of rain but we are all good. Mud is primarily what we are dealing with. But yesterday the skies cleared and the sun came out and for all the animals this was a great time to do some sunning.

Our oldest Goat - Paintbrush and one of her daughters. Olive Oyl is a an adult but she doesn't know it. She is her Momma's girl and always hangs near her and ALWAYS sleeps with her or ... on her. LOL

Miss Chica was enjoying some outside time as well. Now is that a happy lounging in the sun face or what? LOL This girl has so many wonderful expressions.

 Miguel was relaxing in the sun as well.... then he saw me walking towards him to snap a photo and jumped up and came too me. You will have to just take my word for it, it would have been a cute photo.

Rico now he didn't stop having his afternoon meal for any of my attention. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence - 

 He has lots of grass in his pen, but it isn't as good as what is just out of reach of the fence.

Now Leon he was out strutting his stuff and telling all the girls that he is one hot rooster. 

He is good looking. Not that we have to tell him that -

Then found Cocoa enjoying the breeze under the tree - One of the standard Donkeys She is the leader - of the group.

 We have no idea how old she is. We rescued her as an adult. We have started noticing that she is greying now. Donkey's live long lives - so I am not worried that her years are short. But do hate to have one of my kids getting "older". She is such a beauty -

Hope you have nice weather where you are and have wonderful plans for your weekend. Make sure to hug a furry friend.

HUGS and-

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Have a Magical Day!

Howdy -

This week I played with another one of High Hopes Stamps new Fairy images. Such fun cards to be girlie with and add flowers and bling too!

This is Julie's Smile

Sweet image! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then went crazy with the stickles for LOTS of bling on her wings. I told myself I wasn't going to this time...  but it just didn't feel right with out the bling, right?  I have no will power at all... diet proves that! My papers are all Kaisercraft Tropical punch collection, I sewed all the layers together with a zig zag stitch. Then I created a piece of "lace" with a Martha Stewart Punch. Cut a strip of paper, then punched on both sides. The flowers are punches that I added some Viva Decor Gold Pearl Pen. The sentiment is also from High Hopes - "Sentiment Set #2" - fabulous group of sentiments you will use over and over especially with these adorable fairy images!

Inside the card I used the same papers -

Copic colors used -

I hope you like my Fairy card - There are so many great Fairy images that just came out at High Hopes - and if you need a more boyish image they are covered as well with this new release. See them all HERE  - Then take some time to surf around the entire store... you will find lots you like! I PROMISE!

Have a wonderful blessed day -
HUGS and -

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Animal Crackers - "I am Spartacus!"


Well it has been week. First - Scarlett had her baby - a VERY BIG BABY BOY!

We call him Spartacus!

Scarlett had him on the 18th - late afternoon and it was a tough birth for her but she is a strong Mom... boy was this a BIG BOY! She really struggled birthing and he was a single baby. The evening he was born and all cleaned up I took him over to meet his cousins, Thelma and Louise. OMG! He was an hour old and he was 1/3 bigger and 1/2 as much again heavier! BIG BOY! as the girls are two weeks old! And when trying to find a name to fit him... went through all the tough names and big names... and landed on Spartacus... perfect!

Here he is just 45 minutes old... adorable.

 Oops... Mom Scarlett wanted to Photo bomb the picture here... "UH Hello I did all the hard work! "

Caught some great shots of Rhett and her babies... Here Louise is learning about hay -

And here they are chillin' under their shade cloth. Climbing on Mom is the best entertainment in the world you know...

Now I need to let you know about Jill. After watching her close, we could tell something was off a bit. When she finally looked like she was having contractions and in labor we for sure knew something was wrong. And of course that happens on a Sunday afternoon - We got the Doc out here as soon as we could. By that time it wasn't looking positive for Jill much less the baby. I was a mess. 

 But we have the best Vet in the world. He wasn't giving up on Jill. We knew the baby was for sure to not have survived at this point and only concern was Jill. What we ended up learning is that Jill's water had broke days before, most likely an accident, a head punch or falling or something. Baby wasn't quite ready to deliver yet and was stuck. Doc and I after hours finally got the baby out and gave Jill meds and pain killers. By this time I would have loved some of those myself. He said he just wasn't 100% sure Jill would survive but that he thought she had a pretty good chance. I am happy to let you know that despite moving around very slow for a few days by the end of the week she was trotting to the food and looking so much better and relaxed. Jill has always been one of the special ones. And loosing her would have been really hard. But she is doing great! I don't think we will be re-breeding her again. Doc said after some time it could be safe... but we don't want to take any chances. We love this girl and Thank God she is doing so well.

 And Chrissie... well we don't think she is pregnant... another first time Mom put in with Frank and not bred. So after talking to the Doc we think that probably Frankie is just getting up their in age and isn't going to be as successful for breeding. We haven't told Frankie... why hurt his feelings and make him feel bad right?  Might put Annie back in with him, they really love each other and if she gets pregnant that isn't so bad. Then in a couple of weeks after doing some work in the pens moving a few around and such we will finally give Hank a chance at being a Daddy next season... and in the future Doc.  Frank... no worries he will live here forever in his retirement, he is family.

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend where you are... Rain and more Rain is predicted for here. But as much as we have had here... it keeps the grass growing and that is always a great thing.

Enjoy you weekend!
HUGS and

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Gabriel's A Hockey Player

Howdy -

Having more fun with some of these great new images at High Hopes Stamps - This cutie is "Gabriel's A Hockey Player"

I usually have a hard time with "guy" cards - but this one just flew together. Colored with my Copics (colors below) then found papers from Jillibean Soup and Urban Market. Love the tan and red combo...need to remember that. I sewed all the layers together with straight and zig zag stitches. I added the "It's Your Day - Enjoy" sentiment from the sentiments 1 collection. Love that new set! A must!

Then found three red buttons for the corner. A simple boys card -

Inside the papers are the same -

Copic Colors used -

You just have to visit the High Hopes Store and look around - so much to see! Great new favorites and Great old favorites for everyone!

Hope you have a wonderful week -
HUGS and

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Animal Crackers - Kids are just so much fun!!

Howdy -

This week I have had so much fun watching the new kids Thelma and Louise! Baby goats are just the biggest distraction in the world. They have two speeds. Unconscious  to the world asleep. And full speed bounce! Oh wait there is the medium mode of "Freeze she has the video camera out!". I have tried and tried to video these two playing and every time they turn to statues and wait for me to turn it off and lower it and then they go back to hyper mode. LOL

Louise is starting to show more coloring... she has spots down her back and three adorable spots on her rear end. And of course her "boots" - She is also getting cute spots on her face. And oh my those large ears and bright blue eyes....

Now I told you last week Louise looks like her Daddy Peso... but after watching these two it is amazing their personalities... She not only looks like her Daddy but she acts so much like him. Very cautious and guarded... she will come for me to pick her up and love on her but only after she watches me for a while and sees that I have been ok with her sister.

Her sister... Thelma...  oh my...

This girl is a scream! She is just like her Momma Rhett... total trouble and totally nuts friendly. I just call out to her and she bounces 500 times to me and then is jumping and pulling on my clothes. She is so hysterical especially at just over a week old!

Now as I said last week they were named correctly as they are the first baby goats we have had that on day one was working on escape plans and walking through all the pens. So Hubby and I created a sort of Momma pen and stretched out some smaller wire around for their own safety.

They have been working on a plan to make a break for it I think... LOL 

They are safe... don't think they will be chewing their way out of this pen. 

Too cute.... Now not so happy and cute....

 Jill has a look that read easily... I AM SOOOOO READY TO HAVE THESE BABIES!!! She is huge and has a huge milk bag. I really thought her and Scarlett would have had them this last week. Scarlett's bag actually got smaller this week... they do that until they are really ready to deliver. We have had a ton of rain nearly every day this past week maybe they are waiting for the sun... hope not cuz it isn't in the forecast for a while. Jill just makes me miserable looking at her. Hope she has them soon but then she will be on chase down... LOL

Have a couple of nice donkey photos for this week too.. My hairy little Sonia - she was chowing down on some fresh green weeds -

 Love her darker face and longer bangs. She is one of the smallest of our girls.

And always love pretty shots of Vicki - Our super model.

Both her Daddy and Grandfather were blue ribbon champions at shows. We purchased her as a very young girl and she hasn't been shown, but it is in her blood she loves to freeze and pose - you can almost see how special her coloring it... minus the dirt of course. She has beautiful dark green eyes.

Hope you got some smiles again this week.... hoping to show off more baby goats SOON! Hope you have beautiful weather where you are and have a blessed weekend!

HUGS and-

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Make a Wish!

Howdy -

Today I have a card with another one of the new release images. These Fairy images are so fun to color.

This is Julie's Wish

 Pretty little Fairy isn't she? She pairs up with the sentiment Make a Wish from the Sentiment Set #1

My papers are from Simple Stories Vintage Bliss collection - nice colors - I colored Julie's Wish to match with my Copics, colors below, then I added stickles for the sparkle that all fairies have to have.

She is cut out with a Nestie - then all the layers are sewed down.

The inside are scraps from the same papers.

The colors of Copics used -

So many fun images this release! It is a great new release - you can see all the new release here -

Hope you enjoyed -
HUGS and

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Animal Crackers - Just in Time for Mother's Day!


Just in time for Mother's Day this Sunday - Rhett had two beautiful little girls! Wednesday I just knew something was in the works, and was keeping a close watch on Rhett and her sister Scarlett. My odds would have have been on Scarlett delivering first. But Rhett does like to be the center of attention and have the spot light on her.

So just before dark I was out there cleaning off and loving on two little ones - Tiny Tiny Tiny little ones. So tiny that I was having trouble keeping them in the pen that Rhett was in. They were walking right through the little 4x4 holes!!! I would get one of them in and look up and the other was charging after all the guys in the boys pen. The guys were not liking that tiny loud screeching thing coming at them and was scaring me to death that one would head but her! But they were cautious and keeping their distance pretty well. So I rigged up chicken wire until Hubby could get home and get smaller fencing up so they would stop escaping! They were little outlaws... breaking out and making a run for it~

And that is where the names came from

Here is Thelma -

And her sister.. Louise -

They are two of the smallest babies we have had! Also two of the most active so early. They bounce everywhere. And now that the two are safe in their pen until they get a little bigger I can sleep a little better! Both have amazing blue eyes just like their parents. Thelma gets her looks from her Mom and Louise from her Daddy Peso. She has dots of grey and black all down her back. And i love that spot on her lips and nose! In love for sure with these two. Hubby got home and saw them and said... uh these are keepers! Don't we always say that. :0)   Sadly I think we have made the decision that we will be selling a few of our adults.... need to thin the boys down and we have some girls that just are not friendly as i would like, and aren't a part of the breeding plan and feeding so many and building more and more pens just isn't smart. And honestly as much as I would love to keep everyone of them... some just have to go. At some day when we have the time to deal with that...  LOL

I have a few more photographs from last weeks sunny afternoon. Good thing since it was grey and rainy yesterday - Never complain about rain in Texas... sigh...

First up is Bella and Darlene -

Not that Darlene had any interest in having her photograph taken.... green grass... that was much more important. I just called their names and Bella went to attention and posed. Darlene... she works on her time and her interest only. Hey in her mid 20's  and the Matriarch of the ladies she can do as she wants.

Her son and our very first baby donkey Diego was loving on "Dad" through the fence. I think Diego is almost 10 now. Still our baby boy - And a love since day one!

 He looks so much like his Mom... has her slow pace in life like her too. We kid that Darlene and Diego wouldn't run even if their tails were on fire.... well if there was some sort of treat being served up like carrots... maybe a fast trot.

Snapped a sweet photo of Miss Libbie - The sun was in her eyes and she was squinting a bit but she is still beautiful.

 This girl can make me nuts with her barking thinking she is in total control, but I can't imagine a moment without her in our lives. I still wonder how something so small can snore that loud... but wouldn't trade her for the world.

Hope you have a blessed wonderful weekend - A great Mother's Day here in the states. I will be on watch for Scarlett to deliver for sure all weekend...
Hugs and -

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Bob Loves to Skie Doo

Howdy -

There is another new release over at High Hopes Stamps. And this one has lots of fun! My image today is "Bob Loves to Ski Doo" - fabulous Guy image!

Great image having fun don't you think? I colored with my Copics. and matched up with colors from from the papers from Kaisercraft's Bluebelle collection. Love the color combo of the teal blue, orange  and black. I had to have some sort of embellishments and that is hard for me with a guy card, three buttons worked well. The sentiment "It's Your day Enjoy" is from an new collection - Sentiment #1 - LOVE this new set! A must have for your cards.

Inside I used up my scraps -

Copic colors used -

Really having a great time with the new release -

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Animal Crackers - Just to Make You Smile!

Howdy -

Hubby and I took a walk yesterday evening to visit everyone - Got some great shots that are sure to make you smile.

This first one is a special request for my BFF and her son Matthew - They requested a shot of Juliet as Juliet may live here and love us... but this girl has a special spot for Matthew. Since he is off working so hard in the military Hubby and I wanted to make sure and get a smile from our dear friend and get a great face shot of Juliet that shows off this girls personality. This is Hubby and Juliet saying "We Miss You Matthew!"

 Juliet's eyes just show you how fun and big hearted she really is -

Found another beauty - Felicia grazing in the pasture -

She is such a sweet girl. Has those big brown eyes like her Mom -

And speaking of big brown eyes that absolutely melt your heart ... Miss Chica -

 I think this was a "No Mom I haven't been rolling in the grass"... uh I think she has. But it will all brush out - that face never gets in trouble.

Saw Jackie peeking out of one of the Goat Igloos - She was not planning to come out into the warm sun. Was so much nicer in the shade -

 She is a beauty - She is the most calm and cautious of all the young kids.

Now her sister Lizzie... she is the little nut... as you can tell by this photograph -

Love that face! She always looks like she is smiling at me. And that makes me smile!

Hope you got a smile from at least one shot today! Got quite a few nice shots yesterday. Weather was so nice and sunny just kept on snapping photos!

Have a beautiful blessed weekend where ever you are!
HUGS and -