Saturday, February 27, 2021

Animal Crackers - What a difference a day Makes!

Howdy - 

Wow... things changed quick here! We went from totally frozen to warm and sunny here in Texas. In just a couple of days! The day after the snow melted and we went above freezing the animals were so happy to see the sun again! 

They didn't get a lot of relaxing sleep during the winter storm last week. So when that sun came out they were really loving that sunshine! Most everyone was snoozing in that warm sunshine! LOL 

I went out and had a chat with old man Black Jack. Just wanted to check in and make sure he was doing ok after the storm. 

He was all good... now he was thinking maybe I was there with some sort of treat. In the cold everyone got extra rations. It spoiled them a bit and they all have been screaming for the good bonuses this week as well. LOL back to normal around here dude... LOL he is such a sweet old man. 

And from our oldest man to our youngest... Big Al 

Now this guy is a love. He is getting hard to snap photos of he is so quick to be right at me and insisting on head scratches and lovin'. The thing we are working on is the bit of pushy attitude if you don't pay 100% attention. he he throws a bit of a tantrum and nibbles and shoves on you when not getting what he wants. But still adorable! 

Now speaking of that extra rations... I think the goats are the loudest and showing they want that extra alfalfa... Chipmunk was telling "Dad" that he really wanted that yummy stuff lots of it. 

They are so funny.... they think we are so mean. They would eat 24/7 and be wider than tall if we let them. Gotta stay healthy and happy... not just spoiled and happy! 

I think I may have mentioned the new little mouth here ... a little kitten showed up out of no where a couple of months ago. So little. She has been living under the goat huts most of the time. But she has been seen sleeping in the barn in the back from time to time as well. But the other night Hubby was so excited to see it making itself cozy in a stack of hay right out our back window. 

Hay was brought in and stacked up for the storm. A few bales right up against the house under the porch light must have been a great choice of a safe and comfortable place to bed down for the night. Kittie is still very skittish and bolts when you get very close.  But each day Hubby has contact at a distance with Kittie he or she seems ok with the distance getting a tiny bit smaller. Now this photo was taken through the window. Even so Kittie was very cautious and kept watch on him! 

Today for something from our collection I wanted to show some pretty Spring! 

We love antique art - especially Texas art. One of my favorite artist is Carl Weber. I love the peaceful feeling of his art. Many of his paintings have blooming fruit trees, and usually always some sort of livestock. This one has cattle, with a calm stream. I have a few of his pieces, this one has a little damage on the top corner. But it doesn't take away from my love of this beautiful painting.  Now if Spring would settle in here just as beautiful as this landscape - 

Hope you have enjoyed this week, and have a smile. Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 

Monday, February 22, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Bessie Buggie's Bloom

Howdy - 

Today I am coloring up some Bright Spring Warm Colors! After a week of being frozen these colors just make me happy! And for my warm color image I chose High Hopes Stamps Bessie Buggie's Bloom... adorable! 

Sweet Bessie right? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and shaded with pencils. I found a scrap piece of Creative Imaginations paper that was just too fun and bright. I matched it all up with green card stock base and red card stock mats. Everything sewed down with straight and zig zag stitches. The sentiment is from High Hopes Stamps "Butterfly Kisses" - Sweet right? 

Then I added three enamel dots for some embellishment fun. 

Copic colors used - 

So as cold as it was outside a bright warm card makes me feel warm and happy inside! For so many more fabulous images you just need to click HERE and see all that High Hopes Stamps has at the Web Site. 

Hope you are all warm - safe and healthy were you are - sending "Butterfly Kisses" to you! 

HUGS and 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Animal Crackers - Frozen Texas

Howdy - 

Well it has been a very interesting week here in Central Texas! I know those of you that live in cold climates chuckle at my complaining about the "cold".. but the issue is here is Texas we are just not prepared or built to have such cold temperatures, especially for days on end. We were trying to prepare the animals - with food and water for a day of frozen temps... then one day turned into days and days! Water went out... we started collecting any water we could get in buckets and totes for the animals. No water would be critical for them. Then the power went out. Then on for a little while... then off for a long while... felt like forever. It never gets down for long periods in the teens here... much less the single digits were were seeing! Poor Hubby was collecting any trickle of water he could, and working out melting snow to get out to the animals. Hauling 50-60 gallons of water to them was rough work each day, but he did it. Whatever it takes for his animals.  It is amazing how many layers of clothing I could find to put on.. and how many quilts you can put over you before you can't breath anymore. Lol inside doggies were big time into cuddling and Gato seemed to think the only place she would get was literally around my neck under the blankets. Longest hours ever! But finally... power is back - heat is working and as of writing this we are getting water pressure at times! Still having issues with the water but it is coming! 

All the animals made it through well and despite their confused looks of what the heck is going on they are good. 

It really was beautiful...  Hubby did a great job snapping photos for me. I will be honest. I didn't go out in it much at all. Clutz here... snow ice and no heat to warm up uh nope will stay wrapped up inside. He was the super hero around here. 

It snowed all night during the first round... woke up to 4 inches of powder snow. Thats when things went all insane and we lost power the first time and water was shut off. 

Love the look of the trees... 

Then Hubby said "as long as they don't break off and tear down our power lines" Now our power outages were due to rolling blackouts - gone nuts if you ask me... they said 45 minutes on 15 off was the plan. Uh nope many people went days without power, luckily we were just a day an half of no power, then hours at a time off with an hour or two on. During that day and half Hubby decided to check things out and see what was going on... yep a huge property in front of us... one of those limbs of ice took out the power to our property and the handful of houses behind us. Finally someone came out and fixed it and our power was restored just before dark. Glad Hubby took things into his own hands checking things out! 

I don't have the smartest of chickens... some of them just stayed out in the snow then carried little mounds on them for a while. 

Autie loved the snow. Ran out no problem and checked out the entire yard of white stuff. Libbie.. she went out did her business and went straight back in, no big deal, no issues of anything going on. Chica.. well that was a different story. 

First few times she had to be carried out put in the yard and told over and over "Hurry up as soon as you go you can come back in" Nope she would just sit down and shiver and look at us like were torturing her and we were horrible parents. It was so sad. But after day three... she decided it wasn't too horrible and she was running out with Autie and barking at everything. Silly dog. 

The second round of snow came during one morning... forecast said it would all be over around noon. At 4:30 it was still coming down... insane! I can count on one hand the snow I've seen here in my entire life and now 2021 we have had it 3 times! Once in January and then twice this past week! 

Once we had power again Gato decided that as long as she was on my lap that was good. But she wouldn't get very far off of me just in case the temperatures dropped again she wanted to be ready to get under covers! 

Now life will get back to some sort of normal hopefully. I hope this isn't some sort of new climate going on! That would be really scary! Probably going to take a few days to make sure there isn't any damage to pipes, trees and structures. But we are really done with Winter here... Common Spring! LOL 

Hope you are all safe and warm where you are - We are blessed to all be healthy and WARM here! 
HUGS and 

Monday, February 15, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Hang in There!

Howdy - 

This week I had a little fun with a Monkey for High Hopes Stamps. This is Monkey Message Board and he is too fun for many different cards. 

He is so cute isn't he? Love his round little cheeks. I colored with my Copics (colors below). While digging in my stash of papers I found a piece of scrap paper of jungle leaves. Thought that was just too perfect for this little monkey. I sewed down the layers on a kraft brown card stock. I then added a couple of EK Success leaf punches for the corners. 

For the sentiment I added High Hopes Stamps "Hang in there!" Great sentiment to shout out a little support for someone and the monkey adds a little smile! 

Copic colors below.

Fun little card for anyone. For more great images to share smiles, visit the High Hopes Stamps web site store HERE and fall in love with so so much! 

Have a blessed day and hope you are safe and warm away from this cold weather! 

Hugs and - 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Animal Crackers - This ain't suppose to be this cold in South Texas!

Howdy - 

Ok so last week I was doing a little whining about how we went from 80 to 50s in a day... brr cold. Well This week is showing me what cold really is and me no like! Hubby and I have been working towards making sure all our animal are going to be ok the next few days. I am sure Hubby is rolling his eyes here with me saying that "we have been working" - Honestly "We" have been worrying, but  he is executing the work. This part of Texas we very very rarely see days of below freezing with sleet, ice and snow. And with all our furry and feathered children this is a big big concern! Yesterday on our way home from getting a few more heat bulbs and cords we stopped at the front pasture to check on the men. Flavio and Patricio were out eating and headed toward us to say hello. But where was Diego and Miguel? Wait.. Miguel came out of their hut to say hi... he took about 10 steps, the wind blew and he turned right back around and went back into the hut. It was quite cute, but decided to drive around the pasture to make sure Diego was ok and was just hiding from the cold as well. 

Yep they are fine. Just my sweet spoiled Texas Boys that really hate it being so darn cold! 

I can't say I blame them... Hubby and I drove around the pasture - I wasn't going to get out and walk in that cold! 

Love this photo I got of Juliet earlier in the week. She is such a love and so friendly she is a in your face kind of girl. I snapped this just as she was too close for the photo. 

Just past the girls pen Sergio was wanting a close up as well... but for a different reason. 

Now I have told you all many times that Sergio is my special orphan baby. His Momma died when he was only a week old. I became his Momma completely. I did feedings every 3-4 hours round the clock for months. We have a very special bond. And every time I am anywhere near his pen, I get that nose sticking out ready for kisses from Momma. Since he was a baby, kisses on the top of his nose is our thing. Despite being a little dirty looking in this photo his nose is like black velvet and he really loves when I rub on the sides of his face and kiss the top of his nose. I Love my Sergio. 

This past week was suppose to be bath time for the dogs. Much needed but... 

Old Lady Libbie was already having a hard time just making her trips outside to do her business. A bath, uh oh well I guess we will put it off until things warm up a bit more. Calm down Libbie don't stress over that nasty word "Bath" for now. 

Chica was happy to hear that no baths due to the cold weather as well. She HATES bath time. Funny Autie is really the only one that loves baths and all the attention. Chica's only concern is that we have another bag of her favorite doggie food so she has plenty in case we can't get out for a few days. 

That food bowl is Chica's concern most all the time. ha.. Libbie and Autie eat and walk away no big deal. Chica will lay next to the bowl just in case she needs a bite to eat while resting. And when anyone comes to eat she will lay next to the bowl and make sure they don't eat more than they should and she has plenty for herself. You would think she would be the one we have the weight issues with, but nope she is our little skinny mini! 

To end today I thought I would show another "collectible" from my cabinet. This little porcelain doll isn't an antique.. more vintage. And honestly it has become that as I've had it. You see tomorrow is Hubby and I's 34th Wedding Anniversary. Oh and Hubby's Birthday.. and Valentines Day. Its a very big day around here! Anyway a few weeks before we married, so very very long ago, we were out on one of our day trips in the hill country and in a little shop was this tiny little doll. I just loved her and how pretty her face was. Hubby bought it for me :0) Very Sweet right? 

Well she has been in every home we have had in all our moves standing in one cabinet or another over the years. She is now standing front and center in the cabinet next to our back door. I see her everyday and she gives me a pretty little smile. 

Hope this week gave you a little smile - and I do hope you have a very blessed Valentines Day this weekend and that you have a warm place to be if you too are in this cold weather... 

HUGS and 

Monday, February 8, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Sick Bird

Howdy - 

We always need those Get Well Cards for loved ones... I like cards that make you smile a bit with that get well wish. High Hopes Stamps has some fabulous images and they have opened up the Get Well Retirement Vault of some of those favorites! Me, I chose to color up Sick Bird... poor little guy seems to have a cold. 

I colored Sick Bird with my copics (colors below) and then cut out with a circle die cut. Making sure to cut out the leaves to hang out of the circle. For my pattern paper I found an old piece of Heidi Swapp Paper... those pretty little clouds are felted! OH my I love them! I sewed the paper on to a white card stock mat with a zig zag stitch. Then placed it all on a pretty dusty blue card stock base. The sentiment is perfect for our little guy. High Hopes Stamps "Under the Weather" I love how sweet this one came out! 

Copic colors used - 

Now hurry over to see all the image that are now available at the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE and directly to the vault HERE 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Animal Crackers - Gotta Love Texas Weather!

Howdy -

Gotta Love Texas weather! We went from the 80's one day to a windy high of 53 the next. I went out to snap photos the donkeys, who were having lots of fun running and playing in the wind. It is pretty entertaining to watch the older ladies run... or trot... and play with the younger donkeys. 

Josie was trying to get her Momma, Jolene to play a little longer,  but Jolene was done. 

 This little girl has become a gorgeous young lady. She is still tiny, but is filling out more. Her nose is such a luxurious black velvet just like Mom's and Dad Black Jack's. We are so in love with her. 

After loving on Josie I called over Hanna. She came and let me kiss her on her nose, and give her lots of head scratches. But then her Momma Bella snorted and Hanna hung her head and walked away from me, off to follow Mom to the hay bale. Gotta go when Mom says so you know. 

I then had a little girl talk with Miss Macie. Sweet old girl. She has always been special to me. I've always said her eyes just speak to me, and melt my heart. She is just so calm and gentle. 

I looked across the pen and saw Patti and Pavo having some sort of chat going on. Man I wish I could hear what they were discussing. 

I am sure they were making fun of someone's running. A few older ones here they don't all run as well as they use too! Now Patti is one of my older girls, but she still has her game! She sticks right up front with all the young ones. You go girl! 

As I came in the back door Gato was sitting in the kitchen. Meowed and demanded to be fed. Now she had food in her bowl, but it wasn't 100% full and not "fresh". Silly Kitty. 

Speaking of getting older. She is over 14 now. Now she still acts young.. but we are seeing some changes in her. She is skinnier, and her cat naps are a bit longer than they use to be. But when she gets that little twitch like lightening striking she is flying through the house 90MPH! Such a perfect kitty - my little heater kitty. 

I hope you have a smile again this week. Hope you all have a blessed weekend and have furry friend to love on! 

HUGS and 

Monday, February 1, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Oliver - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Howdy -

Today for High Hopes Stamps I have colored up "Oliver"  for a fun Happy St. Patrick's Day card.

 Isn't he handsome? I colored with my Copics and shaded with a few pencils. (colors below) I then went to find a piece of papers... hmmm Not too many Irish theme papers. So I ended up settling on a piece of green and white plaid from my stash. I needed something else. That lead me to the High Hopes Stamps border! Shamrock Border.. fun and perfect for Oliver to dance around on! So I colored the shamrocks and then added to my pattern paper with a black cards stock mat. Oliver cut out and then is then pop dotted above! Gives him a bit of a wiggle dancing look to him. I sewed down the layers and added to a white card stock base. 

For a sentiment I used St. Patrick's Script from High Hopes Stamps. Fun Script Font - love it with my images. 

 Copic colors used -

I just love how fun images are at High Hopes Stamps... for any subject! Pop over to the High Hopes Stamps HERE!

Have a blessed day! 

HUGS and