Monday, April 27, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Tire Swing Dragon

Howdy -

This sentiment is perfect for that loved one that you may have been in "cooped" up with lately! LOL!
This is High Hopes Stamps - Tire Swing Dragon with "I never tire of you" sentiment! 

Isn't he adorable? I colored with my Copics and shaded with pencils. Then cut out the image. I found an old pattern paper from Cosmo Cricket of a cloud filled sky. I matted with green card stock sewing together with a zig zag stitch. With the sentiment matted and sewn as well. I then punched out some leaves from a die cut and then shaded the leaves with Copics and pencils as well. It is all on a blue card stock base. Fun? Thought "Hubby" might get a giggle out of it.

Copic colors used -

Hope you got a giggle out of it too... To see lots of great fun images from High Hopes Stamps click HERE and fall in love with lots!

Have a safe and blessed day!
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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Animal Crackers - BABY JOSIE!

Howdy -

Jolene had her baby! Saturday evening Jolene calmly laid down and gave birth. No pacing, No stress! You pray for births like this! And we were blessed with a super tiny solid black girl! I am sure Daddy Black Jack was so proud when he saw his second daughter of the year!

I love that I caught this photo just after Josie was born of Hanna coming to see what had just happened!! "Did you see what just happened "Dad"??"

Jolene only allowed Bella and Hanna a few seconds to see her new baby girl. then she got very protective and ran them off so she could bond and clean up her baby girl.

Next morning we got out traditional day one photo!! "Dad" with baby Josie and Mom Jolene standing so proud!

And I love that I got Black Jack again in the background! He has done so well this year!!! Two beautiful little girls!!!

 I have to tell you this little girls is SUPER friendly and SUPER tiny!!! We thought Hanna looked little... then here is Josie and wow...!

She is going to be trouble for her Momma Jolene... she is a mover and looks like she is going to be a talker too... when she sees you coming she grunts. She is SO wanting to play with her 1/2 sister Hanna... The first few days Jolene said NO! but Josie kept trying to get to Hanna... Hanna learned quick to run off as Jolene was not happy about it. I could hear Miss Hanna saying "Hey its her not me!!"  But that things are calming down Jolene is allowing some sniffing and getting to know each other.

Now Sunday was a calm day for them... Josie just didn't have the strength or was a bit tired... but by middle of the week... this girl was happy and showing off!!

Hope this video works for you!

Have a blessed weekend
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Monday, April 20, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Dunno Ducky

Howdy -

This little duck has so much personality! Love little "Dunno Ducky" he is great for so many different cards.

I love coloring this ducky boldly with my Copics ... (colors below) I just think he is too cute so bright. My papers are from Paper Studio I think they have a ducky feel to them. I matted with white card stock and yellow card stock on a white base. The sentiment is a great High Hopes Stamps get well sentiment... "Feeling Ducky" perfect for this guy and I love the font. Then I found three sparkle enamel dots in orange -

Copic colors used -

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Hope you have a blessed and safe day!
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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Animal Crackers - no social distancing with the girls...

Howdy -

LOVE this photo of Darlene... I was out talking to the girls but they were all too busy enjoying the fresh hay they had gotten for breakfast... But just as I was about to give up getting any good photographs... Darlene popped her head up, resting it on Irene's back and looked like she was just saying hi... well before she went back to eating. :0)

Sweet Juliet came to get attention, always can count on her for some loving...

She is so wonderful... big loving girl.

Now the surprise... Pavo.

You see Pavo is calm and cautious. In all our years with him, he has always been stand-offish and I have never gotten to totally love on him... just nose touches basically. But yesterday... he came right to me, put his head through the fence, and I loved all over him. Ears, Face, Neck and back. Even gave him a little kiss on the top of his nose! When I went to walk away... he trotted along the fence asking for more! Hubby didn't really believe me... But I am hoping that this is a start of a all new Pavo!!

When walking away from the girls pen I found a few enjoying some fresh cool water.

Wonder if there was any gossip going on around the "cooler" with these girls? LOL

Love this photo of Olive Oyl ... just enjoying the weather laid back and relaxing...

Such a pretty girl ...

Hubby snapped this one of Peso after feeding breakfast... You think he was happy about his hay?

Breakfast in bed? Or Breakfast as bed? That grin cracks me up!

Our main conversation this week has been Libbie...

For a few years we have been fighting skin allergies, itchy skin, dry skin and loosing her hair to the point where she looked like a little bald lady in most spots, the rest was thin. Foods... Meds... Vitamins... shampoos... nothing was working at all. Then a couple of months ago we found Hills Science Diet Small Bites Sensitive Stomach and Skin ... WOW!!! Look at her fur now! She is so thick and gorgeous again!!! Blind but I think she knows she looks gorgeous again! Love my little super model!

Hope you are all safe, healthy and doing well. And hope you all enjoy a little peek into our lives here!

HUGS and

Monday, April 13, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Tea Angels


This week for High Hopes Stamps I went a bit Girlie... Love doing Girlie cards! This is "Tea Angels"

I love pink and green colors together - I colored with Copic markers and my pencils (colors below) Then I added Viva Decor sparkle to the wings. The papers are from Tilda "Kitchengarden" collection, with a square doily die cut mat. And then green leaf die cuts for some added embellishment. The sentiment is just perfect with the cute little "Tea Angels" its is "Friendship Special-Tea" I just love how girlie it is... :0)

Copic colors are -

Hope you enjoyed my card and for more great images visit the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE and have fun shopping!

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Animal Crackers - Take time to smell the roses


Tough times require us to take time to smell the roses!

And my Hubby grows some really gorgeous roses doesn't he? The yellow roses in the background haven't quite opened up but those red roses really are stunning! Beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful....

Adore Miss Hanna... little sweetie has learned about hot weather this week but more importantly she learned about thunderstorms, lightening and RAIN! She wasn't to thrilled with that. And even a bit skittish the next morning.. for about 2 seconds then she was happy to have some head scratches and hugs!  Happy to be there Hanna :0)

Now the weather has been warm this week... until yesterday it really cooled off after those storms and front. And that breezy weather makes it very difficult to reach those blowing branches leaves.

Didn't stop Alvin from trying though - Love this silly boy!

And I now this photo is a blurry - but just had to laugh at Alvin Jr's brother Chipmunk... running towards me with swinging his head back and forth.. just look how fabulous that beard blows in the wind! A romance novel cover man for sure!

Handsome man!

And check out this pretty girl ... Louise was enjoying that morning breeze by occupying the best deck in the pen! Rare for this younger girl to get that spot!

OK so all the old ladies were eating breakfast... but still she gets credit for having the spot!

Snapped a nice photo of Mallory watching the boys bang heads... Can't you hear what she is thinking?

Sigh... BOYS... LOL

It amazes me how fast the chicks are changing.

Hubby said the other day they were getting into their "UGLY" Stage... I told him to just be quite, he would hurt their feelings.... it is just an awkward teenager period - then I tried to reassure them all that they were beautiful no matter what! LOL

 Hope you have a wonderful blessed Easter weekend SAFE and HEALTHY!
HUGS and

Monday, April 6, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Burt & Doris

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps I pulled out some old friends! I adore the "Seniors" stamps from HH.. and "Burt & Doris" are just fabulous!

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some romantic papers from Prima Tales of You and Me collection. Love the Roses! I cut out the image and attached to the floral fence paper, then cut out the roses from another sheet and Pop Dotted them for 3-d look. All the layers were sewn together on a deep rose color card stock and then everything placed on a tan card stock base. The sentiment "Happy Anniversary!" is also from High Hopes Stamps, I love the font!

Don't you think Burt and Doris are a sweet couple? too cute!

Copics used -

To see all the fun High Hopes Stamps Seniors click HERE they are just so fun!

Have a blessed day -
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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Animal Crackers - Loving Miss Hanna

Howdy -

Ok, being stuck at home isn't fun. But if you have to be stuck at home, having a baby donkey makes life much better! This little girl has soooo much energy! And is so friendly!! The only problem is that taking her photo is nearly impossible! She is always moving! So Hubby helped get a head shot by holding her head for me! LOL

Now I did finally get a photo, but only by a fraction of a second as she was coming at me, head bopping up and down as fast as she could! But she is soooo cute!

Right??? So cute! And very playful! Her Mom is very good with her... well until she is done. Then she is a tough Mom and says NO! Hanna understands well... LOL

We are so loving this little girl! And now we are on watch for the next Momma... Jolene is starting to show signs. Could be a week... could be 3... but we are watching!

Thought I would show off our little chicks.. they are getting so big!

Now another thing about all the time at home, Hubby has had time to work on the garden. Like really work on it and not throw in a few things at the last minute. We have a LARGE garden this year... you can tell how big it is by the size compared to Moxie stretched out as long as possible! And you can see the storms in the background... perfect timing to water the garden!

 "We" (Hubby rolls his eyes as I say "We" LOL) "We" have tomatoes, squash, zucchini, green beans, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupes, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers and egg plant! Hope weather helps out and we have LOTS of veggies this year!

Hubby sent me the next two photos .... seems Moxie wanted to stay with him and "help" .. as much as I have helped.. LOL

 Dad must have been taking too long, a nap is needed!

Hope my photographs brought you a smile this week... a little joy to you! Sharing our blessings with you -

HUGS and -