Saturday, November 30, 2019

Animal Crackers - Thankful

Howdy -

Being the week of Thanksgiving - Hubby and I have been talking about how Blessed and Thankful we are to have so many wonderful fur children and live on this farm. Now this week I went into some sort of Turkey Coma and lost track of days and didn't get any photos this week.. (duh didn't remember it after dark last night) anyway I ran to the computer and decided that we would have a little hike down memory lane for some of our favorite photos...

Now it is really hard to narrow down favorites... but seriously this has to be a top of the year!
Baby Penelope and her Mom Abigail -  She LOVED to stand and lay on her Momma.

Alvin - this boy screams personality and loves attention ... and always gets it!

Same as old man Frankie... he moved into the Ladies pen this year... and he is loving it and I think he tries to thank us every time we come by him. LOL 

Domino has a great smile for the camera... I think he is trying to let us know that he is ready to move into one of the "Stud" pens...

 Juliet is one of the standard donkeys and her claim to fame is being the best photo bomber here! She can come out of no where and suddenly be right up on the camera lens! Love that!

I went through a million photos of the baby boys Junior and Chipmunk there are so many great photos of them both together and individually. But this shows just how sweet and loving these two really are. 

 This face loves to pose for the camera - this photo with those big brown eyes talking and that little tongue sticking out... precious!

Now I have LOTS of great photos of the doggies ... this one of Autie I do love... I made it the photo on my watch face :0) 

 I am sorry about the loss of days and going so absent minded with the photos this week. Hope these favorites make up for it. And I do hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving in the US, take time to be thankful for the blessings of our fur babies!

Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and

Monday, November 25, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Goliath Christmas Mouse

Howdy -

How adorable is a little mouse in a Santa Suit? This is High Hopes Stamps "Goliath Christmas Mouse"  Too cute!

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out with a circle Die Cut and then a scalloped Die as a mat. The Pattern paper is hard to see, but has a glitter to all the candy canes, its from Fiskars.
I added a red dot ribbon around the bottom as a band with a pretty bow. Man it is hard to see in the photo but it is pretty on the card. The sentiment is so fun! "Santa... I tried!" from High Hopes Stamps. Another Clean and Simple card that makes me smile.

Copic colors used

For LOTS of other fabulous Christmas image from High Hopes Stamps click HERE and fall in love!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Animal Crackers - Checking on a few Mom's to be..

Howdy -

Was out chatting with a few of our hopefully Mom's to be the other day... 

Well at least we assume that they are pregnant.. pray and hope... and well Bella looks pretty pregnant don't you think? 

Now I have others that are pretty wide and they are all the time it is just how they are. But well Bella isn't usually and she has that crooked pear shape we love to see in a very pregnant girl.

Lacey looks promising as well..

With all her pregnancies she always show early and carries low and wide. She has always given us beautiful babies... oh I am getting so excited! I can hardly stand it!!

Now this photo cracks me up!! Patti always have the best expressions on her face! She has so much personality! And scratching her chin on this stick must have felt so perfect for that itch.

Hoping she is pregnant as well... but she always has a bit of weight issue, and she is one of the older gals we put in to be bred. But I had to give her a chance again for a baby, as hers are always gorgeous... ok all babies are gorgeous, but hers have really be stunning and they have all had her way of expression :0)

I asked Moxie if she was excited for lots of bouncing babies.... she just stuck her tongue out at me!

She seems to always have lots of expression and personality too!

Then off in the far distance I saw Juliet enjoying a bit of alone quiet me time...

I understand Juliet.. sometimes it is nice to find a private place... but as soon as she woke up, saw me and jumped up for her head scratches and be in total control of attention. Love how obnoxious she is! She is so funny.

Hubby and I say all time how blessed we are with all our furry children, but they really do warm our hearts and bless us in so many ways. Such joys!

Hope you have joy in your life this weekend - Hug a furry friend.
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and 

Monday, November 18, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Celebrate the Magic of Christmas

Howdy -

How can you not grin at this fun Santa from High Hopes Stamps? This is Lg. Stackable Santa ... and he is just well... FUN! 

I colored Santa with my Copics and thought.. I want him to pop on this card.. then thought well lets just make him pop off the card! So I cut out Santa and then folded a small piece of card stock in a zig zag fold and attached to the card. And man he jumps and wiggles on this card! LOVE that! I added some Nuvo Sparkle pen to his suit cuz we all know Santa sparkles!

For my Sentiment I used High Hopes Stamps "Celebrate the Magic of Christmas"  Perfect for this bouncing Santa!

My papers are from My Minds Eye that I have sewn the layers together with a zig zag stitch. The unusual colors really make this Santa bold and bright and POP on this card!

Copic colors used - 

 A Clean and Simple card that really does make you smile when that Santa does a little wiggle! For more fabulous Christmas images for your cards this year jump on over to the web site store HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Animal Crackers - Here Comes the Sun

Howdy -

Well after a cold, cloudy and wet drizzling week the Sun came out yesterday! And all my furry kids were really enjoying every ray they were catching!

Chipmunk and his twin brother Junior were chillin' in the middle of the pen, just enjoying the sun. 

 This is how they sleep... every night. Back to back. resting against each other. Maybe a little "I got your back" brother thing?

Sergio was at the gate, insisting on his head scratches and kiss on his nose.

Always Sergio... My little orphan baby... all though all grown up and all man now he is my baby. And a handsome looker too and he knows it!

Found Cocoa and her daily routine.

Every day she goes up and down the panels of the goat pen. Cleaning up and making sure that all pieces of hay does not go to waste if it blows out. Or even just barely pokes out the fence... she pulls through and makes sure they are not wasted.

Beautiful Ellie Mae was coming towards me.

She never gave us any babies sadly - such a gorgeous lady. But loved all the same.

Found Jolene having a bit of an itch.

She was working it out on her own. I suppose rain and mud then drying out would make you have some itches going on! But she was reaching it with those big teeth and taking care of business! It is good when you reach that spot driving you nuts right?

And then the only one to be different - Louise was laying in the shade. I asked why she wasn't out enjoying the sun, but she is Louise and Louise likes to be her own goat!

A bit silly nuts but beautiful!

I hope you have some nice sunny weather where you are! And enjoy some furry children this weekend!

HUGS and

Monday, November 11, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Snowman Love

Howdy -

 Today for High Hopes Stamps we have some "Snowman Love"

Now here in Texas I color up most all my snowmen... and this one is a cutie! This sweet little snowman I colored with Copics (colors below) and then highlighted with pencils. Then is started snowing with some dots of Nuvo White. The edges are inked with Ranger Distress Ink. I found some papers from My Minds Eye sewn together with  a zig zag stitch. A ribbon band across the bottom. This finished off with the beautiful sentiment "Scripty Merry Christmas"

Love Country feeling Christmas don't you?

Copic colors used

To see all the fun Christmas image at High Hopes Stamps click the website HERE

Have a blessed day -
Hugs and 

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Animal Crackers - How can you NOT smile?

Howdy -

Seriously... that little face smiling, just makes you have to smile back! 

My little Domino... he is a looker isn't he? And with a smile like that the girls are just in love with him! With a fence between them that is... LOL

And then there is the face of Junior... he is such a looker too... with a bit of clown HA!

I love how sweet all three of these young men are! Domino - Junior and Chipmunk.

Goats.. (insert shaking head here)

Destructive creatures... they have a hut on legs, but for some reason the legs are so great at scratching heads on that the hut is always turned upside down... I guess we will have to attach it to the side of a larger hut to keep it upright... those legs just hard to resist!

Speaking of Hard to resist.. Mr. Ted E. Bear

He was cleaning up blown hay off the ground ... but he watching me very close just in case I had something better to offer... to take.. he nearly got Moxie's breakfast from out of my hands one morning this week.. he is quick for such a big lug nut!

 My baby.. in deep reflection.

And then my kitty ... had my space heater on in my craft room. She loves my space heater. 

 She starts off sitting staring at the warmth, then moves back and lays down. Stretches out as long as she can! Then a little farther away then up on the chair. After a little while it all starts over again. She is a busy cat you know.

Hope you have a blessed weekend - love on a furry kid!
HUGS and

Monday, November 4, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Winter Owl

Howdy -

 I have fallen head over heels for this cute little guy! This is High Hopes Stamps "Winter Owl"

Maybe it is the look in his eyes... but I feel cold with him! I colored with Copics (colors below) and made sure to add some Clear Nuvo on all that snowy ice on that branch! I went a bit CAS (clean and simple) on this one. Hard for me. But I just love this little guy and wanted him to be all the focus. A doodled border around the edge and a pattern paper faux ribbon on the bottom as a banner for the perfect High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Wishing you a cozy holiday season!"

Copic colors used -

Brrrrr... think I will turn up the heater it feels chilly in here! Hope you enjoyed this sweet "Winter Owl" and to see more wonderful few images from High Hopes Stamps pop on over HERE 

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Animal Crackers - The Sweetest Goat - Jill

Howdy -

Even when you see it coming it isn't easy. We lost Miss Jill this week. Earlier in the week Hubby and I discussed that Jill wasn't doing well and the colder weather was really effecting her. Friday morning Hubby and I were watching her eat breakfast, and decided that we would pull her out and see about a heat lamp and privacy to see if maybe it would make her feel a little better, but we both knew what was coming. Then just a couple hours later she was gone. My miracle goat... was now gone.

We were told she wouldn't make it through the night years back. Her baby was stuck sideways and nearly killed her when the vet was trying to remove it and save her. She survived and gave us years more of loving. But by our choice no more babies to risk her.

One of her first photos... Her Mom, Lillie - and twins Jack and Jill. 

So adorable!

She was such a proud little one that first day she learned to jump on the huts and then jump off... We sat and watched her do it a hundred times before she was totally worn out and fell asleep next to her Mom.

 She gave us some beautiful babies - And again lots of love.

 We are going to miss her terribly - There are so many holes in our hearts lately with the loss of some of our older fur children.

 Jill will be another BIG hole. But we are blessed to have these sweet kids in our lives and sadly with the age of so many of our first animals this is part of life. Just hard to deal with at this time ....

We will miss you Jill - You were a true Blessing to us.

Friday, November 1, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - New Release!!

Howdy -

There is a NEW RELEASE at High Hopes Stamps today! And for my first card with all the new fun I used THREE stamps! Trumpet Penguin - Two Trees - and Snow Globe!

 The possibilities with this new snow globe is mind blowing! And with so many images to put into the snow globe ... well lets just say you can have lots of fun with the new images at High Hopes Stamps!

I colored with my Copics and then well.. went a big nuts with the Nuvo White for the snow on the ground, and Viva Decor Sparkle pen for the falling snow as if this snow globe has a little shake!

Pattern papers from Paper Studio, with red card stock.

Close up of the sparkle

Copics used -

 There is so much fun to see and play with at High Hopes Stamps - see it all HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and