Friday, August 31, 2012

Just Magnolia and Hanglar - PINK

Friday!! The days are just flying by aren't they? So here is Friday again, and today it is my day to join in with the girls at Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge. Good week too cuz the them is all about PINK :0)

Now since I am so far behind, sorry...  but I am. I decided to double duty my challenge today with a "box" I made for my MIL's birthday this week. I needed something to put her present in besides wadding up the bag it came in... so I dug out one of my sizzix dies and made a little case!

It is a Bigz die, Suitcase Bag - one day I am going to get a pro similar... :0) Cuz I would love this to be larger! I won't lie I messed this up first go around. I tried to make it out of the sizzix board... messed up two pieces darn it! Then I realized that it was just too much for it, the sides need to bend. So I started over with a grey piece of card stock and it works much much better. I colored up one of my Tilda's - I love how she is leaning in on the edge. Please don't be upset.. but I was so out of it I forgot to take the photo of the markers. I have been doing pretty good was so upset with myself. She has been loosely cut out. I used the sizzix die to cut out two pieces of pattern paper for the front and back. I stuck Tilda down, then I found a Whimsy sentiment and cut it out with a matching die. I added a little bit of color to it. I then found some adhesive pearls on a roll. Love these. I stuck them around the edge. This case needed some serious girly feel to it. I looked at it and realized I had covered up just about all the roses on the paper.. and that was my pretty pink!!!! So I found three mulberry pink roses and fond punch leaves and added them, and pop dotted the sentiment.

Moving on to the sides. I added two rows of lace, making sure that when the sides over lap when closed that they match up ok. Looked a little plain, so I added more pearls. Pearls always dress things up right?

MIL's gift just barely fit inside.... barely. She seemed to really like it. And she was happy cuz this would sit up and not blow over "like a card". Wasn't the thought when making it, but hey if that works out that is great.

So now it is time for you to jump on over to the Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge and see all the DT's Pink... then join us for this weeks great prize.

So today... well Hubby and I are trying to get a bunch of little things done cuz we want to play tomorrow. A little over an hour from here is a big city garage sale :0) Last time we went there were TONS of antiques and vintage items. So we are hoping that it is the same this time. Gonna have to get up before the crack of dawn to feed all the animals then make the drive to be there early when it opens.

So I'll schedule up my post for Saturday... it is gonna be double duty... Animal Crackers and the first of the month so it is also Whimsy Release... so I hope to see you Saturday! Thanks for stopping in today.

HUGS and -

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunset Rose

Hello Wednesday - Today I have a card that I did just cuz. Last week I pulled out one of my new Whimsy Stamps - Little Cottage Cuties by Elizabeth Bell images. This stamp was one of those "I have to have" stamps... you know what I mean? Anyway last week I pulled out this image as I need to just space out and color... no reason, no special project, just color for the mental health of coloring and peace. And I knew Sunset Rose was perfect!

 I colored with my Copics of course (colors below) and I honestly think I colored for a hour or more - was a great time. LOL

Then for my card, I knew I HAD to use the new paper pad from BoBunny - Little Miss collection. Those roses were made for this image.

I picked a few of the patterns, cut out a mat with a Nestie, sewed down layers on brown card stock then placed it all on a cream colored base. Now the ribbon.. that is yummy Whimsy Stamps Pink Petal Designs ribbons... great colors to choose from with the fabulous died shabby look. I just ordered a whole bunch more colors, as after I got this one I was really wanting more.  My Roses were cream colored, and I used the same peachy Copic colors I used on her dress and colored them to match. I almost think I may just buy whites and creams now... coloring with the Copics assure matching!

What else.. OH.. the sentiment!! Do you love that chipboard or what??? First I stamped the sentiment from Whimsy - Thanks a Bunch Notables 2 Set, die cut with the matching die.   Then I added the Make if Crafty Chipboard from Whimsy - SO thrilled with these! They are made to match up with the sentiments and come natural chipboard. I added some Vintage Shabby embossing powder to the top and just fell in love! Since then I have dug for all my embossing powders to see what colors I own, cuz I will be using more of it!

The inside of the card I used matching papers from the same paper pad from BoBunny.

And here are the Copics I used -

So no reason for my card... just mental therapy - I had a million other things I really should have been working on, but it was really wonderful to clear my desk and just relax with my markers, stamp and new papers. Every had that kind of craft session?

Well hope you like it...

I bounced around just a bit and found a couple challenges that this one fit...

Southern Girls Challenge - Chippie Heaven - use chipboard 

Stamptacular Sunday Challenge - Roses and Ribbons!  SO perfect for this card!

I have no clue what is on the schedule for today... been a quiet week around here. Just a lot of regular regular... nice for a change.

Have a wonderful day... I am going to go and see what I can get into...
HUGS and-

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Me and My Space - A Miniature Restoration Coming

Hello Sunday - As promised last week today I am going to show you my newest treasure. I have been wanting one of these forever, and last weekend in a hidden away antique shop it was waiting for me! I saw it sitting on the floor in this very dark shop, I didn't even want to say anything to Hubby. As I knew it was probably very pricey. As it is truly an Antique. I just looked across the store at him, and pointed down. From where he was he couldn't see what I was trying to not freak about.  He made his way towards me, and as he got there, I just walked away.... don't want to appear totally ga ga over it you know. Hubby got down on the floor (another thing I didn't want to do in public...) he got down on the floor and opened it up. The owner of the store started to tell him all about it. His wife had purchased it years before and wanted to restore it herself and just didn't know how to go about it with out messing it up. After a little haggling Hubby grinned at me and said she will take it. If the floor hadn't been one of those creaky, thin old wood floors I would have jumped for joy... but I contained myself :0)

Ready to see?  Now it isn't much now ok? Needs LOTS of TLC... But I am so in love with it!!!!

Sorry horrible photo .. sun was coming in behind the window... After many hours of research, and then confirmation with a expert from one of the doll house sites, we have found that this is a kit house. Actually it is a couple of kits, plus a few bonus pieces. Handicrafts manufactured the kits used on my house. One 1923 - 1929 and the other 1923-1939. They seem to think it probably was built in the 1920's. They said whoever built it took the pieces from the kits and then designed their own house with all the pieces. Most houses of this era have two opening doors on the sides to access the inside. Mine has the two side doors, and the front opens up as well.

Now the roof is original, it is paper shingles, and is in pretty good condition. But the sides and all of the fretwork, well there are 90 years of paint... thick gooey paint was the last coat. Now to restore it best, we would want to remove the paint layers and save the paper that originally covered this house. You can see the paper in flaked off areas.

Totally awesome isn't it... the paper was a red brick pattern paper. We are going to try and save it, but if we can't I am already on the hunt for original antique paper to use. If that doesn't happen there are companies that produce re-makes of it. But I really would love to keep everything of the same period.

Now I want the outside to be gorgeous, and as much like it was when made, but we all know what the fun part of a doll house is right?

Yea.. I know lots of work inside too...  Hey Hubby and I have restored more than one full size house that didn't look this good when we started, so I think we can do this one. Just like the outside, I am looking for original wall papers, and floor. I can see small glimpses of the original patterns in each room. So I should be able to put the inside back pretty close to as new as well.

One of my favorite things about the house is the fire place!!

It is many layers and is so detailed. It has a vintage photo of logs burning that is behind it. From the early catalogs there was suppose to be a mirror above this mantle. I don't know if it was never there or if it disappeared long ago... but according to the records, it came with it... so I am going to be on the hunt for it as well.

So lots of work, and it won't happen all at once. And Hubby is excited about it as well so he will be helping me get it all done correctly, you know... his way. But I know it is done to its best with him.

I have been told I need to wait to start searching for the fun.. the furniture and decorations. As we need to concentrate on the house only right now. But between you and me... I have been surfing the internet, the auction sites and web sites for 1920-1930's items. I have printed out some of the furniture made by the same company, Handicrafts. And also a few other companies that have styles that I love. I am collecting photos from the web for things I love... you really would think I was doing a "real" house.. LOL

Here is one of a kitchen I love and might goal towards...

I know right?? too cute! The details just amaze me. Love the little kitty.. LOL

Ok... So I already have too much to do on my list... but this is going to be fun, and yes I know ... slow. I will show progress as we accomplish it. Right now I just like looking at my shambles of a doll house and seeing in my head how gorgeous it will be.

Now no need to tell me, I know... I am a dork. Ha!

Hope my doll house gave you a smile, and memories of your childhood. (oh BTW... my 1st  childhood doll house? Was plastic, two story and the supports kept coming apart and it would fall to one side.... this dollhouse will be different!)

Have a wonderful Sunday!
HUGS and -

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Animal Crackers - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?

Hi - Today's Animal Crackers has a just as the Title says.. Good, Bad and VERY UGLY!! And actually the UGLY is the really BAD...

Look what was found yesterday here on the farm... just feet from the all the animals...
That is a DEAD Copperhead snake... It wasn't dead when it was found. Hubby made sure that it was very dead though. We have not ever found a Copperhead here before. They are BAD snakes, very poisonous! And seriously it was found like 5 feet from the goat pen, and 10 feet from the donkeys pen!!! And YES... in case you are asking... those are EGGS!!!!!!!  They are now destroyed thank you very much. Even if Hubby says that they were not her eggs... but I don't care I wanted them destroyed JUST IN CASE!

This is how she was found -

At the end of the tear down and clean up of removing the old barn - the guys were picking up all the remaining cinder blocks, thank goodness they saw this before they reached down and picked up this one!  I did call the Doc though, thought he might want to know that we found this so close to Pattie's barn, just maybe this was the cause of her illness? He said he didn't know and all the test are not in yet, but that he would note it in her file and see...  I am just glad this one is no longer here, and hope there are no friends anywhere here!

Now still in the nature category, and Good... these guys I do love seeing here -
Thursday night when taking the doggies out for their last evening business. This guy was perched on the stair railings. In past years we have had a ton of these pretty little frogs, but the last couple of years, not so many. The drought I guess... but seeing this one was really nice. I think they are just too cute.

Also in the Good -

Pattie is home! and seems to be doing just great.

She is back to normal Pattie. Except for the fact that she has to wear her halter. She doesn't like wearing it full time. But I am lazy... and chasing her and having to put it on every night when it is time for her medicine is just too much. So for the week she has to wear it. Sorry Pat... but she doesn't mind too much when she gets out of the pen and her sweet feed mixed with her medicine (shhh she doesn't know it is in there) Luckily it is a powder with no taste, so mixing it up in a small bowl of sweet feed is the easiest way to get it in her. She thinks she is being treated special - we do not feed sweet feed or any kind of grain regularly... makes donkeys fat, and hooves grow really fast. And as long as we get really good quality hay they are happy and more importantly HEALTHY.  WE are so Happy that Pat is home and doing so well. A week ago... we were so worried.

Thought this was a cute view late yesterday afternoon... caught it with my phone -

They were all thinking it was dinner time... and really paying close attention where "Dad" was going and what he was doing. They were not happy at all when he just came out to take out the trash, and then went right back in the house.

Darlene decided to use her authority and tell him that she thought it was time for dinner. Sorry Darlene, "Dad" goes by the clock... not your tummy.

I think I am going to title this photo -


Libbie and Tuco really have been playing hard lately... I have no clue who starts it, but it is a constant rumble. They are just playing - but once they get really going good you can't tell where one starts and the other ends. It is just a "Blue Merle Blur"... and makes me nuts as it is destructive, and loud.. LOL.

And then one last cute one for you. Hubby had gone in the house and Libbie, Tuco and Autie followed him in. I was coming up the stairs to go in, the back door had shut before Chica had made it in so she was waiting for me to let her in... Well she and "BooBoo Bunny" were waiting.

Boo Boo Bunny is Chica's special toy. It was her "Sick present" when we fixed her long ago. She has been attached to her ever since. Problem started up with the now sad little bunny when Libbie had her last litter of puppies, for some odd reason, Libbie decided that she wanted the bunny to be hers. And she started swiping it when Chica wasn't looking and putting it in her crate. And now ever since then these two girls are constantly swiping it back and forth from each other. We have had more than one very loud "discussion" over this little bunny... and the tug of wars has caused a loose leg and loose arm.  This day Chica had the control over the bunny... and when you have control, yes you even take it out with you to do your business... you cannot risk it being left behind and taken!  I have tried bringing in new toys, and the do get played with... But none of them are Boo Boo Bunny.

Well that is it this week - hope you enjoyed them... well all but that nasty snake, yuck!  I'll see you tomorrow to show you what I got antiquing a week ago. I am so excited about it!

HUGS and -

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whimsy Stamps - Lexi's Beach Ball

Howdy Wednesday - Today I thought I would show off one of my Whimsy Cards that was just published in the July Whimsy Stamps Magazine. YOU DO GET IT RIGHT? If not make sure to visit the Whimsy Store and sign up!!! You can get it online for free.. or if you are like me and want it in print they now offer it in print shipped right to your mailbox HERE.

But back to my card  - I thought I would share one of my cards that was published in the Magazine... Love this image - "Lexi's Beach Ball" from Crissy's Digitals.

Now it has been awhile since I did this one, so lets see what I did here...
The pattern papers are DCWV Nana's Nursery Baby Girl, Sewed down each layer. The border is Whimsy Double Scallop Border Die, two of them, that I ran ribbon through and then layered pattern paper between. The corners of the image I have Whimsy Corner Die Set.. topped with Viva Decor Pearl Pen, Salmon color. For the sand there is Ranger Stickles Diamond (over Copic E53)

Now back to Lexi's Beach Ball... I colored her and then cut her out. Then I took a second one and colored her is shades of grey. The pretty colorful Lexi is then pop dotted over the shaded one... gives a really great shadow effect.

The Sentiment is from Whimsy - Summertime Sentiment

The inside matches the front with pattern papers. And the sentiment is also from the summertime sentiments

I didn't take a photo of the Copics, as this was long ago and for the Magazine.. but I did write the colors  down :0) Copics - BG0000, BG10, G12, G40, E0000, E000, E00, E02, E53, E55, E57, N2, R12, R20, R81, R83, R85, Y11, Y23, YR61 and 0- Blender

Can you believe that summer is almost over? Well the calendar dates, and school time is already here... but it is still warm enough to put on your bikini and grab a beach ball and head to the beach! HA...

Hope you liked my card, and if you don't get the magazine... get on over and sign up for it. WOW really full of tons of inspiration and LOTS of tutorials!!! 

I am off... errands today... and it is a list longer than we will get done this week! 
Have a wonderful day-
HUGS and--

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Bookmarks or Name Tags

Hello Tuesday. Today is the High Hopes Challenge! And this week there is a fun and I think a pretty simple challenge to take on. All  you need to do is make a bookmark or a name tag with a High Hopes Stamp.

Me, I saw this as the perfect time to ink up one of the new Tag stamps... I just love Kitty Tag. A fun topper to a bookmark don't you think?

I colored with my Copics ( colors below ) And then I loosely cut out the cat and bird so they could be popping over the top of the tag.

For the bookmark I used kraft card stock, with pattern papers from My Minds Eye Chic Indie collection. I sewed layers together and then attached my cat with a piece of double sided tape.

Wasn't sure what I was going to use to write on my tag. And then I saw the October Afternoon blue and cream letter stickers. They matched perfectly... and honestly they were easy. Haven't been sleeping well and my brain just can't handle thinking too much. LOL It was better yesterday evening, thank goodness.

I then found three ribbons that matched my colors and cut them and grouped them. I sewed them to another piece of pattern paper and then attached it to the back of the bookmark.

This was fun and something different to make.

Here are the Copic Colors -

Not many colors for this one.

Now please pop over and see all the High Hopes DT projects for this week. TOO CUTE!  And then take just a few minutes and join us in making a bookmark or name tag! So get on over to the High Hopes Challenge.

Now I know some of you are wanting an update on Miss Pattie - We got to bring her home yesterday afternoon!!! She is not 100% yet, but she has improved greatly and the vet said he felt she would do even better at home. We still have no clue what caused her illness. The test are trickling in slowly and so far nothing to tell us what was wrong. The Docs.. yes she had two working on her trying to figure things out, they seem to think that it may have been one of two things. A snake bite, or a bee sting. And then an allergic reaction of some sort. Don't know.. hopefully one of the larger test will come back and say something to let us know. Reguardless ... the main thing that matters is she is home and feeling much better.

Was funny when we went to pick her up. You could tell she was happy to see us, but upset with us for leaving her there. I mean she is a donkey so she doesn't wag her tail like a dog... but you can tell. We lead her out to the trailer and she tried to act like she didn't want to go in and fought us a bit. But she pretty easily loaded up. Once home she jumped out as soon as the door open, and let us lead her across the yard... again... donkey, so they don't just walk along with you, they have to from time to time put the brakes on just to show you they have the control. LOL  As soon as rounding the corner and she saw her girlfriends... she started trotting, and actually hee haw'd just a tiny bit. She is home! Now we just need to keep a close watch on her, meds every day for 10 days and wait for the rest of those test. But we are thrilled she is home and doing so well. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

So what's on for today? Normal house junk... laundry, a little cleaning. I need to find my craft desk and spend a good hour or so sorting and putting away. I have been so lazy lately and my giant desk.. I have barely a 12 x 12 square to work. Time to get my act together!!!

Have a wonderful day.. I think I'll go out and hug a few donkeys and goats....
HUGS and

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Me and My Space - Loving tiny things

Hello - First I will report that we spoke for a long time with the Doc yesterday and he thinks Patti is on the mends. Her numbers had come way up in the two days, and all though we still do not have the tests back to confirm, or find out what is actually the cause, she is doing much better. Wouldn't let me bring her home yet... Darn it... but I did agree, she is doing well and until she is 100% and we know for sure I would rather her stay where they can run test and like clock work give her meds.  I do think they have all fallen in love with her though :0) They can't believe how sweet she is. And in their words "Especially for a donkey"... I wrinkle my nose up when they say that.... all my children are sweet! I'll keep you informed... but at this point until the test come back middle of the week, we are are on hold.

Now yesterday after we talked with the vet, Hubby and I went to do errands, and somehow we ended going junking again. We are SO BAD!! But we did have fun, and I got something I have wanted FOREVER, and am so excited to show you. But (teaser here) I couldn't get a photograph of it last night when we got home so it will have to wait until next week to show you. Thunderstorms moved through and we barely got inside after checking on the animals. And so no photos could be taken. Wish I could have gotten photos of the lightning too... I have NEVER seen bolts like that and so close! Freaky scary!

I looked around and found something else I totally love to show you - I have told you we collect toys, right? I think so, and I have showed a few things to you. Today I will show you one of my most loved things, in a new happy display toy.

These toy tin canisters are I have had for years. I adore them! I have always said "I am pretty su" they are from the late 1920's to 1930's. I have been blessed to have the entire set with all the lids.  Then a couple of weeks ago I ran across this adorable little hutch dirt cheap. Hubby said, well you just have to buy it for your canisters. Uh yea for sure!

Then just a couple of days later I was online surfing and found this for sale!
Did I need it? No, I have  a set..... but these... Oh I really do need them. They are like new, still in the box they were sold in!!! Now we would say "upgrade".  I like to think improving my "investment".  It is a good thing Hubby and I think the same, and he understands me. Cuz I showed him the screen... and didn't say a word. He said well I guess you are going to have to find somewhere to put that when it arrives. LOL  So I closed my eyes and hit the buy now button. Just a few days later it was here!

Now normally... I would sell the lesser set, and treasure my upgrade. But at this moment. I think I am going to love both sets. I told Hubby that if I found a different set that I just had to have, that would sit in my hutch, then maybe I would sell. But I can't take the ones out of the box for the hutch... and we don't want the hutch to be empty do we? So for now... I have TWO sets of one of my favorite treasures. Oh and the inside of the box... it is stamped - inspected, Nov - 1927.  So now I can say for sure the date!

Hope you are enjoying seeing my things - my happy toys. Just wait until you see what I got today!

Have a great Sunday! We have a chance for more rain today... fingers crossed!
HUGS and-

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Animal Crackers - Thinking of Pitter Pat

Hello - I had not intended on missing Thursday or Friday post. I am very sorry - We have had all our thoughts and energy on Miss Pitter Pat. Pattie is not well.

We noticed last Sunday that she was loosing weight. And then Wednesday we noticed that she had a few bumps on her. So early Thursday morning we loaded her up on the trailer and headed into the vets office. Normally we would call the Doc out to see us, as loading up donkeys are not the easiest to do. But we knew that they would want to be able to run test on her and it would be faster if she was there.

Here is Hubby waiting outside with Pattie to see the Doc.

We are very worried about our girl. They are not for sure what is wrong with her. Her numbers are wonky Plus her back right leg is swollen. One thing we are concerned about is did she get bit by something. Rattle Snakes are on the move around here, we have killed one and a neighbor has killed two just this week! Pat is staying at the vets office right now. They felt they could better keep an eye on her and check her numbers and give her meds. Hubby went by there yesterday and checked on her. Her personality hasn't changed a bit, she nodded her head at him and slowly came right to him for lovings. He stayed there while they checked her numbers again they were better. So we are taking that as a positive and that the medicine is working... working on what we still are not sure, but after all the stress and worry I am taking it! I can't stand it anymore, as soon as all the animals are fed this morning we are loading up and heading in so I can see my girl. It is making me crazy not having one of my babies home. - So Prayers for our girl Pattie, please.

Ok, a few shots from earlier...

Tiny Olive Oyle  -

Her coloring is just stunning! For a while there we were worried that she was going to be to tiny to ever use as a breeding Nanny. But finally she is starting to catch up to all the other girls her age. And I am thrilled! She has such beautiful markings and coloring! Won't be for a while, but I think she is going to have pretty little kids.

Jill -

I think last week... or the week before...(they are running together and coming so fast lately) I think I showed you one of her daughters, Crissy. I said how much she looked like her Mom. Well this is Jill - she has sweetest petite face and long nose. And take a look at those horns! Of all the goats, Jill has the prettiest, longest thin horns. They are perfect.  I happen to think Jill is just perfect too. 

A photo of two of the boys -

 Here are Jorge and Pavo. The afternoons have been really hot here. 100 degrees plus. I found them hanging by the water bucket. "Dad" had just filled them with nice cool fresh water. One thing that Hubby is a FREAK about clean water. We decided years ago that we didn't want large water troughs for the animals. I can't stand seeing all that yucky green algae in them. So we went with these 20 gallon buckets. Some pens have two or three of them. But working with these buckets Hubby can dump them and clean them. EVERY DAY. This time of year two times a day. Our donkeys have become use to having that clean fresh water... and look forward to it. Some of them will trot over while he is filling and drink right out of the hose. Kids :0)

One more photo this week... took this yesterday, just cracked me up.

I came around the corner and found Mr. Tuco enjoying "Dad's" chair. I snapped quick with my phone, then asked what he thought he was doing... those adorable eyes just looked up at me. He is the only one of the four dogs that has ever jumped up on the furniture. Well other than the bed, we have stairs so they can come to bed at night... I know spoiled. But you know I can't sleep with out a fur baby on my feet :0) I petted him on the head and left him to being comfortable. LOL Hey.. it isn't my chair...

Sorry I don't have more photos this week... Pattie has had all my thoughts, time and energy the past few days. I hate having sick children! I just wish she could tell me what is wrong.

I'll be back tomorrow with Me and My Space... see you then, have a wonderful Saturday.
HUGS and-

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - Lots of Layers

Howdy Wednesday! And today is a really special day :0) I am now official 1/2 way between 40 and 50 years old... today I turn 45. Shocking! LOL Why is it when my parents turned 45 they were SO OLD. And me.. now.. not old at all! HA!   So today is my birthday... and I want to show you my card for today's Whimsy Stamps Challenge!

(smooth transfer to the challenge there huh?)

Here is  my card for the Lots of Layers theme of this weeks challenge -

Don't you just adore the Whimsy Turtle?  He just makes me smile - And I think he is good for those tough "man" cards, as well as a frilly girl card. That is where I went... Lots of layer for the challenge of misc. Glitzy papers, with cream colored card stock mats and base.  Sewed down the layers, and then die cut two of Whimsy's Double Scallop Border Dies out of the same cream card stock, I stacked them and then sewed them down. A band of dotted Satin Ribbon finishes off the band. Whimsy Turtle is cut out with a circle nestie, matted with the same green paper. I added LOTS of mulberry roses, with Martha Stewart Frond leaf and branch punches. They are really hard to see, but there are also crystal drops added as well. Man they are really hard to see! For my sentiment I used the Whimsy Ticket die and one of the matching stamps - I love this sentiment from the Ticket Notes set. Finished off with corner dots of Viva Decor Pearl Pen in cream color.  Have to tell you... I almost messed it up totally. Phone rang, just as I was putting the dots down. I came back after chatting, and picked up the Pearl Pen bottle and just as the dot started to come out.. I saw it.. OH NO.. I had the graphite in my hand! Somehow I picked up the wrong one and almost messed it all up. That Graphite... dark stuff there. I have had what Captain Jack Sparrow would know as the black spot on my hand for a couple of days now... whew.. but I stopped just in time and all cream was used.

I used some scraps for a simple inside - yes, I cut too much ribbon for this one, so needed to use it up too.

Here are the Copic Colors -

Now I hope you will make a Path and head on over to the Whimsy Stamps Inspiration Challenge and see all the Layers from the DT. Really cute this week! And then join us. You don't have to use a Whimsy stamp to enter, we love when you do, but it isn't a requirement. So no excuses!

Better get going - Day with Hubby ;0).  No not some grand birthday trip  - normal errands. Running by the Doc's office. I go every Wednesday... I haven't said anything, but I have been doing a Dr. weight loss thing, and Wednesday's are my Weigh in day, so every week try and schedule all our errands so as long as we have to drive into town we get lots of other things done as well. Oh.. 33lbs. lost so far :0)
-  So first by there, then post office, then accountant, then bank...all BORING -  but then... Lunch, my choice, and then if time a stop by the mall.

Hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday. I really have been wanting new dishes so I want to see what there is in person. I have internet shopped... I know what I like, and showed to Hubby and he liked, but haven't ordered yet. I just need to feel them first you know? And then the other thing I told him I would like... new dining room chairs. All the furniture is looking so great with the new paint finish and my chairs, just don't match. I have been drooling on some gorgeous upholstered chairs. Only can get them online... scary! But I have looked all around here and not found what I want. He gave me the ok to order them, but I just have been so nervous to click that complete order button. What if I don't like them when they get here? They don't sit well? I did order a swatch of the fabric, so I know I'll love it. But man... I am so chicken! Have you ever ordered something like that online? Am I just being a dork?  Well you know what? "It's my birthday and I can be a dork if I want too!"  Now I really am.. on that note I will say toddles and run -

Have a wonderful day!
HUGS and -

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Black and White/Greyscale/Sepia

Hello Tuesday! Today is the High Hopes Challenge day.. and the challenge this week is one I have wanted try for a while now. A black and white/Greyscale/ or Sepia challenge! Now you can do your card all in the black and white and then do an image with a little color. But I really wanted to try to go for it and do the all grey scale coloring. And I think for my first try I did ok...  But before I show you my card I want to share something that had me dancing all around the house yesterday evening...

My Cutie Bird House that I showed HERE - And on the Little Darlings Challenge Blog HERE - Well Angie from Little Darlings shared a link with me...  MY birdhouse was featured on the Cool2Craft site! You can see it HERE!  I am so thrilled and honored that they wanted to show my bird house and feature it on their site!!! Thank You Angie! And Thank You Cool2Craft!!!!!

ok now on to today's post.. I'll try and settle down :0)

Here is my attempt at a greyscale card -

I just knew I had to use Maurice - One I had been dying to ink him up, and two I knew he would be great to work with all the greys and black coloring.  The sentiment "Moose on the Loose!" is also from High Hopes. :0)  My pattern papers are all from Prima, matted with black card stock. I sewed my layers, and then found a piece of black and grey striped ribbon, and ran it through the image, and added a bow.  I went through a million things to use as embellishments. Nothing felt right, then I found a vintage watch face that is black, love that. Then three dots of Graphite colored Viva Decor Paper Pen.

Here is the inside. Copied the same papers, sewed and then I added another of the High Hopes Sentiments. "Just Motoring by with a birthday Hi!"

Oops - totally forgot to take the photo of my Copic colors for this one.. but lets just say... almost every grey that I own! LOL yes, C's, N's, T's and W's... oh and I can't lie.. a tiny bit of E0000 and then my background is colored with BG90... but it has a grey cast to it so I thought it was ok.

I had fun with this one, and so happy it was the challenge this week and forced me to try something new. Now make sure to motor on over to the High Hope Challenge and join us!!! YOU could win some new High Hopes stamps... so do it!

Hoping to play catch up today... need to do a little surfing and visits, need to do some DT work, need to clean my craft area, and lots of other needs... hope I can check off more than one and not get sidetracked day. Ain't saying I don't enjoy the side tracks, but I really want to get ahead on things again. Makes life so much easier doesn't it?

Have a wonderful Tuesday :0-)
HUGS and-

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Me and My Space - Hoosier - Swinging Teddies

We are still working on painting furniture, promise you will see it all when done. But this week I wanted to show you a piece that will NEVER see paint!

This is my little Hoosier cabinet.

I got this a few years back from a good friend. It is a very hard size to find. It is very small - both narrow and in height. It is also in amazing condition. Stunning wood that will never ever see a paint brush. The red and white granite is fabulous as well and pulls out to make it a larger work table. We use this area as safe zone for Gato to eat. I would open it up and show you that inside are many of the original wire racks - but well. We use this for all the stuff.. you know junk that you need to have the moment you need it, but you don't want out in the open. The roll top holds all my cookbooks, as this is right off my kitchen.  . I love this cabinet...

And how about while I am here I'll show you the top of the Hoosier? I just re-did the top... as I got something new this week.

Well not new. But new to me. You see that swing/glider? Isn't it just the absolute cutest? A friend.. the same good friend that I got the Hoosier from, well she has one of these in red. It is  made by Amsco a toy company from the 1920's until I think the 1970's. This piece I think may be from the 1930's??? I think. Need to keep looking for ads to make for sure. They are heavy metal, and the chairs hang from chains and swing back and forth. I love it! I have wanted one forever!! I have looked a million times online for one to buy over the years. And never run across one. Not once! And a little over a week ago Hubby and I were talking about old toys we wanted to find while out "antiquing" and I told him about my friends red swing. I went to answer the phone, and in the 5 minutes I was gone not only did he find one, but it is BLUE ( lots that I collect is that 1930's blue) and it had a buy it now! I looked at him, he smiled and clicked the button. Best Hubby ever I tell you! Just a few days later it was here and my Teddy bears were Swinging baby! The big bears are handmade bears. The brown one is old leather that Hubby got me when we were dating. The Panda.. we found years later at a show. The little bear. Well I found it on a clearance table and just couldn't let that little guy sit there and not be loved. Hmmm maybe this is a sign of all the real life animals we have?

The vintage tin bucket and tin watering can... who knows. Years ago from a Garage Sale, Estate Sale or junk shop... had them forever. I think you will see... toys are a biggie to me, love them. You know I think it is because they just make you smile. They are happy - That is fun to me.

Ok, so that is one more corner in my house. I have lots of corners full... so more on my next Me and My Space ok? Hope you are enjoying my junk -

Have a great Sunday - Hugs and