Monday, July 30, 2012

Gift Store Display

Well over the weekend we got the display and my cards put into the new gift store! I am sharing a booth with my BFF Tracey - The store isn't open until later in the week, and then the Grand Opening middle of the month, but I just had to show you how it is looking. Once the store opens and I have links and addresses I'll share them...

The sweet lady that owns the store gave me this old card display to use - now it did not look like this when I first got it. It was made to hold small little gift cards. Hubby took it all apart, altered the wire racks to hold my 6x6 cards and then he cleaned, sanded and painted the display. Then he crackled it! Love how it came out and it fits perfectly in the antique feel of the store. So cute, she used old doors to create the individual booths. Really is going to be a nice place!!  I have 60 cards in the rack right now and it spins to show them all off. Love it.

It had a metal sign holder attached to the top. We took it all apart and I made my own sign.

Raffie is gonna be seen quite a bit more :0)

Here is the booth - I am sure there will much more added in time - But it is a good start.

Cute huh? BFF Tracey and her daughter Brittany make these adorable name signs. They call their business "You Name It"  She will take orders for them and make any name you need. I'll get ordering information and link it as soon as I can. They were all gone this weekend for the other daughters wedding. (Congrats Tiffany and Donnie!!)  So as soon as the store is all officially open I will post all the links and info... I just had to share my little part and what I have been working on the past week.

Have a great Monday -
HUGS and

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A few goodies from our Antiquing trip

Hi - Thought today I would show off a few of my "goodies" from Hubby and I's Antiquing trip last week. We both got some really fun "new" antiques for our collections. I got some pretty pieces of Yelloware, a cute tin doll bed and high chair, and of course a few donkeys.. ;0)

Today I wanted to show off the new donkeys for the collection - I have a pretty large donkey collection. Live, stuffed, wooden, porcelain, glass, plastic, celluloid, paper.. it goes on and on. In case you didn't see it way back when I showed it.. here is my Donkey cabinet.. a while back.. long while back, it is much fuller now.

Ok as I look at the photo more.. it is much much much fuller now. Ha..

Now onto my finds - I found three donkeys

First one - not a super old toy, but that doesn't matter... what matters is condition for what it is, and how much it is...  This is a great plastic donkey. In good condition, just a few little paint rubs, nothing broken or cracked. I have lots of this type of donkeys - I even pick up brand new ones everyonce in a while from the feed store. Most of the time they only have horses... but every now and then I look in the toy area and find a new donkey... I totally LOVE my antique donkey items, but the new need love too, right? I figure this guy is probably anywhere from 5-20 years old, no way to tell.

Now this guy.. he is much older! And in fantastic condition!!

 He is only my second bobble head donkey. My first one is very old thin celluloid and is larger, but doesn't have this much paint on him. This guy was a treasure to find! I am not sure yet whether he is celluloid or plastic.. he is border line. But I do think he is pretty old.. I could not believe how great of condition he is. It is hard to find donkeys that don't have broken ears... they do stick out quite a way you know. And many times legs are broke as well.. toys way back then had such fragile thin parts.

Now believe it or not.. this to me was the most thrilling and best condition I have seen like it!!!

I drug Hubby all the way to the case when I found this guy!! He is a Schoenhut Circus animal.. more importantly DONKEY!  These toys are SUPER collectible, and all though sort of crud looking were really popular toys. This toy line came out in 1903 and I think was made until the 20's or 30's. I "think" mine is an earlier donkey. New line of toys for me, I am just learning about them. There were lots of different animals, and in fact there were different donkeys... a mini, and a "burro" that is grey with shorter legs. I could really get into these.. man they are so cool. Right now I am totally kicking myself though... the dealer that had this donkey had a goat as well... Hubby tried to get me to buy it too, but I was being "good" and I haven't started collecting goats just yet. I will need another cabinet for that I am sure. LOL Just need to find where I can put that cabinet...

So would you like to see more? Ha.. I sound like the dude in the movie Starship Troopers.. "Would you like to know more".. LOL but seriously if you like, I can show off more of my collectibles once in a while. I for sure have LOTS to show!

Have a great Sunday - HUGS and

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Animal Crackers - A Little bit of Everything

Happy Animal Crackers Day - today I have a little bit of everything, we have curious, we have fear, we have girl watching, and then rough housing.

First up... this photo just cracks me up to no end!

Little Hank... he is starting to have his teenage "feelings" and really paying a lot of attention to the little girls. He has gotten a bit bigger, he is actually the same size as Alice... and she is one of the smallest girls. If you listen really close you can hear his pick up line... "Hey Baby... I am Little Hank, I am so cute they want me to be a stud buck"  LOL Love this guy. Went in and loved all over him after this photo. Won't be able to do that much longer... he is gonna have the stink real soon I am afraid. Told hubby we will need a hazmat suit to hang at his gate, cuz I don't think I can not love on this guy.

Speaking of girl watching...

Black Jack watching the girls go by... His private pen is under the oak tree where he can still feel like he is part of the group, but not where he can get to the girls. If you ask Black Jack... population control stinks! ... not quite as bad as Frank but it stinks!

 Frank.. LOL I snapped this one when Hubby was mowing.

He is such a big scared'y cat.. he was hiding in his hut keeping a close eye on Hubby... making sure he was not coming anywhere near him! Was so funny to watch. When Hubby would walk away he would pull his head out and watch, then when he turned and was walking towards us.. he quickly popped back in... then slowly would come out just in time to see Hubby turning and walking away again. It was sort of like watching Tennis... over and over and over his head would pop in and out. LOL

And now the real Scared'y Cat...

Told you I would try and show off the other three cats in the "chicken house" Last time I showed you Fraid'y Cat... this is her sister Scared'y Cat. I took this a LONG way off. When you walk to the pen she freaks and flies back into the house and hides behind the door. They look a lot alike, and we also have their Mom.. "Little Momma" haven't seen her out of the rafters in daylight since she arrived. At night I can see her eyes outside with a flash light... I assume, as I count six sets of eyes when I shine the light that way... LOL

Now on the super friendly side, Samatha is the black cat I showed last time. This is her twin sister... we are calling her "Sammy 2"
Looks just like her sister and is just as friendly... funny how the two sets of sisters are so alike.

Here is another funny one -

If these were teenage girls, these would be the popular girls in the school. The "lead" girl in the middle with her groupie friends hanging on her side following her in all her whims and trends. That is my Juliet and her girls Lydia and Felicia... in the beginning Lydia was the leader, but lately I see that Juliet takes the lead, she is the one dictating where they go and what they do. May just be a size thing. But all though she is the largest she is the friendlier, and the greeter for all those that come to the pen. Felicia is new to the trio... I guess she is low gal in the group and is the one that has to run for the gossip and to find out which boy is in love with who this week... HA !

Was wanting some doggie photos this week... and this was what I was working with....

No way was I getting any pretty photos this week... nope. They were all into rolling in the grass, biting each other then running away, and barking. We had lots of barking going on. Libbie.. she was standing at the back door wanting in. Libbie hasn't really liked long evenings outside lately. Air conditioning. She is really liking that - rolly polly girl doesn't like the heat and the humidity... gonna ask the vet this next week about her weight gain. I bet I could make a fortune if I could get some sort of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers group for little dogs going...right? Heck they have great clothes, jewelry, fancy purses... group therapy for weight loss is a must right?  These three? Nope, they are SO active they have no weight gain after being fixed. These three have two speeds - still while sleeping and 110% full speed ahead!

Ok, speaking of full speed ahead.. gotta get the day going! I am putting my cards in a new shop in one of the small towns near here. A friend asked me to help fill a booth - they had a card display to give me to use and I do have LOTS of cards stacking up. So Hubby painted and made the display look gorgeous and now I have a huge stack of cards put into clear envelopes and priced.. so today we are taking it all in and setting it up getting ready for the opening on the 1st. Hope I sell a bunch... I'll take a photo to show you when it is all pretty :0)

Speaking of pretty... I snapped a few photos of a few of the things I got on our junking trips last week... I'll show them off tomorrow ok? See you then? Have a great Saturday -
HUGS and

Friday, July 27, 2012

A little BirdHouse for my Little Darlings Guest DT

 Hello! Today is my last post as Guest DT for Little Darlings Stamps. I have had a really hard time trying to find something to make for my last DT spot. Wanted to do something special. I came up with a few different things that I wanted to make, but at then I just kept seeing this blank wood bird house sitting on my shelf. It was calling out to use a few of the Cutie Pie images... and when a bird house is calling out to you.. you have to do something with it! 

The images that I used are - "Pretty Posie", "Flowers For You" the "Green House" and then even though she isn't part of the In the Garden release, I totally adore her, so I had to use "What a Sweetheart". I just wish the bird house had been larger so I could have added even more of them! 

Basics of the birdhouse. I purchased a wood bird house from the craft store. I painted the first coat with a chocolate brown. Then I painted with Plaid Crackle Medium. You have to let it dry completely. Then I painted the top coat with a cream paint. All of my paints are acrylic. As it dries.. the crackle magic happens. Love watching that! 

Then for the roof I punched a whole lot of Fiskars heart punches out of coredinations brown card stock that I sanded each one. Then lots of glue and you layer them to create the shingles on the roof. The ridge I added gingham ribbon, and then a row of pearls, it reminded me of those victorian houses and their awesome time decorations across the tops. Around the edge, pretty woven lace ribbon, and button tops. A olive green matching lace ribbon around the bottom for a grass type of bottom. 

At that point... you just dig through all the stuff you have stashed over time. I found lots of little pieces that were just perfect for the garden theme - a little shovel, a flowers sign, tiny little plastic flowers, little sayings and quotes, a clock face, chipboard flourishes and lots of bling items. This is where I tend to go a bit overboard, the little embellishments, but I forced myself to stop. I don't think I did too much.. LOL 

It is so much fun to use my stamps with a 3-d decorating item. Great gifts! I hope mine inspired you to pick up something to alter and pull out your stamps and then have lots of FUN! 

I want to thank everyone at Little Darlings Stamps - Angie, Mindy and Sheri are the greatest to work for, and all of the DT are super talented, my Guest DT Spot has been a huge honor and a ton of crafting fun. Thanks!

See you tomorrow for Animal Crackers  - I was out last night trying to get a few shots, but the sun was already too low and the wind was blowing like crazy so not so lucky... I'll try this afternoon for better ones. Have a great day - 

HUGS and-

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - Summer Fun

Lots of Summer Fun Challenges lately aren't there? You think we are all wanting to skip out on work and go and have some fun? LOL  Well the Whimsy Stamps Inspiration Challenge this week is wanting to show off some summer fun! Around here if you were to ask Hubby... that would be loading up to go and fish for a few days... or weeks...   So when surfing through all the fabulous images at Whimsy I ran across one of the new images from LiaStampz - "Fishing" Gorgeous old fashioned image of a boy fishing!

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out with a Nesties label. My pattern papers are all from Prima - aren't they gorgeous with all those sunflowers. I took a band of one of the gingham pieces and the added some lace border punches down the side, I thought the Fiskars Daisy Dew punch matched up with all the flowers :0) - Everything is sewed down, and then I added six drops of Viva Decor Cream Pearl Pen. All of it is matted and then attached to a kraft card stock base. My sentiment is also from Whimsy Stamps - "great day to fish" love these sentiments perfect for you guy cards!

Then I added some dimensional glaze for the water. I did two coats. One to make sure it was covered and let it dry completely. Then a second to give it some movement you know like water really is :0)

Inside is simple with a few scraps.

Here are the colors used - 

Now for more summer fun make sure to pop over to the Whimsy Challenge - cute! cute! Love the other DT cards. Then once you look then join us! Easy rules and great prices.

On the run today - visit at the Dr and then lots of errands. We have been trying to plan all our in town trips for Wednesdays. Now that Hubby isn't driving into town each day for work we are trying to save gas and plan ahead. Hey... it works out most of the time.

HUGS and

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Cow Ya Doin?

So Cow Ya Doin? LOL I love it... I have been having so much fun playing with all the High Hopes stamps :0) Back to my roots you could say. This week over at the High Hopes challenge blog the challenge is Ribbon and/or Lace - Easy Peasy right? No stress there -

For me I was dying to ink up this Cow Couple.. and I added behind them the adorable farm background -

This couple cracks me up.. they are called "American Cowthic " See even the name is hysterical! And they work perfectly masked with the background farm scene called "Farm Background ".  Colored with my Copics ( colors below) and then sewed down to a piece of Nesties die cut Tim Holtz kraft core Core'dinations red card stock. Forgot I had this paper pad and ran across it a few days back and now I am going nuts with the stuff. Love how the light sanding shows off a kraft card stock. For my papers I went with a new paper pad I got last week while at Archivers. (Really good thing that place in not anywhere close to me!) Anyway the 6x6 paper pad is from Simple Stories and is called Summer Fresh. Totally love all the papers in this stack, very country. I inked the edges of the lighter papers with Distress Ink Tea Dye I believe. then sewed down with a zig zag stitch.

As per the challenge I found ribbon to go across the bottom.. but wait! Then I found some lace that is the exact shade to match the kraft card stock... so I used both! Three buttons finish off the front embellishments. The sentiment is also from High Hopes.. and worked out perfectly to just stamp right on the top pattern paper. "Cow ya doin?"  Ha! Great just for giggles card for a friend don't you think?

Inside is simply two pieces of the pattern paper, inked on the edges and zig zag stitched - Lots of room for a personal note -

Here are my copies used.

Are you liking the copies photographed? Does it help. I hope so...

Now please pop on over to the High Hopes Challenge blog and see the other DT's work, and then join us! Really great chances to win some stamps of your own to play with!!

So it is Tuesday... what is going on in your world? Us.. not to for sure, we are still settling in to Hubby being around the house all day since he sold the business. He has long list of things to do and we are working towards starting one of the big projects on the list. But for the past couple of days we have been catching up on just normal chores. He has mowed and mowed to get things looking nice again, but more importantly so we can see and keep a guarded watch on all the furry children and ourselves. He killed that Rattle Snake late last week and we don't want to accidentally run up on top of another. But with all the rain a while back I watch him mowing and I swear you can see it growing behind him! He mowed the goat pen yesterday. Now how crazy is that? Yes we have to from time to time mow the goat pen, they just don't eat the grass like you would think they would.  Now I could just say it is a type of grass they don't like much, but I think it is simply that they are well fed and prefer the alfalfa and grain that they get. Should not feed them a day or so then they would love the grass... but hey you know me... my children are all spoiled rotten. So we mow the pens. LOL

Well better run and get the day going!
HUGS and -

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Animal Crackers - some new.. some I just couldn't pass up.

whew... what a fun week. We have logged in over 750 miles in our day trips this week. And brought home some nice treasures and had lots of quality time Hubby and I. But now today reality sets back in.. Cleaning House to catch up for all the "vacation time" this week. And Hubby will be outside mowing, picking up things around the house, mowing, cleaning a few of the pens, and more mowing. He is in freak out panic mode.... he found a small rattle snake last night after we got home just after dark. And if there is one little rattler... there are more for sure.

Now I wasn't able to shoot photos last night like I had thought I would. We got home just after dark... so my  photos this week are few from my phone camera, and a few from last weeks photos that were too good to not show.

First up... the "Chicken Coop"

The Chicken Coop is basically 95% done. Some trim work, the concrete steps need to be put in place and a wall finished up inside. But it is secure, and has its residents living in it. No chickens yet... just the kitties I told you about last week. Three are LOVING it, and Three are nuts and I think will disappear as soon as the door is left open. Oh they are very happy and content in the house and pen, they just don't like it when Hubby or I go in. I will try and get photos of the other three this next week for you. But I had to show off the completed house and pen this week. I am so proud of my "Coop" and how awesome Hubby did building it. We found some Antique Chicken Nesting boxes. Really heavy well made compared to the ones you can buy today so I am getting things all prepared for the next residents. :0)  Great shaded, covered area out in front of the house. And then to the left is more pen about the same size as the covered area that is "exposed" and has a fencing top so no one can escape and no one else can attack and get in! To the right... that is the little girls pen so they can watch over their neighbors.

I got a new living room rug this week!

We unrolled it and with in... oh about 30 seconds Gato was enjoying it and thanking us for her new large bed. The dogs are not allowed in the living room, but Gato she can jump over the gate and have a room where she can lay on the floor without Libbie trying to eat her. She loves the living room. She thinks it is her own private room.

Cleatus -

I think I have told you Cleatus the boy baby from last fall was on our for sale list. Even though he is so handsome. Well since he has not sold we "gave" him three girls to live with.. might as well share those fabulous handsome looks with future generations. Well he is still here and honestly.. we have been talking about what we are going to do with future "bucks"  - We will probably still sell Cleatus if someone wants a buck - Frank will retire here one day and be a pet. He is too sweet to ever think about getting rid of him. We are going to let Hank get a older and see how he looks and give him a chance to be a buck for us and pass on his "little" genes. Peso... that is our big question. He has three girls living in his pen right now, and he did give us some really adorable babies this spring, but honestly he is a pain. Not friendly, and causes problems with all the other boys.

But then I get a photo like this and I think he is so cute, and how can I sell him.

Did you guys know I have sucker written across my forehead. I am so bad at this cold hard livestock thing. Way too much emotion... LOL hey so what - we love our furry kids.

Olive Oyl - Sweet, adorable, high pitched talker -

We have been concerned about Olive. You see she is like her 1/2 brother Hank... she just is so tiny! We didn't think she was growing much at all and that... well that could make her an adorable pet, but a dangerous breeding nanny. If she is too small.. birthing could really been life threatening for her. But thankfully in the last couple of weeks we have seen a little more size to her. Oh she isn't gonna be a big goat by any means. But I think, and hope, she might end up sized like her older sisters Rhett and Scarlett. We would love that, and with all the color she has we would love to have kids from her one day.

Not many Donkey photos to share... I had a ton from last week, but none that were great. I need to get out there and do some brushing, and cleaning up on some of them. Stray long fur, the heat, and then a flood of rain with mud everywhere... yea.. we have lots of grooming to do. I did find one photo of Yolanda to share.

Now you may not remember, Yolanda has been sold since right after she was born. The neighbor fell in love with this girl, and it is so cute, but I think Yolanda has a crush on him as well. They now live in another state most of the time, but do come here for visits. Well they are in the process of buying a new property in their new state... and you know what that means!!!  Yep in a few weeks Yolanda and Estella will be loaded up in a trailer and make the long drive to their new home. I am really gonna loose it, and bawl when they say goodbye with my girls. Oh I know they will be spoiled. Heck I have seen photos of the barn... I would gladly live in the barn! And lush green grass in large pens. So they will be very happy... but we will miss them. I am hoping to get some good photos of both girls in the coming weeks.

Dogs...Got a cute photo of Libbie and Autie. They were under the bush in the corner of the yard watching "Dad" Feed all the donkeys. They have to make sure all is done correctly, and in a timely manner. Well that is what Libbie is thinking. She is the owner of all around here you know. We work for her, and the other animals are here for her to protect and control from her fenced yard... Autie, he is probably thinking..." hey look there is Dad.. Hi Dad! What are you doing over there... Hey Dad over here... Hi...over here see me, its me Autie Dad over here "   Autie is my sweet handsome boy - adorable and loving but honestly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

LOL totally opposite personalities - and I adore then both to pieces.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday -  really hope you are doing something more fun than vacuuming, mopping and dusting. And doing 125 loads of laundry.. well it looks like that many right now.. I hope not.

HUGS and

Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Magnolia & Hanglar Challenge - Birthday

Hi - Wow... it has been a fun, but tiring week for us here! Hubby and I have been taking our day trip vacations. We really have had a lot of fun and have been seeing lots of really good junk. LOL Antiquing all the towns around us - If only I had a few more walls available in my house I have seen some FABULOUS pieces I really wanted to bring home. Just kills me that my house is already so full. I told Hubby I think it is time to add on to the house again...HA! He has gotten a few great things he is happy with, and I have found a few things that make me smile. Once I have taken a breath I will try and take a few photos and share - But still on the go right now so no time! Whoo Hoo!

But to the challenge today - the Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge - and this week it is a easy one. To make a birthday card.

Here is mine - I dug into my older Tildas...

Yee Haw I went a little bit country this week. I love this cowgirl Tilda. Probably the Texas thing. I colored her with my Copics (see colors below) and then I blinded her totally! I don't know about the Rodeo Cowgirls in your area, but here, the more bling on your clothes and boots the more in fashion you are! So LOTS of stickles were used.. I think she is happy. My papers are Creative Imaginations, So love this paper, I cut up a few pieces strategically and sewed them in place. I made a flower with a Tim Holtz Sizzix die, with a pearl adhesive center. My Happy Birthday is pink letter stickers. My Tilda is pop dotted on to the front with the corners wrapped with twine. "Get a Rope!"

Here is a close up of Blinged Out Tilda -

Inside is simple with a cream colored card stock punched with EK Success punch and a scrap of pattern paper sewed in place.

And here are the colors used for Tilda

Hope my card gave you a smile, now do a little line dance over to the Just M&H Challenge and see all the DT cards. Then join us with a Birthday card for a chance at a great prize :0)

So where are we today? Well as of typing... I have no clue! LOL I'll report in tomorrow for Animal Crackers and let you know - Hope you are having fun where ever you are. Have a great day.

HUGS and

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - Punches and Edgers

Hello - Wednesday and that is the Whimsy Stamps Challenge - And today's challenge is to pull out those punches and border edgers and have some fun! I know we all have a whole lot of those right! I seriously do not want to count mine. Might freak me out.. and I know it would Hubby. :0)

So lets just get right to my card ok?

I chose one of Lia Stampz new images "Faerie Dandelion" - she reminds me of a vintage Victorian image.

 I colored with Copics. (colors shown below) And then I went back and did LOTS of stickles. I cut her out with a circle Nestie, after cutting out her foot, the stem and a couple of seeds. I like doing this on images, really makes them have more depth. Well as much depth as I can see... Snort Snort.. ha! lol sorry.. my own little personal eye joke there. Back to serious. I colored the background with BG70 - I love how that came out, really does give that soft old fashioned look.

Here is the card -

I used Prima Songbird paper pad for my papers. Really pretty papers.  My punch Border Edger for the challenge I used Fiskars Double Dot Scalloped Border Punch. I am a total dork.. my card when closed the back is wider than the front. The inside of the card is the dusty pink card stock so the edge of the front shows off with the darker color behind it. But when I photographed it I totally forgot about it. Sorry.. but it does show pretty ok? My corners are from Whimsy, love the corner die set. The sentiment is also from Whimsy, with its matching die. Notables 4 I believe. My pearls are not pearls. They are the Viva Decor Cream Pearl pen. Mine is going down quick, think I better have more on my "need" list to order.

Inside is simple with left over papers.

Here is my photo of my Copics used -

Hope you will now pop over to the Whimsy Stamps Inspiration Challenge - great DT cards. And then join us ok? Remember you don't have to use Whimsy Stamps (we love it when you do though)

Have a great Wednesday... today we are sticking around the house. Doing some cleaning, mowing and working on a few projects around here. We went Antiquing yesterday in a few of the small towns. And  had a lot of fun, but there are chores to be done today. Then maybe we can play another day this week. :0)

Hope you have a wonderful day -
HUGS and