Monday, December 27, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - North Pole Penguin

Howdy - 

Today for High Hopes Stamps I have a little "North Pole Penguin" for you - 


Now I went way off from the traditional Christmas type colors. Christmas has now past and Winter is here! So I went with cold colors... brrrrrrr.... Ok.. so it is nearly 80 degrees where I am, but I am thinking cold! (and turning on the air conditioning!) - I colored with my Copics and then added Nuvo white paint, and Rangers Silver Stickles. 

Then I went digging in my stash of pattern papers and found Bohemian collection from Dovecraft. They have a touch of sparkle to them... perfect! I added a border punch from Fiskars - and then sewed all the layers down. 

Sentiment of "Hello Winter" - also from High Hopes Stamps, is the perfect sentiment. Punched out with an EK Success punch. That I created a faux mat with a Copic marker. 

 Copic colors used - 


Love the cool winter feel of this one. And the fun sparkle. To see more wonderful image from High Hopes Stamps newest release "Woodland Winter" - click HERE 

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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Animal Crackers - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Howdy - 

 Today from our Family to Yours - 

We wish You a Very Merry Christmas 

and a 

Blessed New Year!


 HUGS and -

Monday, December 20, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Christmas Penguins

Howdy - 

Having fun with more of the High Hopes Stamps Woodland Winter Release - and this week it had to be a fun Merry Christmas card! Nothing more fun than Penguins in Santa Hats!

This is Christmas Penguins -  Aren't they just adorable!? And so many presents! I colored with my Copics and then used LOTS of Nuvo and Stickles glitter. 

Scraps from Graphic 445 Christmas collection with cream and red card stock all sewn down with a EK Success border punch. My sentiment is also High Hopes Stamps - "Merry Christmas" that I punched out with a EK Success punch and then around the edge I used a Red Copic to create a faux mat. 

Love all the sparkles on this one, and adore those sweet little penguins! For you to see more of these wonderful images HERE

 Copic colors used -


 Hope you have a wonderfully blessed week and a very Merry Christmas! 

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Animal Crackers - Beards Blowing in the Wind

Howdy - 

It is just such an issue for these ladies... their beards blowing in the wind. Your trying to eat, chewing, talking or just posing for a photo for "Mom"... and that long beard is just blowing in the wind. 


Such a happy go lucky girl.. Lizzie was just standing there in the breeze - or gust of big wind. Her thin but long beard just blowing to the side. 

And right next to her... well always right next to her is her sister Jackie.. yep beard blowing in the wind.


Her beard though... it is much thicker - and love that stripe in hers. I'm not sure why but Jackie is a bit more serious. Not as up front friendly as her sister. They were both partially bottle fed so they were super friendly kids, but now that they are old ladies... Well Jackie is just more serious. 

Snapped a photo of Olive Oyl just as the wind was calm for a second. Now she has a very long beard. Thin as well, but very long. 


She is such a sweet girl. Not sure why she had such a hard time when we bred her, took a few tries and then she lost one almost full term. I haven't tried again she was just too sad and we almost lost her. So she is just a member of the ladies group now. Shame she is so pretty. 

And then a funny photo of Sweet Pea - this girl totally cracks me up! Can't you hear her? "Beard what beard?"

No Sweet Pea you have no beard - I always thought it would grow in at some point. Her Mom had a very tiny short thin beard... but Sweet Pea ended up with none.. its ok girl, easy to eat and no distractions in the wind! She does have that same under bite that her momma had. Those bottom teeth just always stick out - a personality grin I say!

Found a photo from last week of Jolene that I missed - I am so in love with this lady - We were advised to purchase her years ago as a really good future breeder - And it was no lie. She produces gorgeous babies and is an amazing Mom. Beautiful, loving and good "business" LOL

I was walking through the house the other afternoon - saw this in the cats window bed. I had to freeze and snap a photo ASAP!

Ferrari and Mercedes - sound asleep - monkey see monkey do?? Must be a comfortable position to snooze in huh? 
Then McLaren.. "Uh share that bed? Thank but I'll just take one of the dogs beds!" 
That's an awful big bed for you little kitty - she doesn't really care - she tries to take our bed at night too - Silly kitty. 

Hope you have a smile again this week - Have a safe and blessed week - 
HUGS and

Monday, December 13, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Snowman Stocking

Howdy - 

Today I have another new release from High Hopes Stamps Woodland Winter Collection - Loving these beautiful winter images! This is Snowman Stockings -  

I so love the country feel of these images! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out with an oval Spellbinders Nestie. Then distressed the edges with Rangers Tea Ink. While digging on my desk I found the gorgeous scroll die from Spellbinders, funny how things get buried on my craft desk and then when found feel like a new toy! I cut out and used as a mat behind my snowmen. A few scrap pieces of Graphic 45 papers sewn down and bordered with a Fiskars border punch all on a matching brown card stock base.
Used the perfect sentiment "Merry Christmas" from the same High Hopes release.  Love the fonts and the size of this sentiment. Once I had everything in place and sewn down my sweet Hubby came by and looked and said "You need some snow on all those scrolls.." Dang that is a good idea - don't tell him though.. I'll never hear the end of it. LOL So I pulled out some Nuvo white and added snow to the tops of all of those curls on the mat. Now Hubby said he would have put more.. but we all knew that.

Seemed like it needed just a bit more so I added three small red buttons top right corner. 

Copic colors used - 

You just must pop over and see all the new release at High Hopes Stamps in the "Woodland Winter" release this month. To get there quick click HERE 

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Animal Crackers - Resting on the Fence


 Beautiful Afternoon out loving the Donkeys. Everyone made their way to fence to get attention. 

Little Miss Hannah and her Big BFF Juliet are always first up - and always together! Love that! 
Hannah has become such a pretty little lady! All grown up.. sniff sniff... too fast!

And I love that her and Juliet have bonded so much.


This sweet big girl takes care of everyone, watches over them all .. and she loves them all. But she does seem to have picked Miss Hannah as her buddy - Since the day Juliet arrived here she has always been a large heart in our family. 

Mr. Pavo made his way up to the fence to see me. Such a calm sweet boy. But it seems he is no longer totally hanging back behind everyone! Such a good boy! So brave!

And oh so handsome! 


Miss Macey was trying so hard to get my attention. Those beautiful Big Brown Eyes ... just melt me and she is such a love! 

Now the whiskers... hmmmm not so lady like. But that is ok, she is still loved. LOL

Off to the side was Patti... uh hello... I'm here for attention too...

Yes Miss Patti of course I have lots of time to love on your beautiful face - That is a gorgeous face isn't it?

Now this face.. poor old lady... Momma Cat is really showing her age. How old is she? .. I really have no idea.

But she has been around for a long time. I was amazed that she was being so calm and still with me poking my camera into her cat condo - Is she ok? Why isn't she preparing to run from me? Then from behind comes "Dad" - yeah she likes him... he is the big guy that talks to her daily and feeds her daily. And he was coming up to go in and give her a big bowl of her favorite kitty chow. Yeah should have known it was food.. not me. LOL "Dad" went in and filler her bowl she meowed and got all excited and happy. Well as happy and excited as Momma Cat gets. 

I do hope you have a smile from al the critters poking in and over the fence to to say hello to you this week. And that you have a big Animal Crackers Smile! 

 Have a blessed weekend! 

HUGS and

Monday, December 6, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Christmas Gofer

Howdy -There is a new release at High Hopes Stamps! "Woodland Winter" is just filled with all kinds of fabulous Winter Critters to color up! Just in time for Christmas too! 

This is Christmas Gofer! He is a cutie pie isn't he? Ready to help decorate for Christmas!

Now this guy is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then lots of Nuvo White and Glitter to sparkle up and add some depth to all that snow! My papers are from Paper Studios Merry Collection. I am a sucker for plaid red and white and those pine cones and branches were perfect for this handsome gofer! 
A red and white gingham ribbon tied in a bow and then the sweet High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Seasons Greetings" just finishes off this card perfectly. 
I just adore this little guy and that striped scarf! 
Copic colors used - 

This new release is so adorable! I am sure you will find some little woodland creature to fall in love with! With a few snowmen.. Gnomes and other Christmas favorites!! 

Click HERE to go straight to High Hopes Stamps Website! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Animal Crackers - Are we crazy?

Howdy - 

We have asked that question more than once the last few weeks. But honestly... having these 4 kittens have been so much fun and a blessing, we are adoring them... most of the time. LOL Oh they stress me from time to time. Oh like 3am the other night when they were done sleeping and decided jumping and attacking me under the blankets... yeah at that moment I was a bit more serious. But really they are really good kittens. And are the best entertainment. And we have decided... yes we are crazy - but love it!

I hope you won't get bored with kitty photos with the other animals... but we get some good ones lately.. 

Hubby got this one one night this last week. The girls all chilling together - 

I am sure they were discussing how much trouble their brother has been getting into this last week. He usually is the one that tries us the most. But hey he is boy. And you know boys! But appointments are scheduled for end of the month to help with the attitude! For the boy and all three girls! They do have their moments too -

Hubby is going to kill me for sharing this next photo... but seriously it is to fabulous to not share! He pulled his back a bit this last week and took a day to rest it and stayed in and still reading most all of the day. A RARE thing for him to sit still all day. I was working on the other end of the house and I got a text message from him.. this photo... 

Seems that Porsche wanted "Dad" to pay attention to her and not his book.

Seriously a favorite photo for sure! Love the look in Porsche's eyes! 

The weather has been so gorgeous here the last few days that the animals have been out in the pastures enjoying it and grazing - But Black Jack is up close to the house and well... he is always begging for his special feed - So I was able to snap a great photo of him up close before he as on top of me. My old man is so handsome. 

It is so hard to believe that all those years ago when we brought him home he was so skittish and unfriendly. But he was a hot shot breeder and not treated like a member of the family. After time he got more and more friendly, but then after I rescued him from being stuck in a fence one afternoon,  he suddenly is pushy friendly and loves all attention and rub downs. We love him so much. And I think he is a happy old man here. 

Went into the goat pen to visit... I can always count on Penelope for a super model head turning pose. 

In reality I had gone it to say Happy Birthday to her Mom Abigail .. she turned 6 years old this week. I took about a dozen photos of her to get a Birthday pose. But that girl just does not cooperate! So her daughter it was! She loves to pose! 

 Now I don't think Chickens even care that I am taking photos.. for sure they don't stop and pose. But this lady was all puffed up and standing so pretty... so I took advantage and snapped before she moved on. 

Such pretty feathers on her. 

One more this week. Hubby has rose bushes in the backyard. It is December so we don't usually have lots of flowers to show off. But with all the perfect weather and all the fall rain.. this one rose stood high above the pot and was showing off its beauty!

It is so pretty to see the color in the yard - All though thinking now - I should have taken a photo of his tomato plants... He has pots that he set aside and really wasn't paying attention to them as he had too many tomato plants from seeds this last summer. Again with the rain and weather they decided to thrive on their own and have taken over a corner of the yard. Looks like in a week or two we will have a great bunch of tomatoes to enjoy! The ones he was purposely growing and the mighty forgotten ones! In DECEMBER! Love it!

Hope you enjoyed again this week. Going to have to have a talk to some of the donkeys that they are not doing their job and allowing me get cute photographs of them! I mean common they have a responsibility here! I will work with them for next week and see that they understand - 

Have a blessed week - 

HUGS and-