Saturday, January 30, 2021

Animal Crackers - Sunny Smiles

Howdy - 

When did Miss Chloe become one of the old ladies? No matter, she is still gorgeous! ok, so her horns show some age, but she is still beautiful. And I always see a bit of a smile from her. 

Now it is first her striking ice blue eyes. But her stunning coloring has always been another positive quality. She is retired now, so no more babies sadly, but she has given us some pretty kids. Now we have children and grandchildren from her. We love you Miss Chloe. 

Then there was a loud banging coming from the twins pen. Oh boys. Chipmunk was slamming his head on the fencing to get attention.

From me? Or the girl goats? Not sure, probably the girls... But he still got my attention and some nose scratches from me. He is such a handsome dude. Funny too.  He and his brother Alvin Jr. really are so much fun to watch. I can't tell you how often I take the dogs outside, sit on the porch steps and just sit and watch these boys. I would love to get into their head and hear what they are thinking. I am not sure why but I hear a little bit of Beavis and Butthead going on there... HA ! 

I went to have a chat with my lady chickens. Hubby and I were talking the other day. We really are thinking it is chick time again. 

We've lost a few chickens this last year. Some of my girls are in their golden age and now are not laying eggs as much. So  I think soon we will be heading off to the feed store and purchase some new feathered family! Keeping a watch on their calendar to see when the chicks we want will be available. Get the chick coop ready Hubby! 

Heading back to the house my "puppy" Chica was really enjoying the sun and nice weather. 

She found a patch of new long green grass. Yep Hubby time to start mowing again. She was really enjoying the sun... see that squint it was very sunny and bright. LoL Another head shaking of my puppy getting gray and older. Not that Chica knows she has become an older lady. She still is a bit of a crazy nut puppy. 

Now since I couldn't get too many great animal photos this week... remember nice weather, everyone was way out in their pastures enjoying it! 

So how about a couple of stuffed toy animals. These really make me smile. 

 Now I would love to tell you that I collect little antique kitty toys... but sorry. These are Hubby's. :0) 

He has all kinds of little cat items. Since we married he has loved cats. Never had any growing up, but he has made up for time since we married. And any time we are out at antique shops, shows or flea markets. We always have a look out for cats, donkeys or goat items. These two tiny little stuffed cats are precious. I think the one with the bell is a Steiff ... but no button or tag in his ear. But they are adorable no matter what. 

I hope you have a smile from this weeks photos. These fur babies were smiling for you for sure! Hope you have a blessed weekend - hug a furry friend! 

HUGS and 

Monday, January 25, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Laydie Buggie's Brush

Howdy -

Love this sweet image from High Hopes Stamps "Laydie Buggie's Brush" is a sweet little Ladybug with one large paintbrush!  

Why is that I feel that a ladybug image must have a totally Red and Black theme? I found a piece of red and white paper from Paper Studio and then red and black card stocks to use as card base and mats. I colored with my Copics (colors below). My layers are sewn down with both straight and zig zag stitches. For a sentiment I went with High Hopes Stamps "Raggedy's Birthday" Love the cursive in this font. I punched out the sentiment with an EK Success punch and then outlined with black to give a matted look. Then to finish off the card I added three black enamel dots. Cuz you have to add at least a few polka dots when you are using a Ladybug image right? 

 Copic colors used - 

Hope you enjoyed! For LOTS and LOTS of fun fabulous image you just need to click HERE to pop over to High Hopes Stamps and get lost in so much happiness! 

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Animal Crackers - Yum Peppermints!


My fur kids are never spoiled... LOL yeah right! But the other day we picked up a few mints from our favorite restaurant. The donkeys love them you know. We don't give them out very often but when they see us coming and then hear that crinkle of the wrappers...  they will even leave the large bail of hay Dad brought in earlier in the week. 


All ears perk up and they quickly see what is going on and head to the fence for their peppermint. Patricio and Flavio are usually up first. Ok Flavio is always first. Pat Man is a little more timid and takes his time surveying the situation. 

 But Flavio... nope reaching out lips stretching he wants the first of whatever is going on. 

Love the look in his eyes... he is watching me snap the photo, but reaching out for that mint! 

Miguel makes his way up and just grabs up his mint. But he too is keeping a watch on me and the camera. 

It is so funny they all have their own personality. And mints bring out the most of them. Only one each guys.... they are just a treat. 

Miguel was watching "Dad" walk away... he really thought one more wouldn't hurt. 

He is such a handsome guy. Shame he never gave us any babies... years with the girls and no babies, but we still love him and he is a major part of the family. 

Now we didn't say anything about peppermints when back visiting the girls. 

Restaurant doesn't hand out that many mints you know. We will just have to pull out some carrots for the ladies - healthier treat. Maybe not quite as yummy, but most of them like them just as well. Boy these girls sure do know how to attack their hay bale. It disappears much faster than the guys does. More girls in there though, but still the guys don't make nearly the mess these girls do. Those bale rings do help keep things contained somewhat, otherwise they would waste a bunch more by spreading out everywhere.

All though Moxie says the old hay in the rings isn't wasted... it really makes a soft wonderful place to chill in the afternoon.

 She is too cute for words. She usually knows it too. Love this sweet doggie and her ears! 

Hope you got another smile this week. My fur children love bringing a smile to you all. 

Have a blessed day  - HUGS and

Monday, January 18, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Birthday Buzzard

Howdy -

 Ok, so sometimes you just need a birthday card with that little giggle to it. And High Hopes Stamps Birthday Buzzard is perfect for a few people that come to mind! 


Just love this buzzard! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and found some fun bright pattern papers to use with the buzzard. This paper is from American Crafts and it for sure is bright and fun! I cut out the image in a circle popping the balloons cut out above the circle. Love doing this. I sewed down the layers and added a bright green ribbon. For the sentiment I used High Hopes "Raggedy's Birthday"  Love the fun script in this one! I punched it out with a Fiskars punch and then outlined in orange. 

Copic colors used -

Fun Card! How can you not love a Buzzard wearing a party hat, with balloons and present! LOL 

Thanks so much for visiting - 

Have a blessed day -
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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Animal Crackers - Ready for my Close Up

Howdy - 

I went out yesterday afternoon to enjoy the sun and my furry children. It has been cold here this past week, and it was still a little chilly while I was out but man the sun was glorious! The animals were enjoying it too. 

Trying really hard to get some nice group photos of some of the lady goats... but uh... RED!!!


Oh my sweet Scarlett... we actually call her Red. Fits her personality more. As you can see. She was being so pushy... one of her "me only moods" and you know what that means... yep she got most all the attention while I was in the goat pen. 

Then I heard LOTS of barking going on...  

I get over to the noise... MOM MOM MOM... Big Al is running!! I want to chase him!! LOL Uh nope you can't go in with the donkey Autie... But I love how excited and happy you are yelling out to him. He was having such a good time. Then again so was Big Al.


He stopped just long enough for a close up at the fence. I was petting him and then he was off again! He is such a sweetie! 

As I was making my way back across the yard I went past the ladies goat pen again.. Red was busy claiming the last of the breakfast, and I found my youngest girl Penelope. 

She is so sweet and we have this quiet bond. She will only let me love on her and have conversation with me if NO one else is around. That is human or other goats. But when it is just the two of us she is so calm and sweet.

I asked Teddy for a close up photo, but he was very very busy. You see we had just a little bit of rain last weekend. And now there is areas of brand new green grass growing.

If he doesn't get it right away there is a chance that Cocoa or Valentine might get it first. So until he has eaten all the newest grass there is no time for silly photographs! Its ok Ted I understand. 

I then was heading back towards the house. I forgot a jacket and was getting cold. The sun was so gorgeous it felt warmer than it really was! But I then found Libbie enjoying the sun on the porch.

The girl can't see anymore, but she totally LOVES laying outside in the sunshine and listen to all her family moving around and calling out. Those beautiful blue eyes... I so Love this gorgeous lady. She can enjoy whatever she wants... this old lady deserves to be happy 24/7! 

I hope you have some happiness where you are and do hope that we brought you a smile this week! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, January 11, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Shower of Love Teddy


Is there anything happier than coloring up a little card of LOVE for someone? This week I played with another fun fabulous image from High Hopes Stamps - This is "Shower of Love Teddy

Such a cute Valentine image... but really this image can be used for so many reasons! I colored with my Copics (colors below) I found some older papers from Nikki Sivils "It's Raining" collection. Love all the fun umbrellas! Matches up pretty good with this image. I sewed down the layers with a zig zag stitch. 

 A few punches of clouds are pop dotted over the image, and then added some grey ink and Nuvo white pearl paint. Such a fun and happy image. There are so many images at High Hopes Stamps that just make you happy! 

Copic colors used -

To find all the Fabulous Fun at High Hopes Stamps web site click HERE - So much to fall in LOVE with! 

Have a blessed day 

HUGS and

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Animal Crackers - Caught in the Act

Howdy - 

Oh my these three think they are very sneaky! "Dad" had just come home from the feed store... in the back of the truck were a few chicken feed bags. Uh CHICKEN Feed.


But all they know is that those bags came from the feed store there is a chance that just maybe they could reach in there, bite and rip a hole in a bag and chow down on as much as they could before caught in the act!  I snapped this photo through the dining room window before heading out and doing the No No No to them. As you can see Valentine was still slowing putting his head over the tailgate just in case I didn't actually go out... Sigh kids! 

Poor Spartacus... I think I mentioned that he and Domino were rough housing too much and he hurt his leg. We think that is what happened anyway. They get along great. Just like most young men they play a bit too hard with each other. 

Well Spartacus is still not putting much weight on that leg... so the best way to rest his leg and still enjoy breakfast is use his hay for a bed while munching down. 

Domino says it wasn't his fault...

He is finally getting use to his new pen, all thought he does still try and use those big brown eyes to convince us that he should be back closer to the ladies. Uh sorry Dom... 

 Went by the chicken coop... this little ladies was really stretching out to see what the movement in the goat pen was.

Ok.. all is safe it is just "Dad" feeding and all the girls running. Whew... the sky isn't falling! LOL 

I snapped this one early in the morning before heading out. Just is too cute.  This is Autie watching Dad get his breakfast ready

You see first thing every morning the three dogs get is their breakfast. Dad gives each of them two spoons of canned dog food. They think it is because they are very special and we totally spoil them. Which they are very special, and we do spoil them. But the real reason is that their herbal meds for each of their issues is mixed into the food. Shhh... don't tell them. They wouldn't touch it if they knew. But since they don't they gobble up their breakfast each morning with no issues of having to give them their medicine. Simple and they love it. 

Thought I would show a antique collectible this week. I don't remember showing this before. Hope not. 

This is an early print that we found in an antique show years ago. I HAD to have it.  Sorry for the glare in the glass. Thank goodness for digital cameras cuz I took about 20 photos trying to snap a photo without the glare. I should have had Hubby come in and take it down but it hangs pretty high and he was busy so I am dealing with the glare. Anyway back to the print. It is a large print 16x24 in original frame. I adore that baby donkey with that little girl in her red bonnet and coat hugging him. And we all know Momma donkey is right there watching over her baby. Just adorable.

I hope you have a smile again this week. And hope that you have a blessed weekend hugging a furry friend! 

HUGS and

Monday, January 4, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - No Bones Doggy

Howdy - 

Now that we are moving onward into January the next holiday that is my favorite is the card making focus! Love Valentines day! Hubby and I were married on Valentines Day... and it happens to be Hubby's Birthday. :0) 


So as you can tell its an important holiday around here. And I ADORE the High Hopes Stamps images that have the old fashioned feel of sentiment made with the image. Just reminds me so much of those sweet little elementary school valentines! Makes me want to decorate a shoe box so I have somewhere to receive my own! 

 This is No Bones Doggy -  I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out with a pretty shaped Nestie. I found a scrap piece of Paper Studio red dotted paper that all though from a Christmas collection had a perfect Valentine feel to it as well. I sewed the pattern paper to brown kraft card stock and then matted the image on the same kraft card stock. Then a few enamel dots for embellishment. 

Fun image that makes a great "insert heart here" card! 

Copic colors used


Hope you enjoyed my card this week. Me... makes my heart happy and now I think I need to run and color another Valentine image!!! 

Have a blessed day - 


Saturday, January 2, 2021

Animal Crackers - Smile It is 2021!!!

Howdy - 

Patti wanted to send you a great big Smile! ITS 2021!!! 

So exciting! As you can see Patti was very happy about it.... now maybe a toothbrush would have been a good Christmas gift? LOL Sweet Old Lady... she was hoping we had brought out carrots... sorry ole' gal, not this trip! 

Just a little attention and showing off our fur children to family visiting! 

As you can see they line up for attention and head petting. Time for everyone ladies! 

Little Josie followed me down the fence for some quite private loving. Oh my she is such a loving sweet girl. 

And beautiful!! 

I had Hubby snap these photos early yesterday morning. The men were all enjoying the New Years morning sun. Diego looks so wonderful ... he had gotten a bit "chunky" but he has trimmed down a little. Our first baby all those years ago.. now he is one of the older men. 

Then he got a great photo of Flavio and Patricio... always side by side. 

Ok 99% of the time they are side by side. Best Buddies - Funny angle shows like Pat Man is so much larger than Flavio... but in reality these two are about the same. They are both so handsome. And I adore those black noses! Velvet soft and beautiful! 

Later yesterday I found Moxie ... chillin' in a large pile of hay. Now the three large standard donkeys were heading up ... you see that soft "bedding" that Moxie is enjoying, well that is their meal... 

Yeah... she got up and moved real quick! Smart dog. Enjoy the comfort while you can and get out of the way when it is dangerous to stay. 

I do hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year, and now we all look forward to a much healthier and blessed 2021~ And lots more smiles from my fur children! 

HUGS and