Saturday, March 31, 2012

Animal Crackers - All about the KIDS!

I cannot even tell you how fun it is having so many babies bouncing around out there! And this is not even 1/2 of what is expected!!!!!  There are a few worries don't get me wrong. My biggest has been Hank. One of Lucy's Quads.. he is sooo tiny and was a little slow at developing. But he is doing better, and I think he is going to make it! He better I have gotten super attached to this little one :0)

Ok.. So Let see... I told you about Scarlet's twins last week. Then Sunday night her sister Rhett had the little girl "Betty Davis" Then Monday afternoon Jill had Triplets!! This is just minutes after she had them.
One boy and two girls. I named them Jack, Janet and Crissy :0)  Now some know those characters and then a few younger people have looked at me like HUH?  But common you guys know those names right? Three's Company of course...

Then just minutes after Jill was done - Lucy started having her babies! The first one was easy - and was all alone for like 30 minutes. Then here came the second. A super tiny baby that wasn't breathing, and too weak to get out of the sack. I had to help... I always freak and get so scared. But he started breathing and all though he couldn't move much or stand he was doing ok. Then it was clear that Lucy was in a lot of pain and having a lot of trouble with number 3... But finally after lots of pushing she had him... ENORMOUS baby boy. Then within seconds.. she started having number 4 - but problem. It was breech. That scares the you know what out of me. And Lucy was so tired by that time she couldn't push hard enough. I got her to calm down and then finally with a big push baby 4 was born, a little girl.

Here they all are about an hour later. I was too emotional before that to get any photos, but I finally calmed down...

Took me a while to come up with their names. And that little one really had me upset that he would not survive. But after some time Two boys and Two girls had names. Hank, Peggy, Bobby and LuAnn Hill - LOL  You know them too right? King of the Hill of course....

Here they are yesterday -
They are all doing really well. Even little Hank!!!

Ok.. now seriously You have too see the size difference in Bobby and Hank... Remember Bobby is a HUGE baby and Hank is a tiny baby... Peggy and LuAnn are normal babies.. all from Lucy.

Here is Bobby and Hank side by side -
I told you.. you said OH MY didn't you??? LOL

Now I really tried to get some photos of each of them, but it was not easy! These kids are everywhere, then nowhere, then here and then there. Bouncing all the way... LOL But here are a few cute photos I did get. I'll work on seeing about video's over the next few weeks to show off... they are really so fun to watch.

One of Jill's babies - Janet

And her sister Crissy

I thought this one was too cute - their tails are wagging like crazy :0) 

Got a great one of Hutch... this guy is super curious. He is into everything and gets involved in all the other babies groups. LOL

Starsky - he is really handsome. Very active too -

And here one of Lucy's girls - LuAnn

Isn't she pretty? I love all the markings on her face....

There will be more you know it! More of these babies, and more of all the future babies... we have SIX more Mom's to be ;0)

Hope you have a great weekend -
HUGS and

Friday, March 30, 2012

Just Magnolias and Hanglars - SPRINGTIME!

Isn't it wonderful??? Well I hope it is where you are, here in Texas it is SPRINGTIME! And I am totally loving it! We have had LOTS of spring babies as well and that is just another reason for me to love Spring :0) Yes, more babies... a set of triplets and a set of Quads! I'll have lots of photos on Saturday :0)

But for today I have my Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge card. And the theme is Springtime. Colors, or flowers what ever that means to you. Me it was both. I just got in a few new Magnolia images from Magnolia-licious. Man super fast shipping!

When I saw the new stamp "Tilda's Heartflowers" I HAD to have it. Just love it, and the adorable heart petals.
 Now first off you may notice this is card that isn't square. Shocker huh? Yes, since I have been asked to make up some cards for a local gift shop, I decided that I needed to make up some other sizes of cards. Especially cards that don't cost extra postage here. Love those square cards, but they do have to have that extra few stamps :0) - So here is a 5x7 card. I used a couple different pattern papers. A scrap of a Graphic 45 paper, then two patterns for October Afternoon. I sewed the layers together with a fun zig zag stitch.

My image is colored with my Copics - then I used Viva Decor Pearl Pens to high light and add some shine. Love those things! They are too cool, I just wish I could have all the colors... maybe someday :0)  The border die is from Papertrey Ink, loved how it sort of looks like the flowers. I added a pink dotted satin ribbon, also Papertrey Ink, and then three buttons. The sentiment is from Whimsy Stamps.

And look I did the inside too - so proud that is three cards in a row for me! Need to make it a habit then it won't seem like extra to me, right?

Now head on over to the Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge and see all the Springtime inspiration, then join us for another great chance at a prize this week.

Make sure to visit tomorrow - LOTS and LOTS of baby kid photos! Have a great Friday!
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Papertrey Ink - Lace Bouquet and how about Betty Davis?

Hi -
I took some time to play with one of my Papertrey Ink stamp sets over the weekend. I love how simple this card is. That is hard for me :0)  The photo just didn't come out very well... darn it.
This card really was simple, I used cream card stock for the base. Then Chocolate brown card stock for the mats. That fabulous script paper is Papertrey Ink - Their new Dearest Jane collection of papers. The sentiment just happens to also be Papertrey Ink :0) From the fabulous Anniversary set - Pretty Peonies. So so happy I spent enough to get this set :0) LOL It really is a gorgeous set. OH.. just realized the ribbon is Papertrey Ink too....

Lets see the corner dies are cut from Whimsy Stamps. I cut four out of cream, then four out of the brown. Then layered them. Pearl accents on the corners. The stamp is just Papertrey Ink Snow White ink on Kraft card stock. Look up close how pretty it is -

The shadow is created by outlining the stamp with my Copic W3 marker. Cool SIMPLE effect.

I am trying to put together a bunch of cards for a local gift shop that has asked me to sell them. Nervous about it. But excited. Hope they do ok.

And now... would you like to meet Betty Davis? She is SO cute!

 I thought Rhett was starting her labor Sunday afternoon... was watching her and checking on her often. But oops... missed it! Was out at ten minutes after 3 - then at 4:00... there she was! Standing all cleaned up and Rhett doing great. For a while I thought there might be a second, but nothing ever came :0) So one adorable little girl - she is really gorgeous. That frosty red color just like her cousins Starksy and Hutch, white and THEN that gorgeous grey color I was hoping for from daddy Peso! Then she also has those beautiful blue eyes just like her Mommy.

So now there are three babies bouncing around the pen. With more coming :0) Been watching a few really really close, so exciting!

Have a great day!
HUGS and -

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Animal Crackers - New Kids in the Pen

YEA! Babies have started to arrive. Now the Mom to be wasn't even in the top 5 of who we thought was going to have their babies first... in fact she was way down the list! LOL Little young Scarlet decided that she wanted to go first. And she had two really handsome young guys! Meet Starsky and Hutch :0)
Aren't they gorgeous? Ok, so they weren't all cleaned up and fluffy yet.
They are already up and sneaking out of the barn to explore a bit, in a few more days they will be bouncing everywhere! We have LOTS more coming... I am on the watch 24/7... can't wait to see who is next. My bets are on Paintbrush or Daisy. But I didn't do so good at betting with Scarlet so who knows will birth next.

Well Autie and Chica had their vet appointment this past week. They both did really well. Autie was "fixed" as well... I cannot even express how emotional and hard this was to do. Here is Hubby sitting with Chica and Autie waiting for our appointment at the vet.
He was the most worried and upset here... Autie had no clue why he was there or what was going on. He is doing great - back to himself the next day. Next will be Libbie in just over a week. I'll be a mess then too I am sure.

I am totally loving my new lens! No clue if I am using it correctly - but loving it! How gorgeous is Pedro here way out in the pen enjoying all the gorgeous green stuff!
And take a look at little Sonia with all he long hair.
Her little legs are so short she was up to her belly in the grass... LOL Love seeing so much color out there!

Got a good photo of Hubby with the neighbors horses -
They like to have personal chats you know -

My buddy Tracey asked me to take some photos of a tree in a field of Bluebonnets by her house last weekend. Love this time of year after some good rain!
Need more time to get out and drive around and get more flower photos. It is an amazing year for fields of flowers here with all the rain -

Finally got some of our DUCKS!
Blue Wing Teal - Hubby's favorites. Never would have gotten photos of them without this lens. But they didn't even know I was snapping away. I think I took 60-70 photos that afternoon!

This is one of my favorites -
Stunning aren't they. Can't wait till we get to snap more ducks... we have had Shovelers, Mallards and lots of Herons.  Just need to time it right and have my camera in hand.

Speaking of Stunning...
Our little man, Tuco. Can't even come up with words... he is just adorable.

Have a fabulous weekend -
Hugs and -

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sarah Kay Juliet in the Fields

Hi - Yea it is Monday! ok...trying to pump myself up for it. Gotta work today, and Hubby is home. We will see how much work I get done huh? We went to dinner at my buddy Tracey last night - had absolutely the best BBQ ever.. and we got to see AMMO! Man he is too cute... He is growing adorable long skinny legs, and long ears. I got one photo, hopefully it will turn out ok and I'll show it next Saturday.

I did get to craft this weekend. For no reason at all... just to have fun and craft! Now the photo is horrible, sorry... the colors look better in person. But the light pink and cream just isn't doing well in the camera this morning.
So I guess I am saying in person I am happy with this one, but here.. blech.. not so happy. LOL

So I used the new Stampavie Sarah Kay image Juliet in the Fields, colored with my Copics. The pattern paper is I believe Websters Pages. I think. I found it loose in my stash. Then I went totally nuts with dies cuts! The "ribbon band" is actually a piece of pattern paper, with Sizzix Tim Holtz Vintage Lace die cut on both sides. Then for the top corners of my image I used Whimsy Stamps cute little Corner Die set. The butterfly is a Marianne die, so pretty and delicate. Then the sentiment is a Sizzix die from their card making die set. Told you went a bit crazy with dies and had a blast!

I inked the edges of everything with Distress inks old paper - then added Martha Stewart fern punches, mulberry roses from Wild Orchid Crafts and then small paper buds from the floral section of the craft store. Then I went in with just a bit of two colors of pearl pen to add some gem like accents.

Now I did a quick look around and found that my card qualified for a few challenges. It has been forever since I played in challenges just for fun... so I am joining in ;0)

Stampavie and More Challenge - Spring/Easter theme - I think Juliet is VERY Spring
Papertake Weekly Challenge - All things Girlie theme - lots of flowers... Girlie for sure!
7Kids College Fund Challenge - Anything Goes!

Thanks so much for visiting! Hmmm.. Breakfast, then start laundry, then to work.. yes that is the plan... maybe check my Facebook and Pinterest first... LOL


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Animal Crackers - Words don't express how cute...

I am sorry... but I have just gone over the edge with this little puppy, Tuco. Libbie was a gorgeous puppy, Autie a total love, Chica a ball of energy and adorable. But Tuco - well he has so much personality it just is popping out everywhere. LOL He makes me laugh and he is a wonderful cuddle to hug. But now... common this weeks photo of him Words don't express how cute he is....
 Hubby or "Dad" had dropped a donkey feed sack in the yard while getting another pen fed. Well Tuco thinks that is just the coolest thing yet. He loves the noise, the crackles, the joy of running and jumping into the center and the bag poofing around and making even more noise. LOL

Loving my new lens - I can capture across the pens... LOL even "Dad" hugging on Juliet. They were having a personal chat and bonding time.
 Look how tall and well.. skinny she has gotten. Her age - in that teenage time of her life. Ha!

One across the yard of Pedro - he was upset, he had just gotten shoved out of the food mob and was having to walk around and try again to work his way in again.
You think that mob sounds bad? Well it is worse to see in person.
You can see it is really hard to get in on all those .. .ahem.... rear ends There is plenty of oats there really. You just have to make sure you get your spot at the well - table?

Our gelded Spot - and buddy for Miguel. They have a love/hate releationship. Best Friends, and fight like brothers. Try and put them in different pens and they both scream like crazy. Both gelded now they are just pets, and always will be more family.

 He is soon to be a "Daddy" We keep going out and checking, I don't know why none of the girls have had kids yet, they are just about to explode! Hopefully Peso has passed on some of his handsome genes. And that adorable smile! I just cracks me up how he always looks like he is smiling!

Shot across the yard at the neighbors dogs... well "our" dogs, we now are sharing them. Only got two of the three...
Niner - I just shouted out his name, and look at that look... "yes, can I help you"
Then I called out to Nally... "Personality" is actually her name, but I shortened to just Nally. It fits her. She is a real sweetie.

 Loving this new lens.. weighs a ton and a half, but loving it! Now if I could just figure out all the buttons and such it will really be awesome! I took lots of photos of the Libbie, Autie and Chica playing with Tuco in the yard -but I haven't figured out blur setting yet. I'll keep working - practicing.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Magnolias and Hanglars Challenge - Going Green!

HI - Today's challenge at Just Magnolias and Hanglars is to add Green to your project. Why I don't know but as soon as I read the challenge I had the quote from Twister in my head... "We're Going Green..." LOL Ok, so I watch too many movies.

But still the challenge it to do lots of green on your project, St. Patricks day I am sure is the inspiration. Still hearing that Twister quote - So I dug through my images to find one that I could work LOTS of green into. And found this stamped out Hanglar image with the Fishes - perfect!

 I colored with my Copics. YES... I have use of my hand! And I colored this all by myself :0)  While going through papers, I found the October Afternoon collection "Campfire" - loved the green, but that map pattern paper with the lakes and rivers was wonderful with my little fisherman. I sewed down a few patterns, and the image. Added some Prima flowers, with button centers, then dangled three little fish charms from the center of the flowers. Love those charms!

 Told you... aren't they too cute? Then for my sentiment I used my Sizzix alphabet die - Wingo Zingo. I so need to use my alphabet dies more often. Takes a bit longer than a stamp, but I really love how they look.

I was having so much fun crafting and feeling back to normal I even did the inside! This is a goal to make sure to do this more. I am usually so behind and in a hurry, I think I will go back and add the inside later and then I don't...

Now you need to pop over the to the Just Magnolia and Hanglar challenge and see all the green for yourself! Then join in for another great prize :0)

Hope you have something fun planned this weekend. ME.... catch up weekend. Hubby has to work, I am hoping that by the end of the weekend my house will be clean, laundry done, and work all caught up. You think it will happen? Plans always get thrown to the side and something more important comes up - but hopefully not this weekend. I would love to catch up -

HUGS and

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stampavie - Penny Johnson - Duckling Bridge

My last CHA project. Yep I am all out of made up things to show you. So I must start crafting again! I did color one night this week. It was wonderful! Felt glorious!  Ok so I threw it in the trash can once done cuz it was not good at all... but I do believe I am now ready to get back to work. My hand is ugly don't get me wrong. And it itches like crazy. But I can use it and bend all my fingers. Whoo Hoo!! Now if I can get caught up with work this week, then I will have some free time to craft!

But here is one last card I made up for CHA for Stampavie. This is one of the new Penny Johnson images "Duckling Bridge" - really a sweet image.

I so enjoyed coloring this image - like a coloring book page - so many things to have fun with. I used my Promarkers from Letraset- All the papers I believe are SEI - from way way way long ago. I used a piece of vintage lace - and then that ribbon.. I stamped that! Yes the sentiment Thanks is from Stampavie Tina Wenke. And I just stamped it over and over across a piece of ribbon. Love that will be doing more of it for sure!

So that is all my CHA stuff... darn good thing I had so much from the show to share the past few weeks huh? What would I have done not being able to craft.

Have you been visiting the Stampavie Blog? The DT has really been showing some wonderful projects with all the new stuff - take a few minutes and visit and see :0)

Early day today... Libbie and Tuco have vet appointments. Tuco for his second round of puppy shots and Libbie for her annual visit and shots. I can only handle two at a time. So next Tuesday I'll take Autie and Chica. After done with the doggies today I then have to get to work. Long day today but I hope to get LOTS done! Feels good to be going 100% again. Now if only there were 36 hours in a day I just might get all caught up. LOL

Have a great day-
HUGS and

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Animal Crackers - Oops... a little late today

Sorry.. I have no idea what happened!! I woke up this morning. Lazy, dark rainy Saturday and then after watching the news and talking to Hubby I suddenly realized that it was SATURDAY and I had not done my Animal Crackers post! OH NO!!! So I popped on the computer as fast as I could and got my photos edited and finally am getting my post written. So I am soooo sorry that I was just brain dead this week. The weather...yes that is what I am blaming it on. For a few days it has been dark, COLD and rainy... totally messes up life. So here it is.. Saturday Animal Crackers -

Got a great photo of Libbie and Tuco with my phone the other day -
She still has brief moments of sweetness with Tuco... Libbie is so high strung lately - like drive me insane, barking with that high pitch ear piercing sound high strung... but once in awhile she calms down and is totally sweet. Two seconds after this photo she saw something and took off barking.

Here is one photo I had to show from last week... Gloria

She had an itch...... and so that fence was being put into use..... wish you could have seen how fast she was moving back and forth :0)

Now I am SOOOO lucky. Hubby did let me order a new lens for my camera!! It came this week, I put it on and went outside to get photos of the gorgeous ducks that have been on our pond every day for the past two weeks. THEY WERE NOT THERE! Figures! Then my camera started beeping that the battery was low! So I went around quickly and just shot a few quick photos of what I saw. I was shocked out how far this lens zoomed. And how wonderful the photos were for my first time out with it!
Very first photo.... some doves sitting way across the yard - Wow... These would normally just be dots with my old lens!
Across one of the pens and way up in the tree was this little black bird. Now if it were sunny instead of grey and rainy it would have been better but VERY happy with how sharp things are.
I can never get good Donkey photos at then end of their pen. This is zoomed in at Darlene and Pedro taking a bit of a nap....

Felicia was taking a nap in the little girls pen as well.... and I didn't even move to snap this photo! Just spun around and shot towards the other pen! This is going to be amazing at getting better shots of the animals! Normally I have to walk to up to the pens, which then all the animals come towards me for loving and I just get those right in the face photos! But now I can sneak up on them and shoot while they are being natural!

Check out Jill - 
 I still am amazed at how far I was from her and how sharp and crisp the photo is! Oh.. yes.. Jill is pregnant :0)
Then Paintbrush and her "kids" Scarlett and Rhett

Paintbrush is still very attached to her two girls  - babies from last year. That will all end really soon. As she is VERY pregnant! As soon as she has her new babies she will put all attentions to her new kids. Oh she will still let the other two be in her group... but not as close. Now Scarlett and Rhett are also both pregnant. A little young - don't like them to get "got" this soon, but we had an oops.... and Peso was active with them much sooner than we had planned. So we will keep a close watch on the girls and I am sure they will be great Moms. 

Well.... I better get this posted. Now I just hope that the sun is going to at some point come out this week - this new lens and I are dying to get out there and get some good photos! And the sun would really help! 

Have a great weekend! 
HUGS and-