Monday, February 27, 2023

High Hopes Stamps- Take a Tissue

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps I found an image for a little get well card. This is "Take a Tissue"  


My stash of get well cards has gotten really low - and with this sinus season hitting here I needed to color up some well wishes! And this guy is just too adorable and perfect to send as a pick me up. I colored with my copics. (colors below) and found some old K & Company K-Ology papers. I adore the color combo with these papers. I matted the image and sewed down the layers. The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Get Well Soon"  Now I accidentally punched my sentiment. Insert sad face here... but then I decided to just go with it! LOL I finished punching both sides and used it! Happy Accident? 

For embellishment I added three white prima shimmer flowers with light pink brads. I had lost these flower forever in my "collection" of craft supplies. So happy I have found them I am loving them all over! 

Hope this one will make someone feel better. Makes me smile. 

Copic colors used -

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Have a very blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Animal Crackers - Sweetheart

Howdy - 

For a guy this one is a total sweetheart! The only thing that gets him to act "mean" is when his twin brother and he get into one of their male aggression head butting sessions to impress the girls. But when we are allowed to have some private time to do some head scratching and loving on him, he is just a sweetie. Those eyes crack me up to - so expressive!

Now after I snapped the last photo of Chipmunk... he trotted to the fence for some closer lovin' - and that is when I saw his little white dot! He had a tiny spot on his bottom lip when he was tiny and honestly I hadn't seen it or thought of it, until he raised his head and there it was... too adorable!

Such a cute little white stripe on his bottom lip! Bright white in the full black beard! So adorable!

Got a great photo of Mr. Ted E. Bear - Poor guy has not been well this week. Monday morning he was totally three legging it and limping horribly! We were so worried - Hubby looked at his leg, and cleaned his hoof. He stood still and let him work on him. Then he went and laid down in a grassy area to spend the day... Tuesday was a little better, Wednesday he went back to following Cocoa all over the property with a slight limp. And as of yesterday no limping at all. 


I just hate when one of our kids is hurting. He must have had a stone bruise. Stepping on a rock or something and in impacting the bottom side of his hoof - think of it like stepping on a lego or jack. I'm just glad he is back to our big loving greeter... We all love our Ted E. Bear!  

Then Sweet Pea - enjoying a yummy hay breakfast. She is such a pretty little girl. Such bold coloring!

 Little timid, but very kind. And beautiful! 
This isn't a fabulous photo... but it made me giggle. This is Porsche and Bubba... minutes after a yummy breakfast of Herring and Tuna! mmmm  stinky! But boy that can lid cracks open and they are very excited and very vocal! 

Then after that meal they move a few steps away and fall over to stretch out and digest! LOL love these kitties! They make life entertaining for sure.
One more photo - Hubby's flowers.  He has the first pots on the patio off the back porch filled with lots of color!

First Gerber Daisies are getting a little old, but they are still gorgeous and I see new blooms coming on! He does have a green thumb. And our backyard has lots of beautiful Gerbers, Geraniums, and Roses. Just the start of the season too I am sure. In fact we were at the store yesterday and he went to find a jar of pickles... minutes later he came up the isle with the jar of pickles and 4 pots of mini roses... and a grin from ear to ear. Like a kid trying to convince me to let him buy candy or cookies. They make him so happy - and our backyard is beautiful how can I argue, right? 

Hope you have something to make you as happy - And hope that you have your Animal Crackers smile this week! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, February 20, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Birthday Bob

Howdy - 

We all need that fun Birthday Card for a guy right? High Hopes Stamps has some perfect images for a smile for the man in your life. This is Birthday Bob - I think he is just too fun.

Bob is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then those candles needed a little more fun so I added some Ranger's Yellow Glitter Stickles to the flames! The pattern papers are from My Mind's Eye Home collection, love how they all have some glitter to them as well. All the layers are sewn down on white card stock, then a border of another pattern paper from the collection punched out with an Extra Large leaves border punch. 
The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps - Birthday Wishes -  love the fonts with this one. Punched it out with an EK Success punch and then did a faux mat with a Copic marker. An enamel dot to finish it off. 

Fun, Silly, Guy card! 

Copic colors used - 

You can now pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE - and find all kinds of fun to work with!

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Animal Crackers - A Different View


This week I went with some photos of a different view - Yesterday as I was coming in the back door, little Chica was laying waiting for me... and as she always does - she rolled over on her back for her tummy rubs. Love this little sweet girl!

Seriously adorable! 

Then I was chatting with McLaren who was napping in the sunny window. It was so chilly outside, and that sunny window was toasty warm. She reached out to touch me...

That is all good "Mac" unless those long nails come out! She loves to stretch and then out come those needles!

I love this photo of Thelma - she is such a pretty goat. And those eyes -

Such a beautiful girl - And those eyes almost appear like they glow in the dark!

Now the next photograph is not a great photograph, but I do love it. This is out my window next to my desk. For years I have had mini blinds in this window. I can peek out them from time to time. But well they were destroyed. Lets just say fly vs. cats... blinds lost. LOL But I have really enjoyed sitting and working during the day and enjoying the views... yesterday Valentine came to have a chat with Black Jack.

They snorted and talked for a few minutes and then Valentine walked away to catch up to his Momma Cocoa. And Black Jack headed off to graze in all that thick winter grass. I have spent too much time just watching Black Jack out grazing in the sun the last few days. It is so peaceful and relaxing. Like a mental break from work.

Earlier in the week I have a visitor myself. Beautiful red cardinal was just chirping and showing off for me.

I felt so special that he was so happy to show off for me... then I realized it wasn't me. sigh... It was his reflection in the window he was showing off for! LOL He stayed there for almost 15 minutes - talking and having fun, bouncing from branch to branch talking away. Was a nice show, even if it wasn't for me.

Another not so great photo, but a cool one! Hubby and I were coming up our driveway the other day and found a group of Turkeys moving across the road and then hanging out in the brush. 


I took about 20 photos super fast trying so hard to get some great Turkey photographs, and I think nearly all of them were terrible. But this one ... you can spot one of the Turkey's hiding where they thought I couldn't see it... but I can! Can't you?

Hope you can enjoy some nature and enjoy a furry or feathered friend! 

HUGS and Have a blessed weekend -

Monday, February 13, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Baby Giraffe

Howdy - 

Another adorable Sweet Baby Release image from High Hopes Stamps. I adore this little giraffe. How can you not love a giraffe with heart spots? This is "Baby Giraffe

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then went to look for "baby" printed paper... then ran across this vintage Nikki Sivils paper in my stash and fell in love with the bold fun print and felt it would work with the giraffe... Baby Bold Maybe? Lol and the retro feel was fun too! 
Layering up the patterns and matting with black card stock. Punched out a Fiskars border punch in the black as well. I don't do that often but it works here right? Then sewed everything together with both straight and zig zag stitches. 
A sentiment of "Precious Little One" also from High Hopes Stamps, punched with the EK Success Ticket punch, then matted with black card stock as well. 

I may have gone a little bold for this baby card. But I think I like it... he he.
Copic colors used -

Hope you like it too - 

Thanks so much

HUGS and have a blessed day -

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Animal Crackers - Concentration!

Howdy - 

 This is the look of serious concentration! Momma Cat sitting in the window next to my desk. She was totally locked in on something. I got up next to her and looked out and saw it. Yep sitting on the branch of the tree... a squirrel! A favorite of Momma Cat's to chase when she lived outside. 

 I finally got her to break the eye contact with her prey. She looked at me, I could tell what she was saying-

"Are you seeing him?? Taunting me... He knows I can't get to him!" I told her I was sorry but she now lives inside. She watched for a few minutes more, stretched and went back to her cushioned chair with the heater blowing on her. Yeah she is happy inside. LOL Once in a while she sits in a window and looks like she misses it, but then she curls up and enjoys the safety and cushy surroundings she now lives in. 
I headed out yesterday - was gorgeous looking out the window at the sun - but when I went outside! BRRR... that wind was cold! 
 Went out to Raffie's pen to check on him. He was bunkered down getting out of the wind. 

He has such short hair... so the wind and cold does get to him. But he is smart, and he knows how to protect himself and stay warm and out of the wind. I joined him for a while before I decided to brave the wind again and head out to the ladies pen.

My thought was to sneak in and get some photos of them out grazing. But oops... they saw me first and were trotting my direction.

Bella was first - shocking as Juliet is normally up front with Bella's daughter Hannah.  But Juliet was pushing and making her way up front - she loves a good photo op!

She is such a pretty girl. Big Girl. Oh and Hannah came charging up on high speed right after I snapped this photo! LOL I tried to get a photo of her but before I could she was at me and shoving her nose at me, and pulling at my shirt. Funny girl - pushy but funny. 

As I finished loving on all my girls I decided it was just too cold and I was going back inside. Looking at my photographs as I was walking. Then there was a scary loud crash right next to me. Scared me big time! I look down and see Domino smashing his head into the fence panel. BAD BAD BOY!!

I hate when he does that! What happened to my adorable little baby that loved to cuddle? Oh yea.. he grew up into a Male Goat! LOL A bad stinky male goat! 

Hope you have a smile again this week - I smiled once my heart started again from Domino. 

Have a blessed day - HUGS and

Monday, February 6, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Two Peas in a Pod

Howdy - 

Have you seen the adorable Release at High Hopes Stamps - Fresh from Retirement the "Sweet Baby"  They are so cute you just want to pinch some cheeks! LOL

My first card I had to color up "Two Peas in a Pod" so so cute! 

Just so adorable! I colored with my Copics (colors below) - then I found an old bling oval that I attached and cut out to fit. Found again my BoBunny Only You collection and loved the peach and green colors. I layered them up and sewed them down with a Fiskars scallop punch. 

The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Like two peas in a pod" a perfect match for this image! 

Copic colors used - 

Now I "need" to run off and color up another adorable bundle! They are just so cute! Click HERE to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store and see them all!

Hugs and

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Animal Crackers - Here Comes The Sun!

Howdy - 

 So it was a rough cold week here in Texas. Our life down here is not use to freezing temps and rain for days at a time! There is not equipment to clear the roads or keep up with the ice on power lines. Thankfully we personally never lost power, but many friends did. The days of cloudy rain and below freezing temps still took a toll on us... But yesterday the Sun came out!! It was so glorious! And everyone was out enjoying it! 

Love this photo of Lacey and Vicki - We purchased these two ladies at just 5 months old, years and years ago, they were so dependent on each other that we had to purchase them together because trying to separate the two was very traumatic and so we purchased them as a pair. Adore them both so much. And they have given us some adorable babies over the years!  

And they do pose well together don't they? LOL
 Speaking of posing... Sergio was grunting, snorting and shaking the fencing again to get my attention for his picture!

 And for his kiss on the top of his nose and ear scratches! Love my big boy! 

Stopped by the goat pen, many of the girls were out sunning and taking afternoon naps! 

Vera was really out - never did open her eyes for me when I was calling out her name! That sun did feel good though - So I let her sleep.

Found three other ladies enjoying the last of breakfast - Now Malory was really having the best of both worlds - laying in the soft hay, while eating, while Crissy and Gracie was just munching away!

And then here comes my girl Penelope!!

She was trotting really quick at me. She loves our quiet time just the two of us, but it is not something that happens often ... we usually are over run by everyone. So we take advantage of our special time!

These next two photos crack me up.... "Dad" opened up one of the pens that have not been used in a few months. The big donkeys were also chowing down! As fast as they could!! They thought they were going to be run out of the pen as it is not a normal place they are allowed. But it was opened especially for them to enjoy the green grass that has been filling in the pen.

Valentine would not even acknowledge me at all... no eye contact cuz that could ruin it all!

Cocoa on the other hand... I got the look from her!! Don't even think of making me leave here!!

I tried to tell her it was all hers but she wouldn't even let me get close to her... She was staying if I wanted her to or not! Ha! 

Hope you have your Animal Crackers smile again this week. And I do hope the weather is sunny and nice where you are! 

HUGS and