Saturday, November 28, 2015

Animal Crackers - Drizzle Dreary Day

Howdy -

Maybe it was the day after holiday blahs.. maybe just the weather. But most all the animals yesterday were just lazy and not out in the mood for posing. Thursday we had a crowd here for Thanksgiving so pretty much everyone had lots of attention. Loving, ear scratches and a few chases from the two little ones here having fun with the young goats. Was so fun to watch and see the year old giggle with delight playing with the goats. And yes... I forgot to take photograph during it all!

So yesterday in the dreary drizzle day I went out to see who was out to snap some photographs -

Rhett and her little girl Louise were under cover and didn't show any signs of coming out. Louise wanted to chat and make sure that I had no treats for them. Would have to have been something really good cuz that wet rain might have melted them .

Vera said NO WAY... no treats were worth the chance of the toxin water falling from the sky!

Olive Oyl came partially out of the hut, then backed herself right back in. Calm dry spaces are so much nicer today...

Not sure Frank even had a clue I was outside. He was in one of his half awake - half in a coma moods. 

Couldn't even get him to glance my way... LOL Funny man.

Donkeys were for the most part all way off in their pens far under the trees just watching things around them. Rain doesn't usually bother them too much, but as I said all the activity Thursday and then the front approaching that made the wind come in and turn much colder it was just nice to be still and calm in the protected peaceful surroundings.

Now Miguel Rico and Fancy Pants were safe under their shed, but it seems that Miguel and Rico were making sure that all the grass was mowed down in all the dry spots covered by the roof.  Wouldn't want your front lawn to look to long and messy now would you?

 Now inside the house full of people for Thanksgiving Autie was soaking up 95 percent of the attention. Bouncing from one person to the next get scratches rubs and all the attention he could handle. Libbie was slowing moving from the calmer people and getting her 4 1/2 percent of the attention as she felt good about things.

Then Little Miss Chica.....

 She is such a timid little thing when "strangers" are around. Carrying her "baby" and whining and making sure no one can get close enough to even try to touch her. Then late in the afternoon she found someone calm sitting in a safe protected area and made her way over, relaxed and got lots of belly rubs and scratches. Her 1/2 percent of the attention was so nice. Now once someone noticed that Chica had calmed down and went over she freaked out and decided to scramble to safety. Little girl is such a love have no clue why she is so shy... she didn't get that from her Dad Autie for sure!

Hope you got  a smile again this week.... Hope the weather is nicer where you are... and hope you have something furry to cuddle!

HUGS and-

Friday, November 27, 2015

Whimsy Stamps Little Leora

Howdy -

Well full of Turkey and PIE from Thanksgiving yesterday. You won't find me at those Black Friday Sales today though, crowds, pushing, shoving and long lines not fun to me... my idea of a perfect day after Thanksgiving is some good movies and some crafting time! LOL Ok, first out to breakfast with some friends... then old movies and crafting!

Today I have "Little Leora" to share with you -

I adore Elizabeth Bell's Little Cottage Cuties - I colored Leora with my Copics (colors below) and then added some yellow stickles for the candle light. I found some pretty papers from My Minds Eye and matted each piece with some dark brown card stock. Every layer is sewed down. A wide satin ribbon around the middle with a bow and then four large square rhinestones that are a matching brown colors. Simple card but she is so pretty she doesn't need much! LOL

Close up of Leora and she sparkling candle light.

Inside the card more of the same papers -

and copic colors used -

Now if you do love to shop and have some great savings after the Thanksgiving holiday then here is some news for you!

Whimsy Stamps Cyber Monday Sale!!

Now that is an important piece of news with some great items on sale!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Friday -
I'll be back tomorrow with Animal Crackers -
HUGS and

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Skiing Snowman

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps I had some fun with "Skiing Snowman" He really looks like he is having a good time in the "Winter Wonderland".

I colored with my Copics (colors below)  Then found some papers from Authentique Cozy Collection. Love the winter sweater feel of the papers. I sewed down all the layers with a zig zag stitch and used red and kraft card stock for the base. Love the Winter Wonderland sentiment. I added three red buttons for embellishement.

Close up of the Skiing Snowman.

More of the same papers for the inside -

Copic colors used -

High Hopes News...
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Hope you enjoyed - 
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Animal Crackers - New bigger homes

Howdy -

Gorgeous week weather wise here this week. The animals were loving it. Now today things are going to change drastically. We had some movement around the pens this week- I think the goats were the most stressful, and also funny... LOL 5 times Hubby had to make trips with each goat about 250 feet and each time it was LOUD and insane!

Took us a while to convert one of the old Donkey pens for the "Men" Goats. Had to wrap the entire pen with fencing so they couldn't get out. Then "we" had to move them.. we meaning Hubby had to move them. And that was not an easy task. They scream like you are killing them and buck and kick until they are moved then they look at you like wow this was worth the move. LOL they have loved the huge big pen and have been mowing down the weeds and grass 24/7 since they moved in. When we get a chance this next week after the holiday Hubby wants to build them some climbing huts.

Chachi looks like he has eaten too much  and was resting his head on Franks back.

Now since they adult men goats have been moved that freed up their pen to move the young guys into and away from bad Peso that was destroying the panels trying to show who was boss. So now the young men are in a bigger pen and feel like they are all grown up.

I am sure you get tired of seeing Doc.. but oh my I just can't stand how cute he is! He has so much personality too... But seriously how can you not have personality and get away with that hairdoo?

Love him! LOL 

Found Felipe trying really hard to get my attention for a photo... now that is personality too...

This guy can really be "Man" and get roudy... but down deep he is a love and just wants the top of his nose kissed and some rubbing behind those long ears. Those big brown eyes melt your heart don't they? Sweet guy...

Sweet... Fraidy cat is getting sweeter and sweeter. Was always like a bolt of lightning to hide when he saw anyone coming but now I think he loves for me to snap closeups of that handsome face. All though he may have been trying to tell me to bring out some of that canned food he loves so much... LOL 

He is a looker isn't he?

And little more sweet for you... Miss Moxie.

I have told you all how I have been spoiling her since her sister Nally died earlier in the year. She went through such a depressing time. Wouldn't eat dry dog food. Then after some time decided she didn't want canned either. So I went to other things.. hot dogs, all beef healthier hot dogs of course. Then would make extras at dinner... grilled chicken, or whatever we were having that was safe for her. The girl loves those white boxes that come when we go out to dinner. Found myself choosing meals out for what the leftovers would be good for Miss Moxie... YES I have been spoiling her. Now she is in a hamburger mood... and oh she loves scrambled eggs... well looking at her photo last night I realized... Miss Moxie has been putting on some weight! ... will have to start really watching and not let her keep putting on weight! LOL Love this gal!

OH and thought I would show you a little present Hubby brought me yesterday - He found it in a local antique shop and thought I might like it! I LOVE IT!

 Isn't he fabulous??? He is a very old carved rooster... missing his feet yes, but still fabulous!! Trying to find a great place to put him up on my kitchen shelves... Hope I find a safe but perfect spot.

Now hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. Me... cleaning getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. Can't put it off any longer. Then next week there will be lots of cooking. Hubby told someone the other day I would be making 28 pies. I have no clue where he got that number as there will not be that many... there will be a lot... but not that many! LOL

HUGS and -

Friday, November 20, 2015

Whimsy Stamps - Whisper in Love

Howdy -
Today another new image from Whimsy Stamps. She is so pretty with those big eyes - "Whisper in Love" by Lizzy Love.

Isn't she pretty with those big blue eyes. I colored with my Copics ( colors below ) and then found papers from  Bo Bunny's Rose Cafe collection. I inked the edges of the papers with Ranger's Distress Tea Dye ink and then sewed down all they layers.

The Dream sentiment is also from Whimsy - Dream Large Word Die  As well as the vine - Vines Die Set -  I think I tell you this every time I use it.... It is one of my favorites! LOL I added three mulberry roses as well.

Inside the same papers -

And the Copics used -

Enjoyed a pretty little card for this week. Nice note card for a friend.  Make sure you visit the new releases at Whimsy and see all the great new items! Would make a great place to make that Christmas wish list for yourself!

HUGS and- 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Country Harvest

Howdy -

High Hopes Stamps today I am in the fall feeling, maybe it because it is getting time for a little Thanksgiving here. And this image is a wonderful Fall image!

Country Harvest -

Such a fun image to color! I colored with my Copics (colors below)  Now this is a really large image and I thought it needed an easel card to show it off the most possible.  So I found some fall papers from Graphic 45 and created an easel card with some kraft card stock and pretty fall papers. I sewed down all the layers and then added some Martha Stewart border punches. A little wood fence and grass.

Close up of the image -

And then for that great sentiment that works so well for those Fall Cards - Bold Have a Blessed Season sentiment.

And here are the Copic colors used -

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Animal Crackers - Mowing down

Howdy -

This week the weather has cooled off and things have been pretty green around here from the rain a couple of weeks ago. Everyone is loving the new green! Raffie is helping with a little "MOWING" around his pen. Hubby put up some temp panels and let Raffie out to eat some of that growing green stuff.

 It has been years since I remember so much green growing so late in the year. NO complaining here.

Black Jack has been loving all the green as well.... and doesn't he look just so so so handsome in all those wild flowers.. or weeds. He is such a stunning man.

Getting up there in the years. And getting a bit of gray on his face, but still a handsome stud! And this weekend is THE WEEKEND! Hubby has said that if it doesn't rain he is going lead in a few guest for Black Jack to host in his bachelor pen for a little while! YEP the dude is getting some girlfriends so we can have some babies next year!

I think he knows we have been talking about this subject... LOL Raffie might just get a couple of friends too. We just want to do a little work on his pen first.

Snapped a photo at a sweet calm feeding in the goat pen last night..

More like a brawl at a dress clearance sale! LOL

Gracie looked over at me with a panic look... and screamed out -

I think she was worried she wasn't going to get enough to herself. But no worries. Hubby made sure she got another bowl in her area to split the group up... actually we end up with 5 bowls. But that first bowl is a feeding frenzy!

Speaking of feeding frenzy... had some stale bread for the chickens yesterday. Glad I could throw this around and not get too close.

 Those pieces of bread were moving around everywhere and didn't last but  a minute or two at most.

Glad I snapped this photo before the bread went in. Are Leon and Elenore a good looking couple?

 Still no eggs from Elenore. I am at a loss of why. She stopped for her moulting season and nothing from her since. Just don't know... But she is a looker! As is dapper Leon.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend  - chilly and chance of rain here but a nice quiet around the house weekend. Liking that... seems like we have been moving at the speed of light lately. Looking forward to a slow calm few days...

HUGS and -

Friday, November 13, 2015

Whimsy Stamps November Release!!

Howdy -

Whimsy Stamps November Release is gorgeous! Have you gone over and seen all the goodies? Today I had some fun with one of Mi Ran Collection's new images "Kalina" - just love her in her pretty little flowing dress and all those flowers.

I went with a vintage feel on this one, Kalina just seemed to want vintage. Finding papers from Dovecraft Sweet Paris. I inked up all the edges of the paper with my Ranger Distress Tea Dye ink. For matting and some girlie lace I created a mat with a piece of pale yellow card stock and my Martha Stewart Lace Border/Corner punches. Inked that up too. My image is colored with my Copics (colors below) trying to match up to the papers. I sewed all the layers down with straight stitches on my sewing machine.

The sentiment is also from Whimsy Stamps as is the die cut. "Slider Die 2"  Now you must run over and get this die right away as it is on clearance!! And I mean CLEARANCE.... LOL  the stamp is matched up with the die Lovely spring Sentments. I colored this to match the papers. The slider is held on with a satin ribbon.

For some added embellishment I used the "Vine Die Set" for some greenery. These are one of my favorite little die sets. Perfect for corners of the card. I love to add flowers to the vine too... this time I used a Martha Stewart flower punch for tiny little flowers to match what Kalina is carrying.

Inside the card the same papers -

And the Copic colors used -

This new release is just such a breath of fresh air and so fun to work with - Head over to the store HERE and see all the new available.  And make sure to visit the Whimsy Stamp Blog for LOTS of chances to win some new fun for yourself!!!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day and see you tomorrow for Animal Crackers!
HUGS and -

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Whimsy Stamps November Release!

Howdy -

So excited about the Whimsy Stamps November Release!! This release has sooo many great images and dies on my favorite list! Today I got a chance to play with a fun little Dachshund !

"Dachshund Balloon"

Loved coloring up this little doggie.... and those long balloon! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then matched it up with some pretty girlie papers from Dovecraft Sweet Paris collection. Made me giggle to use the tape measure paper with the loooooong sentiment that comes with the dachshund image! I am easily amused sometimes...

I used a Martha Stewart double loop border/corner punch to create a mat and sewed down all the layers and mats. The sentiment I cut out and matted twice with the same free style cutting.

To add some dimension I dug out a bottle of glaze for the balloons. Need to get more of this mine is so old it was not so easy to get out of the bottle... but I love the effect!

Inside more of the same papers -

And the Copic colors used -

Now you MUST hurry on over to the Whimsy Stamps Store and see all the NEW ITEMS!!! 

You are gonna love them I promise! And then for some added fun and drooling make sure to visit the Whimsy Stamps Inspirations Blog... you won't be sorry.... you could maybe win something wink wink.... 

I will be back tomorrow with another new release Whimsy Stamps card!

HUGS and -