Wednesday, June 29, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Lil' Swinger

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes I went with one of the new images "Lil' Swinger"

She just makes me smile... I feel a cool breeze and enjoy the swing with her.

She is too precious, I colored her with my Copics (colors below) and then sewed her down to some papers from Papermania Lucy Cromwell collection. I sewed all the layers with straight and zig zag stitches. I then added the great High Hopes Sentiment "Just Because"  This is one of my favorite new sentiments, I use it on many of my cards. Great for any card just to send a smile.

I then added a X-Large Martha Stewart Leaf punch with some little punched flowers. Simple but I like it.

Inside the card more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

Lots of great new images to play with - You can see them all HERE -

If you are in need of a High Hopes stamp, check out these stores:
One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada

Hope you got a smile -
HUGS and

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Animal Crackers - All Greens Diet doesn't always make you skinny

Howdy -

Went out to see one of the pens of boys yesterday.  I really had to have a talk with them. Might need to visit one of those weight loss clinics with my guys! You see with all the rain last month we have had a blessing of lots of grass growing. Starting to die out now with the heat but everyone has had lots of grass to enjoy this summer compared to all others. And well it is showing that they are eating so well ... these boys look like they are carrying a few babies! LOL

Yes this Jorge one of my boys... now remember these guys are short legged, so it makes the proportions of weight look a bit off sometimes...  but seriously Jorge... a little physical activity may help... Not that I should be talking at all! He is such a love you just can't be upset with him no matter what!

Pavo approached me next, Now in reality Pavo is the largest (tallest and fattest!) of the three in this pen.

 This guy is WIDE! But I think he purposely turned a little to the side and sucked it in for the photograph. A secret I may have shared with him... LOL

Then my boy Sergio showed up for his attention.

He too has a bit of a pudgie belly, not quite like his 1/2 brothers. I was trying to get a photograph to show off how sleek and shiny his black is. He really is stunning in the sun, but he was just moving to quick to get his kiss on the end of the nose. He is solid black but has lots of red highlights due to the fading of the sun. Yes I kiss my children on the ends of the nose... :0)

Bumped into two of the standard donkeys while walking back to the house. I snapped a shot of Valentine only as his Mom Cocoa just would not even look in my direction. She is such a Diva. But Valentine will usually look my way for snap -

He has such a beautiful or excuse me .. handsome face. Love those dark eyes. But this guy also is getting wider than the barn door! (not seriously) But really lots of rolls on him. His neck fat fell this past fall. People say .. oh you shouldn't let them get so fat.. UH HELLO... we don't feed them any extra... all they get is grazing and they do a lot of it. How do I stop that? And really.... I am told to loose weight I should eat all greens diet... salads no dressing... uh isn't that what these guys are eating and it isn't working so well for them!

Finish off this post with a couple shots of two of the girl goats. Olive Oyl has really worked out a spot for herself.

 She has scratched down in the dirt to create a large circle area of clean dirt for herself. A little cooler and more comfortable - Such a beautiful lady - don't you think. And sweet too.

And then a shot of Sweet Pea - This girl is such a looker.

Not real friendly, but really pretty. And her first baby was just beautiful... so we will keep her and try again for a Spring baby again and see what we get again.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with friends, family or furry kids planned. I have worked long hours the past couple of weeks helping out a friend with an estate. I am thinking that a couple of down days sounds amazing.... lets see if we actually end up getting them! Usually something comes up right? Life...

HUGS and -

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Fragrant Blooms

Howdy -

Did a little coloring today on one of the new High Hopes Release stamps "Fragrant Blooms". Just love this gal watering her flowers with her little friends watching -

I went with different color combo for me. Purple and brown. Took the inspiration from the papers from BoBunny's Penny Emporium collection. I colored my image with my Copics (colors below) and then inked the edges with Rangers Tea Dye ink. My purple card stock is from Core'dnations and I sanded the edges for a shabby look. I added a mulberry flower and Martha Stewart frond leaf punches, with a button center.

The sentiment is also a new stamp from High Hopes "Everything Grows with Love" Perfect with this image!

Inside more of the same papers - 

Copic colors used -


You can find High Hopes stamps at the links below.

One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada
High Hopes Website

HUGS and -

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Animal Crackers - Hello Summer!

Howdy -

Well we have had lots of weather, lots of rain, and it has been much cooler than normal here in Texas. Well this week... summer HIT! Wham... it got HOT this week. Makes it very tough to get shot of the animals if I don't get out early in the morning. And this last week I have been helping a friend with a job all week... so I got home late yesterday afternoon to find everyone was hiding in the shade or deep in the brush on the back of the property.

Snapped a few of the goats -

Rhett, Thelma and Louise had the prime best shaded spot in the pen.

They didn't bother coming to see me... if you give up the prime location you will loose it you know. :0)

Abigail was under one of the trees...

She was trying to not notice me, but her eyes were moving to keep a watch on me. LOL Just in case I came out with something to eat.

I went over to check on the chickens.. all my chicks this is their first heat week so I really try and keep a close watch to make sure they are handling the heat ok.

The young chicks were all hiding under the largest hut...

 I went back in and grabbed a bag of frozen corn... a first time snack choice for them. They all came out... but then looked at me like "Hey these things are hard! and Cold!!"  It took seconds before they started thawing and they realized they were something tasty...

Was funny watching them.. they were watching the older chickens in the next pen, and then trying them... then watching to make sure they really were eating those hard yellow things...

 Frizzle decided to just stay in the shade and talk to me a little while. HE is a HE for sure.

 Loves to call out in the morning, and loves to talk.... and LOVES to let the three other gals in his pen know he is the HE... LOL

Snapped a shot of Lucy before I went back into the air conditioning...

Lucy is getting to be one of our "older" girls. Our first baby goat all those years ago. I love taking photographs of her... she always looks like she is smiling to me. And you just have to love that great beard! Pretty Lady Lucy!

Sorry no donkeys this week... I think I am going to have to get up and go out for breakfast to get some decent photos of them if it going to stay so hot and humid, for them .... and me!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and have some fun with some friends or family planned... or a great day with a furry friend!

HUGS and -

Friday, June 17, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - Hello Balloons

Howdy -

Colored another new Whimsy Stamps new image - "Hello Balloons", a sweet image from Kristi Heij-Barber.

Went very girlie colors on this one. I colored with my Copics (colors below) And then found papers from First Editions Bella Rose collection. I sewed all my layers down with zig zag and straight stitches. Then I added some of Whimsy's FABULOUS new Enamel Dots.  I am so over the moon about these new Enamel Dots... you MUST try some! They are almost like candy! LOL

I used the same papers inside -

Copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed - make sure to visit the Whimsy Store and see all the new goodies!! You can get there quick HERE.

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Only A Cat

Howdy -

Today is my High Hopes Stamps post and I have been digging back into some of my older High Hopes Stamps and loving seeing some old favorites.

This is a cute favorite - "Kitty Tag

 Such a sweet face on this kitty - I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added the High Hopes sentiments "Only a Cat" LOVE this sentiment.. it is just so true! Found some papers from DCWV and I sewed with a light blue thread on my machine. I added a ribbon, the ribbon was white with blue dots. I didn't like how white it was... so I used a Copic and colored it! Then three buttons to finish it off.

Inside more of the same papers from DCWV.

Copic colors used -

 Hope you enjoyed my card this week  - that little kitty is just too precious!

If you are in need of a High Hopes stamp, check out these stores:
One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada

HUGS and

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Animal Crackers - Lazy Afternoon


I can honestly say we tried to get some Donkey photos this week for you. Photos of the Girls and Sebastian... LOL They boys that live in our guest house were handed the camera and I said go ahead snap me some photos... LOL Oh my... Love when people find out IT IS NOT EASY getting photos of animals! They kept saying "all I am getting is noses, ears and blurred photos they won't stand still!"
So no photos of the girls today - wish I had actually shot video of them trying to take the photos! Love those guys!

So since the girls were not in the close pasture I snapped goat photos today -

This is my favorite of the week -

Now I know Miss Daisy was first up last week as well. But this week she won out with her Daughter Jackie. Now is that a sweet loving pose or what?? Too adorable!

Found Crissy being cute too...

A little afternoon nap - she claimed one of benches in the shade and was really out. Until she heard a noise on the porch that sounded like it just might be "Dad" with a feed sack... that always wakes them up from a sound sleep!

Speaking of sleeping -

I had just founded all of Hubby's clothes from the dryer, sat them down in a chair to switch over the next load. Wasn't but just a couple of minutes tops! That cat can hear me folding clothes and runs for a little snuggle in the warmth. She is such a pretty girl. How could I even move her? They aren't my clothes getting cat hair on them right?

Found Wyatt all stretched out in the shade late yesterday - he was being so calm... then he decided to do just a little talking to me...

 Not much just a little noise to let me know that he was there in case I wanted to pick him a handful of grass from the other side of the fence as a treat... which I did of course. :0)

Now last week a buddy said she hadn't seen Miss Moxie in a while in any of the photos. So I snapped one with my phone and sent it to her.

I know it is grainy, sorry about that, but in order to actually get a photo of Moxie in "her" chair you have to do it a long way from her. As soon as she sees you coming she is like lightning out of the chair on her way to get some belly rubbing! So I had to shoot a ways off and very quietly. I have been trying to sneak up on her to get a photo in the chair for a while now. Was actually shocked I got one finally. Blurry or not!

Breakfast was waiting for her as you can see. And Yes that is a chain across my porch. If we don't put the chain up, one of the standard donkeys get up on my porch and turn things over and are just bad. So the chain give Moxie her private place on the porch and saves my wicker furniture from being broke! They don't mean to destroy they are just curious and clumsy -

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Friday, June 10, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - June Release - Summer Daisy

Howdy -

I have another new release stamp today from Whimsy Stamps. LOVE these new images. And really do enjoy a beautiful Elizabeth Bell creation! She is so talented and I adore her images!

This is Summer Daisy -

Isn't she precious. I colored with my copics (colors below) and then another BIG EXCITEMENT for the new release... Whimsy Stamps now has some beautiful paper pads and (insert loud scream of excitement here) They now have Enamel Dots!!!!! Love enamel dots!!!!!

So for my card I used the new paper pad called - It's a Party - with matching It's a Party Enamel Dots!!

The sentiment I used on the front is actually a corner of one of the papers !

Inside more of the same papers - love the colors!

Copic colors I used -

Now you must pop and see all the new release items in the Store HERE

And if you haven't tried Enamel Dots before... Oh you just must!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and -

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - June New Release - Froggie Friends

Howdy -

Just Love New Stamps! And there are some fabulous new images in this months Whimsy Stamps Release!

For my first card with the new images I chose to color up "Froggie Friends" by  Crissy Armstrong. Adore these cute little froggies -

I made and easel card for these guys as they just need an entire front of the card for themselves. I colored them with my Copics (colors below) and inked the edges with Rangers Distress Tea Dye ink. I found some older DCWV papers that I added both green and brown card stock with and sewed down the layers with a dark brown thread on my sewing machine. I added a border of a Martha Stewart grass border and a satin polka dot ribbon for embellishments -

For the base of the easel card I used one of the FABULOUS sentiment that comes with the image! Some really fun cute ones! I inked the edges and created another grass border. I added three enamel dots to help hold the easel card in place when standing up.

Here are my Copic colors used -

Now you just have to head over to the Whimsy Stamps Store and see all the new release stamps! You can get there quick through the link HERE. :0)

And to see lots of DT samples of the new release make sure to visit the Whimsy Blog HERE .

HUGS and -

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

High Hopes Stamps -Medicine Man

Howdy -

Still digging through my older High Hopes Stamps and loving coloring up some favorites. Always in need of that pick me up Get Well Soon card... and this image is just so perfect!

 This image is called Medicine Man - He is just so cute! A bit of nostalgia of watching the Flintstones as a kid I guess is why I love this one.  I paired up the Medicine Man with Bubbling Brew. I mean a medicine man just has to have some sort of stuff boiling up to get you well doesn't he? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added yellow stickles to the fire.

And the sentiment is wonderful - "Calling the Doctor", wondering what the stuff he is cooking up taste like would sure make me start feeling better to not have to try it! Ha!

I matched this card up with some papers from FarmHouse Fair Skies collection. Loved the clouds and the map with this guy.

Lots of sewing with a dark brown thread. Three buttons to embellish. 

Inside the card more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

Hope this makes you smile - Get well cards should do that shouldn't they?

Have a blessed day - HUGS and