Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Anyone want a "Treat"?

Hi!  It is October 31st.. and that is not only Halloween, but the day I promised to choose a reader that posted on last weeks blog candy post.

Now we are running out the door for a few errands and then a little hopefully to hit a few antique shops. But before we go I wanted to go ahead and pick the winner so you don't have to wait around til late in the day.

To speed things up I yelled out to Hubby and asked him to choose a number from all those that left comments. He said.. "how about 13? That is A-Rod's number and he could use some luck next year." Even when baseball season is over, he is still reading and associating with it. :0)

So number 13 is our winner - and you can thank the Yankee's giving A-Rod that number.

 peggy S from OH said...
Thanks for sharing your life and projects with us in 'blogland' -love it! Can't wait to see what you find to replace the Texas desk! loved the pics of your booth!When you get a chance to pop on the blog, I'll be there.
So Peggy S from OH ... if you can please email me your mailing address. I will get your "Treat" in the mail right away for you! If you know Peggy S... shout out to her and make sure she checks in here. 
Better get out the door now - Have a great day, and make sure to pop in tomorrow ok? New Release starts at Whimsy :0) 

HUGS and

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Feathers and Fur!

Howdy - today is the High Hopes Challenge! And this challenge really is a Fun one.. to include Feathers and/or Fur in your project. Now don't worry.. you don't have to use the real thing, the image can just be that has Feathers or Fur. But stretch your imagination and see if you can add a little fun to it!

Me I have been just dying to use this adorable image that I got  - it is so perfect, and I love that sentiment with it!

The image is called "My Best For Him" and it can be found HERE. And the sentiment is called "Truth about Christmas" and it can be found HERE.

Now before I go to much into the card I just have to give out a huge shout out to my Buddies Mike and Tina Wenke!!  They have been working on some fabulous new papers! Yes... that wonderfully talented artist Tina Wenke now has scrapbook and card making papers for sale! Just pop on over to her web site ( Click on into her shop and you will see lots of new goodies.  I am totally in love with the new Card Making papers!! They are 12x12 "Scrapbook" Papers diving into four 6x6 different pattern papers on one piece! So for my card I have four wonderful prints, but only used one piece of paper. Love that! And as soon as I saw tis wonderful Rejoice in the Winter Collection I knew it was perfect for my stamp I was using today. There are lots of great patterns so please pop on over and see them for yourself!  Tell them Michelle sent you and I said "Hi" :0)

Ok, now back to my card for the challenge - I colored my image with my Copics. (Sorry I mixed up my Copics before I snapped my photo) I then cut down the pattern paper and zig zag stitched together two of the patterns for the front, using the center of the mat pattern to also be the mat for my image. Thrifty huh? I then sewed down my image and attached to the front of a kraft card stock base. I found some dark brown twine in a drawer and it just seemed to be a natural embellishment for this image. I wrapped around the top three times, and the bottom three times and then took some small pieces and tied around them while curing the ends. I then stamped out my sentiment. This is one large sentiment... I just cut it in half so it would fit better on my card. I used a Copic to create a mat look on the edges, and pop dotted in place.

Then I added some glue and Ivory Flower Soft to my little lamb. I wanted to use Flocking, but in my mess of a room I couldn't find mine anywhere!! Hate that, but I don't think the Flower Soft turned out too bad. Gives him a bit of a curly look don't you think?

I then used the other two patterns from the Tina Wenke paper to create a simple inside -

This card really made me happy - it feels right I guess. And it came together all wonderfully.  The great image, with the great traditional Wenke Papers and the natural embellishment.

Now you want to see more Feathers and Fur? I know you do, cuz I have seen them and you just must! So head on over to the High Hopes Challenge and check out all the DT have flocked, feathered, puffed up and put together for this weeks challenge. Then please do join us! You could increase your count of High Hope stamps!!

So it is Tuesday... we have our wonderful helper coming out so Hubby will be out with him most of the day working on something. Me, I think house cleaning, laundry and cleaning and pricing things for our booth in the Antique Mall. Blah... I would so much rather be outside - or out junking!  But somethings to have to be done don't they?  Hope you have something wonderful to do today -

HUGS and

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Me and My Space - Post Office Sorting Unit!!!

Alrighty now... I have been so excited about this piece!!! A few days before our show last week I found and ad for a large oak sorting table. When I called about it, I found that it is a Post Office Sorting table from the early 1900's. Solid Oak with a unit above with shelves and dividers.  My mind went nuts. This could be the perfect Die Cutting area! She sent me a tiny little photo on my phone. We "negotiated" and I bought it over the phone... LOL and then to make it even better... she lived in the same town we were doing the show in!! Seriously!!

The night after our first day we went over to pick it up. It took 3 men to load it! Once the show was over Hubby had to take it all apart to get it into our house... much less down the long hallway around the corner and into my craft room. The wonderful young man that helped him carry said that I should consider selling it with the house instead of moving it if we ever left here. (Good thing we are not planning that any time in the future)

Ok... so you want to see it?

This photo just does not do it justice... It doesn't seem so huge in this photo. But it is against the ceiling and wouldn't fit where I had planned due to the height. This thing is SOLID oak... old oak. I love the shabby look of the blueish grey worn paint. Hubby asked if I wanted it refinished and I said no... I love it just as is. The hole underneath the left side is for a trash can to slide under and then you could "file" the trash into the bin. A great long drawer and it is hard to see but on the right corner there is a old old cast iron hook. This would be where the mail bag would be hung to make it easy to pack up. There are wonderful old metal dividers that slide in on all the shelves.. I think about two inches for every divider. I didn't use too many of them yet. In fact I slide the bottom shelf out and just laid in on the back of the table so the large Big Shot Pro Dies would fit.  So I have Sizzix dies across the bottom and part of the second shelf. Then I stood up EK Success punches. The next two shelves are Martha punches all sorted and easy to see. Top shelf, behind the large stamps, are metal baskets filled with Friskar punches. Then I filled in with some of my favorite stamps. The BS Pro fits perfectly on the table top, and this baby does not rock around at all! Strong and steady!

I will probably set up the doggie beds underneath - Once I get the rest of the room sorted and back in order. Hopefully sometime soon. We are so busy with all the shows coming up, the booth in the Antique Mall will need to be set up this next week. Animals... oh Goats are getting close! So then all spare time will be spent making the babies super friendly with lots of hands on loving. Hard job... but hey someone has to do it! :0)

My Postal Sorting Table though... Hubby still can't believe I found it in an ad, bought it basically sight unseen and now it is here. He really thought it wasn't going to be that good- when he saw it he winked at me. His way of saying well done. On our way home with it he said it was really lucky to have found  such a great piece. I said I knew it all the time... it was meant to be in my craft room. Really I prayed it was as good as I hoped cuz he would have teased me forever if it wasn't. LOL

Now if only I could run across a few more! One or two more for me, and then a couple to share :0) For now I am loving all over my one and happy to have it for sure!

You have anything new that you are loving? Share...  

Ok.. on the run.. Sunday breakfast with the locals and then we have an appointment to look at someones collection that they are wanting to sell.  Toys and Dolls - should be fun to see, and hopefully I can come home with some goodies to resell.

Have a great Sunday!
HUGs and -

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Animal Crackers - A little Hide and Seek Anyone?

It's Saturday!!!! Now that may sound like I am telling you that... but actually, I am letting myself know! LOL Sorry, I stretched in bed this morning and told Hubby... I needed to get outside today and take some good photos today, for tomorrows Animal Crackers. He looked at me kind of funny and said, "you do realize that today is Saturday?"  "NO!" Yesterday it rained all day and somehow I lost a day, I think maybe I was hibernating, as our first really good cold front came in. LOL I say cold... it was in the 60's yesterday, and this morning it is in the low 40's. So I am sorry... my clock went deep into cave and was sorting and cleaning and getting life caught up and just lost track of time. But I have a few photos to share.... Two from a couple of weeks ago and two from this week....

We lost Valentine and Cocoa yesterday....  We needed to leave but really didn't want to until we found them... so despite running late we drove around looking.

In reality... we had driven right by them... TWICE!

This is the fence line down our drive. And due to the cold wind... that I don't think Cocoa was any happier about than me, due to the cold wind Cocoa had taken her and her grown baby son Valentine deep into the brush to stay a little warmer. Now I am thinking we need to put some glow in the dark collars or something on them for next time! LOL Seriously we drove by them twice, before we saw them!

One from a couple of weeks ago... love this one of Annie....

She is one of the little skittish girls. There are three of them that just didn't warm up with the last crew. Like their Mom's. But Annie is getting much better. She actually lets me touch her, and rub a little on her before she runs off. Gorgeous gal. And has those gorgeous eyes.... I am so excited for this last years  group of girls to get old enough to have their own kids. I also am hoping that the Mom's that are about to pop right now have kids just as stunning. This new group... I will not allow skittish, you must let me love on you!!! LOL I can say that... but the Mom's will determine that -

Now speaking of Mom's to be....

I am some high hopes and all my fingers crossed for Miss Lacey. Now you all know that we have population control still in effect here....  No babies "expected"  Well... Miss Lacey she is getting pretty wide, and when I look back at the calendar, there is a very slight chance that she may have gotten some time with Raffie before we separated them all. OH I SO HOPE SO!!! I am dying for a new little fuzz ball baby donkey around here!!!! LOL  I know we have to think business like and responsible, but I just can't help it... I love the babies and miss them so much!  Flavio is now over 5 months old, and he never would let us love on him as much as I like... I like to get down on the ground and let them climb into my lap! That was just a bit much for cautious Flavio... Lacey's babies have always been lovers of attention. So fingers crossed everyone! :0) wink wink....

Well I knew it was coming... my allergies started acting up a couple of days ago... and then so did Auties....

Little guy goes into his sad little position in the kitchen floor. Really it makes your heart just break into a million pieces doesn't it. He does not feel good at all.... well here he wasn't..... but then I pulled out his meds, and gave him a 1/2 a pill - cleared up his itchy eyes, runny nose and clogged up throat. (the throat is the part that just really bothers him the most, poor thing actually chokes trying to clear it)  Later yesterday he was playing with Tuco and running around being his normal self. Better get the other 1/2 ready for today, as I am all stuffed up and my eyes are itching like mad. So I am sure my "son" is too....

sorry I am dork and lost track of the days. LOL  But hey... I did get my cabinet in place and all my "supplies" put into it to show off tomorrow! Yea!

Now me... I am going to run and find my warmer sweats, some socks and I think some oatmeal would be yummy... see you tomorrow!

HUGS and

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recovered, but now catching up and cleaning up with some Candy

Howdy  - well we are finally feeling recovered from our first antique show, but now in a bit of a panic. You see... we sold some of our favorite items in our booth and now we are on the hunt for more key goodies for our next show in a little more than two weeks.

This afternoon I realized that it was actually Wednesday and I had not been on to blog. I really had intended to do a bit of crafting and blogging by now really! But you see I have just a bit of an issue....

You see I got a new antique cabinet this past weekend :0) - I'll show it off on Sunday once it is all tidy and in its place. But in order to get it in my craft room, I had to take out a piece. We decided that the Texas Courthouse Desk that we just got a little while ago was the best to go. It wasn't working out well for me to use with the slanted desk top. And I couldn't put my die cutter on it or the doors would not open. So it will go off to be sold to someone else to love. Yes, little sad... but not when I found the piece I did. But back to why I haven't crafted. You see I had already filled the other cabinet. And in a rush to get it out and the new one in while we had some help (the new piece is HUGE and HEAVY!) all of that "stuff" just came flying out and stacked everywhere.

So I have NO where to craft, not even a little corner to color, and if I could find a corner... I can't find my Copics! LOL So I am going work on cleaning up all of that the next couple of days and then I can craft over the weekend.

But while moving things around I found a few things and thought... I need to share these with someone. So I added some really gorgeous ribbons, a few stamps and have put together a little Candy for one of you wonderful readers - You have stuck it out with me while I have been just a tad on the nuts side the past few weeks. Its ok.. I really was flipping out and a bit nuts we can say that honestly.

So whats in this pile? 
Three retired Sugar Nellie - Rachel Anne Miller stamps
A Fiskar's Cocoa Mug punch, brand new!
A Sarah Kay Shepherd Stamp
A Heltz Cuppleditch Surprise Stamp
And a bunch of my favorite woven lace Ribbon! 

So the details - 

I'll ship world wide, and so we don't have to wait too long, how about if we just run this until next Wednesday? On the 31st I'll pop on at some point during the day and announce a winner that has commented on this post.  No other requirements. I just want to share with someone that is a reader and been there checking on me to make sure I am still here :0) 

Ok... I am going to go and dive into that pile and start sorting.... Thanks so much for visiting me :0) 

HUGS and 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Me and My Space - Show Booth!

Thanks for understanding and being so wonderful with my short post by Tuco yesterday :0)  I guess my brain was just a tad fried and it was late so I was a bit goofy typing up that post. I'll be honest, I am not much better tonight.

It has been a very long day - but our first day really was great! A lot of fun, work, talking, and a bit of freak outs from time to time.  I had all our products entered into the software on my iPad. Went to ring up my first sale... nothing was there. Yep. all gone. Then I worked through it and entered in the purchase... went to print the invoice... says there was no printer found. I was really close to screaming it is right there!!!! Good thing everyone was so calm and nice. But it all worked out - and it was a wonderful day.

Ok.. Hubby took photos for me of our booth with his phone, mine was hooked up to the iPad for charges.

So here are photos of our first booth -

We are the first booth on the first isle on the right - Here is the view coming onto the isle. We "Had" lots of stuff early in the day. Sorry for the glare - they had the door open behind us for a time.

This is the tiered tables on the left - the steel trucks / toys and my 1850's Joel Ellis Doll carriage... well it was mine .. wink wink

Center of the booth...

Ahhhhh.. the door is pulled down and now you can see things a bit better... This is looking to the right of our booth. Hubby built the corner walls to be able to hang things and give us a good end to our booth. We have four of his brothers painting hanging this show -

You can also see my Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty Circus ten on the end. Was ticked pink when I found that!! The shelf on the back had just lots of all kinds of things. Toys, Doll furniture, Pottery, Yelloware and kitchen collectibles. A little for everyone!

OH... and the "Creepy Dolls" ( you can see them in a couple of the photos...) Well Hubby will sleep well now... all three were sold to one lady who just went nuts for them. So he won't have to worry about them staring at him any longer... until I find another one :0)

Hope you like our booth photos... I am beat, I am going to schedule this to come on and pass out. That alarm clock is gonna off real soon -

HUGS and have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Animal Crackers - Tuco here....

Hey There - Tuco here....

I have had to pop in today for "Mom" ... She and "Dad" have been so busy this week getting ready for their first Antique Show and yesterday was set up and "Mom" came in and fell over to sleep.

It was already dark though... so photos of those outside family members were impossible anyway. I tried to climb on her, jump up and down and then lick her and tell her that she could just do a photo shoot of me and all my different views. But she wouldn't listen. She was out cold. Believe me... I tried to get her attention!

Anyway I told her to rest up for the weekend, I would handle today's post and let you all know that this week's normal Animal Crackers post just didn't happen. We will return to our normal funny faces next week. ( I still think an entire post of how fabulously adorable I am would be a great post! )

"Mom" says she is going to try and post photos of their booth on tomorrow's Me and My Space post. I can't wait to see what all the attention away from me is...

Thanks for visiting! And make sure to let "Mom" know you loved my post! :0) I beat Autie, Chica and Libbie to the computer, and we want her to know that I really did a good job.

Hugs -

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

High Hopes - Blue Black and White challenge

Howdy... we are busy little donkeys around here... pricing, packing, cleaning and making sure we have all our "donkeys" in a row... but I did take a little time to "play" and make a card for this weeks High Hopes Challenge. 

The challenge? Blue Black and White Color Challenge, that is a perfect challenge for all those new penguin images.

Here is my card -

Really had some fun with those penguins! :0) I masked and stamped three of the new dudes! Waddlin' By,  Just Chillin' and Cool Claude I masked, stamped and colored with my Copics (colors below) I then added lots of stickles and then clear dimensional glaze on the ice cube. I found a couple of papers in my stash of scraps. White base, and Black mat. the image and papers I just edged with my black Copic. I sewed things down. And then found a border of felt scallops, I cut it apart and used it in the corners with some adhesive pearls. The sentiment is also from High Hopes.

Here is a close up of the guys...

The inside I strayed from the challenge just a tad.....

Ok, so the red is more than a tad :0) oops... I was just crafting a way and had it all down before I realized it... LOL

Here are my Copics colors...

 Now you need to waddle on over and see the other DT cards at the High Hopes Challenge! And then... please do join us! We would love to see you win some High Hopes!

Now back to work!! (That was for me... more pricing and packing LOL)  I sure hope we sell well... or I am going to have a very full house of goodies! LOL

Have a great Tuesday! HUGS and-

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Me and My Space - The T has been freed! And a few Dolls...

Hello - Oops... missed posting this morning didn't I? We flew out of here so early, and in such a tizzy that I forgot a few other things too..

So I am just doing a new post for today and sharing our excitement of the day. The Model T has finally been freed from the Trailer and is sitting in its new garage. Ok, so the door has not been hung on the garage yet, but that is "suppose" to happen tomorrow. And we had family here today to help Hubby roll, push and pull and get it in its new home.

Here is Hubby... his first time actually behind the wheel.

It was really exciting to see it come down the ramp and out of the box trailer.

Thank you to Hubby's Brother and Brother in Law for all the help. I don't move fast enough any more to get out the way if it were to "get away". And knowing my track record I would probably fall and break something. More than likely something on me...

It is so pretty... The red is not correct... one day we will do the total restoration... but for now we will just get it running and enjoy it.

Sad thing is that we are so crazy busy getting ready for the Antique Show next weekend that Hubby really has no time to "play" with it this week. But I am sure he will find a few minutes here and there to tinker with it... after all he has been waiting over a month to even sit in it! BTW... the color is not correct, but pretty much everything else is totally original 1913. Now the top is not on it here, and now that I look at the photo... the front bumper is not attached in the right position it is just sitting up on the bars... but I think we all can still see how beautiful it is.

Ok... thought I would also show you something I was so thrilled to find for the show.... My plan was to maybe sell two and keep one... LOL But we will see.

These are stuffed dolls from Fabric Art Mills. They were produced around 1900. I love them. They are large, I think the two in the back are like 28 inches. Each of them have very old clothes on them. But they are printed with nice "under garmets" as well.  I will take all three to the show. And see if anyone else shares my love for them. When I showed them to Hubby... he said wow cool... And then said you are selling all three right? I told him I wanted to keep one maybe. He said.. "Well I kinda think they are creepy..."  Really??? Creepy????  I love them. What do you think? LOL

Have a wonderful evening...
HUGS and-

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Animal Crackers - HELLO?

Pattie Says... HELLO?????

Ha! She is feeling so much better now! Especially since she has put back on her weight she lost when sick (and probably a few more pounds) - She is back to her friendly happy funny self!

Jazz says me too... I say Howdy...

Good ole, Jazz... slow steady and ALWAYS ready for some ear scratches! oops only one ear is ready here -

Speaking of ears....

LOOKIE... here is Coffee! As a baby we called him ears, his head has finally grown in and they seem to fit better... still really long though. He is Patiie's son, we purchased them together years ago. Coffee now belongs to the neighbor... yes the one that moved and I told you loaded up all the horses and donkeys and took them to their new home. Well Coffee and his buddy Toffee - they decided that they were not quite ready to leave Texas yet and gave us some problems getting into the trailer the day we were loading up everyone. So we are donkey sitting them for now and they are living with all the Ladies. (Its ok... they are "safe" to be in with them)

Snapped this photo of Darlene to show just how sleek and trim she is!

Really she has really gotten so much skinnier. She has put back on just a few pounds with all of the neighbors grass the past month. But she is a healthy weight now. She was VERY wide before. Pregnant looking when not wide. She may be our "old lady" at nearly 20, but she is looking great!

Gloria and Angeline stopped for a pose for you -

Such pretty little gals aren't they? Angelina is one of our oldest babies. I think she is getting close to 5 now.... soon hopefully we can get her in with Raffie and have a little one of her own. She is a clone of her Mom, Macie and her little sister Felicia is a clone of both of them. Can't wait to see what "Lina" gives us.

Speaking of "sitting" .... Have I introduced you to Chevy before? I can't remember....

 Chevy is like family - well he really is family to the three outside dogs. He is their "Daddy"... Chevy lives down our road just a little ways. This dog has the most personality of any dog I have ever met. We were "watching" him earlier in the week while his family was out of town. The outside doggies love playing and running from our farm, to the neighbors, then to Chevy's house... then back again. Of course running all around and between the donkeys while doing it. I was trying really hard to get him to smile for the camera. This dog has the greatest smile ever - especially with those ears. Seriously he totally smiles!

Niner one of his kids... he can sort of get a smile going....

 Not sure how I can top that photo... LOL

So whats up today? Us... we are going to be running around crazy getting ready for the Antique show next weekend. Yep... we have signed on for a Booth in an Antique Mall starting November 1st. And then we signed up for two different towns Antique Shows - Next weekend then another town second weekend of November! We are so excited... not quite ready... but excited! LOL I'll make sure to take lots of photos next Saturday at the start of the show so you can see our booth! ;0)

If you happen to be in central Texas... come see us at the Comfort Antique Show, Oct 20th & 21st!

Gotta Fly.. we need to run into town for a few things. I need some price tags on strings, and safety pins.  Got a bunch on Doilies I don't want to stick stickers on. And Hubby needs a few more pieces of lumber to finish off our Corner display. Toodles!

HUGS and-

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Whimsy Stamps - My Shape EZ Purse and Frosty Friend!

Howdy! How is  your week going? Flying by at the speed of light like it is here? Seriously... I can't believe it is Thursday already! WOW ... Today I have a project to share for Whimsy. The Whimsy Stamps Inspiration Blog is having a day of Review. There are so many wonderful new images in the new release... that there needed to be a Review day to share more of the new goodies!

For me... I decided to try out another one of the Whimsy Shape EZ templates to make a 3-D item.  I wanted to try out the Designer V Purse... It looked to be a great little box for those special treats for small gifts. The thought for me is that this might be a really great little gift box for those Christmas gifts for those... thank you thinking of you type of gifts. You know neighbors, the mail person, Hay delivery.. What you don't have that to give a little treat to? Around here... that is one at the top of the list! That young man is a life saver... delivers and loads up all they hay in the barn for us. Wasn't that long ago Hubby had to do it, and I would try and help... it is a hard job let me tell you!

Here is my little bag -

 Ok, now first off... that photo is making me crazy!!! I is sitting crooked in my tent I think!!! Duh... why didn't I realize that earlier!

What I was also doing when making this little adorable "purse" was timing myself. You see... I wanted to see how fast it took from start to finish.. if they take too long I can't make a whole lot of them in a day. And that is how I do this kind of gift. I take a Sunday and make all the ones I need to fill. This one... from choosing the paper and printing out my Frosty Friend Digital stamp to taking the photo... was just about 30 minutes! LOVE it! I think I can print out the snowman... then a Santa face... and maybe a Reindeer? I'll see what Denise has a Whimsy and choose a few :0)

I found a piece of glittery snowflake paper in my stash of old paper. Loaded the Shape EZ Digital V Purse SVG template into the Silhouette Cameo software, hit trace, paste, cut. Scored the lines folded used my score tape attached. Added a simple wide ribbon for the handle. Need to come up with something different I think... wired ribbon would work so much better. Now because the paper was already pretty... I just added some pearls along the bottom and then along the edge of the fold over lid. My Frosty Friend... I colored him up with my Copics (colors below) and cut him out. and attached him to the lid.  For my future boxes, I think some velcro would be great for the lid to close under his head. I'll have to put that on my list too... LOL

Really was quick, and I think it will be perfect for small gifts. Here is a more side view -

and my Copic Colors...

Make sure to visit the Whimsy Challenge Blog today and see more great new release images!! And if you are a "Facebook'er" have you "liked" the Whimsy Facebook page? You might want to.... :0)  There is LOTS of great things going on there... OH and I almost forgot... Whimsy is having a Digital DT call......... :0)  Check it all out ok?

I am off... I am trying really hard to not panic... and stay calm. But you see Hubby and I decided to rent a booth in an Antique Mall. No biggie... can't move in until November 1st... Lots of time to get our things together. Well then in the next breath we decided to call about a couple of the antique shows in some of the small towns around. Thinking... it is way to late to get into the Fall shows, but maybe we can get into the Spring. The lady who runs them said "normally" I would not have a thing available, but I just yesterday got a call from a vendor that has to cancel out for both the October and November shows. Wow... how lucky is that!! Uh when is the October show? "20 & 21" THAT IS NEXT WEEKEND... Yes... So now we are filling a mall booth, and doing two shows!  I know we will pull it off. And for sure we have plenty for that first show... I told Hubby... wouldn't it be great if we sold out and really had to freak out panic for the the next? LOL  I will be sharing more about the shows as they come up and happen... We are pretty excited about doing them!

HUGS and -

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whimsy Inspiration Challenge - All things Sparkly!

Totally Love the Theme of this weeks Whimsy Inspiration Challenge! All things Sparkly! And don't be shocked here... but I went overboard with the bling.. LOL

Here is my card with the new image "Presents" by LiaStamp - Such a wonderful image!

I found some older pattern papers from Graphic 45 Christmas Past collection, and loved the vintage feel...but bold colors. So I colored my "Presents" to match. I sewed all the pieces down, cut out the image with a circle nestie and matted with the Lace Nestie. I then covered the mat with Diamond Stickles. LOVE how it came out! Then I just totally coo coo! I covered about 80% of the image with all different colors of Stickles! This baby sparkles!!

Wish you could really see it! I found a ribbon that Celebrate the Season - and I backed it with a scrap of the red gingham that I colored with a Copic to darken. Three button in one corner... that I added stickles too :0)

The inside uses all the same papers - and one of the sentiments from new "Christmas Sayings" Digital sentiments.

Ok confession time here... I really have not been using Digital sentiments that long. But I am really LOVING them!!!  You can make them any size you want... so if you need them smaller for the front, no problem. Larger for the inside... sure go for it!  I really have enjoyed them.  Have you tried them yet? I am going to have to scroll through all the ones that Whimsy has and make sure I don't "need" a few more! :0)

Now that you have seen my Sparkly Card for the challenge... you just have to jump over to the Whimsy Inspiration Challenge and see all the DT cards! Wow we have tons of fabulous sparkle going on!

I just printed out a few more of the new Digital images... I have a little free time and I think coloring up some of these new images are just what I need to fill it with!

HUGS and-

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - It's a Sketch!

Hi - I really do thank each of you for your sweet comments about Little Jose. It was such a shock to us, and honestly a broken leg has been such a fear of mine for so long and with every little limp I panic. When Jose really did totally break his leg I just did not even know how to react. And we had so many different things going on here on Saturday, with a workman here to help with the building of the garage, neighbors stopping by, the vet, and unpacking, much less the fact that we were still on overload from our week of traveling and antiquing,  that I just found myself in a daze just trying to handle things and get through the day on Saturday. Sunday... both Hubby and I were on pause and took time to slow down and regroup. A cold front came through and it was really chilly here and a good day to stay in and charge our batteries, and deal with the loss of our little Jose. So thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments, they do help.

My post about some of the junk we found... I am just now sorting and cleaning things so I'll get some photos taken and try and post later in the week.. and for sure next Sunday on the regular day. We got lots of really great things!!! I am so excited about. I just wish I could keep it all... LOL

Now how about some craftiness?  Today is the High Hopes Challenge! And this week it is a sketch to play with. Just what I needed... no stress on a layout! Perfect timing!

Here is my card with one of the new release images, "Waddlin' By"  such a cutie!

These little penguins are just so much fun!  I colored with my Copics (sorry I didn't get the colors this time) and then I cut out my waddlin' friend. I found a older paper pad from Basic Grey "Eskimo Kisses" I love the colors in this collection. That house pattern paper was just too fun to put behind my pop dotted penguin. I then chose two other patterns and followed the sketch. I sewed down my papers after matting with red card stock. A white card stock base went perfectly. The sentiment is also from High Hopes. "Waddlin' by with a winter Hi!"  Great sentiment! I decided to keep things simple and just add some vintage red buttons to finish off.

Here is a side view -

And an inside view... simple too.

I am really loving this color combo for Christmas!

Now you just MUST waddlin' on over to the High Hopes Challenge Blog and see the other DT's work! It does seem like we are all having a ton of fun with this new release :0)  Then make sure to head over to the HH Store and see all the new release and maybe grab a few for your cards this year!

Well better get the day going. I am thinking this afternoon Hubby and I may run into town and visit a couple Antique Malls... NO not more shopping... getting info and pricing on booths! We have so much stuff that we have found and gathered the last few weeks that we are thinking a booth might just be a great selling venue! We both would love to do a few shows during the year. But they have to be close enough for staying at home at night... or should I say feeding breakfast and dinner to our kids. :0)

Have a wonderful day!
HUGS and-