Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day three of CHA

I am sorry I haven't been posting as much as I would like. But I am taking photos and plan to share lots. Honestly I have been just falling over at the end of the day. Lol.

Here is "The Suzi Blu" doing demo on the booth.

Totally loving this gal. What a ball of energy!

More as I can later. And I am taking lots to share once home promise!


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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneak Peek - Suzi Blu - Spirit Girl

Well CHA is under way! And today it is my turn to share on the Stampavie DT Blog. And I had to share here as well right?

Really stepped out of my normal box here and just went with it and "tried" to do something a bit different. And I had a TOTAL BLAST doing it!

Started off with a canvas, tore pieces of cardstock to create my background. I colored the Spirit Girl with promakers, and then cut her out. The sentiment is also one of Suzi's new stamps called "Fall in Love".  Love these new quotes in her collection. I then cut out some roses and a bird from pattern paper, chipboard words and trimmed the edge with measuring tape twill ribbon.

So how have you stepped outside your crafting box lately? These new Suzi Blu images really help inspire and make it all so easy to have fun!

Hope you enjoyed it ;0) Off to CHA now!
HUGS and-

Sunday, January 29, 2012

CHA is open

Bev, Jing, Me, Heidi, and Barbara all together in the booth!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The show opens in the morning

Well it is just about time, the booth is pretty much done. We were all totally wiped out and really wishing we could blink and be transported back to the hotel rather than having to walk. But if that had happened we would not have run into "him"

Yep Bev, Jing and I got to say hi to Tim Holtz. :0) tomorrow you won't be able to get within ten miles of him with all the people.

Oh and we got to spend most of the afternoon with Stampavies newest artist Suzi Blu! Totally love her! She is just too cute. Here we were taking a sit on a roll of carpet resting a bit.

Not sure what we were doing, she has been calling me Texas so maybe this was our pistols? You get really tired and a bit loopy after a while. LOL

More at some point tomorrow

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Doing the finishing touches

Today is finishing up the pretty things in the booth. This afternoon will start loading in the products and art.

Barbara cleaning things shiny.

Heidi painting the table legs

Stuart and Barbara's husband Rudi..... Well I just don't know LOL

More later

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Friday, January 27, 2012

The booth is being built

Sorry I didn't get a chance to blog since landed. But I am on the ground and It is all in the works! We are at CHA and it is a construction area with all the booths going up. Here Heidi is priming our new towers.

I am posting with my phone so I will try (if it works) to have some Fun and blog through it all short post and photos:0)


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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane....

Well I have my boarding pass. I am through security, which was a zoo btw. And I know sit at my gate to wait for my flight to LAX.

As I am sitting here trying to figure out if I am dong this blog post right, I look up at a family sitting at a kids table. There is a about a 2 year old little girl with the cutest long gold curls just flipping away and playing games on a iPad. Seriously she looks like she has been working it since birth, heck she probably has... Lol. Maybe she could give me some tips.

So I'll be in Anaheim this evening. Hope this is a smooth flight....so hate flying.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Animal Crackers - Their Eyes are Open!

YEP. the puppies eyes are open! They are just sooo cute. Ok, so they were cute before, but they are starting to really have that little puppy look.


 This BIG dude is HARD to take a photo of!  Ammo is a wiggle worm... but totally adorable!

 Tuco... still to early to know if eyes are blue yet, but maybe? And look at all the copper showing up on him! That is exactly what Hubby was hoping for, a blue merle with copper...... Take a look at the photo we just got of "Mini"... now called "Dixie" From Libbie's first litter. She is Chica's sister -

Beautiful isn't she! And I do believe she is a bit spoiled :0) I love it! And I have been thrilled to have gotten emails this past week from her "Mommy" and seeing lots of photos of her! I can't believe how much she looks like Chica - I think it is that they both have the same shaped face.
Ok, so I couldn't get a good photo to show you that... LOL Something in the grass was just too interesting. She wouldn't take her eyes off of it for nothing. ha! I tried her name, snapping and even the word "Cookie" but nope... it was really cool whatever it was.

We have been letting the Donkeys out in our make shift pen to "mow the grass". We let the pens take turns in this pen.  Yesterday was the Mom's and babies turn.
They LOVE to get out of their normal surroundings and much out on all the long grass.... well what was long grass -

Vicki and Leticia wouldn't even look up - but they were getting lots of good fresh green vitamins :0)
Same with Ramon... I need to check on his dates ... it might be time to wean him soon. He is such a handsome big boy.

Macie made time for me. 
Man she is gorgeous! Her baby, Sonia,  was loving on her... Love this photo.

Then I visited the Goat pen -
Daisy Duke - she is putting on a little bit of a tummy. I have no clue how far along she is but she is pregnant. CAN'T wait for her and Peso's babies ;0)

Speaking of babies... Baby Cleatus is sure getting big.
I don't want to think about the fact that soon he will need to leave. Can't keep all the boys you know. He is a handsome funny little guy though isn't he.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Animal Crackers. I don't think I'll get one up next week, due to being at CHA, so it will be a bit hard to get photos - but I am suppose to arrive home in time the following week to maybe get some photos taken and on... if nothing else I'll make sure to snap some puppy photos cuz missing a week is one thing, but two would really miss a ton of growth!! I am going to really miss them the week I will be gone...oh and Hubby and all my other babies!  I can't wait to go.. but I am already homesick and I am not leaving until Thursday! How stupid is that?  Just a home body I guess, and I really do miss home when not here. I'll have a ton of fun I know. But miss my Hubby and my furry babies like crazy! Ok.. gotta stop.... just such a dork! LOL

I hope to pop in a couple of times this week if I can. But I haven't even begun to get things together for my trip, plus I have to get the house cleaned, laundry all done and stock up the kitchen so things will be good for Hubby while I am gone. So I'll be running like a mad woman most of the week.

HUGS and

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CardMaker Magazine Tina Wenke -Sent from Above

Hello today I am just a little excited to share the latest issue of CardMagazine

Check out page 67....

Yep.... I have a card on page 67 :0) with one of my favorite Stampavie Tina Wenke images "Sent From Above".

I made an easel card. With EK Success retro flower punches and lots pearl bling. The image is colored with Promarkers ...

There are some great handmade flower patterns in this issue... Really cool ideas!

Pick up an issue if you see it :0) and I believe you an even sign up for digital issues on their website .... I think maybe?

Ok... Trying all this pst form my iPad to make sure I am ready for next week at CHA. A few issues with using my iPad and blogging ... So I hope I finally have it figured out.

I am so behind in getting ready since I was sick all last week and weekend........ Sigh.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Stampavie CHA 2012 Winter Release Sneak Peek - SUZI BLU!!

Don't Pass out here... BUT I GET TO SHOW OF SOME CRAFTING!!!!

IT'S HERE! Our Favorite time of the year! The Stampavie DT CHA Winter 2012 Sneak Peek! This is where each day thru the end of February the DT will show off a project with one of our new releases on the Stampavie DT Blog- You will see Sarah Kay, Tina Wenke, Penny Johnston and our newest artist Suzi Blu! Wonderful fun image - Sentiments and a few new things as well!! This is one great release -

Today I am the lucky one that gets to start things off - and I thought it would be a great chance to show off what I put together with two new stamps from our first Suzi Blu collection. I so totally love these images!
For my frame I used the Suzi Blu images "Fly Free" and "A Creative Life" - How totally fun are these! I paper pieced a pretty dress with lace ribbon for the Girl "Fly Free' and then used the entire House and with quote "A Creative Life" for the center of my frame.  These new Suzi Blue stamps are so versatile  - art projects, journals, cards, scrapbook pages what ever you can dream up these images are sized to work and give you lots of inspiration to jump off and create your own works of art!

For instructions on how to make my canvas frame you can see a prior project post  HERE -

Now make sure you visit the Stampavie DT Blog  each day to get inspiration and those great sneak peeks of the new release images! We will be showing them off EVERY day thru the end of February!

See I told you I have been crafting ;0)

Have a great Monday! HUGS

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Animal Crackers Calendar Winner

OOPS forgot to post the winner of the calendar. I am blaming the cold medicine! So I did the random number generator and...

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:

Timestamp: 2012-01-14 15:11:28 UTC

And that means that the winner is.......

Blogger Marilyn said...
Another great Saturday of Animal Crackers to sit and drink coffee with. Lovee the pic of Leticia... so darned cute! And the puppies... if I lived closer Michelle, I'd sure try to get dibs on one of them.
Saturday, 07 January, 2012

YEA! Marilyn if you can email me your snail mail address - michelleo@hughes.net  

I'll get this out to you right away! 


Animal Crackers - What is his is mine...

Yep... I do believe that Hubby has shared his illness with me. Wasn't that sweet of him. Oh well gotta keep going, some meds and I should be over it in a few days right?

Well the puppies turned a week old this week. I can't believe it has only been a week!! LONG week. But they are both doing great now.

How adorable is Tuco now that he has some meat on his bones...
 ok so it is only a little meat.. he is still very small but he makes up with lots of cuteness! I am just dying for those little eyes to open up!

The Big Guy.. Ammo - he is totally adorable as well, just in bigger format. I think he already has a bit of copper showing on his cheek... takes a few weeks before you really know if they are going have much copper coloring or not. But I bet he is gonna look a lot like his Daddy Autie.
Handsome man isn't he? Great Daddy too. He loves to lay just outside of the puppy box so he can see his two boys -
Before I headed outside, I thought I would show you Gato's newest spot. She LOVES the new chair from IKEA that is in the Living room. It is her spot. Now it helps that the dogs are not allowed in the Living Room, so she has total peace in there. LOL
Look how big Fuzzy Estella is getting. I just totally adore her "bangs". They are out of control!
Now little Sonia also really has some bangs issues. Heck she has just hair in general issues! She is really a long haired girl - totally matted too. The girl loves to roll in the leaves and dirt - But when you are that cute it is all ok.
Little Leticia came running over... me too me too - I am cute! Yes she is! But her hair is totally under control - LOL
And then my girl. Gabby Goo - She is spoiled rotten, all that time she lived in the back yard and the couple of days she spent in our bathroom when she was so sick. But not now - this girl is healthy and loves to run and play. She loves for me to kiss the end of her nose.... and as soon as I took this shot I did!

From all the babies... and adults -
HUGS! and have a great Saturday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Cold but Beautiful Sunset

Hi- Thought I would give you a bit of update. Still crafting away for CHA. Oh I am telling you these new Stampavie images are totally awesome! I am in love. Wish I could give you a little sneak peek... I have one coming up next week though :0)

But for now I thought I would share a photo of the sunset tonight. I took the dogs out a little while ago just before it was totally dark. Looked to my right and saw the most amazing sunset. This really isn't nearly as gorgeous as it was. I had to run all the way through the house get my camera find my camera card and then run all the way back through the house. It was already much different, but still very pretty.
Had more purple in it when I first saw it. Funny how fast a sunset changes isn't it.

Updates on my sick babies here. Hubby is still just dying with his cold. Actually he is doing much better. No more fever, and now he is coughing, which we all know means it is on the downhill side. How long he will cough I don't know. I finally fell asleep last night with all his coughing going on, and he woke me to tell me he was coughing... LOL men.

Tuco the teeny tiny puppy. He is still so little, but he is really doing much better - here is a photo I took with my phone... Really cracks me up how BIG Ammo is. He looks like he is from a totally different litter! And Tuco is really the older brother.

I do feel better about Tuco though. He is eating more his "share". And is moving around and even dreaming. I don't know that means he is well, but to me when a puppy kicks and twitches in his sleep he is sleeping well and feeling better.

So now I'll go back to my crafting desk.... after I get Hubby another cup of hot tea -
HUGS and

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am still here ---

Sorry I went MIA on you - Things got a bit stressful and tiring. Puppies... They are doing pretty good today - Yesterday it was a different story. I spent most of Sunday night, and all day Monday totally freaking out over the little Blue Merle - "Tuco" the little guy we want to keep. You see he lost all his strength, and wasn't eating. His much bigger brother seemed to have control over all the milk. Tuco just had given up and decided it wasn't worth struggling to get in there and fight for his space. We took them into the vet and decided that we just needed to boost his sugars and vitamins and then it should kick start his strength. So I began trying to feed him a teeny tiny bottle. He DID NOT like it! I did get a little into him a few times over night and early this morning. And at this time he seems to be getting in there and telling his brother to share. But I am going to keep a close close eye on him. The vet weighed both of them... Tuco still weighed his original 1/4 pound - his brother, who was getting all the food, weighs in at 3/4 pound! PIG!
 Darn they are cute though! Now... I have told you we are keeping Tuco, the tiny Merle. But the great news.... That little Piggie... my BFF Tracey and her husband want him! His new name is Ammo. Can't imagine why they didn't like me calling him Toad - Pudge or Piggie can you? I am excited that someone I know is taking him so we can see him... he will probably even visit from time to time :0)

Here is Libbie with two of them chowing down.  - She is a really good Mommy :0) I totally love that Pink Heart blanket. Hubby bought it for Libbie as a welcome to your new home blankie. She loved it as a puppy. Then we brought Autie home and he used it. And each litter of puppies have used it. During normal times it is always in Libbies bed, she knows it is hers and loves sleeping on it. Good thing it washes so well huh?
Then on top of my Puppy worries and stress... Hubby is just so ill he can't live. Ok, so it is a cold. But he thinks he is dying.... I have waited on him all day, covered him in his recliner, made hot tea many many times, and even made homemade Potato soup for him. I think he is going to live... I am sure of it, but wow... Men are really bad sick people!! I really don't mind taking care of him when he is sick, he was a pretty great nurse for me after my accident. All in a great marriage right?

Crafting - so I have gotten to do a little bit of crafting, but it is all hush hush secret until CHA end of the month. OH I can't wait to show off what I have been doing!!!  I'll try and get some other things to share this week for you - besides animals. I know the crafting is the "main" purpose of the blog after all. LOL


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Animal Crackers - Puppies, Christmas Carrots and some CANDY

Hello! Oh it is so wonderful to have healthy puppies. Libbie was taking her sweet time, and I was getting.... totally freaked out! But she had them and they are totally adorable! Two sweet little boys. Now I think I have mentioned that if we had a Blue Merle, like Libbie,  that Hubby was probably going to want to keep it. And just as expected. He has already claimed him and named him. LOL He of course keeps saying maybe we will keep him, but I know him... this guy is gonna be a member of our family -

Cute huh? His name "might" be.. LOL ... "Tuco" - yes, one of Hubby's favorite movies is The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and he loves the character Tuco Rodriguez. I just hope he is a sweet boy and I really have all my fingers and toes crossed that he has blue eyes like his Momma.

Puppy two - now we have a couple of nick names we have been calling him. "Toad" and "Pudge" but the new owner can name him officially.
We might have someone that wants him... fingers crossed there too - then they will both be officially claimed.

Libbie has been her fabulous self - a wonderful MOM.  She barely leaves their presence, and when she just HAS to go outside, she barks the whole way there, goes really really fast, and then barks the entire way back. I guess that is so they know she is still there. LOL too funny.

Can't wait to take a million puppy photos and share!!

Then while getting ready to post today I realized that I never shared our traditional Christmas Day Donkey photos. It was rainy and cold so we didn't spend as much time as we like to with the donkeys, but they got like 6lbs. of carrots so they were ok.

Here my niece Cori is making sure that everyone gets a carrot... not just the ones with long necks through the fence. :0)
 Cori very quickly learned that Lacy is very greedy with the carrots and grabs them up fast... move slow Cori and watch those fingers! :0)
Kaylynn has that sweet confident reach - Love that new puppy hat with ears she got for Christmas! LOL
This was just too great of shot over the fence to not share...

 Tali was brave and ended up feeding Ted E. Bear, the standard. He is Totally obnoxious about getting carrots... or anything else you have.

 OH and just had to share this one of Little Leticia! She is too young for carrots, but it didn't mean she wasn't going to push her way to the front of the fence to get some loving! She is SO DARN CUTE!

Now I have something a bit different. This year I made up some calendars from Shutterfly
 it had been years since I had ordered anything like this, but I wanted a few for some family and friends for Christmas. Talk about FAST service!! I ordered on a Sunday night late, and Hubby brought in the box from the post office on Tuesday! Seriously FAST! And they really turned out pretty darn cute - Now I can post a large photo from the site due to their copyright stuff... but it is really cute - trust me :0)
So I have one of these that I got for one lucky ready of Animal Crackers... :0) If you need an Animal Crackers Calendar.. post here and I'll pick a winner and announce next Saturday ok? Make sure you let me know who you are if you post anonymously - 

Gotta run - Hubby and I are taking a day with some friends... IKEA for the girls, and a stop at Cabela's probably for the boys - and a late lunch for all of us!

HUGS and