Saturday, January 27, 2018

Animal Crackers - Hi.. Yes I am beautiful!

Howdy -

I have a hard time not taking photos of Gracie every week and showing her off.... She is my super model. And is always up front for her close ups!

The girl loves to have her photo taken and I swear she poses. And when you look like that... You are a super model!!

Another girl that I just love taking photographs of... Miss Moxie -

Maybe that is because she follows me around while I am out taking photos, and she is just so darn cute! She was stretching out and tail wagging here... Love that her collar is usually on sideways, so sweet!

And speaking of sweet... Miss Bitsy.

 Our homemade home grown little Bantam. She is just so precious. Now I know it isn't fair to all our other chicken children, but Bitsy gets to come out of her pen while we are out feeding and gathering eggs. She is so funny... she runs out and starts grabbing grass and such as fast as she can. Then you just wave your hand and say ok time to go back and she runs right back in!! Now I have been on extra guard when she is out .lately... I huge hawk has been perching on our chicken coop, trying to figure out if he can get in for a little dinner. UH NO! I love how gorgeous hawks are, but not hunting my chickens! I run out of the back yard waving my hands yelling looking a bit nuts to make him fly off when I see him! Stay away from my kids!!

How about a handsome man now?

Spartacus knows he is good looking! Funny little man. He is doing so well in the mans pen. I was worried he would be a little escape artist in the large pen, but so far.. fingers crossed and knock on wood he hasn't had interest in getting out... yet.

Now cute but maybe not the smartest... My big boy Valentine.

Same hay throughout the entire bale of hay, but this guy has to always get as far in and turn inside the bale ring. It is so funny to watch him, it is like he thinks he is getting better hay when he reaches in so far. LOL I guess really I shouldn't make fun of him... I prefer the inside of the loaf of french bread and leave the outside crunchy crust... Ha! That is where Hubby and I make the perfect couple, he prefers the crust and finishes off what I leave.

Well I hope you got a bit of grin this week. Busy weekend for us this weekend... a normal crazy time on the farm!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Sweet Lovebirds


Howdy -

Today I adored coloring up Whimsy Stamps Sweet Lovebirds by Lee Holland. These couple of birdies are just precious! 

After coloring up these peach faced lovebirds, I just couldn't find a pattern paper that did it justice, and worked with my colors. Then I decided that this image is one that I could practice my CAS work. Clean and Simple are just not words come easily to me. But this image felt it. I had printed on a cream card stock to color, then matched it up with dark brown card stock for the base with peach and brown mats. For the sentiment I had Whimsy Stamps Dies "Word Die Set Sympathy-Heartfelt-Condolences"

 So much fun to play with at Whimsy Stamps! Click the links above or the image of the packages to get to the store and fill a cart!!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Spring Fever

Howdy -

Show of hands... who is tired of Winter? ME ME ME... jumping up and down and waving my arms in the air! I think I am looking forward to a little bit of that SPRING FEVER.

This is "Framed Spring Fever"  A sweet image that is the sentiment as well! Love that little chick peeking over the framed Spring... I colored with my Copics (colors below) I found some papers in my stash from My Minds Eye that have that spring feeling to it. I matched it up with some blue card stock and then sewed my layers down. Then six enamel dots for embellishments.

Copic colors used -

Remember if the weather is cold and has you down, and you want to feel a bit of warmth... color it up! High Hopes Stamps has so many image to enjoy! Click HERE to see all the fun!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Animal Crackers - Chickens on Ice? Ice on Chicken!

Howdy -

 Gotta love Texas weather... up into the 70's today.... and Tuesday we were in the teens! Texas shuts down when we get ice... and we had ice! The donkeys were fine with it. I am sure they would like it a bit warmer than 18... but cold doesn't bother them too much. Goats - uh no they were not happy. Staying in the huts is a better plan. The Chickens - business as usual. They were out clucking and scratching around for things to snack on. Now they were sporting around a new look though....

A little coating of ice? It was sleeting and they did not want to go in.. things were sticking around! I worried about them like crazy. Hubby said if they were cold they would not have come out of their coops with heat lamps. Ok.. so a few of the chickens were more like me and stayed inside. But the adventure chickens went out enjoyed the weather. 

But they were cute...

Or cold? They are always funny that is for sure!

Hubby sent me this photo... he was out busting up water jugs for the animals during the freeze and had to show me this adorable photo of Pavo... puffed up in the cold Pavo. That is how they stay warm, that thick winter coat puffs up to give them a fuller warmer coat.

He is so handsome!  And Fluffy when the weather is chilly!

This photo is from last week... I just loved Vera standing out in the afternoon sun enjoying the breeze in her beard.

Don't we all love the wind in our hair? LOL

Hope you have wonderful weather where you are and that this week brought you a little smile again this week. I am hoping that the bit warmer weather sticks around here for a while. Not a fan of cold cold icy weather. Us Texans panic with that slippery stuff! So here is to warmer weather and Spring coming ASAP!

Have a blessed weekend and hug a furry or feathered friend!


Friday, January 19, 2018

Whimsy Stamps Flower Flourish Stencil

Howdy -

This week for Whimsy Stamps I had some fun playing with the new stencils - Have you seen them? Oh my crafting fun! This week I used the new Flower Flourish Stencil - pretty....

I dug out my Pan Pastel chalks and made my background paper with the new stencil... then to make a card with it. That made me pull out more whimsy fun items. First the flowers... I  pulled out Whimsy Stamps Peony Flower Die set. LOVE this set! Then my sentiment Sympathy is from the Whimsy set "Sympathy-Heartfelt-Condolences"

There are so many new things to play with at Whimsy Stamps - You just must go and visit the site! Click any image below to go there fast!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Fireman Matthew

Howdy -

This week I pulled out an old favorite for High Hopes Stamps - How fabulous is "Fireman Matthew"!!

I mean we all love those cute firemen right? And this little guy is just too cute, I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut him out loosely around the edges. I found some older papers from My Minds Eye and American Crafts and sewed down the layers. Love all the little hearts. I glued down Matthew and added some Viva Decor Pearl Pen for a little water coming to put out that fire! I cut out a Whimsy Tag Die and then stamped out the perfect sentiment from High Hopes - "Thanks!" Love this sentiment size and those dotted letters. I added a couple of enamel dots to look like brads holding down the tag.

Nice little thank you card for a friend or maybe a fireman? LOL

Here are my copic colors used -

Make sure you jump over to the High Hopes Stamps website and see all the great images for ANY subject. There is a great Search field you can find anything you are looking for! Try it! HERE

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Animal Crackers - Queen of the Goats

Howdy -

Now if this old lady doesn't have a little bit of Royalty look to her... 

The Sun came out one afternoon this week and the weather was really nice, so Paintbrush climbed up on the upper deck and laid down to enjoy herself. She does have the look like a Queen though. She is a bit of Queen of the Goats around here. Love her...

And can a Chicken look Royal? If so this little lady is doing her best to follow Paintbrush in enjoying her surroundings and her "subjects"

 While snapping my photo of Miss Chicken I found that Doris was having a serious chat with Leon through the fence.

Leon is a big rooster, but this photo makes him look like a giant. Lol Now what do you think that conversation is about??? Hmmmm.... They were really chatting -

Great photograph of Miss Ellie Mae -

 Such a beautiful girl. And so sweet. Those eyes just melt me. Big Brown Large Eyes.. And if only you could hear her "hee haw" it is more like a young girl yelling out, it is uniquely her and even when in the house I know when this girl is talking. And when I hear it, I always smile -

Ha... check out the grin on this guy -

He is one funny guy - and he ALWAYS looks like he is grinning with those big white pearly teeth!

And here is Scarlet or "Red" as we have nicknamed her. Now looking at this photo you would never guess that this little lady got in trouble this last week would you?

She has named herself leader of the ladies goat pen. But "Dad" and her had to have a talk. She was being a little mean to old Annie last week. It was really I think a misunderstanding. Dad was trying to move Annie into a private pen so we could feed her own food and vitamins.. he was paying lots of attention to Annie and NOT Red. So Red decided to head butt move Annie out of the way. Dad was not happy with her, he Got Annie out of the pen and then had a talk with his Red. Red and Dad have a special bond, but for a first time Dad was not happy... Just in case you are concerned, Dad and Red are fine and Red is getting her pets and attention as always. :0)

I hope you got another smile from this weeks post - and we all hope that you have a very blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Flower Fairy

Howdy -

Today a little Fairy Fun... the new Whimsy Stamps image by Marina Fedotova"Flower Fairy". 

I colored with my Copics (colors below) matching up with papers from First Edition Spring Drop collection. I sewed down the layers and added some bling with Rangers Stickles. Fairy's must have bling right?  Three buttons in the corner and then for the sentiment I used Whimsy Stamps die cut "Heartfelt".

A close up of that bling...

And the Copic colors used -

Such a fun little Fairy image - click these links to head over to the Whimsy Stamps Store!
*NEW Flower Fairy

Word Die Set - Sympathy Heartfelt and Condolences

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Bessie Boo

Howdy -

Ever have one of those weeks where life just would be nice to stay in PJ's with your hair in rollers and those comfortable cushy house shoes. Mine are on right now!

This is "Bessie Boo" and I think she is just precious.

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and paper pieced the outfit with the papers from First Editions Spring Drop collection to match the card. I found my thread and sewed down my layers of pattern papers on a white card stock base. Three dots of Viva Decor Paint Pen Green for some embellishment to finish it off. I love this image and decided to leave her as the main focus.

Copic colors used -

For lots of fun and pretty images make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps website HERE and see tons you will fall in love with!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Animal Crackers - A little old age...

Howdy -

Cold weather is a really big issue lately everywhere.... in Texas we get fronts that blow through and then leave. But recently cold has hung around. And for those that are a bit "older" that really makes our joints not want to move and work well. And yes... I am adding myself into that statement. But our concern this week has been Annie. Poor thing has really had some achy knees and issues getting up and down.

A little extra Minerals and Vitamins, a heat lamp at night and a private place to be and she is doing a bit better, and the little warmer weather isn't hurting either! It is really a pain to get old and move around in the cold isn't it?

Was doing a bit of laundry yesterday, I know better but was under the weather and not thinking... I washed a load of our black tablecloths for our upcoming antique show... and now they have cat hair on them.... sigh.

I really do know better... she loves the warm laundry. Oh well I couldn't disturb her could I? gunna have to dig out that lint brush I suppose.

Found this photo I took of Moxie.. and it just cracked me up. Are those ears or what?

 Such a wonderful girl. Love her so much!

 I wanted to share a photo I snapped with my phone this last week. We were leaving the house and found this guy on the top of our neighbors gate.

I just love seeing these beautiful hawks... aren't they just gorgeous!

I wanted to show off a present we got for Christmas from a dear friend Leah - she made this for us!1

Love my Donkey Stain Glass piece! It hangs proudly in our dining room window where you can see it as soon as you come up on our porch! I adore it!! Thanks you so much Leah!! FABULOUS!

Sorry not any really new photos this week, I have been a bit under the weather the past few days and honestly.... with the holidays and the days off and such... well I lost track of the days. Duh... It has been a rough week what can I say? New year I will try and keep up with the days better...

Hope you have had a good week, and did get a smile this week.
Have a blessed weekend and thanks so much for visiting!
HUGS and