Saturday, August 29, 2015

Animal Crackers - Early Morning

Howdy -

Went out yesterday morning early to snap some photographs. Ok.. early for me, around 7:45. Hubby had been up, out and around for a couple of hours. He is so much more a morning person than me.

But getting out in the morning means I can catch more kids before they head out for the day to graze and be lazy.

Macy was still not quite ready to get going... she is so like me in so many ways....

 Looks like we need to work on getting Macie a toothbrush... LOL ewe.

Found three of the other older ladies enjoying their breakfast on the other side of the fence.

Same grass that is on their side... but you know what they say...  it is always green on the other side.

Snapped one a little later of Jazz... shhh I think she is 'resting"...

 Crissy game me a little smile when I called out her name... adorable.

 Speaking of adorable... these two boys crack me up. They are the best of buds.

 Hank and Chachi, they are truely best buddies. They get along so well. Some would be shocked as they are both "Men" But that could all change if a girl was dropped into that pen.

This Girl makes me SOOO HAPPY!!!

A few months back I was trying to find a way to say goodbye to Jill. None of us thought she would survive her pregnancy problems. Vet even though her chances were not good. But he didn't give up and neither did we. And now she looks like a picture of health. Happy and doing so well. Don't think we will be breeding her anytime soon. She deserves so "me" time.

Snapped a great photo of one the outdoor kitties, Momma Cat. Sometimes a few of these outdoor cats are like a blur and not going to give you a 1/2 second to get a decent photograph. But once in a while they will be just curious enough to stay still for a quick snap...

Maybe it was just the interest that there could be a possibility of some canned food for breakfast.
 Sunning cat she has such striking features.

Hope you got a smile this week. Just love my kids...

HUGS and-

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Whimsy Stamps - Li'l Sweet Tweet

Howdy -

This week for Whimsy I had some fun using "Li'l Sweet Tweet" - love her hat!  She is from Whimsy Stamps Little Cottage Cuties by Elizabeth Bell. LOVE her stuff!!

I decided to go with the yellow of the little tweety bird and the blue denim jeans she was wearing to find my colors. Found some pretty papers from BoBunny Rose Craft collection. Love the yellow roses in the pattern paper and they worked perfect with my image. isn't often I color first and then find papers. But it worked. So my image is colored with Copics (colors below) and then I matted the pattern paper and image with a die from Whimsy as well. LOVE this die.  "Double Scallop Doily Die" 

Found a dark yellow card stock from Core'dinations and blue solid pattern paper from the same BoBunny collection. I sewed these two papers togther. All placed on white cardstock base. My sentiment is also Whimsy - "Definitions Notables 4" using the Friend definition. I used my copics to color around the sentiment. It is cut out with the matching die "Notables 4 Die". It is so nice that there are so many sets of stamps to match up to the Whimsy Notables Dies. Makes life easy!

I added three punched Martha Stewart Frond Leaf punches and then one yellow mulberry rose.

Inside more of the pattern papers -

Copic colors used -

Hope you like my sunny yellow "Li'l Sweet Tweet" card - I adore these images they just make me feel happy.

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and-

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Friends are we...

Howdy -

This week I was going through my High Hopes Stamps and these two sweet ladies looked like they wanted to come out and be inked and used!

Now their name is "Red Hat Ladies", but they don't dress in red in purple every day. There is no rule that they can't wear other colors. So I went with pink/green/and tan.

All came from the colors in the Authentique paper pad collection Legacy. Love the vintage feel and that gave me great colors to use on the ladies. I colored with my Copics (colors below).  Now I love sewing on my cards, and do it on most all my cards. But these two seemed to need something different. It has been a while since I used a blanket stitch on my cards. I love it! But wow... lol, takes a while and lots of sewing. Thank goodness for my trusty machine. I used the sentiment "Friends are We..." Now this sentiment is much longer - Friends are we... just you and me!. I love to stamp it out and block out the last half and just use to the first three words on the front. Then stamp it again blocking out the first section and using the back portion "just you and me." on the inside. A little more drama... like a commercial break before you open the card.

I also added some punched leaves and mulberry flowers to the front. My flowers weren't near dark enough so I used my Copics and gave them a little deeper coloring.

Copic colors used -

Love making cards for girlfriends - and  "Red Hat Ladies" is too fun to work with. 

If you need to find High Hopes stamps to play with make sure you visit 

One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada

HUGS and - 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Animal Crackers - SMILE

Howdy -

Today I have a little hodge podge of photos this week. Most are photographs I snapped with my phone that just gave me a smile.....

Olive Oyl always makes me smile - she is just a funny little goat. And she always looks like she is grinning when you look straight on to her.

She is a happy little girl... LOL

Abigail on the other hand has been work in progress. She is starting to not panic when I reach out to her. Nearly every baby Annie has is skittish. But as gorgeous as she is I will keep trying to work with her. One day I will have a smile with this girl.

Now this girl isn't a smile. She is a total Roll in the Grass Cracking up Laugh! 

She is the "leader" of the Guineas. Heck... she is the leader of all the goats as well. She thinks she is Queen ruler over everyone. If she doesn't like where one of the girl goats is eating... she attacks and you move. If she doesn't like where you are laying in the shade and she wants that spot... she attacks and you move. The only goat I have never seen her have control over is Paintbrush. I think she knows that Paint is the old lady and won't take any of her business. One day I really need to get a video of her running across the pen when she thinks she is missing out on something. But Hubby and I end up laughing so hard I don't think I could hold the camera still. She is seriously all clown!

Speaking of Hubby... he is going to kill me when he finds out I posted this photo... but I just had to share as it made me really smiles coming in the room and seeing this. A big AWE.... moment.

 Hubby had been outside all day in the heat mowing and working around the farm. Then he came in and gave all three dogs baths. After that I came in the room and found both him and Autie crashed asleep in the chair. Autie loves to be held like a baby, and after a good bath and sitting with "Dad" under the ceiling fan was just more than both of them could handle. .Love my Guys!

Speaking of sleeping....

This one I was holding in my laughter so hard trying to snap this photograph before she woke up.

I was working at my desk on the computer and heard this odd little noise. I muted the TV to see what I was hearing... it was Chica. Literally UNDER me! She was under my desk chair sound asleep, and dreaming of what I can only imagine. She was slightly snoring, then every once in a while she would move her feet and make little barking noises just slightly. Was so funny. I was so nervous if I moved my chair a fraction or made any noise at all she would jump up. And she did.. just a split second after the camera clicked... she was up looking around the room to see if anyone was watching her.  Too funny.

Now this one had Hubby and I both really teasing our big Standard Ted E. Bear.... 

For over an hour Ted E Bear had a rider on him. Can you see it?

He had a huge Grasshopper riding on his mane. Now we asked him and laughed.... was this a fare that he took on for the afternoon or a fashion statement. With Ted there is no telling. He is always in the middle of everything and a clown in his own rights. So letting this guy hitch a ride was just too funny.

A little different this week. Hope you got a smile as I got a few laughs out of a few of these.  These animals are such a blessing to have and we love each one of them in their own personalities. And believe me there are a whole bunch of personalities here!

Have a blessed weekend.
HUGS and 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Whimsy Stamps - Warm Wishes

Howdy -

Today I am working with Whimsy Stamps and found a great winter image. "Warm Wishes" from the Art by Mi Ran Collection.

 Love the size of the image, and enjoyed coloring her. (Copic colors below) I went with some older papers from My Minds Eye, all the papers have a glitter effect. I stacked up four different patterns. And then sewed them down. I matted the image with the same brown pattern and sewed her down. Then attached it all to a kraft paper cardstock.  I die cut the sentiment "Warm Wishes" that is part of the Sentimentable die collection Holiday Set.

Then I went crazy with a few different stickles -

White Lace Stickles for the snowflakes, and then Diamond Stickles for the bubbles, then dark brown stickles over the die cut Warm Wishes.

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

Had lots of fun with this one, she was different for me working with the larger image, but really like how it turned out.  

Hope you have a wonderful blessed day and can color up some warm wishes! 

HUGS and-


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Pumpkin Patch

Howdy -

I decided to start coloring in the Fall season! Maybe that will cool things off and bring in the Fall colors. So High Hopes Stamps Pumpkin Patch stamp was a great start.

Colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found papers from My Minds Eye Lost and Found Rosy collection. 

Layered the papers and added some zig zag stitching. Added the sentiment "Happy Fall Y'all!"  Added three buttons for embellishments. The dark orange and black seemed to work together for a Fall card.

Inside more of the same papers -

And the Copics used -

School is starting up here, so maybe Fall is really coming soon.

Hope you have a wonderful blessed day -
HUGS and - 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Animal Crackers - Hiding in the shade

Howdy -

Ok, I know I repeat myself and you probably are tired of it. But man is it hot! I hate summer! HATE it! It has run on average 103  this week. And this girl can't handle it at all. And I really worry about my "kids". Chickens first off... they have their misters going, but have to keep a real close watch on them and this heat.. It is like a roaster out there and that is not healthy for chickens!  Goats are smart. They usually find shade as the day gets too hot. And the donkeys are drinking a lot more water and trying to stay in the shade as well.

Yesterday afternoon we sold two of the girls. Caliente and Leticia "Poquito dos". They didn't load up willingly, but finally did get in the trailer with lots of help from Hubby and I. Sounds like they are really going to be spoiled rotten. I love that. They have a new barn, and even have name plates made to hang over the door... LOL -

Me... I was really sad to see them go and worried about them all afternoon. But they are good and I know will be loved. They were a surprise birthday gift for the mans wife. Wish I could have seen that surprise! Hubby and I spent all of dinner last night discussing who we will be breeding with Raffie and Black Jack this fall. I am so excited about it! A year to wait for babies but as long as they are in the oven and coming!!

Now I took my camera out earlier in the week... And got a few nice shots of the kids -

Pepita has just been so friendly - first one out of the shade and over to get some ears rubbed. In all that black I would stay in the shade. But she braves the sun for loving. And boy does she get it! Such a sweet girl! (She is on the breed list!! He he he)

Miss Bella... she stayed in the shade -

Such a beautiful lady. I am so thankful that we decided to keep her. She was one that we got years ago and was asked to sell for a friend. She was young, and she was skittish. But she soon became so friendly that I just had to keep her. We have gotten a few great babies from her and she is a great Mom. I think we will hold off on her this year and give some of the younger girls a chance to have babies.  Right now her main job is to be Darlene's BFF - Those two are never far apart!!

Speaking of just a few feet away...

She was going to town rubbing up and down on that t-post. Really great neck scratching post! The old lady is funny sometimes! Still find it hard to believe she is approaching 25 years old. She is looking so great. Trim and coat is shiny and healthy. A few years ago we were so worried about her. She got so sick after a baby was born. Long word ... basically she lost too many minerals in her system. She was over weight, hooves were having issues. But now... she is keeping up with all the young girls and looking like a super model.  

Went in to visit with the goats - 

Pretty much everyone was in hiding from the sun - 

Jackie was standing across and over her Mom Daisy in one of the sheds.

Best to be out of the sun yes, but had to be hot back in that shed too... Love all those blue eyes...

And yes Jackies sister Lizzie wasn't far... just across the little shed on her own. Smarter... out front getting a little breeze.

Lizzie cracks me up - girl is a total clown. Always looks like she is grinning and probably is as she is a happy girl most all the time. And again those blue eyes!

Little Louise was out cleaning up the last of the breakfast hay with her Mom...

 I am usually not totally nuts over the more solid white goats. But Louise has won me over completely. She is such a talker and ALWAYS answers me when I have conversations with her. Back and forth, back and forth. Hubby usually just walks away rolling his eyes at me. But I have caught him out there chatting with her too. LOL

Spartacus was posing being cute as well. This guy is all DUDE... He has those same markings as Lizzie that makes him always look like he is smiling. He will have to be sold one day for sure. But for now we are enjoying watching him, he is so entertaining -

 Now this is my girl - Gato middle of the afternoon in her window bed... air conditioning over head. Nice afternoon nap but the light must have been just a bit bright for her.

She loves that window bed.  :0)

Hope you got a smile from the kids this week. Sometimes I get in a rut, showing off the same kids. I try to show off others, but some kids just are easier and like to have the photo taken more than others.

Have a wonderful blessed weekend! Me.. thinking I need a me day of coloring and crafting today. Should do laundry and cleaning... but hey.. it is my birthday so I should take it off right? You can't do laundry and clean on your birthday!

HUGS  and -

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Whimsy Stamps - KayDance

Howdy -

OH my! I was surfing through Whimsy Stamps and saw this adorable image and just knew I needed it. Elizabeth Bell just seriously rocks adorable little girl images!

Here is my card using "KayDance"

Adorable right? Love this image! I went with papers from Pebbles Front Porch collection - Love that beaded board print paper and pairing it up with two patterns of red flower prints made me smile. Love red and cream together. I added a silk scalloped ribbon on each side of the border, and then lots of zig zag stitching. I colored with my Copics, colors below.

Have I said she is adorable? Yea I know repeating myself, but just love a little cowgirl with hearts on her boots, flowers on her cowboy hat and a happy puppy behind her!

Inside I used more of the same papers -

Oh.. and the flower! Found these new Martha Stewart punches. Ok.. new to me I don't know how long they have been available. One punch punches background color then move a lever and then it punches to top layer to give depth and color tones! Love them!

Copic colors used -

Had so much fun with this one. Thinking next time maybe blue tones... oh or yellows?

Hope you have a wonderful day. We will be melting here. 104 yesterday here. Yes HOT. Later today we will gather up the two girl donkeys that are being sold and get them ready for their new owners to come tomorrow.  Sad but this man is so excited about getting them and is already calling them his new family members so I know they will be spoiled and loved.

Hugs and -

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Ears To You!!

Howdy -

Today is High Hopes Stamps day - and had a chuckle working with a few fun images making another scene easel card.

 The fun started with "We're all Ears" - "Cawnie and Cawrls Lunch" - "Ears to You Sentiment" with the background "Barn".  All together they work for a good scene.

Masked and colored up the images - I did two of Cawnie and Carwrls Lunch and cut one out and popped it to give more dimension. The pattern papers are all from Graphic 45, love these colors for a fall card -

I sewed all the layers down and then attached to my easel card. I added buttons for embellishment and for a stand.

Close up of popped image -

Copic colors used -

Hope you don't mind more scene cards... I have been having fun with them lately, so no promises that there won't be more coming. he he he

Make sure to visit the High Hopes Stamps Blog for lots of great inspiration!

Have a great day!
HUGS and-