Saturday, February 24, 2024

Animal Crackers - Warm Afternoon

Howdy - 

This week we have had some really nice warm weather here. The animals are loving the sun and nice weather. Visiting the ladies Mrs. Patti was in a hurry to come and see me. First one to me gets the most ear scratches! 

Such a pretty old girl! 

Chickens were very chatty and enjoying things. We were very excited earlier in the week. Hubby went out to get the eggs. Girls are starting to really produce... nice off white and brown eggs as usual. 

Then found one special little blue egg! So one of the Easter Egg chickens is laying blue eggs! Been a while since we have seen any pretty blue eggs! No clue which girl... but happy to see they are happy and laying! 

Now the goats just didn't want to come out for me at all... but there is lots of green growing in the back yard... so throw a little into them and they come running! LOL

Malory seems to be the new girl in charge. No one would come anywhere near her and she controlled the area. So I had to get creative and really spread out handfuls to some of the more timid girls. 

We did have a very sad morning this last week. Seems that Abigail went to sleep and didn't wake up. Was a complete shock. 


Average age of Nigerian Goats are 8-12 years old. I looked up Abigail's age. Just knowing she wasn't that old. Was floored when I saw that she just turned 10 years old! How? When?  We've been keeping really close watches on the girls lately - they are all getting up there a few are over 12 years old now. So loosing Abigail was just so sad. We have decided to not breed any more goats at this time. Just too much right now - and since alfalfa is so so expensive it is best to have a smaller group. But still loosing our kids is really hard. I was very worried about Abigail's daughter Penelope -


But she has been all grown up and lately been hanging with some of the other girls. So no worries she is doing ok. All grown up. 

Found one of the outdoor kitties all stretched out in the shade of the bench. Grey Beard.  He is such a calm sweet boy.

Hubby has been very worried - seems we have a big Tom Cat that has been coming around and showing that he is a tough dude. Grey Beard just isn't a fighter and well poor guy has gone a couple of bad rounds with the meanie! But he is doing ok and now is learning to stay safe at night. Hubby is working on putting food away at night and good night time sleeping spaces for our outdoor kitties. 

So warmer temps and the sun... Hubby just couldn't stand it. He made a stop at the local nursery and got Gerbers, Geraniums and fox tail ferns.

Hey makes him happy and makes the yard look pretty and colorful so I'm good! 

Hope you have some happy colors - and furry friends yourself! 

Have a blessed weekend! 

HUGS and 


Saturday, February 17, 2024

Animal Crackers - Drizzle Day

Howdy - 

Dreary Drizzle morning yesterday and I really did not want to go out in it. So I put it off... waited so late yesterday afternoon and then I just had to go. Drizzle had stopped so that was good, but it was wet and muddy. Good thing I slipped on Hubby's shoes to walk out to the back pen! LOL Didn't want to get mine wet and muddy now did I?

Found the ladies out grazing and around what was left of their hay bale.

The winter grass is just out of control. Thick and green, but not all the donkeys favorite to eat. From what Hubby tells me winter grass is more bitter than normal coastal grass. Everyone is having to adjust and eat more of it than they like. They would rather fresh green coastal bales of hay morning and night, but that just ain't happening. Some of the girls don't seem to mind at all and are out grazing and not complaining. 

Macie isn't one of them. I have told y'all many times she is my calm sweet old girl. Well yesterday - she was a total opposite! Holy Cow Macie! Loud, Pushy and just down right rude about wanting me to get her something else to eat! The hay bale isn't a green fresh as she likes and the winter too bitter - so find me something else! Now I know it is hard to believe but this photo makes her look slim and trim compared to her normal view. She hasn't missed any meals, honestly!

I adore this girl.... but you gotta eat what is out there girl! Stop your crying! LOL

Now Juliet and Bella were just munching away at the bale. I went out real quiet and leaned into the hay ring... you NEVER sneak up on Juliet! But she was actually a bit surprised I was there. LOL


I snapped my photo and turned and started heading back up to the front of the pen. I had maybe a second or two before she would be on my side pushing me and rubbing her head on my shoulders and side. Which isn't a bad thing unless you are a like me and a klutz and have to stay on the path. LOL 

As I got back to level ground I turned and found that not only Juliet followed me. Pepita and Irene were both right there. Poor Irene must have had her head stuck pretty far into the bale of hay, cuz she had a huge piece stuck to her ear and in her eye. She kept blinking and shaking her head trying to remove it. 

No worries we took care of it for her. She let me love all over her, then turned and went back to the hay bale... and stuck in deep into the hole she had created. Pepita gave me a glance and then turned and followed. She is always a follower and stick close to whoever she is paired up to at the time.

Before I left the pen, I decided to walk over to Raffie's pen and say hello. Since he wasn't totally focused on a girl at that time. That is his focus most of the day you know...


He is such a handsome stud! And it is so wonderful that as a "Jack" he is such a sweetheart. Well to us... 

Came inside to upload my photos and found little Ferrari - Bed was all made nice and neat - and she was a classic little kitty all curled up in a ball right in the center of the bed. 

 Silly pretty little girl. 

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers smile - Spending time out with my fur babies is such a joy and sharing them with you makes us all happy! 

HUGS and

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Animal Crackers - EGGS!

Howdy - 

Out early yesterday morning - The chickens were being very loud. I won't complain too much because they FINALLY are laying eggs! This group has been the slowest we have ever had from chicks. But the eggs are coming now! So they are now working to earn their own weight around here! LOL

They are pretty ladies aren't they? We are very happy we are finally getting eggs.... do you know how frustrating it is to be feeding all these girls and having to BUY EGGS!

Darn it I spent too much time talking to the chickens! Hubby went to get a round bale early and I was heading out to see the girls before they were released on their new buffet. I forgot in order to get the bale in, he has to occupy them in the front of their pen... only way to occupy this group of gals.... FOOD! 

This means all I see for the camera is back ends around the decoy breakfast bale, and swishing tails!

Fanci Pants and Hannah were working fast on the same little section. Being sweet... nice girls. Yeah 2 seconds later Fanci pushed Hannah off and she had to make her way to another area. 

No worries she found a place in the circle.

Now I did have to go in and get that little cactus piece off her forehead. Not watching where she was grazing I suspect! 

I did get Juliet to look up at me. Oh wait... that was just up to chew and being that she stands over all the miniatures it just appears she is raised up to look at me. She was all about the fresh breakfast she was enjoying! 

OH I thinks she was giving me a slight look... it was probably killing her to not come over to the fence for attention. But I know where I stand. Breakfast first Juliet ... then me. 

Forget that... "Dad" just dropped the round bale and moved out the truck and trailer. It was a quick trot over to that big 5ft x 5ft hay bale! I guess next time Juliet! 

Hope you have a smile again this week - Kids were all happy and enjoying the day. Nice weather, green grass and fresh hay! The world is good! 

HUGS and -

Monday, February 5, 2024

High Hope Stamps - Full Throttle

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps I went for a bit of manly theme. I needed a birthday card for a guy and this car worked out perfectly.  

My image is Vintage Classic from High Hopes Stamps - Needed to have a spicy red car for this one!

Digging through some older papers I found a pad of Teresa Collins World Traveler papers. Love the old maps with the car! I sewed down with a very fast wobbling stitch onto the papers in layers. It isn't easy sewing like a fast driver and not straight! LOL

The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps - "Live Life at full Throttle" PERFECT sentiment for this image and the guy! I punched the sentiment out with a tag punch, then added a brad.

Copic colors used -

Was a fun card to color up and make and hope it will bring a smile to the friend! 

To see all the great fun images at High Hopes Stamps click HERE and have a blast!

Hugs and -

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Animal Crackers - Drizzle photos before the rain

Howdy - 

Rain was coming - it was drizzling and I could hear thunder in the distance. Did I have time for photos? Darn it I knew I should have taken my photos before we left to run errands... but as we were coming home I knew the drizzle and coming rain might ruin my photos. I made my way out and hoped that I could find some fur children to snap photos of. 

Jorge came out and to the fence for me. Handsome man, and always will make sure to come to me for some head scratches. The drizzle is no big deal for him. He loves standing out in the rain. So I knew he would be a great starting photo!

Behind me was the goat pen, and Penelope was far enough from her Momma to sneak over to me and get lots of loving! This girl is so sweet. And beautiful. 

She is the youngest girl in the pen, and still acts like a "kid" lots of the time. Even though we have a few years on her now. 

Crissy on the other hand has become our old lady in the goat pen. How did one of my babies become the old lady? Time has gone by to fast and so many of our babies are too old, or already gone. Crissy is such a timid sweet little lady. And she has stunning horns and a long luxurious beard. If that is a beauty marker in the world of her goat friends.

She has a special bond with "Dad", oh she is sweet with me and doesn't run, but her and Daddy talk and have a special bond. 

That would be my bond with my big stooge. Valentine. Talk about being a baby! He is such a big baby.

I still remember when he was born in the back pasture and I was worried about a huge storm coming. Cocoa would not move him up into the barn. So newbie that I was, decided I would pick him up and carry him across the pasture and into the barn, and Mom Cocoa would just have to follow! Later I found out that being that Cocoa was a new family member here and we didn't know her attitude or personality, probably wasn't the best idea to have done that. And the fact my back was out for a few days too as he is a full size donkey so even as a newborn he was a pretty good size. But hey ... I slept good that night knowing that he was safe in the barn during the thunderstorm. That was many many many years ago now and he is a big boy. Probably weighs in now at close to 800lbs. So no carrying him - heck you couldn't push him anywhere if he doesn't want to go! LOL 

By the time I talked to Valentine, Cocoa and Teddy it was starting to rain. So I gave up on photos as most everyone was running for shelter, including me. I through the back door and heard this tiny high pitch meow. Momma Cat has the sweetest tiny meow. I love it! And her. Hard to believe she was the total freaked out feral cat - Now she is my little nuzzler in bed and has to be right against me at night.

She has such super long perfect whiskers. And so does her daughter Porsche.. Got a great photo of her whiskers in the light - 

Porsche and Momma have a love/hate relationship. They get along about 85% of the time. Even can catch them playing together once in a while. But then that 15% of the time you hear the tiny growl and hiss and know it is serious and better split them up. 

Hope you have a smile - sorry the rain ran me in too soon, but hey we love the rain! 

Have a blessed day -