Saturday, May 30, 2020

Animal Crackers - A Different View


What a week! "We" started the clearing as I shared last Saturday.... Hubby Loves how I say "We" while I was in the air conditioning... LOL ... Anyway the huge piles of brush were all around the property, and wide beautiful areas to have grass for the donkeys to have in the coming months were gorgeous. But then came the time for the burnings. Thankfully it was nice days and rainy nights! Friends came to help during it all. And their young daughter came to "help" by entertaining the donkeys. I say young... when did early 20's become so young? Well Madi entertained the donkey's ... or they were entertaining each other. She snapped some photos. And I had to share a few with you as they are fabulous! And such a different view of my fur kids.

Seriously how can you not smile! Juliet, Patti and Irene must have loved taking a selfie with Madi! Special! I know they were really enjoying the attention. 

Juliet wanted a private shot with her new friend!

We all know Juliet is special and has that fun out-going personality! 

Now Vicki... she has that bit of Royalty to her. With the Blue Ribbon Family background she has it is bred into her to always look great and show your best side! 

I love this photo of Vicki! Gorgeous!

And then the smallest three stooges on the farm!

Oh my these three are adorable... sweet little men.

Then back to my normal views - I went out yesterday before breakfast had been served. I love the serious look Cocoa gives and how she just won't move until "Dad" feeds her.

 This girl could stare a hole in a wall! Large and in Charge!

And Lacey... we are still waiting... Hello... Baby??

But it is really soon... milk bag is full she is waxing up and baby has moved and is lined up to make its arrival... so soon soon soon!

How can you not love a man that has a obsession with roses? I send him to the grocery store and he brings these in this week. He loves these small roses and potting them up in the backyard.

He could be coming home with worse I suppose... (oh he did get the candy and root beer he was wanting too.. LOL) Gotta Love Him!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - Hug a fur baby! It really does make life so much better!

HUGS and

Monday, May 25, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Emily's Snuggle Bunny

Howdy -

Oh my how could you not love a sweet little girl with an adorable little bunny? This is Emily's Snuggle Bunny from High Hopes Stamps

Totally Sweet right? I colored with Copics (colors below) and then shaded with pencils. I then cut out the image to give her more of a pop. I found a piece of paper from October Afternoon Modern Homemaker collection. Love the pink and red. I placed Emily on a piece of red card stock for a more dramatic pop. I layered up and then sewed the layers together with straight and zig zag stitches. The sentiment is "All Your Dreams Come True" is too sweet to match up with Emily!

Copic colors used -

Sweet card for any reason to cheer up and bring a smile to anyone. High Hopes Stamps has so many images to brighten anyones day! Click HERE to get to the website store -

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Have a safe and blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Animal Cracker - Gorgeous!


This last week has been really beautiful. Hubby came in and asked for my camera and went out the back pasture... I have learned to just hand it and don't ask. These were surprise photos though! Most of the time it is Bugs or Snakes.... so seeing my Ladies enjoying the pretty weather was wonderful.

Isn't it just gorgeous? They were spread out and enjoying it. All though I think I still would have chosen to join Lacey and Fancy Pants in the the little shade they found.

Now Lacey... sigh...

Since this photo we have moved Lacey into the Momma Pen. Her bag is pretty full and looks like she is getting close. And we have some pretty good storms coming for the Memorial Day weekend... Lacey likes to have us out with her deliveries in the worst of weather... those long time followers you might remember Caliente... Yes I was in the barn with her middle of the day where it was 114 degrees. Caliente is Spanish for HOT.  So I told Hubby we need to be prepared to stand out in pouring rain possibly.

Oh Alvin...

Alvin Sr. has started a new habit. He likes to pull out and spread out his breakfast hay, of course under the tree ... and lay down and have his breakfast as his bed. He just lays there and chows down in total comfort... bad habit, but I guess I might think of it too...

Now to work... Hubby has a friend. I know shock... but he has a friend that is helping out by helping him clear some of the pastures of the Huisache, and Mesquite Trees. They take over if you let them get out of control. Then the donkeys don't get enough for grazing. 

In the past Hubby has had to manually remove them. I am sure you can imagine that is ALOT of labor! Especially to get them out roots and all so they don't grow right back. Well this wonderful friend has a Bobcat, and even cooler is he has this awesome tool that hooks to the front that clamps down on the tree then pulls them out roots and all in seconds! As you can see Hubby is standing in amazement watching this system work so fast! This is Black Jack's pen, we are leaving a couple of the larger trees for some added shade, but all the smaller ones are gone! Next plan is to move to the back pasture and clear large areas for Hubby to put in more coastal for grazing.

Now while out watching this I was in the Momma pen, and of course I had to do lots of loving on the two girls.

Hanna has gotten so big and is a love... well when she isn't trying to nibble you! We are still working on that naughty habit.

Then Miss Josie headed to me.. now Hubby would say she doesn't bite yet... but Man this girl loves me! She gave me a perfect bite when I wasn't looking...

I will say they were all really interested in what was going on in Black Jack's pen. That was just too much going on and those big trees moving around was pretty cool. All though they were hoping that the trees were coming to them to snack on. LOL

Hopefully a new baby is coming soon! Better Lacey is about done carrying the weight as it gets hotter!

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed and safe weekend!
HUGS and

Monday, May 18, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Howdy -

What a great thought for us to remember! "Take Time to Smell the Flowers" - and this High Hopes Stamps sentiment is perfect to work with their pretty little girl "Little Missy"

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then did some shading with pencils. And with a pretty little girl like Missy.. I had to go girly with lots of pink and flowers. My papers are from Graphic 45 Floral Shoppe collection... very girly and flowery! I layered up three patterns, and added some Flower Border punch. I sewed all the layers down. The mat for the image I punched some corners for the image to slide in. Love using tools I have had for decades! The sentiment is then added on top.

Love this sweet image and sentiment!

Copic colors used -

I hope you all can "Take time to smell the flowers!" and enjoy something today -

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Animal Crackers - Hot Humid and ready for some rain to come!

Howdy -

Yesterday afternoon I was out taking photos for today... oh my it was hot, humid and still.... storms were predicted for the night. It makes everyone hide and take it easy.

I did get Olive Oyl to come to the fence and see me. She wasn't to happy when she found I had nothing good to eat for her. Not that she was hungry... but who turns down a treat? She is a pretty little thing.

Gracie came out just to let me know she is not only pretty but a super model.

I have said it before.. I really think she likes to pose and have her photo taken. Always has. She is gorgeous though... :0) So it makes sense she likes to have her photo taken.

Autie has been under the weather again. But we think maybe we have some good meds for him now and he seems to be taking to them well and doing better again.

Of course when he isn't well and up all night... so are we. But we do whatever it takes to make him feel better. He said it was too hot and humid outside too and went down the steps did his business and laid down waiting for me to head back in. When I started through the gate into the yard he was up and back at the door. Like his "Momma" he prefers air conditioning!

Oh Gato... She claims places to be hers in the house I would rather she not. The laundry, my chair... and others. But the last few days she has decided that our shipping supplies seemed to be a good place to take a cat nap.

But she didn't like them all stacked sorted and organized. She decided that if she knocks all the stacks over and wad up the packing paper it would be more comfortable. Bad Kitty! Maybe that is why I couldn't get a photo with out her eyes glowing back at me. No worries I just scold her, and she never gets in any real trouble... knocking over boxes isn't really too bad I guess.

Have to say a big Thank you to Kristen for snapping this photo for us! It is a rare sighting for a cuddling Cocoa. She is what we would call "Moody"

 You take advantage of any time Cocoa when she is like this... She does love her "Daddy" but picks and chooses when to show it.

This is not a great photo by any means... Hubby loves these Lizards and calls me out to see them whenever he finds them. But they are hard to photo! They move FASTER than Light!

 Blurry a bit but I did get a snap of it to share with Hubby... the lizard is better than the photo he sent me this week... ALWAYS LOOK IN THE HAY BARD BEFORE YOU ENTER!!

This friends is a Diamond Back Rattlesnake. Not a nice snake. I know there are no nice snakes... but in reality there are some that have a job of eating or taking out badder things. But his one... nope we don't like them. And this is the first bad guy of the year... a good warning for everyone around here to watch where you are walking all the time!!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and find no snakes in your barn!
HUGS and

Monday, May 11, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Swinging Sherry


Today for High Hopes Stamps we have a Get Well Card with a little golfing pun to it. This is "Swinging Sherry"

Isn't she a fashionable golfer? I colored her with my Copics. (colors below) and then found some glittery papers from My Minds Eye Laundry Line collection. Love the sparkle to the papers. I layered everything up and added a border striped paper with a punched border loop. And the layers are all sewed with a straight stitch.

The sentiment "Up to Par" is perfect for this image. And a great feel good Get Well Card. Love the feel good fun of this one.

The Copic colors used -

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Have a blessed and safe day!
HUGS and

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Animal Crackers - Hanging with the Girls

Howdy -

Went out to hang with the girls. Took my camera cuz I thought I could get a few photos... these two are really a scream. They are so funny! They do keep you laughing and keep the mood happy around here.

This was the look I got from Hanna when I told her to stop biting me. They both love to nibble now... they need to learn to not do this as those teeth get bigger it hurts! LOL They will learn but telling them no is not something they like to hear... sigh children ...

Josie is tough.. and move really fast! Snapping photos is getting really really tough!! But she is cute!

Love those few little white hairs!

Dad tried to help and keep them still so I could get a photo.. nope they just wanted to push "Dad" over by climbing in his lap... And two at once really is fun to watch let me tell you!! 

Hanna was giving me a look here... wasn't sure what it was about... then here it comes... 

"Dad" had let the dogs out ... Autie was barking to let everyone know he was in the yard!

I don't think Hanna was impressed with him... The girls won't get anywhere close to the fence when the dogs are out. But they are very curious on what they are. Don't worry the doggies are not allowed anywhere in where the donkeys are..

Thought you would like to see the "Chicks"... they have been living in the Big Girl Pen for a few weeks now. And they are LOVING IT!

 Ok they still run away from the full grown ladies.. which is funny to watch BTW .. but they are braver each day! It is crazy how big they have gotten. Still feel the need to get in the bowl to eat.

 I hope you are all safe and happy and have some fun furry friends to love on! Have a blessed weekend!

HUGS and

Monday, May 4, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Snoozin' Sam

Howdy -

Today for High Hopes Stamps I have "Snoozin' Sam" ... 

I think we all have done a bit of the snoozin' that Sam is here lately... And I love that this guy is enjoying a good book and his cat close! All though our Cat is usually sleeping on our chest when napping!

Colored with Copics and shaded with pencils. Then found a very old piece of paper in my scraps, that just felt good with this sleeping man. I sewed all the layers together then used the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Grandpas Are"worked out perfectly with this image.

Copic colors used -

Fun image for the "guy" card! For LOTS of fun image check out the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE

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Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Animal Crackers - Sigh tough photoshoots...


Sigh.... Photoshoots with animals is tough - but young animals are really tough! LOL

All I wanted was a photo of Hubby with the two girls... one under each arm, FACING ME... It was so frustrating..and funny. Love the wagging tails!

The point was to show the size difference between these two girls. There is one month difference... but seriously Josie is a TINY little girl!

I will keep trying for my perfect photograph, but oh well... we had a good time and laughed the entire time.

Both Josie and Hanna have fabulous personalities - but very different. Hanna is forceful, and loves attention. She is going through a bit of a nibbler stage. We are working on that... Josie is very very pushy and loves to play and chase. Take two steps from her and her ears go back, she hops and trots to chase you. Even if you are not far enough to really "chase"... Oh my we are totally in love with these two girls!!!

Oh one more face about Hanna.... she has found her Hee Haw!!

This is the view of the Momma pen from our back porch... and when Hanna sees anyone come out the back door... she runs to the gate and calls out for you to come and visit... It melts your heart to hear that little high pitch hee haw! It is just toooooo cute for words!!

A few photos Hubby sent me this week for the property.

This is a cactus out behind the barn. This photo looks like a painting doesn't it?

We call this the Consuela Cactus... our very first Donkey that we "purchased" as part of the property way back long ago. We lost her a few years later... we buried her out behind the barn next to a small cactus ... like two feet wide... nothing large at all. But it had one yellow flower on it and it felt like a nice place for Consuela. All these years later this is the cactus. It is so beautiful! And full of blooms!

Hubby even got a close up one of the butterflies enjoying the flowers -

 Then I got one other photo from Hubby - His garden is amazing this year!

 Good weather... and the fact that the stay at home orders has given him LOTS of time to work in it! Now I do think we are going to have to come up with some plans for all the veggies that will come from this garden... Tomatoes, Squash and Potatoes are going to be coming out our ears! Then we will also have peppers, green beans, egg plants, sweet potatoes, melons ... and more!

I hope you are having a blessed weekend and you and your family are all safe!
HUGS and