Monday, June 28, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Cardinal Bird


Here in Texas we are so blessed with beautiful Cardinal Birds - They are all over the farm here, I love watching them. Today for High Hopes Stamps I colored up the beautiful "Cardinal" bird - it was fun to color with all the shades of red. 

While coloring my image I went through some old pattern papers and found one with similar flowers from Graphic 45 Dogs and Cats collection. Love how bold it is with the image. I finished coloring with my Copics (colors below) and even did a little shading with pencils. 

A satin ribbon around the paper, then sewed the image down with a zig zag stitch. I told myself I wasn't going to sew on this one.... do something different. I just couldn't stand it, it needed it. LOL I added a bow once the image was down. Then I added the High Hopes sentiment "Sending Smiles" Its just a perfect sentiment for so many cards. I colored the sentiment with copics to shade it more like my image. It was too white before. Then I saw the backside of my pattern paper laying on my desk. It is a newspaper print, I adore newspaper pattern paper and I don't want to waste it - so - I punch out a ticket shape with an EK Success punch for a mat around my sentiment. Simple things make me happy - 

Copic colors used - 

For so many more beautiful images to color and make you happy - make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE and fall in love with LOTS! 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and - 

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Animal Crackers - Flirting with the Boys

Howdy - 

So I went out early yesterday morning to snap a few photos... it was nice outside and the forecast for the afternoon would be the temperature of the sun... so everyone would be in hiding deep in the shade. But as soon as I went out the back door all I could hear was Alvin... snorting, grunting and banging on the fence... you know.. FLIRTING! 

A couple of the girls are in season and Alvin is strutting and showing off to impress them. LOL Now he is absolutely adorable here in this photo... but seriously you need to be thrilled this photo does not have smell-o-vision with it! WOW stinky! Its a man goat thing... LOL 

Then I heard Peso... same sort of noises... same "desires"

And yes... same smell! Even though he sticks he is still smiling though! That smell is pride to them I think.. WOW did I say stinky?? 

Sergio was making his way to me. My baby. 

He is such a sweet boy, and he loves his momma. After his Mom died when he was only 10 days old, I became his Mom and we spent LOTS of time together. I have such a hard time getting photos of him because he is so fast to be right up on me wanting his top of the nose kisses and ear scratches. 

Jorge was feeling a bit jealous and he is extremely hard to capture photos of. But his is more of a right at you and then turning around so you can scratch the rear end!

But I moved quick and got to the fence before him and had camera ready to snap just as I got there... A Front view without he fence between us! RARE shot! Whoo Hoo! 

I then moved to another sweet little boy... but I had to ask him why is he sticking his tongue out at me??? 

LOL... actually it is a normal thing when they leave the water bucket. They LOVE the early morning fresh cool water and I suppose sticking out their tongue makes it better? Not sure but they all do it! 

This one is for Hubby... LOL

My guy is a superhero... man of steel. But his kryptonite and one of the things he HATES is walking sticks. I told this lucky "stick" that he was better be glad it was me and that he should move on cuz if Hubby sees him I can't guarantee he is safe. HA! They are odd.. but they can't help that can they? I was shocked at how fast he moved after I snapped the photo... for a stick they book it! 

Hope you enjoyed today - a day with my guys, and the smiles for you, and we hope you have a smile too! 

HUGS and 

Monday, June 21, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Spring Birdhouse Garden


Despite the heat that has settled in there are still lots of beautiful flowers to see... and when pulling out to color that was what I was feeling... flowers! High Hopes Stamps "Spring Birdhouse Garden" is perfect for a little afternoon coloring! 

This is such a pretty image, that I colored with lots of Copics. (colors below) Now because this is a larger image there isn't a lot of embellishing room. So I found a piece of simple gingham wood pattern paper for a background. I then used a Spellbinders lace border die in white to add to the background. My image is then set on and sewn on with a zig zag stitch. For a sentiment I used High Hopes Stamps "Smell the Flowers"  I think all the wildlife here was doing just that! Then three white enamel dots to finish off. Simple but pretty! 

Copic colors used

Fun afternoon coloring with a pretty image! To see LOTS and LOTS of pretty images perfect for any project pop on over to the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE - I KNOW you will find lots you fall in love with. 

Have a blessed day 
HUGS and 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Animal Crackers - Summer Haircut

Howdy -

We will start off this week with my baby boy Autie. He had a haircut last week, that face is saying "Mom you gave me a bad haircut..."

 I know baby, it isn't my best work for you, but it is shorter and cooler and that is what matters right now. He has such thick long hair...  Actually he pranced around showing everyone how cute he is and was proud of his haircut. He always is. And he is always adorable... 

Shade is the best thing to claim around here this week. 

Cocoa found the darkest thickest shade she could find! Now I think she may have been snoozing here... it was 15 degrees cooler under the tree. And since it was really close to 100.. that means a lot. Good spot Cocoa! 

Valentine who is always close to his Momma Cocoa had wandered to just the edge of the shade and was snacking on some long green grass. 

He is such a sweet boy. Big baby but sweet! 

Louise has claimed some shade along the back of one of the huts. 

But Louise... I think you will be moving soon as the shade is moving and your shade is getting smaller and smaller. Time to move to the other side of the hut! 

Crissy was hanging out under the tree next to the water bucket... good thinking... stay hydrated! Very important! 

She is so calm and sweet. Don't tell anyone but Hubby always says she is special to him. We don't pick favorites... but she is super special. I think it is all her personality, well..  Calm and Sweet.

Now I wish I could have you hear our Crepe Myrtle tree right now.. 

It is ALIVE!! BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ! There are thousands of bees in the tree and it is thrilling to hear and see them! We haven't had lots of bees the past few years. And that is scary for everything growing around here. But this year they seem to coming back and as long as they stay with the flowers... and not bothering me or the animals I am thrilled they are here! Buzz Buzz Buzz! 

Hope you got another smile this week... My fur babies do love making everyone smile! 

HUGS and 

Monday, June 14, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Pansy Arrangement

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps I went really girlie... Flowers and a little bling so pretty! This is Pansy Arrangement I just love them. 

Now as I first sat down to color I just knew I was going purples... But I ran across this pattern paper from Graphic 45 that just called out and made me use it - so off went all the purples and then I started going for dark pinks and peach colors. I think it works... I did find that I need more peach colors with my Copics.. ha! I really thought I had most all of them, but I am missing a few... will have to look into that! 

I sewed down the layers onto a white card stock base, and then cut out the pansies with an oval stitch die. The High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Smell the Flowers" seemed perfect. Wait... Pansies do smell right? Oh well it is the thought - for a finish I found some bling enamel dots that worked as embellishments. This card reminds me of my Grandma.. She would have loved it. Maybe that's why it makes me happy. 

Copic colors used - 

You just have to visit the High Hopes Stamps web store and see all the fun images I know you will fall in love with! Pop over HERE

Hope you have a smile - and have a blessed day! 

HUGS and - 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Animal Crackers - FEED ME!!!


Normally Vera is a timid calm sweet girl... but she has one of those mood swings that flip when she is hungry. LOL 

Ok... they scream anytime Hubby walks out to the barn, just in case it is time to feed. But honestly I understand that scream. Missed breakfast and I am feeling a bit like Vera right now! 

Lizzy was just chillin' - Not going to use any energy unless it is a fact that "Dad" is bringing back a meal for them. But just in case she is right in the middle of their feed area so she doesn't miss anything. 

Mallory was playing it cool as well... actually I think she was in hiding. 

She had claimed one of the "best" huts and didn't want to give it up unless food was a for sure thing. So she just hung back and blended in to watch the action and guard the best spot she had claimed. 

Now Hubby asked me to head out to feed the other morning just to see Miss Hanna. OH MY!!

In the last few days she has slicked off and is gorgeous! Ok she has always always been gorgeous. But really her baby fur is all gone... almost, just a little bit of belly fur still. And her adult coloring is so pretty! She is much darker than her Momma. Such a looker! 

Speaking of looker... Gorgeous Miss Ellie Mae! 

So sad we never were able to get any babies from Miss Ellie Mae - She is so stunning. Those big beautiful eyes and long sleek ears.... trust me,  that's a pretty thing for a lady donkey. Despite never getting babies she has been a huge heart in our donkey family. Love her! 

Back to slicking off.. well Josie is a few weeks younger than Hanna and well she has started to slick off but running a bit behind her, it is happening though and she I think is also going be a looker! 

That solid black silky coloring - gorgeous.. or will be soon! But you just gotta love that face! Sweet Sweet Girl! Pushy... but sweet! 

Ok ending up with one of my favorite views... pulling in the gate in the distance... Moxie. Laying in the shade waiting. 

Warms my heart so much to see that happy little face and those perky ears! She stays perfectly still ... "Dad" gets out of the car to open the gate... staying still... move the car in... out of the car to close the gate... staying still... back in the car and start to roll... she pops up stretches and yawns and then starts bopping all around and running up to the house. Once we pull up and open the doors she makes sure to run to both sides of the car... get loves from Dad and then to me for her to get her loving from me too... Happy Dog.. makes us happy! See Warms the heart! 

Hope you got lots of smiles this week. They all have so much love to give and get from us.. and to share with you as well! 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and -

Monday, June 7, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Vintage Classic

Howdy -

Vroom Vroom! This week for High Hopes Stamps I drove out another fun car from the vault! The Mix it Up Release is some of the favorites that were retired and now have been released again! This "car" is Vintage Classic

How fun is this image for a car lover? I colored the car with my Copics (colors below) and went with a creamy yellow color and a little rust as it is a loved older car. I then went through my pattern papers and found this paper from Cosmo Cricket ... I adore grey and yellow together! And it worked perfect for my classic car! I sewed down the layers and put on a grey card stock base for my card. The sentiment is also from the Mis it Up release - "Best Miles" Great for this classic car don't you think? I punched it out with a large EK Success punch and then went around it with a dark grey Copic as a faux mat. I added it to the card and then added six enamel dots - love enamel dots too! LOL 

Copic colors used - 

You just have to visit the High Hopes Stamps Web site and see what is coming out of the vault! And get you favorites before the vault door closes! Click HERE to get there quick! 

I hope you enjoyed - 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Animal Crackers - ARTSY

Howdy - 

Doing things a bit different this week - We have had inches of rain this week and things are pretty wet around here. And well... one day this week I was sitting in the car waiting for Hubby running errands around town and well I found an app that turns photos into works of art! The app is called Prisma, and I am not getting any payment for sharing about it. Just had some fun with it and loved how the photos turned out. And well it filled my time where I didn't get cranky before Hubby came back. LOL 

So I just pulled up some favorite photos from my phone and went to work on my masterpieces. 

First up ... Abigail and baby Penelope - 

Love how the grass looks! and Abigails fur is so pretty.  Fun coloring to it too.. 

Then Autie - did one where his face is more realistic ... but his flowing fur is so pretty. 

This one of Gato has a bit of a color by number look to it. I LOVED Color by Numbers as a kid. Reminds me of afternoons with Grandma. And I think Gato looks gorgeous here. 

This one is a really old photo of two donkeys we don't have any more.. Marissa & Caliente but is has always been a favorite photo of mine. 

Another total favorite photo is this one of Olive Oyl ... baby Olive Oyl. She was stretching in the sun and I love the original photo so much. And this "painting" of her is just fun I think. 

This is a recent photo of Patti... and I love the look she is giving me. So much personality and for her painting I went for some fun - 

And then the last one was just cracks me up - The photo of Peso is funny, and this painting is a riot! 

Very Artsy don't you think? 

Now I know all these photographs have been shown in the past, but I had so much fun playing with them and turning them into little pieces of well... art! 

Hope you enjoyed them... We never get upset with rain around here... but really its soggy now, no change that.. it is standing in water around here, and a few days of sun would be enjoyed. But not that we are complaining we are thankful and blessed with the rain... lol In August we will want every 1/10th of inch! 

Have a blessed weekend. 

HUGS and