Saturday, October 28, 2017

Animal Crackers - Fall Flirting

Howdy -

A little flirting in the air - Went out in a crisp cool afternoon and found that the girls were out behind Sergio's pen doing a bit of "flirting". Or was it Sergio doing the flirting towards the girls?

Ok, its Sergio doing more of the flirting...

But with such a handsome man isn't he? And with those lips and perfect teeth that is some great flirting there!! LOL

Ok, Jorge wasn't very happy about not being able to do some close up and personal flirting...

He knows he is a handsome guy too... but well... he is a bit more forceful and not easy to be around when he is closer to the girls. So his pen is now a little ways from being able to reach out and touch the girls.

Do you think these girls are "talking" about Jorge and the fact that he has been put "out of reach"... hopefully they aren't making fun of him. Oh what am I saying.. it is three young girls chatting... of course they are gossiping!

The Royal Belle doesn't seem to care...

 She does have a regal look here doesn't she? Is it that head tilted? Those long gorgeous horns? She just has the attitude to pull it all off!

 Last photo today... Bucket for three??

I have never understood why they can't wait and drink one at a time, but nope, the three standards all have to attack the water bucket at once. Well it was all at once but Valentine heard me coming and had to look up and pose for me. My kids know me and my camera... pose, stand really still, and smile! ok, that is what I ask for, those that take photos of "kids" - human or furry... you know they don't do as planned. But sometimes it just works out for a great photo. Just be ready to snap at that very second!

Hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend. Time with family and or friends - and Hug a furry friend
HUGS and-

Friday, October 27, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Peace Love Joy

Howdy -

Whimsy Stamps has a lovely new stamp set called "Peace, Love, Joy" by Deb Davis. Perfect set for holiday cards as well as wedding cards. I wanted to give a Clean and Simple Card a try. They are so hard for me. Such a beautiful set to work with and I had an idea.

Not sure if I pulled it off or not, but I love the grey and white combo. I stamped out the dove, and added the branch. There are so many sentiments with this set and they all work with each other, this was perfect for a wedding card. I added Viva Decor Pearl Pen do the dove, really does shine in person. Then a few grey enamel dots for the corners. I wanted so bad to add more... maybe some doodling around the edges... but I forced myself to stop and stick with the original plan of clean and simple. Does anyone else get the shakes doing this? LOL I do like it just felt so so so unlike me!

Now a chance for you to click HERE and see all the new Whimsy Stamps. There is so many wonderful items that you need to see and probably put in your cart!

Have a blessed day -
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Winking Snowman

Howdy -

How can you not love a cute little snowman winking at you? This is High Hopes Stamps "Winking Snowman" he is so handsome.

This guy just makes me grin. What is he winking about? He is just having some fun. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found a scrap sheet of Christmas paper that I love the vintage feel of. I matched it up with a little non traditional brighter color green, white and black card stock. All the layers are sewn down and then I added a few sparkling enamel dots for embellishment.

A simple card but fun little holiday card.

Copic colors used -

There are so many fun Winter and Christmas images to use on your cards this year!! Have a peek at the High Hopes Stamps web site  HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Animal Crackers - Nice Weather

Howdy -

Oh my the weather has been so nice here this week! Everyone has loved the cool mornings, and nice afternoons. So lots of laying around and enjoying the absolutely perfect weather.

Jill was chewing her cud and just chillin'. Such a sweet lady and so laid back - in relaxing and in her personality.

Her 1/2 sister Sandy - she was on top of one of the huts. Same condition. Eyes closed, chewing her cud. Beautiful coloring on her. And again sweet personality.

Crissy is Jill's baby.. all grown up now and she is SO much like her Momma. She came over for some head scratches. Sometimes Head scratches are better than afternoon naps. And you cannot say no to those big brown eyes!

Black Jack seemed to be snoozing as well.

As much as I have seen donkeys sleep standing up I still don't get it. Doesn't look easy to do -  I would fall over for sure! But they seem to be pros at it. I called out to my old man, but he was in the zone and sleeping pretty good. Not interested.

I know this is probably the only way I show you photographs of Spartacus... but seriously he totally cracks me up. This was late yesterday afternoon.

He found a small pile of hay left over from breakfast and decided that wearing it was better than eating it. So fashionable isn't he. All he needs is a runway and some lights and it would become high fashion I am sure!

Some really sad news. All our wonderful Guineas... this is all that we have not. One Guinea.

 One night last week something got to them. Including Old Lady Guinea. No tracks just piles of feathers. We have come to the conclusion that it was an owl. We have been so depressed. Hubby especially crushed as he is so attached to his birds. So after loosing so many the last Guinea is now living in the chicken hut. Not to happy about it, but safe. Odd thing is that we have had Guineas in with the goats for over 4 years and never had one issue. And now all at once - gone. So Lonesome Charlie as Hubby and named this little one is now in the chicken coop and has found that she or he can get up on the roof of the hut away from those silly chickens. We are looking for some new guinea keets to raise and he has plans of a larger hut that he will train them to go into at night so they can roam with the goats during the day. May have to wait until Spring as we aren't finding any available this time of year. So very sad.

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend, hug something furry or feathered and enjoy them!

HUGS and

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Teddy Christmas

Howdy -

Today I had some fun with Whimsy Stamps new image Teddy Christmas by Lee Holland.

Its been a bad week and one afternoon I was just feeling well at all and decided that some quiet time coloring would make me feel better. And coloring up a cute Teddy Bear just seemed even better. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added some Marvey Snow marker to the fluff on his hat. My papers are from Paper Studio's 12 days of Christmas.

I added a couple of die cuts - first the "Funky Christmas Tree". I love this die! so fun with cards, I added gold stickles to the star. Then the retired Merry Christmas.

Copic colors used -

Whimsy Products used - 

Thanks so much for looking! Make sure to visit the Whimsy Store HERE and see all the yumminess!
HUGS and

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Little Drummer Boy & Friends

Howdy -

If you are wondering if you remember this image from last weeks High Hopes Stamps post. Well Sort of... I pulled out the new release Little Drummer Boy & Friends to play with this week I still had the Winter Wonderland Background on my desk from my card last week. I sat the Drummer boy on the background image just by accident... and then had to stamp them together! That background stamp is a favorite and it works wonderfully with so many images!

Cute right?? I colored with my Copics (colors below) after masking off the drummer and friends then stamping the background over him. I had lots of fun again with my Marvy Snow Marker and then LOTS of Viva Decor Glitter Pen. For my card I went with simple colors light blue for my base, Fiber paper that I frayed on the edges and then the black is actually where I went around the edges with a black copic. A fun older sentiment worked well with this stamp.

Here is an angled photo to show off all that bling snow!

Copic colors used -

Imagine a whole collection of different Christmas Cards all with different images centered!! Oh.. ideas brewing!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Animal Crackers - Healthy and Healthy Kids

Howdy -

Now with as many "children" as we have someone always has me worrying about them. This week it was our old lady goat "Paintbrush" She is over 12 now. And that may not sound old, but if she gets a sniffle I worry. But this week..... well lets just say I spent an entire day this week out moving her around massaging her tummy and trying to get her to drink water. She has a bad tummy ache.

Ok, maybe multiple bad tummy aches. And with a goat this can go down hill really fast, especially a very young or older goat. Sorry Paint... But you are older than all our other goats. So in order to make sure that things started working right and didn't sit and get worse, I had to keep making her get up walk around and massage her tummy. If a goats tummy isn't talking... it isn't working right! Poor think wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink and really was not happy with me that I kept getting her up every 30 minutes. But after about 12 hours she started making a few noises in her belly and actually was grazing on a little alfalfa. Frankie was such a help all day! NOT! He kept raring up and trying (and a couple of times succeeding) to ram his hard head into me. I was bothering his lady. That is his current girlfriend. (yes he still does not know that he no longer is "doing" anything) She is his pen-mate and without his permission I was not welcome to bothering her at all. So stressful. Soooo.... Throw some leaves one way for him... then run over to Paintbrush and move her around...uh oh here he comes... head scratches for him nice boy you are so handsome.... good boy... here look more leaves! It was probably pretty funny to watch. Then next 30 minutes his little brain was busy watching a butterfly and he didn't even notice I was in the pen. (insert shaking head here) It took a few days before Paintbrush was back to her normal self. But happy to report she is doing really great. This photo is late yesterday... she was calling out for "Dad" to bring her something good to eat. Sorry ole' gal... no treats right now. Only hay and alfalfa... boring, but best for you now. Frank looks like he is looking at me in this photo.. "Hey Mom... More leaves Please?" LOL

Went out to see the ladies at sunset last night. Love my ladies.

Oh please let that slight little bump on this girl be a baby in there! Pepita just has to be bred! I am going nuts waiting on seeing her first baby. I have baby on the brain... fur baby that is FUR BABY. Last few months I have been wanting a puppy... I know last thing we need right now with busy schedules and so many other children... but I want one! LOL So I am really going nuts waiting for my three hopefully bred donkeys to have their babies. THREE! It will be so wonderful to have three babies running and playing together!! Man spring is going to take forever to get here! sigh...

Juliet says.. uh hello.. forget about all of that and all the other girls. You need to pay 100% attention to me now.

 Yes Juliet - you are so sweet I will pet only on you right now. Such a funny girl. Those eyes melt me. How can that face not make you smile!

And then about that time I hear my boy Sergio calling out from across the yard. LOUDLY calling out.

Forget taking photographs... I would like a girlfriend too please! That old goat Frankie even has a girlfriend! I would like one too please!! One day boy I hope. Love this guy. He is so talkative when he can see the ladies.

As I was walking back to the house I saw this. And giggled. Thelma and Guinea?

That Guinea was telling Thelma some long drawn out story. Really chattering and talking to her. I think Thelma was looking at her with no clue what she was saying, or what she even is. Ha! As I put the camera down Thelma looked over at me as if to say "Mom... you understand anything this loud mouth is saying?" No sweetie, not a clue... and boy do these Guineas have lots of long chatty stories too!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. So much going on around here, coming going coming going. But now that all my kids are healthy at the moment I am happy!!

HUGS and

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - 31 Nights of Halloween

Howdy - oh I mean.. BOO!

Today is my day to show off a card for the Whimsy Stamps 31 Nights of Halloween Blog Celebrations! It has already been so fun to see all the fun and scary cards this month being shared on the Whimsy Blog and we aren't even half way through!

Now I am more a cute Halloween card maker, so when I see images like "Kitten Halloween" from Lee Holland I just giggle. How can you not love a kitten coming out of a jack-o-lantern? Ok, maybe not on a scary night in the dark.. that wouldn't be fun to have a kitten jump out at you. But this kitten in the little smiling pumpkin is just adorable!

I colored with my Copics and found some fun autumn papers from BoBunny's Apple Cider collection. Matched up with a piece of apple green card stock it worked well. All layers with die cut are sewn in place and then for my sentiment... that was tough I wanted to cute but with a Halloween twist. Somehow I though "Peek A Boo" worked. Sort of Scary right? LOL I die cut out the letters with a favorite of mine Whimsy Shapeology's Brush Script Uppercase. Every one needs at least one .. or ten alphabet dies sets! So many uses for well anything!

Then for just a little more I added a few of the fun Whimsy Enamel Dots! Yes I am addicted to these!

Cute little Halloween card for someone special -

My Copic colors used -


Thanks so much for looking and make sure to visit the Whimsy Blog each night in October to see more SCARY cards... and CUTE cards... and FUN cards! 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Waddlin' By

Howdy -

We had our first cool front here in Texas. Ok... so it will still be in the high 80's later in the week, but hey one front means another will be coming and then it will be winter. And winter is bling-y to me. Snow sparkles right.. ok in my little made up world I see snow sparkle we don't see much of the real stuff here.

This is "Waddlin' By" along with the "Winter Wonderland Background"

Had so much gorgeous image here I didn't want any pattern paper with this one. The Background stamp is it. Love how beautiful this stamp is. I colored with my copics (colors below) and then but some white on the trees with a Marvy Snow Marker, then added lots of Viva Decor Sparkle Pen! Lots of Sparkle Bling!! I pop dotted the fun little penguin on the background stamp.

I sewed down the image on a white card stock and then created an easel card out of purple card stock.

I doodled some swirls and snowflakes on my base card stock and then matched it up with the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Waddling by with a winter Hi!" Love that! Always makes me grin.  I added three enamel dots to help stand up my easel card.

Close up of the bling snow!

Copic colors used -

 This is such a fun little image and I hope it brings a smile to someone :0)

Hope you have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Animal Crackers - Stop and enjoy it all!

Howdy -

What a busy month September was, and looks like October is going to be just as busy around here... but sometimes you just have to take a moment to enjoy things...

Enjoying My Miss Libbie -

I love this little lady so much. Oh she drives me nuts sometimes with her high pitch make you want to slam your head in the wall bark. But no matter what I wouldn't trade her for the world. I love her to pieces. I worry about her, she is getting "older" but most of that is just her eyes and not getting around like she use to. Here she is a mess!! Bath time this weekend - she is not going to be happy.... until it is over and she is all dry. Then she prances like she is the Queen she knows she is.

Enjoying the laundry? Now I have to really work to make sure the laundry is folded and put away quick or Gato claims it for her very own warm toasty bed.

But here.. I am not understanding how laying on "Dad's" dirty laundry I was gathering was the best place to curl up. Is it just me or do men just not get the entire hamper thing on purpose? Clothes everywhere... oh well that is a different subject. Here Gato was laying on his clothes, practically upside down hanging to one side. Couldn't have her move to put that load on... so I just moved on to the towels and it gave me more time to find more dirty clothes around...

The Guineas... you have to take time to stop enjoy and watch them. You just must. They are a scream to watch. Always so busy, always chattering, always in movement. And I love to watch Old Lady Guinea with her new "followers".

Oh she will sneak off from time to time for her personal goat time, but they find her. She was looking at me like "Can you make them stay somewhere else?"

She turned to the left and took a few steps... and there they all go with her!

All chattering and talking and her sighing and just accepting it. Ha! It is tough to be the one they all look up too.

Taking time to enjoy a little silence in the afternoon. Silence???

Now I will admit around this place... silence is not something you get to enjoy often. Olive Oyl was trying to get in a little afternoon nap and was looking a little upset that those "birds" were talking so much. And if it isn't the Guineas it is the Chickens, and if it isn't the Chickens it is the other Goats, and if it isn't the Goats it is the Donkeys then we get back around to the high pitch makes you want to slam your head in the wall bark from little Libbie... yea we have lots of "talking" around here. Sorry Olive hope you get a little nap in sweetheart...

Taking time to enjoy the afternoon with his girls.

That was the nice way to say Leon loves being the man in his coop. Doesn't he look proud of his group of girls? He is such a handsome rooster and likes to puff up and show off just how good looking he actually is. Well he is a looker isn't he?

And of course we have to always take time to enjoy the flowers...

Now I know this is what many call a weed. But when leaving down our dirt road the other morning these were blooming on all the old fence post and barbed wire on our neighbors fence. But this weed is so pretty... and is actually called Purple Bindweed or Ipomea Cordatotriloba. Smart huh? I can use Google.. LOL - It is a member of the morning glory family. And although it is a "weed" sometimes you just have to accept that a weed is still a beauty from God and enjoy the blossoms - And in the early morning sun that is what we did slow down and enjoy...

Have a blessed day - Slow down and enjoy the day -

Hugs and