Saturday, March 31, 2018

Animal Crackers - Gorgeous Sleepy Morning

Howdy -

Oh my after a couple of VERY stormy days earlier in the week, we have had a couple of absolutely gorgeous days! Perfect temp and sunny! So the "children" were out enjoying life. ok... many were snoozing which is what I wanted to do! Man I wish we had a hammock... but that is why we don't have a hammock. I would use it too much!

Rhett looks like she was sleeping in her breakfast. But actually she was chewing and pulling bites of hay - maybe she is sleep eating? I think she was just really enjoying the day -

Crissy was on top of the largest hut loving the breeze and just chillin' - Such a pretty lady.

Jorge was screaming.... LOUD!

Me MOM! ME! Attention Attention NOW! As soon as I snapped the photo and reached out for him, just like his Dad Black Jack... He pulled his head back and turned around. Hiney scratches! Such a funny boy. And despite that he was a bit muddy from some wet dirt baths rolls, I did give him some much needed hiney scratches.

Rare glimpse of a wild animal here!

Its Fraidy Cat!
Out in the open!

Ok.. he ran as soon I said how proud I was that he was out showing himself... but that few seconds was fabulous! Such a scrappy handsome man!

And then there is my baby... my Autie Boy

He too was out lounging and enjoying the sun and breeze! He got his first longer puppy cut a couple weeks ago... such a cutie pie! Once it warms up more he will get his shorter real puppy cut that just melts me. But here he was just right! Love that face!

And one more photo this week... Bad Bad Teddy!

If you remember last week Ted wouldn't let us pull in as he was wanting a treat... well Hubby came in with a load of hay...FOR EVERYONE In the coming week.... And well MR. TED E. BEAR figured he would take a really large bale of Alfalfa and knock it off the truck for himself. Of course Hubby had to grab his camera and snap a photo before telling him bad donkey and taking it away from him. He is too cute to be upset with... silly boy. And he did get a couple of quick bites :0)

Well I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Easter Weekend -
Hug a furry or feathered friend -
HUGS and

Friday, March 30, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Window and Water Mill

Howdy -

I think the hardest card to make for me is a Sympathy card - I never know how far to go with it. And usually I decided simple is best. For my card this week for Whimsy Stamps I used two of the new DoveArt stamps - The new Window stamp just screams to have something else placed behind it to show off the Window as well as the beauty through the window!

And through the window today I wanted to peaceful a beautiful DoveArt image Water Mill 

Love how the two work so well together, and honestly most all the DoveArt images will match up with the Window! I colored with my copics - then cut out the window and the Water Mill to layer on top of my pattern paper to resemble a sort of wall paper. I sewed down the papers and then glued the window down. For my sentiment I used Whimsy Die "Sympathy" from the Sympathy/Heartfelt/Condolences set.   Three enamel dots for just a bit more embellishments - Simple but calming.

Copic colors used -

See the Whimsy items I used by clicking through the image -

Have a blessed day!
HUGS and

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - 3 Little Garden Gnomes

Howdy -

Today I have a really fun guy card - The new release at High Hopes Stamps is so Magical! And "3 Little Garden Gnomes" is just too much fun!

How can you not love three Gnomes all together over a crystal ball. I colored with my copics ( I took a chance and colored a really bold background to pull the yellow out of the background pattern paper. I added some stickles to that crystal ball.. and that is where the magic is! And the new sentiment from High Hopes Stamps is absolutely perfect for these "dudes" - "Chillin' with the Gnomies"

Copic colors used -

Hope you have a blessed and Magical day!
HUGS and

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Animal Crackers - Did you bring me anything?

Howdy -

As we came home the other day Teddy decided we were not allowed to pull in unless we have some sort of payment... Did you bring me anything? A carrot, peppermint??

When he doesn't want to move... he doesn't! We ended up parking about 10 feet back... sigh... gotta love him.

Sweet Pea was looking mighty cute yesterday afternoon.

 I see what I am hoping is a baby bump there! She gave us such a gorgeous little boy last time... But when you are that cute... you have to pass down cute right?

Boy that better be a baby bump there on Olive Oyl...

Her first time as a Mom and hoping so much she passes down friendliness and personality - along with all the colors she carries.

We decided to move in Macie to live with Darlene in the pen up near the house. She has helped settle down Darlene... and she is loving that special feeding!

Now she doesn't need to put on weight.. as you see. But well she is doing a job supporting her old friend Darlene.. so a few extra calories is worth it. LOL

Got a great shot of our outdoor kitty Samantha "Sam" - 

Those eyes almost glow in the dark! She is so luxurious with that black fur. Beautiful -

Hubby has a new friend -

 He has been out in the garage refinishing a piece of furniture... and last Sunday a pretty white bird showed up and has been keeping him company in and on the garage... every day he comes and visits and then late in the day he flies away... all week he has showed up. Hangs out while Hubby talks to him, and then flies away later in the day he goes home, wherever that is.

It is nice to make new friends -

Well I hope you have wonderful plans for this weekend. Make sure to spend some time enjoying a furry or feathered friend -

Hugs and -

Friday, March 23, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Spring Fairy

Howdy -

This week the new Whimsy Stamps Spring Fairy wanted to come out and play.

I just love Marina Fedotova's Fairy's at Whimsy Stamps! And that little bunny is just too adorable. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and found a piece of pattern paper from Paper Studio and a white card stock base. She is so pretty I didn't want too much going on with patterns. For my sentiment I used Whimsy Stamps Dies Happy and Wishes - love the size of these word dies. They are just right! Then for just a little bit of embellishment I added a few Whimsy Stamps Enamel Dots - more dots! LOL And of course what kind of fairy doesn't have lots of sparkle to her wings! Ranger Stickles Diamond for that.

Copic colors used -

 Thank you so much!
Have a blessed day!
HUGS and

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - New Release - Little Wizard

Howdy -

There is a new release at High Hopes Stamps!! And this release if filled with Magic! It called "A Magical Day!" and there is too much fun going on!

For my first card I colored up the cutie "Little Wizard

He is just so adorable - I colored with my Copics and then found a piece of PION paper in my stash that looked like it could be a magic spell ready to be used! I sewed down the layers on this double sided paper and then used one of the brand new release sentiments "The Power Lies within YOU" Three oval pearls to embellish. Love this one great little encouragement card don't you think?

Copic colors used -

There are so many wonderfully fun and magical images in this new release - make sure to see them all HERE and enjoy!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Animal Crackers - Have Your Cake and Eat it too?

Howdy -

Well as I said last week, we have put Darlene into the single pen for some much needed extra lovin'.

She is LOVING her Geriatric Equine food. And the Alfalfa of course. But as soon as she is done eating - she is done - and wants back into the large back pen with all her ladies. Yep.. her Cake and to eat it too. It isn't too hard to move her between the two pens but well... once the ladies find out what is going on it will become like fighting back a group of children at a new candy store. Alfalfa breath is hard to hide you know... And honestly we would like to make sure that Darlene is eating all her feed and hay herself and putting on some weight.  Now despite her age and needing to put on some weight... she is still a bit of flirt with her old boyfriend Black Jack..... who is in the pen next to hers.

She is a funny lady! LOL And old man Black Jack is doing some strutting and showing off himself!

Speaking of a funny lady - Cautious Big Girl Cocoa -

One of the standards. She is so pretty... very very cautious but a true love.

She and Teddy were really enjoying all that new green grass -

They are all loving the green grass, but as they are our children they are also still wanting their hay and feed... It will be very noisy around here as we work them back to more grass then hay... LOL

Mary was finishing up her breakfast and turned back to give me a grin...

 Sweet little girl, with those blue eyes we love. So pretty -

And speaking of pretty...

 Come on,  she is pretty in her own way... LOL Love all the details these chicken have when you zoom in for a close up. And I love to see those bright red combs... that means all is well and healthy! They must be cuz the egg totals have really been going up now that Spring is here. All are eating all kinds of eggs around here!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed and happy weekend.
Hug someone furry or feathered and enjoy!
Hugs and -

Friday, March 16, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Horse Barn

Howdy -

I have lost my mind over the new DoveArt stamps over at Whimsy Stamps! This week I "needed" to color up the Horse Barn

I would love to have that barn on my farm for sure... but we would have to call it the Donkey Barn... LOL.  I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then inked the edges with Rangers Distress Ink. Now I told myself I was not going to use the new Whimsy Stamps new Farmhouse Shiplap background stamp... but how could I not with the barn? Right? LOL I stamped the background stamp on a piece of core'dinations card stock and then sanded a bit to distress. I sewed down the layers with my sewing machine. A bunch of enamel dots for embellishments and then my sentiment is the word "Serenity" from the Whimsy Word Die set Gratitude Die set. 

This is my idea of Serenity for sure!

Here are my copics used -  

Here are the links to go straight to the items in the Whimsy Store

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Garden Lamb

Howdy -

Feeling a bit of Spring?  Color and the Sun! For my card today I pulled out a sweet Spring image from High Hopes Stamps - "Garden Lamb"

How cute is this little Lamb and that sweet little chick? I colored with my copics (colors below) and then found a piece of pattern papers from PION in my stash that was just as sweet as the little lamb. I sewed the layers down and used a kraft card stock for my card base. Three enamel dots that have glitter at the top and then for my sentiment I used High Hopes  "Spring is in the Air" Fabulous sentiment for this time of year!!

Copic colors used -

For so many great fun images to color and share! POP over to the High Hopes Stamps website HERE and enjoy!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Animal Crackers - Lazy Cloudy Afternoon

Howdy -

Was just a Lazy Cloudy Afternoon yesterday - no blue sky anywhere to be seen. Wasn't cold Wasn't hot. All the animals were out just wandering around. They love sunny spring afternoons... they are coming kids promise!

Sonja wanted to make sure to get a good close up shot for you guys today -

Those eyes are so gorgeous. Big Brown eyes... such a sweet little girl. Slow Calm and Sweet for sure!

Our old lady Darlene also has that Slow Calm and Sweet personality too.

 Hard to believe she is 26... she deserves to move slow. But if this girl sees you coming out with a treat... she will run over the younger girls! I think we are going to move her into a pen of her own for a while and feed her some feed for geriatric equines... just build her up a bit after winter.

One of Darlene's boys "Pavo" has her same characteristics.

But he is more cautious than anything else. Never has been a pushy to the front kind of donkey. He waits in the back and just waits his turn for whatever is going on. One of his own one of a kind donkey traits is the fact that he likes to save a little snack of hay on his back.. yep... he likes to stack up hay on his own back for later... LOL funny boy.

Shhhhh. pause here and quietly move past Sandy...

Remember Lazy Cloudy Afternoon... Love that leg stretched out for ultimate comfort!

Wow.. I am thinking that baby that Victoria is carrying is laying over on its side... what do you think?

Those babies move around quite a bit! Just a couple of months now people! eeeeekkkk so excited!

Juliet was excited too! ok..... so that is really a yawn!

 Please do not zoom in on those teeth! The girl really needs to brush her teeth! Wonder what she has been snacking on recently? Seems to maybe have some mud attached to it. yuck.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. Maybe the weather and the animals are telling us to kick back and relax this weekend. Sounds good to me! I wish!

Hugs and -