Monday, October 31, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Little Slueth

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 This sweet guy just makes me grin. He is from High Hopes Stamps and is "Little Slueth

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and found some Crate Paper pattern paper that I used for the card base and mats. While digging through my stash I found an EK Success doggie paw punch border, just seemed like it would be fun with our "Little Slueth" Then I ended up matting the puppy paws with a scallop border from EK Success. Layering up! I sewed everything together and then topped it off with the High Hopes Sentiment "No mystery" - Now I can use this card for just a pick me up for someone, or add a Happy Birthday if needed! 

Copic colors used

Fun card - with a fabulous fun image! 

Now pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE and follow the tracks around to find your favorite images!

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Animal Crackers - Pretty Ladies

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Pretty group of ladies here - these 4 are pretty good friends and usually are grouped together. Bella, Macie, Ellie Mae and Fancy Pants. So beautiful. 

Normally not too pushy and always let us give hugs and kisses on those noses. 

I finally got back to Ellie Mae, she was hanging back to wait her turn. Such a pretty girl with a voice that carries for miles! 


Vickie came up to me for loving, she is very happy to be back in with the other ladies, oh don't get me wrong she loves the special feed she was getting in the small pen, but she does miss her gals when not in with them. And despite her getting the best of food all to herself, there is always a worry that the other ladies are getting something better.

And then I was approached while walking back from the ladies pen. Valentine, one of the standards, was wondering if at all possible could I go in and make "Dad" come out and feed breakfast?

He is very persuasive and yes Valentine I will go and tell Dad to come out now. ha! 

Ferrari with her fabulous large eyes! She has this look that is just hysterical. Here I came up behind her and called her name to ask her if she was suppose to be lounging in the dog bed.  

I can hear her "Dog bed? What Dog bed?"


It is a good thing that Libbie or Chica don't freak out when the cats are borrowing their beds. Well actually Libbie doesn't even see that they are there... she just walks up to it and starts to climb in and that is enough to make the cat run for the hills. Libbie is for sure ALWAYS in charge, blind or not.

Oh one last photo, this is Moxie in what I like to call her "Seal" pose. :0)

She was one dirty Seal Doggie! I asked what she had been rolling in but then decided I really didn't want to know - sigh... 

Hope you have a smile again this week - Hope you have a blessed weekend 

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Monday, October 24, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Chris Mouse

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Today for High Hopes Stamps I pulled out a favorite little mouse. This is "Chris Mouse" and he is ready for Santa to arrive and dream of the goodies that might be under the tree. 


 I just love the grin on his face under the blanket. I colored with my Copics (colors below) For my papers I went a little Victorian looking with some older papers from Paper Studio. It just felt like a vintage Christmas feeling with these warm papers. With an older die I cut out the frame with one pattern paper. Looked pretty nice with the kraft card stock showing under the frame so I cut the floral paper to leave a border inside as well. 

The High Hopes Stamps sentiment "All Your Dreams Come True" was a perfect thought for Chris Mouse.

Copic colors used -

Pop over to High Hopes Stamps Web Store and see all the fabulous images you will fall in love with! 

Have a very blessed day -

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Animal Crackers - Cooler morning make nice naps!

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A very rare moment in time - Louise is quiet! She was napping in the cooler morning. It is has been so wonderful with the cooler weather. And she was taking advantage of the temps in the sun. Do you think Hubby would find me if I joined her?

My sweet little Penelope. Oh I love how adorable she is and how she will look towards her Mom to see if she is paying attention so she can come to me for head scratches. 

 You always have to have Mom's approval right? Well it is better to sneak off and do it when she isn't watching. :0)

Oh Look Jolene is coming to see us! She is such a beautiful lady - Love her slim face.

I always grin when I think about her being skinny... When we first got her, she was 8-9 months old. She was so little and thin that we brought her home and would find her wandering around out of the pen. Took us a few days to figure out that she was so thin she was just walking out between the gate and post. So cute, but we fixed it right away so she couldn't do it anymore! Ha! 
And always right behind her, her stunning daughter Josie!

All grown up now she really is so gorgeous! And obnoxiously friendly. Love this girl. 
Speaking of obnoxiously friendly - Big Miss Juliet. When her head is down like that and moving towards you ... look out. She is seriously coming at you and will "bump" into you. LOL bump! 
I then looked over to see what other girls I could snap photos of... UH hello? Dad is not out here yet to feed, calm down, no pushing! You would think they were starving! And with those bellies they may have been hungry but not starving. ha.

Thought I would show off something I found buried in the back of the cabinet we cleaned out to move. I decided to hang it in my kitchen. Flash back to childhood memories. 

This hung in my Grandma's kitchen. My Mom made it and gave it to her. A great memory - my Mom and I use to go to this place when I was little. It was an amazing place where you walked shelves and shelves of blank plaster items, then you could paint or decorate them. This was back in the day where craft stores were really not a thing. So as a little girl who loved crafting this was a glorious place, and Mom and I had great bonding time choosing our items and then sitting at this big table painted them. It was really special when we had things that we painted and they "re-fired" them and the colors would come out so brilliant! Great memory. And now I can see it daily and thing of that and my Grandma's kitchen!

Do you have something that just a glance brings back a great childhood memory? Love that!
Hope you have an Animal Crackers Smile again - 
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Monday, October 17, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Turkey Getaway

Howdy - 

Today for High Hopes Stamps I have a FUN Hall image! Turkey Getaway always makes me grin!


Seriously how can a Turkey on the run riding a scooter not funny! Great fun Thanksgiving Card for sure! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out with a Circle Die cut and a scalloped circle die cut. I found a really old piece of scrap pattern paper that I loved with the image, that I sewed on two pieces of card stock mats, and a dark brown card stock card base. This image matches up perfectly with the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Poultry in Motion" Again... cracks me up! 

For a little wind blowing by our fast moving Turkey I used a glitter Nuvo clear pen. This image is a favorite to make me laugh.. I think I said that already. LOL

Copic colors used -

For LOTS of grins and fabulous images make sure to click HERE and pop right over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store - 

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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Animal Crackers - Who's the Boss?

Howdy - 

Being the only "boy" cat Mercedes or "Bubba" would like to think he is the one in control of the house. But we all know with all sisters that is not the case at all... This is a photo I snapped of the big guy one afternoon this week. We had brought in a great antique cabinet as we were trying to decide what to put on top of the cabinet Bubba decided he looked adorable up there and stayed there for hours. Ok he was adorable... and days later we have put nothing else on this cabinet as it has become a favorite napping spot.

Now a few weeks ago a decision was made. Momma Cat was picked up from outside and brought in the house. Clearly I was not the boss in this decision, Hubby's big heart took over all control. I haven't mentioned it here, but Momma Cat's first baby Shadow has been missing for a while now. It has just killed both of us worrying about what happened to him, but we live in the country and there are dangers out there for small animals. Ever since then Hubby as been watching over Momma Cat like crazy. A few times in a row she didn't show up for her dinner. Or he found her too far off from the house. And one night after she was missing for an entire day... she showed up for breakfast and bamb! She was in the house.  He said he couldn't handle loosing her too. 

You would think that it wouldn't be too big of deal... after all the inside cats are her babies. And yes I know we are totally insane nuts for having 5 now. I am accepting and moving on. He does take good care of them and cleans the boxes twice daily so I can't argue that point. Anyway Momma Cat was inside... and for a few days it was a little bit stressful. Her babies... they had no clue who she was and she wasn't thrilled with them either. They are a year old now. And I guess the family scent is all gone. Oh things have calmed down and most everyone is good with her now. She is so gentle and calm she honestly is a dream cat. 

Only one of them still is trying to let her know "Who the Boss is" Porsche ... she is the leader and I guess Momma Cat tried to get to close to her this last week and well.... she got it on the nose. Poor thing. No worries she is all good and I think even Porsche is getting better, maybe Momma gave her some too? Not sure but things are all settling down now. And Hubby is sleeping all night again. Getting up in the middle of the night and checking on her was really taking a toll on him. He is such a big softy. 

One evening this week, I spent some time up at the front pasture with the men. Hubby was in the pen checking on the cracks in the ground from the lack of rain. I worry someone will step into one and get hurt. Praying for the rain they have forecast for this week to actually come thru this time! And the gound will fill in to normal again. Anyway this gave me a chance to talk to the guys. The leader of this little gang is for sure Flavio. He is the big shot here! Handsome too... 

All though he will show off his silly side from time to time.


I worked really hard to try and get a good photo of Flavio's buddy Patricio. He was way to interested in keeping a close watch on "Dad" and making sure things were all safe. He is a very cautious boy.

But at least with this one side view photo you can see just how stunning he is. Such a looker! Just like his Dad Black Jack. 

And then the other two men in the front pasture - Diego and Miguel. Now Miguel was the boss for years! He may be little but he was seriously in control of everyone and everything!

He has mellowed big time in his older more gentle gelding years. So laid back and always always always with his buddy Diego. My first baby donkey! Oh this boy was so so so spoiled as a baby! LOL . Love Love Love! And I love this photo of the two of them... shows off their personalities big time! 

Well we did it again. We got up in the middle of the night and made the 2 1/2 hour drive to the coast for a few hours of fishing. Hubby said "Your not showing a photo of that again are you?" Well it is just too pretty to not share right?

Soon the weather will be colder and Hubby has not had near enough time for things like this during this past summer he has been working so much. So another down time day was called for - and how gorgeous was this sunrise?
It was so fabulous to just sit in the peace of the waves and watch the sun come up. 

Hubby was one of those tiny dots on the far left at the end of the Jetties ... His peaceful place fishing, me I am more of the sit on the beach, in the breeze and watch the waves as my peaceful place. Then as it gets warmer and he is done with fishing a nice lunch on the Island before heading home!

Hope you have a Animal Cracker smile again this week... have a little peace planed for you weeekend. 

HUGS and

Monday, October 10, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Carpenter Ant

Howdy - 

Time for one of those needed Guy Birthday Cards! And I adore this High Hopes Stamps Carpenter Ant to build up a good looking card!  

 Hubby asked me why I like coloring up bugs, mice and other things on my cards but I freak out if they are in or near the house... I have no clue other than I control the cuteness? LOL But I do love this guy! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some older BoBunny pattern papers to layer on my card with dark brown card stock. Love the rusty old feel of the paper with this working ant. Then the sentiment from High Hopes Stamps "Wooden Happy Birthday" is just a perfect match with a Carpenter Ant, right? I tried a million different things for embellishments... brads, buttons, borders and then just decided let it go Michelle... Keep it Simple! LOL That is so hard for me! 

Copic colors used -

I hope you enjoyed - for SO SO SO many other fabulous images for your projects pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web store and fall in love! 

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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Animal Crackers - Peace

Howdy - 

Things are quiet and peaceful at the moment here. The Ladies have been put back into the large pasture with all the girls. All happy and peaceful. I am still hoping that maybe one of the three are pregnant and maybe a fall baby is coming. But as of right now no signs. It is clear that Pepita is the "trouble" and I guess she will not be going in any time soon for breeding. Now the good news is that Pepita and Vicki are back together.


Now Lacey and Vicki were born days apart and we purchased them together as they were life long besties.  But Vicki and Pepita are BFFs and for a few years they have been side by side 24/7. They are very happy to be back together again. 

No worries though they are letting Lacey hang with them and now it is a happy trio. 

Lacey is my real hope for a baby this year. How can I say this nicely... She is so fat!  Now honestly that could be from months of being in the smaller pen with the private feeding for the "Momma's to be" but I really need that little bit of hope for the baby... But for now they are all back in the with girls and we will keep a close watch on them. Early spring we will put in new choices for breeding. Calmer less "Queen B" types ... 

And for now... Raffie is having his first calm breakfast with no women telling him when and where he can eat. It's all his! Back to his Bachelors Pad! 

Walking back towards the house all the goats were enjoying a cooler morning and breakfast. Sergio had loudly hee hawed out to the ladies and it gave Lucy a little startle... Yep that is a startled look for sure !

She is such a funny old girl. LOL 
OH and I captured a not so great photo of a very rare sighting! Shhh move slow, be very quiet... It is Scaredy Cat! One of the old outdoor kitties. I NEVER see this cat! Very cautious kitty! 

And then some loving from someone that is always present and is just a sweetheart, Miss Moxie! I had to do some calm talking to keep her sitting still so I could snap a photo of her, Moxie is one that is always on the move, and a very happy girl!

She had just finished her breakfast and special "cookies" treat I had brought out to her minutes before. She then joined me for my walk around the pens and say good morning to all her furry family - Love this girl! 

Then one last photo of Peace for you - Hubby and I took a rare day away last week. 

One day to drive down to the coast very very early so he could fish for a while. For some odd reason that is peace and relaxing to him. Me it looks like work. But he loves to fish. So I got out of bed in the middle of the night to ride with him and enjoy the day with him. 

So while he fished I sat and watched the sunrise, the waves and enjoyed the cool breeze. And after the sun came up I could see him in the distance fishing off the rocks. Was a nice day - As it got warmer, the truck and a Hallmark movie was nice too - and I could still see Hubby fishing too :0) Then a ride home and a late lunch to top off a perfect day - oh other than the fact the fish weren't biting. 

Hope you have a blessed weekend and have a little peace to enjoy! 

HUGS and -

Monday, October 3, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Sick Bird

Howdy - 

Today for High Hopes Stamps I colored an adorable little bird to create a pick me up grin for someone under the weather - This is "Sick Bird" and despite him being... well sick, he is still a cutie. 


Colored with my Copics (colors below) and then a little Nuvo glitter paint for some "rain" falling. I cut out with an oval stitched die cut, masking out the end of the branch and leaves to fall out of the oval. And added some Ranger Tea ink around the edges for a little aging. Digging through my stash of older papers I found some Crate Paper and Glitz pattern papers that I fell in love with together. They are stitched down with a zig zag stitch.  

The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Under the Weather" is perfect for our little bird friend.

 Copic colors used -

I love the vintage feel with this one! Get Well cards are not something I make too often but really need to replenish the stash of needed cards and we all need those smiles to make someone feel better when they aren't 100%. 

High Hope Stamps has some fabulous images for those smiles! 

Click HERE  to pop straight to the High Hopes Stamps Web store and have so much fun going through all the happiness there! 

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Animal Crackers - He isn't a tough guy

Howdy - 

Yesterday I went out a little later than normal to take photographs. So many of the fur children were already out in the pastures or snoozing in the shade. I went out to Raffie's pen to visit him. His pen is through the ladies pen, and well.. many times getting through the girls to scratch on Raffie is hard to maneuver. Well the Ladies had already made their way out into the back pasture so I could love on Raffie! 

He is always such a happy sweet guy. My "Smiling Donkey". When he sees you at the fence he usually will stop what he is doing and come for some attention.

But just as he got to me and I was reaching towards him to scratch those beautiful long ears... he backed up and had this look to the side.

He is such a lover instead of a fighter... Pepita is still in with him, hoping she will get pregnant. But I am thinking we have a reason for no babies... Her name is Pepita. She is such a ....... well she is very mean to Raffie. And I think she has been running him off and since he isn't as aggressive as some jacks - he just gives up and walks away. Pepita is going to probably be moved back into the Ladies pen, give up on her at this time having babies and try next Spring with other ladies without Pepita and see if Raffie can do his job without our Queen B running things. 
She is beautiful... And I so want babies from her... but sigh... well we will have to just do some new plans for next year.  Maybe her younger sister Josie won't be a meanie and since she is a carbon copy of her older sister?? Such lo

Oh and no worries... I moved down the fence and Raffie and I had some quality head scratches and nose kisses. Before Pepita ran him off.
At this point I looked towards the old barn. Years ago the miniatures had areas in the barn. We then built smaller little barns in each of their pens. So that old big barn is now the claim of the three standards. While looking that way I had to smile and thought maybe we should move that old sign on the door? 

My attention then went towards the goats. The sounds coming from Alvin Jr was unbelievable! Such loud horrible noises from something so small and handsome?!!

It seems that the girls were totally ignoring him and all his handsomeness! So he was calling out to get their attention, sounded more like he was dying, and the girls were not paying attention at all! LOL poor guy. Ha! 

For example is Miss Vera. She was chillin' on the old rock steps, eyes closed chewing what was left of breakfast, enjoying the cooler morning weather. No attention at all to hunky man AJ - LOL 

After going back in I found Porsche in her normal morning spot.

She doesn't sleep with us at night like her brother and sister. But as soon as that big bed is empty in the morning- It is all hers! You have to make the bed fast otherwise she digs deep into those sheets and creates a little cozy area to spent the morning. She still will claim the bed if it is made in time, but you know it isn't quite as nice with all the sheets and blankets made up nice. Such a sweet kitty! 

Hope you have a smile on your face. I am now going to go out and check on AJ again as I can still hear him screaming! Maybe if he is thrown a piece of alfalfa he will give up on the girls and we can get some peace? Maybe? :0) 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and