Monday, November 29, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Brewin' A Cup - again :0)

Howdy - 

Have you been over and seen all the cute new images at High Hopes Stamps for the month of November? GNOME MANIA! Is going on there! Now I was so in love with one of the images that this week since it was out on my desk I just had to make a second card with it! I adore "Brewin' A Cup"  just so many people I know that would get a chuckle with this little Gnome and his coffee pot! 

Now for my first card with this image I went with the coffee tones... but for this one I went perky and bright! I found some older Cosmo Cricket papers with a cross stitch theme... made me think of a vintage kitchen wall paper - And I love the colors! I colored with my Copic markers (colors below) and then stitched down thinks with a zig zag and straight stitch. Love when papers are two sided so you can mat with matching colors! Don't you? I used the perfect sentiment from High Hopes Stamps "Brew-tiful"  

These Gnomes just make me grin! And a Gnome with Coffee is just perfect for a few people I know! 

Copic colors used -

To see all the fun Gnomes click HERE and you will pop right to them! You will find some new friends with them I am sure! 

Have a "Brew-tiful" Day! and a blessed one! 

HUGS and

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Animal Crackers - Perspective


Perspective... Its all about the angle and view point - Lacey is such a pretty .. yet funny lady - 


I told her from this angle her nose is so big! But it was her fault as she was being pushy and wouldn't let me snap a pretty photo of her from a normal distance!

So I tried again - 

Not a big improvement... but this time her ears were the main focus! I mean donkeys do have very large ears, but this is a bit over done here! 

She needed to pose for me like her BFF Vicki -

But Vicki has show blood in her genes! So she knows how to pose! We were told her Daddy and Grandfather were both blue ribbon hot shots in the ring. Vicki could have been, she is so stunning when all cleaned up,  but she is just a loved member of the family here. You would never know it from how dirty she is most of the time... the girl loves to roll in the mud. But she is stunning bright white with brown and black spots. And it is hard to tell but her eyes are a pretty shade of dark green. But hey she is a happy dirty donkey here!
 This shot of Alice made me grin... Perspective again... She has such a funny grin don't you think? 

I usually catch her in funny faces though. And those ice blue eyes on her black fur really do make all photos more dramatic. 

Miss Lucy was a funny snap as well... she was finishing up all the last of the breakfast Alfalfa.. she carried this piece around for a while. Just chewing on the end of it.

I told her just like a little old country granny - she just needed a rocking chair on a big front porch! She is such a sweet old girl. And silly as well.
Then I went to visit the chickens - I wanted so bad to get a photo of Guinea today - with the colder weather she has filled in her feathers and is so puffy and pretty. Couldn't snap a decent photo at all.. she is always moving 100 miles per hour! Never still at all!  But then Miss Spec came over and just look how stunning she is! 

She is such a gorgeous coloring and so beautiful. Don't get many eggs from her anymore.. a few but I told her it is ok.. she is stunning to look at an a valued member of the family! 

One more funny perspective photo.. it was just too funny to not share - 

Kittens got new window beds this last week. It is where all the best naps are taken now middle of the day - came though the other day and found Porsche and McLaren sharing one of the beds. LOL They were both sound asleep... purring and mighty comfortable. All though I'm not sure I would be comfortable in McLaren position ... warm yes.. comfortable uh no.
Hope you have your weekly smile from Animal Crackers again this week. We love sharing them with you - they bring so much joy that we just have to share them! 
Have a blessed weekend - 
Hugs and

Monday, November 22, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Happy Harvesting

Howdy - How totally adorable is this little Gnome? These High Hopes Stamps Gnomes are just too fun.. This is Happy Harvesting. A proud little guy with his vegetables he has gathered. Then he joins some of the other High Hopes Stamps Gnomes for Coffee.. Fishing.. and even Coloring their favorite stamps from High Hopes Stamps! LOL

This Gnome is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then put together with some fun papers from Graphic 45. Love the warm colors for this fall gardener. Layered then sewn down with zig zag and straight stitches. For a border I used a cream pattern news print paper and punched with a EK Success punch. 
A few brown enamel dots and then the fun High Hopes Stamps "Gnome Mistake" sentiment punched out with another EK Success punch, with a Copic Marker faux border around the edges. 

I love how this one came out and what a great friendly card for a friend! 
Copic colors used - 

To see all the great little Gnomes from High Hopes Stamps new release collection "Gnome Mania" click HERE and it will pop you right over!

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Animal Crackers - How can you not love that face?

Howdy - 

Was out yesterday afternoon, a beautiful sunny and very windy afternoon. Juliet was just begging for some lovin' - How can you not love that face? Stop and run right over to give her your full attention!!

Such a sweet girl - We had a nice little talk with lots of ear scratches, head rubs and kisses on the top of that adorable silky nose. Her ears.. Her Head and Her adorable Silky nose, not mine. Ha! She has such a fabulous personality. She is Ted E. Bears younger sister. When we went to meet her and see about buying her to add to the standards "three stooges" group I knew we had to have her with that loving pushy personality. Just like her big brother. Shame she didn't work out with the stooges... They ran from her, and hid from her, so we put her in temporarily with the mini donkeys until the stooges got use to her. Well she fell in love with her BFF's Minis and so she has stayed with them from then on. They love their big BFF and all is happy - And we love her! A perfect addition to our "family".
Next to Juliet in she shadow was Miss Patti - Calm, slow and sweet old lady. 
Such a beautiful lady - and she loves the sides of her face rubbed. Ok.. then down her neck and sides. Yeah a total rub down. Which she gets most of the time. 
As I passed the lady goat pen I found Miss Chloe enjoying the left over alfalfa breakfast. She is looking much better - the cooler weather and lots of Alfalfa she has put on some weight on this bony old lady.
She wasn't liking summer this year. Now moved from the lady to Old retired lady classification she is basically a loving member of the family ... yep a pet. But she has done her job over the last 10+ years - given us some gorgeous kids. So she earned retirement -  and some extra alfalfa too.

Then Pushy Lead Girl Scarlet came over ... ran off Chloe and wanted center of attention.

Pushy and controlling but you still gotta love her! LOL Her and her long red skimpy beard blowing in the wind -
Front pasture to visit with the men - 

Flavio and Patricio were jumpy - at first I was thinking "What the heck? What is up with you guys?" 

Then a huge gust of wind about knocked me over - oh yep - wind makes them a bit nutsy. LOL These guys might look tough and muscular - But wind is a spooky thing and they get a bit freaked out. 

I tried and tried to get Miguel and Diego to come over and get some ear scratches. You can see them across the pasture in the background of Patricio and Flavio. But NOPE... I think Miguel would have... but his buddy Diego was busy in his area! His area?
Diego's world is their hut.. especially the "porch" as I call it. He eats around it.. and other than that he is standing back in the hut or laying on "the porch" - He wanders only as far as he needs to for his food! He has to guard his spot on that porch. If any of the other dudes try and steal his claimed spot  - well it just isn't good. 

Last photo - I just couldn't resist her -

Blind Lady Libbie was really enjoying the sun and the breeze. She was perched just on the edge of the back porch totally enjoying it all. Such a pretty little lady - Needs a bath but that is coming tomorrow .. shh don't tell her. But still beautiful. She has done pretty well with the new kittens. Oh there has been some loud warnings and snips at them when they get too close. But they have learned quick. Autie is fun and lets them climb all over him. Chica is safe most of the time unless you try and get her food.. or in her bed. Libbie... nope stay clear - wide path around her 100% of the time. Small but totally in charge! 

Hope you got a smile again this week - Blessed with all of these furry faces.. love them all! 
Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGs and -

Monday, November 15, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - A Pot O'Gold

Howdy - 

Have you seen the Gnomes? It's a new release at High Hopes Stamps Gnome Mania! Today I had a little fun with "A Pot O'Gold" - How can you not love a little Gnome surrounding by $ ! 

This little guy is perfect for a great St. Patrick's day card - or any Irish friend's b-day! I colored with my Copics - and a couple of new Master's touch Alcohol markers I picked up while shopping - decided to fill in a few colors and try them out. Nice ... they work perfectly with my Copics and give a few more color options. 
For my pattern paper I found some older Gorjuss  patterns that felt perfect for a St. Patrick's Day card. With a bit of natural feel to them. I may have gone a bit wild with layers though... the card will need more that one stamp as it is heavy! LOL I punched a couple of EK Success borders and sewed all the layers together. 6-7 layers in some places! whew.. machine was not happy with me there. I then found a simple sentiment "Happy St. Patrick's Day" from High Hopes Stamps that is punched out with an EK Success punch and then I lined around it with one of the Copic markers for a faux mat. 
Copics used - 

Sweet little card - and I just adore these little Gnomes! To pop over to the new High Hopes Stamps release "Gnome Mania" Click HERE and see all the cuteness!

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Animal Crackers - Gorgeous Afternoon

Howdy - 

Wow what a gorgeous afternoon it was yesterday - And everyone was really enjoying the sunny yet cooler weather. Hubby spent lots of time out mowing everyone's pens this last week. With all the rain the last month the grass is fabulous and growing thick and fast. Amazing in November! Here you see Big Al and his wonderful green grass in his pen! 

He is all grown up now.. a big boy. Excuse me a "man" - Still my boy though. This last week I got funny photos from Hubby when he was out mowing Big Al's pen last week... anytime he stopped the zero-turn... Big Al would race over and try and climb on for attention from Hubby. He would get pushed back and he would back off when the mower started back up - LOL But boy Hubby has to be real careful when slowing down and turning the mower off to move limbs or open gates! Attack Donkey! HA! 
Alvin was out sunning himself in the wonderful weather. - Such a handsome man. 
 This guy is such a sweetheart. Love him! And with all the rains he isn't quite as stinky as normal. Not quite as stinky... I did give some head scratches as it was mostly nasty free - And then I went in and washed by hands with lots of soap!

Chickens were being very vocal at that time. I think they ate up breakfast faster than normal and they thought I should bring a late lunch for them to top them off.

Shhhhh... Don't tell "Dad" but I gave a little extra for them as they were really asking nicely. Loud but nicely,,, Can a chicken cluck nice? Of course! 

Libbie got a new bed this week. Ok.. it was for any of the three inside doggies. But we all know that Libbie is in charge and she claims first - the other two get picks of whatever other beds she leaves -

I am sure you all know that my kids are not suffering in sad beds - LOL Moxie got a new bed as well... she has to have a new bed each year though. Sometimes more often. Washing hers is not an option.. not in my washer ewww! HA! Outside dog = dirty nasty bed! But man she loves her new one! As does Libbie as you can see it is very soft and comfortable.

Now last week I showed off a couple of black and white kitties... today I made sure to snap a couple of grey and white for you - They are growing up so fast! Loosing that kitten and now that teenager cat look is moving in fast. 

Mercedes is our boy - He is always on the move. Man you should see this guy hunt down a fly!! Very persistent! 

He is more active normally - and usually always entertaining. Then again he is a guy...

Porsche is my love bug. She is a tiny bit darker grey that her brother. Much calmer, and you can see her thinking and working things out in her head. Smartest for sure!

 She is usually first for cuddles.. and first for naps and bed time. Calmer is the best word for her. Oh she plays hard when she is roughing with her siblings. But hey she does still have kitten in her! 

I hope you have a smile again this week. We are truly blessed to have each of our fur babies oh and feathered. The enrich our lives and warm our hearts every day. Hope you have a fur baby to hug on and enjoy - if not I don't mind sharing! 

Have a blessed week - 

HUGS and

Monday, November 8, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Just Cruisin'

Howdy - 

Have you peeked at the new release at High Hopes Stamps "Gnome Mania"? Oh my what a cute group of handsome Gnomes! 

Today I had some fun coloring up "Just Cruisin'" - how can you not love a couple of Gnomes in a convertible? I always wanted a Baby Blue Bug when I was young! LOL

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some fun papers from Fancy Pants - I sewed down the layers with a zig zag stitch and straight stitch. For a fun border I used an EK Success border punch with a pattern orange paper. Love how it pops. 
For a sentiment I used High Hopes Stamps  "Gnome Mistake" such a great sentiment! I punched it out with a EKSuccess tag punch and then created a faux border with a copic marker. A couple of Enamel dots just well.. because? 

Fun image to create a fun little card. 

Copic colors used -

You just must visit the High Hopes Stamps web site and see all the new Gnomes - They are so fun! And some great sentiments that match up perfectly. Pop over to the store HERE you will enjoy I promise! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Animal Crackers - The Perfect Snap -

Howdy - 

 Life with kittens is always a riot! These four have really given us some serious laughs! I was trying to snap a few photos of them the other day, they are changing so fast. I must have snapped at just the perfect second to capture this great image of Ferrari - LOL

I know you are laughing right? Ha! Are those some long Whiskers and a LONG tongue!
Now I was trying to get a good photo of Miss McLaren - she wasn't happy with me. She was in 110% play mode. But I persisted... 
You can really see the "teenager" look with McLaren - She has her Momma's long face. And LONG whiskers again!! 

I got a great photo of Miss Alice - I love the portrait setting when snapping photos of my fur children, but it just isn't always easy. They have to be still and just the right distance. Yeah.. not easy most of the time. 

Miss Alice was resting the other morning right near the fence so I could have a little chat with her and snap my portrait - She does take a beautiful portrait. Those ice blue eyes melt you right? Over a year ago we really were scared that she was going to have to be put down. She broke her leg and it was bad. We decided that we would not even think about putting her down and we were going to do everything we could, even when most said it wouldn't work and she would never heal up correctly. Hubby and I braced and wrapped her leg tight... had to work with her for a few weeks and keep a close watch on her. She three legged it for a while, then hobbled, then had a slight limp... now she might have a very slight limp in cold weather.. but most of the time you would never know. I am so proud of her! 

Our old Lady Darlene - It is so hard to believe that next spring she will be turning 30 years old!

She has her ups and downs, but overall she is doing great. She is very vocal if "Dad" is late with her Senior Equine feed, or "Old People's Food" as we call it - the miracle of keeping her health good. She gets added vitamins to her feed for her hooves. Darlene has had issues with her feet since the day we got her almost 20 years ago. So Hubby is a stickler about trying to keep her feet strong and healthy. You should hear her yell out if she thinks she is going to be forgotten for her special meal. She has a long drawn out sad hee haw when she wants you to pay attention to her. Love this old lady! 

Pavo was finding a little privacy with me to have some attention. He is so cautious and calm that ALL the ladies have to be busy and away before he will approach - he won't fight for the front of the line. 

A sweet gelding guy for sure! 

Speaking of "Dad" taking care of his fur children... 

He works so hard for all the animals. The other day late afternoon we were in the hay field loading up what is probably the last cutting of the year. We have been so blessed with rain and weather this year that the hay fields have been really fabulous. And our hay barn is stocked full to feed all winter. Hubby spends hours a day for the animals. He is a great guy and makes sure they all have exactly what they need. Special diets, vitamins, medicine, whatever each "child" needs to be happy and healthy! Love you Babe! You are the best! 

I hope you enjoyed today's Animal Crackers and find a smile again this week! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and -

Monday, November 1, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - GNOME MANIA

Howdy - 

 Have you heard the news? There is a new release at High Hopes Stamps! GNOME MANIA!!  And they are just too much fun! 

For my first card with the Gnomes I had a little caffeine! This is "Brewin' A Cup Gnome" - I just think he is too great with his pot of coffee brewin! 

I colored with my Copics ( colors below ) and then went to town finding paper for a bit of manly coffee feel to it. I think these patterns from My Minds Eye work well for making a fresh hot cup of coffee! 
The layers are sewn down onto a bright green and brown card stock. Then I used the new sentiment that just works perfectly with this little Gnome - "Have a brew-ti-ful day!" Absolutely love that! Sewed that down on to some of the same pattern papers. Love warm feeling and simple feel of this one. And I can think a bunch of people that would love to get this one! 

Copic colors used -

Now you just must pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web site and see all the fun new friends you can color up with the new release "GNOME MANIA"... sorry I just have to scream that out in all caps! It is just too exciting and too much fun with these fun little characters! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and