Tuesday, January 28, 2014

High Hopes Stripes!

Howdy -
Brrrr… Is there anyone else out there that is ready for Winter to go away? And I heard that February might be worse! I hate cold nasty weather!! So I guess I am going to have to live in my imaginary world and color some spring happy cards until things change outside…

Today's High Hopes Challenge is Stripes. So I dug through my papers and found a country pillow ticking stripe paper - And then I pulled out one of my favorite new High Hopes images -

This is HERBIE -

I just love this one look how cute those chickens are too… LOL

I added the sentiments "Cluck " -  ok so I added it three times. My papers are from Authentique Pride collection - I sewed down each layer, found a piece of vintage velour ribbon, added some flowers and punches and done…

Well I did the inside too of course -

Copic colors used on the image -

I am having so much fun with these new farm images - so happy coloring them! Now you need to go and see more of the new images that the DT have been working with at the challenge blog - HERE, then join us with some stripes for a chance to win your own new High Hopes!!

What is on your schedule today? Suppose to go to lunch with Mom today… hopefully the ice will be gone when it is time to go. We don't drive on ice here in Texas you know. Hope we get to go… then home to work on some projects. Lots of crafty things working for the next couple of weeks.

Hope you have a great day!
HUGS and

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Animal Crackers - WE are all ears!

Howdy -
Antique show this weekend so I made sure I got some photos early in the week for you. We (Hubby loves when I use the term "We"…LOL) "We" have been sitting for the neighbors this past week. He has cows, a horse, a mule horse looking animal (not sure it is really old) and two dogs. So Hubby and were over checking out things and while he was filling up their water… btw… cows drink a lot of water! While he was doing that I spent some time with the girls. They are so puffy and cute now with all their winter fur. But take a look at all these ears at attention!!

The neighbors horse kept running at the fence. Scaring the tar out of me and freaking the donkeys out. I think they were talking about just how dumb the horse was. Kept running at the fence then trotting away, then doing it all over again. They were all keeping a really good eye and lots of ears on that dumb horse!!

I then asked the girls if they thought the horse was dumb… and they all turned their heads and looked at me as if to say… UH NO DUH!

Got a good shot of Cali.. she is just so pretty but look at how puffed out her cheeks are. She has such long hair on her face! LOL That and those dark stripes under her eyes really are funny.

Love this shot of Vicki, Sonia, Marissa and Gabby… Wish I had brought my good camera. All of these are with my phone and they were all posing so pretty!

Sonia is just so tiny!! Adorable… Heck they are all adorable!

Now I had to first show you a photograph from the front of Ellie Mae and Patti. It seemed just plain rude to show just the backside of them…

So here is from the front of the ladies…

 And the real photograph I want to show...

This is what we call "WIDE LOAD"!! Yep… we have a baby in the future!!! So so so excited!!! This little one was really leaning to one side at this time…

Nice Sunset in the background too huh? Was just about the last photo I could take as it was getting dark. But got some good ones I think…

Hope you have a wonderful blessed weekend -
HUGS and-

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Add a little Green

Howdy -

Today is the High Hopes Challenge - and we are asking for a little green added to your project. That isn't too hard is it -

I made my card with one of the new images as they just really really make me happy… totally loving the new images :0)

This is Rosie's Ride -

Totally adorable image… I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I went to look for some papers to match and some "Green" - Green pattern paper and Green Satin Ribbon.

I punched some little flowers and added black Decor pen.

Inside are the same papers -

Here are the Copic colors used - 

There are some great DT projects over at the High Hopes Blog and then join the challenge to win some  High Hopes!

Hope you have a wonderful day planned - Around the house and farm chores… sigh. Gotta be done.
HUGS and

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Animal Crackers - Sleepy Morning

Howdy -

I have had that lazy feeling all week… you know where you want to stay in bed an extra hour or five. And I it has looked like I wasn't the only one that felt that way. I didn't get to stay in bed, too much to do… but it looks like they boys they didn't have a long list to get accomplished.

Not a great photo color wise… sorry. Hubby snapped it with his phone the other morning. But I just had to share it… How funny is it to see all six boys napping? In the day too? Ok, it was very early in the morning, and it has been a full moon so they are up most of the night so we won't give them a hard time about being lazy in bed still…. They are so cute….

Speaking of cute it has been awhile since I showed Fancy Pants… This girl has the most expressive eyes when she wants something…

I would give anything for her to have a baby. But for some reason she doesn't get pregnant. She is so stunning, with her red coloring and those huge big eyes. Love this girl.

Oh and you can see her 1/2 brother in the back ground… shhh he looks to be napping due to the moon too. LOL

Was a beautiful week this week. Temps were nice and it was sunny. Found Lacey & Felicia having a chat in the shade…

We are on the fence whether Lacey is pregnant or not. I still think she might be…. but she isn't getting much bigger like Patty and Macey. Hubby says it is just a fresh grass belly as they did have lots of that this year… I am still hoping there is a little bun in that oven!!!

The boy goats are getting much friendlier…. Charles and I had a little chat the other morning as well.

 We have been calling him "Mini Hank" sometimes as he is a carbon copy of his older brother. And his nickname "Chuck" doesn't really work for him. So I think he prefers and it just fits him "Prince Charles" his REAL name… I mean he does have that look of royalty doesn't he?

And if we are talking about royalty how can I not show this photo I snapped of Miss Libbie?

You know she rules the entire farm, even if it is only from her fenced yard. And the corner under the bush… that is her spot to see her domain. I had stopped to tell her how pretty she is when Chica wanted some attention too… Look at that look from Libbie… "Uh excuse me… You are too close to my throne! Back off Girlie"  LOL And the little yap convinced Chica to stay just a bit back…

Hope you have a great day-

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Whimsy Challenge - Something New!

Howdy again -

Back today for a second post - The Whimsy Stamps Challenge is today! But please scroll on down and see the High Hopes New Release post as well okey dokey?

The Challenge today at Whimsy Stamps is "Something New" - Now there are lots of ways that could be used on a project. But me I just used some new papers that I have had for a couple of months and never used  - I needed to have the right card for them as they are a little different - And this one seemed just perfect.

This little guy is too adorable and the papers felt right for a little yarn image -

This guy is "Yarn Guard" by Miss Rach's Digi's -

The papers are from Anna Griffin - have an old fashioned feel to them and that with the yarn worked well. I colored with Copics (colors below) I sewed all the layers together with the papers matting the image and the sentiment. Also from Whimsy from the "Miss You" Sentiment Collection.

Here is the inside with the same papers -

Copic colors used -

Now please make sure to pop over to the Whimsy Challenge Blog and see all the DT cards and then please do join us for a chance to win some Whimsy of your very own!!

And please scroll down a little further for the High Hopes New Release post -
Have a great one and

High Hopes January Release!

Howdy - This is one of those rare days where there will be two post - So please pop back for the Whimsy Challenge  later today -

I hope you have been looking at all the new images being released at High Hopes this week? They are available now! For my day three card I ended up showing off three of the new images.

The Barn - Herbie's Heifer and Herbie

I made an easel card to show off these absolutely adorable images - Colored with my Copics (colors below) I just am so happy with the new images - the animals and children are just too cute.

My papers are from Glitz "Yours Truly" Collection - love the country feel of the papers with the images.

The sentiments are also from High Hopes -

And here are the Copics used -

Now please make sure to visit the High Hope Blog and see more of the DT new release images.

I will be back later today for the Whimsy Challenge - so please excuse the two post on this busy day. :0)

Have a great one -
HUGS and

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

High Hopes Sneak Peek Day 2 - Challenge On a Sunny Day

Howdy -
Day 2 for the High Hopes Sneak Peek New Release - and it is also a challenge day! "On a Sunny Day" So anything outdoors I guess -

I was just so excited to use the new "Lil' Fireman" it is so cute!

More older papers from my stash for this one, I think these are My Mind's Eye maybe? I colored with my copies and then sewed all the layers together. I added a satin ribbon around the middle.

Inside is more of the same papers -

And here are the Copic Colors used -

I didn't put a sentiment on this one… why? Well I am not sure if I am going to use this as a thinking of you or Birthday…. Sometimes I think it is smarter to wait to add the sentiment until the card is needed. I have so many that not right when I want to use them. You know what I mean?

You need to pop over to the High Hopes Blog and see all the DT sneak peeks and then join us for the challenge to win some HIgh Hopes of your own :0)

I have another sneak peek tomorrow… still working on that card today didn't get it quite finished yet… So pop back tomorrow to see that I did ok?

Have a great day -
HUGS and

Monday, January 13, 2014

High Hopes January Release

Howdy -

Wow what a weekend. We had an Antique Show and after a week of being sick I was well just in time for the show set up…. and that and three days of the show, take down and load out. Whew! It was a long weekend. But now that is over, we get to start this week with some fun!

High Hopes New Release! Three days of Sneak Peeks of the new release images and let me tell you these images are FABULOUS! I fell in love with High Hopes years ago because of the adorable animal images. And now there is a new artist joining the High Hopes family and oh my…. ADoRABLE!!! and ANIMALS!!!!

Welcome  Annie Lang!!
      Annie is an amazing artist whose love for her craft shows in every stroke of her pen!!
Each image is drawn with love and smiles and it shows through with the adorable happy faces of her characters!!
We are blessed to have her join us as she is an absolute perfect fit to High Hopes Rubber stamps!! 

If you are not familiar with her art you are in for a special surprise to see her whimsical, country, fun style of art now available in rubber stamps. 

Our High Hopes Dream Team....."our fabulous designers" have been having so much fun and working hard on some awesome creations to share with you so I hope you will join us in sending some "luv" to Annie and our Dream Team by leaving a comment on the High Hopes Blog. 

We will choose a winner for a prize package of some of the new designs from one of the comments over the 3 sneak peek/release posts.

For my first Sneak Peek I chose Patty's Posie.. love that cute little kitty…

I used papers from my stash of scraps… cut a die cut from Whimsy for the back ground. Sewed everything down, then added a little group of all kinds of flowers in the corner. The sentiment is also from High Hopes - Nice sweet "Thinking of You and Smiling"

Here are the Copics I used to color -

Now make sure to pop around tall the DT's sites and see all the new creations and don't forget this is a three day sneak peek…

You can find more info on the High Hopes blog - HERE 

I am beat. I think I am going to put an old movie on and sit and color today… after I do my errands… post office, bank, groceries, feed store…. then home to color…

Have a great one and hope to see you tomorrow with another peek!
HUGS and

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Animal Crackers - How to you keep a Goatee in place in the wind?

Howdy -

What wild Texas weather this week! Down to 17 degrees earlier in the week and then yesterday afternoon it was 70! I much prefer the warmer… LOL The furry babies don't mind the cold but that really icy cold is a bit much. And the WIND wow…

Really is hard to keep your Goatee in place in wind like that!!

Paintbrush is one of the older ladies…. she isn't real fond of cold weather, wet weather, windy weather or even really hot weather… LOL She likes it sunny and 70! My kind of gal. Goats are sissy's when it comes to nasty weather….

Gracie came out the other evening to check on if it was dinner time. She is so beautiful. And LOUD when she is hungry by the way...

Speaking of loud when hungry… 

This is a crew of gals that really know how to scream for some attention. They were trying hard to get an extra meal the other day… but there is still some of their breakfast there on the ground behind them and we don't waste hay around here…. way to pricey to waste and they were really just wanting attention more than anything and they got that :0)

Speaking of lots of attention…. These two girls have been getting extra like I told you last week.

 When it was so cold this week Hubby and I decided that they needed a new blankie… They love their bed, but in the winter they usually are hunkered down under something. But this last week I found a blanket for them just in case they needed it. And they are really lovin' it. So much so that the lazy bones have been napping in their bed during the day too… LOL

Yes, this is my front porch. Their bed is our front porch. We never go in and out the front door anyway. :0)

Kind of short this week huh? Sorry about that. We have an Antique Show and I just knew I would be home early enough yesterday for a few more photographs for you especially since it was so pretty…. but the line at the drive through for dinner was a bit longer than we thought and we got home just as the sun was setting. Had to gather eggs with a flash light and the gals don't like that… LOL

I will try harder next week - Suppose to be pretty and warmer and we are planning to get lots done outside. Hubby thinks he will get the greenhouse done! HOPE so the seeds arrived this week and I am excited to get them going.

HUGS and-

Monday, January 6, 2014

High Hopes 200th Challenge Blog Hop!!

Today is the 200th Challenge for High Hopes Rubber Stamps. For over 7 years the team has been creating some amazing samples using High Hopes stamps. It has been a wonderful journey. Therefore, we are celebrating with a Blog Hop. There will 3 prizes provided by our Sponsors Stamp and Create, Bunny Zoe's Crafts, and One Crazy Stamper) along with High Hopes Rubber Stamps.

You should start at the top of the Blog Hop at the High Hopes Blog. If you did not begin at the top, we suggest you back now so that you do not miss a stop.

As you hop along each stop, you will find a clue at each stop. Collect each clue to create a phrase. When you are done with the hop, leave a comment including the finished phrase to be entered into the drawing for one of the prizes.

In addition, there is another chance to win 1 Free High Hopes Stamp by entering the challenge. Create a card or project using the challenge theme and link your project to the link on the challenge blog. You can participate in the challenge without doing the blog hop (which will enter into the drawing for 1 Free High Hopes stamp). You can also participate in the Blog Hop without entering the challenge (which will enter you in the drawing for the chance at one of the 3 sponsor's prizes).

The challenge theme is: Use your favorite High Hopes stamp
(You MUST use a High Hopes stamp to enter the challenge)

Here is my "Favorite High Hopes Stamp" Now I say that very loosely cuz I have a top 10... and can't really pick just one. But this guy is in the top for sure! He is one of my totally favorite Birthday Card images - perfect for us to give to friends for sure!

This is "Party Donkey"  with "Three Candle Cake" and Sentiment "Got Cake?"

Now this stamp has lots of friends to work with it. You can have him holding a few different things that are sized to work .. even a cute chicken. And there are friends too an adorable pig that can hold party items too. Love them all but the Donkey is "the best"... LOL

I colored with my Copics and then used papers from Carte Bella Giddy Up collection. I sewed things down and then added three wood looking buttons.

Here is the inside with the same papers -

 and the Copic colors used -

Now it is time for you keep on with the HOP but you need something from me... what was it? OH YEA... the secret clue... shhhhhh   "Your clue for this stop is Create

And now it is time to move on to Nikki's blog - HERE

Have fun with the Hop... I am now going back to bed and take more drugs... Yep... I fell off the sick cliff and got it good. Not fun at all!!!

HUGS and

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Animal Crackers - Breezy Sunny Afternoon

Howdy -

Well I braved the chilly weather, and went out to take photos for today. Now that isn't dangerous by any means... but I am on that ledge...fighting the icky illness that everyone seems to have. I don't want it. I have no time for it. We have a show next week. So I am thinking soup and lots of vitamins... But before I crashed for the day yesterday I went out with my camera and snapped some of the animals.

This was my favorite photo of the day...

 My baby... Autie Boy. He is actually clean and sooo soft right now. But then he was running with Chica enjoying the breeze and sunshine yesterday afternoon - then they got that lovely doggy smell... LOL But he is still so handsome....

But now this shot is also a favorite. Miss Nally LOVES to stop and look at the camera -

  I named her as a puppy... "Personality" She was shortened to Nally as she grew up. She has so much "Personality" it just oozes... Love this gal...

Rhett was wanting a close up too... oh wait....

 No she was thinking I had some oatmeal cookies for her. LOL She does love just getting a little attention too though... almost as much as the oatmeal cookies.

Felipe came for some lovin too. They were let into their old pen yesterday, Hubby has been watering it and growing some winter grass for the boys...

 I feel so honored and loved that he stopped eating to come and get some attention from me.... I mean lush green winter grass you know... Sort of like Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream free for all...

The "Gals" were wanting their evening "treat" But there was a problem.. they had it about an hour before. Lettuce and Carrots, not exciting but they like it... and then forget.

 So they were really chattering quite a bit. And not accepting that they were already fed. Well they are not real smart you know...

 Just as I was heading in I spotted the three standards. Lovingly referred to as "The Three Stooges"

Normally this time of the evening they are out in the front pasture enjoying some grazing. But the "boss" Cocoa.. she doesn't like the cold wind. So she took the boys and headed off into the brush. She was very happy in there.. and I was getting a not so nice look from her she thought I was going to make her come out. Nope.. just a photo..

Oh one more photo...

 Hubby's newest project. YEA! A GREENHOUSE!!! We have talked about it for years, but we are finally getting it built. Hubby says a week at the most - Can't wait!! We already ordered a whole bunch of Heirloom Seeds -LOTS of fresh veggies this year!!!

Now off to look into that soup... I am really feeling it and thinking soup and my warm quilt are what I need right now.

 Have a wonderful weekend - warm and HEALTHY!!!
HUGS and-