Saturday, April 30, 2016

Animal Crackers - Glamour Shots!

Howdy -

Oh my did I have fun taking these! We did a little Glamour Shot session with the 4 Chicks...

The chicks were so good... they just sat there and posed for me. Now they may have been thinking I was a little nuts.... and yes I am, I can admit that... But I wanted to get some decent photos of them to show just how adorable they are. This is "Frizzle" I think it is a frizzle chicken by mistake. We bought 4 Bantams... I wanted Frizzles but they were sold out. Maybe one got in the wrong grouping just because they knew I wanted one so bad! Whether it is a Frizzle or not.. its name is "Frizzle!"

Just too cute!

Now here is the really weird thing. The other day I went in to say good morning get their lights on and check the water and feed. And as I turned and went out of the room, someone let out a scratchy and very young ... cock a doodle doo!!! OH MY!!! We have at least one rooster in the group maybe? I went back and begged for them to do it again so I could see who it was... and little Frizzle stretched out that little neck and there it went again!! "Cock a doodle doo!"  Oh boy maybe a Frizzle and maybe a rooster? Love this one! 

Then there is Jet ... Hubby named this one. Jet is the more luxurious of the four. Also the calmest. 

 Is she strutting some feet feathers or what?? She is so beautiful, and again very calm. It is like she is studying everything real close. She is always the first to run to the end of their pen and peck on my hand for fun. Well I think it is for fun... LOL

Red is also strutting some feet feathers, and has beautiful coloring to her. Hence the name "Red"

 She is the largest of the three, and seems to be the leader of the group. I guess being biggest can give you that title.

She is my trouble maker... she seems to think her place is on top of the water container, and once it gets down less than 1/2 full.... yep... she topples it over and then no more water. So I check in on Red and her perch a few times during the day just to make sure her throne is upright.

 Don't mess with Big Red... LOL

And then there is Spot. My little brave chick!

 Spot is the tiniest of the four and was my little hurt chick that I didn't really think was going to survive. But she stayed strong and fought her way through everyone and is doing great! She is a little behind the other four. I think maybe a little bit younger? Her feathers are just really coming in and she is a bit scruffy... but still a looker! Or with that next she is "A looking" ?

The Spot that she got her name from was just a dot on the top of her head, but it has now filled in to the large black area, but "Spot" it will always be just cuz she seems to like that name!

 OH and she has some REALLY long feet feathers!

We have really loved adding these guys to our family. All the other chicks moved outdoors a couple of weeks ago and are going great! They have really mastered the bug hunt game. I love watching when that not so smart fly buzzes into their pen. Now that is really a sport to watch!

Hope these Glamour Shots gave you a smile this week. Might have to do it again when they are all grown up to show how pretty they are when those feathers are all grown in!

Have a wonderfully blessed week!
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - Man's Best Friend

Howdy -

 A Man's Best Friend - this is such a classic image Crissy's Armstrong Collection and from Whimsy Stamps. I love this one for anyone... and yes the guys especially. But I know a few gals that would love this little puppy too...

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some rustic papers from FabScraps Heritage Collection. Love how "real" these papers look. I sewed down the layers and the stamped out one of the sentiments that came with A Man's Best Friend... love that it comes with some great sentiments.  Then I added some dots of Viva Decor's Graphice Pearl Pen.

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic Colors used -

Love how this one came out despite the fact that I was really wanting to put on some lace and flowers.

If you haven't had a chance to see the great new images at Whimsy Stamps then please do pop on over and see them all. You can get there quick HERE... just enabling you a bit... :0)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - ROCK ON!

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps I was doing a little jammin' with the new image "Rocking Out" -  and the coordinating sentiment "Rock On" - OH and cut out with the coordinating SVG File... So Totally Loving those matching SVG Files to cut out the image and the mat!!

I had some fun coloring this one as you know I love to add a little sparking to things! I colored with my Copics and then topped off the drum set with some Ranger's Stickles! Yee Haw .. love how they look like real glittered drums!

Close up...

I found papers from My Minds Eye Vanity Fair collection, and sewed down with a zig zag stitch.  I stamped the sentiment directly onto the pattern paper then added some dots from Viva Decor Paint pen.

Inside the card the same papers -

And the Copic colors used -

Really enjoyed coloring this one - Hope it gave to a little giggle and felt a little rock and roll!

To find more High Hopes Stamps yourself click the links below!

You can find High Hopes stamps at the links below.

One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Animal Crackers - Best Selfie Ever!

Howdy -

Still been cleaning up around here from the "big storm"... finally had the insurance out to see the property this week and have an appointment for my sad truck next week. But all is good. Grass is VERY happy. Wow! Was mowed one night this last week and I really think it grew a few inches in one day! Hubby says the rain... and the lightning. Whatever...  it is giving the animals great greens to chow on!

We let Sebastian and Bella out of the Momma pen early in the week. Was such a depressing day. I really loved being able to walk out the back door and just steps away was a baby donkey hug! But now he is out wandering on 20 acres... and loving the running room. Hubby and I were discussing how much we were missing all the daily hugs from "Seb".

So yesterday I was working on the computer and got a little ding on my phone with a text message... Hubby says "A little Selfie with Seb" ... I LOVE IT!

 Two of my favorite guys... Adorable! Yes both of them :0)

Now I snapped some photos of the doggies outside yesterday. I realized it had been a while since I showed my three indoor kids.

Autie was out walking through the freshly mowed grass...

Big steps for my little guy... He actually has been standing like that lately. He had a little boo boo on that foot a while back and now he protects that leg and stands like that sometimes. Hard to believe he had a short hair cut just a few weeks ago... his fur grows so fast!!

Chica is my little hyper girl. Unless she is enjoying the great outdoors. Then she chooses a place in the yard and just sits, chills and enjoys the view.

A total spaz but a total sweetie - 

Miss Libbie stays pretty close to the house and porch now a days. Her eyesight is pretty poor now.

She looks bug eyed most of the time. But she finds her way around and still barks to warn us of every single little noise there is, or even think she hears. Still the leader for sure. Despite the eye issues she is doing pretty good for my little old lady. Love this gal!

So I think I told you last week that the four Bantam Chicks are still living in their chick house in our spare room. They are still SO SMALL. I am afraid they will get out of the chicken coop. And they are too precious to loose.

 That little yellow one is the one I think was a lost little Frizzle in our group. She is SO cute! Well they are all cute... Spot is in the front and is the smallest and the feather on her feet are longer than any feather on her body. Red is the largest, the black one is really the comedian in the group. I go in to visit and she runs over to me and jumps towards my hands and pecks on me. But Frizzle is so different I just smile as soon as I see her. They are so sweet. Much friendlier than the other chicks. I am going to try and get some better photos of these guys... but I need Hubby's help for that.... They are quick and last thing I need is a baby chick loose in the house with three dogs and a cat! So Hubby will have to help guide and protect so they don't get away while I snap.

Short post today... seems like time has been flying by this week.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed week!
HUGS and -

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Whimsy Stamps Kitty-ology

Howdy -

I love bookmarks! Now I use to read all the time, every moment I had free I was reading some type of book. Honestly the past few years I couldn't tell you the last book I read. Time is just too short, no free time at all. I miss it, but I still love bookmarks. I still use them for lots of other "markers" in things. So as soon as I saw Whimsy Stamps Kitty-ology by Crissy Armstrong, I saw a cute bookmarker!

Seriously how adorable is this little kitty? I colored with my Copics and then cut it out with a small border. I found a piece of Coredinations embossed paper that I sanded. Love that as a background. I matted with both white and red card stock and sewed the layers together to make them really strong.

I used Whimsy Shapeology's Heart border. Fun embellishment.

Close up of the Kitty -

Copics used to color -

Had lots of fun making this bookmark. Will make a great marker or maybe a sweet little gift for a friend?

Make sure to visit the Whimsy Store and see all the new release items. You can get there quick HERE.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Besties

Howdy -

Still having so much fun with the new SVG files with the new release at High Hopes Stamps! These files are perfect for creating perfect shaped stamp images with matching mats!

This week I fell in love with Besties ... how cute is this little girl with her BFF kittie?

I colored her with my copics (colors below) and used papers from Kaisercraft's Story Teller collection. The sentiment is also a new one! "Hoping your Day.." And I love it.. it also has a matching SVG file with it! Just makes everything look so finished. Sewing the layers with a zig zag stitch and using a sticker from the collection as a border. Matching my SVG mat with the same pattern paper from the collection. A few mulberry roses and Martha Stewart Frond punched leaves.

Inside the same papers -

Copic colors used -

Don't forget to visit the store and see all the new fun!!


You can find High Hopes stamps at the links below.

One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Animal Crackers - Big Storm Little Babies

Howdy -

Well it was a very active week around here! Early in the week we decided that most of the little chicks were just getting way to big to be inside and needed to move out into the big girl pen. So we moved 7 of the chicks into the pen with the Australorps. (The Bantams are just too little and stayed inside for a while longer) Next we decided that it was time to move Sebastian and his Mom Bella into the Ladies pen. Sebastian is ready for some full out running and Bella is missing her girlfriends. Last minute we decided it was a little late in the day and we would wait until the next morning....

That night we had a storm... a pretty bad one. We had hail like we have never seen before. Hubby measured hail over 3 inches across! It was loud and scary let me tell you. And our first worry during it all was all our kids! At one point Hubby ran out and checked on Sebastian and Bella and they were in their hut. But at some point they must have gotten scared, as I imagine it was really loud on the metal, and they ran out under a tree. Later after the storm passed we checked again on "Seb" and he was understandably pretty shook up. The next morning he was not moving well, shaky and just not himself. Really had us worried. Hours later still visibly shaky. But finally he seemed to get over it and I am thrilled to say he is back to himself and smiling!

Really had us scared!

But he is ok, even if he needs a scratch now and then... 

And just as gorgeous as ever. We did decide to keep a watch on him and leave them both in the Momma pen for a few more days though.

 Then the next worry was the new chicks... they had only been out in their new pen in the big wide world one day and then that storm really shook them up!

Like "Seb" they were a little freaked in the morning but now they are doing great and loving the outdoors... especially when they have an eye on a bug! Bugs are great!!

And chillin' in the sun is really nice! Heard at the feed store that a neighbor of ours lost a whole bunch of her chickens due to the hail. Scary!

 So we are blessed. Very blessed. All our kids came through just fine. Now the roof, my truck, or trailer, Hubby's tractor, water barrels and lawn furniture... and other smaller items... well not so great. We are now waiting for an adjuster to make a visit and see what the insurance thinks. Hoping that the storms that are coming this weekend won't cause a roof leak. But again we are blessed.. things are could have been much worse. And as long as our fur babies are good.. I am ok...

 Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend as well. We had a long week and really would love a nice quiet weekend. Wonder if that will happen... hmmmmm.

HUGS and -

Friday, April 15, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - New Release Spring Time Elephant

Howdy -

Another great new release day at Whimsy Stamps! And today I colored up a little Spring Time Elephant from Lee Holland collections.

Colored with my Copics (colors below) I found some papers from Kaisercrafts Secret Garden collection. Love the soft floral papers with this image. I sewed down all the layers with a zig zag stitch. Then added some bling flourishes, Martha Stewart frond punches and mulberry roses.

Inside more of the same papers with a matching sentiment that came from the collection.

Copic colors used -

Love this sweet image - and there are so many to see at Whimsy Stamps Store HERE

Hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow for Animal Crackers!
HUGS and

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Whimsy Stamps New Release - Aleema

Howdy -

New Release at Whimsy Stamps! This week there is a new release at Whimsy Stamps! And for my first card I created a Graduation card with  Aleema from Mi Ran Jung for Whimsy Stamps. She is perfect for a Graduate Girl. 

I colored with my Copics  - for some reason I went with black and purple... then I had to dig some purple papers! Lol I found some great old satin papers that have great texture. And then I found a pattern paper from Graphic 45 that really matched up well. I sewed down the layers, but the white thread was really bright... so I colored it with a little light purple Copic marker to tone it. Found a black and white gingham ribbon, and colored it with the same Copic marker. Love matching!

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

It is a great new release this month at Whimsy Stamps -  Click HERE see all the NEW RELEASE image... So much fun!

Hope you have a wonderful bleassed day!!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Sally Takes a Selfie

Howdy -

Still Showing off new release images at High Hope Stamps and this release has a lot of fun!  I had some fun this week with "Sally Takes A Selfie"  She is just too cool with her smart phone snapping a shot of herself!

And I am just loving using the matching SVG files with these stamps!! Using my Silhouette Cameo I am cutting out the white coloring paper to use with my stamp and then the matching larger file to create a mat behind her! So easy and so perfect!!

I colored Sally with my Copics and then found some papers from DCWV All About the Girls collection. Love the bling on the papers and that pattern paper with all the favorite girlie items was just perfect for Sally. 

Stamped right on one of the pattern papers with the great new High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Strike a Pose"  too fun for a card for a girlfriend don't you think?

Sewing my layers all down and then added some extra large Martha Stewart leaf punches and some mulberry flowers with button centers just seemed to finish off the card.

Inside the card more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

And don't forget to visit the High Hopes Store and the blog for all the fun and chance to win prizes!

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You can find High Hopes stamps at the links below.
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Thanks so much for looking! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!
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