Monday, April 26, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Oops Ellie


I know we all need that card for that birthday that slipped our mind... And this image from High Hopes Stamps is PERFECT! This is "Oops Ellie"- I just love her! 

She is so pretty.. and again perfect for that card that you need for a little late birthday wish. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I cut out Ellie to use her on the pattern paper from 3Bugs. I have used the stripes part of this pattern paper, but I just never could cover up that flower... so with this card I used it as the background for Ellie. I used grey card stock for a base and sewed with a zig zag stitch to attach. The  sentiment as from High Hopes Stamps "I can't Believe I forgot!" I cut out with the EK Success punch and then used a Comic to create a faux mat around it. - Simple card but I like it. I like how Ellie pops a bit n the card. Happy accident. 

Comic colors used -

To see all the fabulous fun at High Hopes Stamps click HERE - you will fall in love with SO MANY great images! Promise! 

Have a blessed day!
HUGS and 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Animal Crackers - The Birds

Howdy - 

This week we had visitors that stayed for a few days. LOTS of visitors... 

Now around here we call them "Cow Birds" but they are also called Cattle Egrets. This week they have been "Donkey Birds" .. LOL and at times "Goat Birds" They sit on the huts in the goat pens in the wind and spread their wings - it is really cool to watch them. Hubby sent me this photo one afternoon... they were spread all over the back pasture. Some with the donkeys but most were just spread out enjoying some snacks I suppose. 

It is peaceful to just stand and enjoy the nice weather, and watch. Well nice weather until I went out yesterday morning to take a few photos.. Couldn't get any one to come out for attention and head scratches. You see there was just the tiniest bit of moisture in the air, a hint of drizzle. Dangerous for goats you know, or they think HA! 

Gracie poked her head for a minute just to make sure there was nothing good to eat being passed out. 

As soon as I snapped the photo she saw that there were no snacks. And back she went into her little hiding spot. 

I called out for Gracie, she is always up for another glamour photo shoot. But this was the best I could get. 

She too only would stick her head out for a minute to check on things. 

Well Big Al is always good for some loving! 

He came to me and we had lots of head scratches and hugs. But then he turned and went back to his hut. All goats were in hiding. Donkeys in their huts and then I got it.. a big rain drop. I headed back in - quick! And in a few minutes a down pour. Didn't last long enough, but more was coming. We need the rain badly, and I don't know why it amazes me that the animals have that sense when it is coming and know to head for cover before it actually arrives. Smart... 

I did take one other quick shot before I got soaked... Hubby's flowers are really stunning huh? 

His roses and geraniums are so gorgeous so many flowers and buds! So pretty to see all the color out the back window. 

And then my little buddy - My baby Autie. He has had a rough week. Which means we have had a rough week. His allergies went nuts last weekend. And then that sets off his trachea issues. 

His goose like coughing. 24/7 unless he is totally relaxed. And we all know when you have sinuses, runny nose and coughing you don't relax much. My poor baby. It just makes me so sad to see him not feeling well. He is doing a little better now. Hopefully he will be back to normal in a few more days. I love my little guy so much. He don't feel well.. I don't feel well. 

I hope you are all feeling well and that my kids gave you a smile this week. 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 

Monday, April 19, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Rainy Day Ducky


This week I though maybe if I colored up a little High Hopes Stamps "Rainy Day Ducky" that we might just get a little rain here. If not it sure was fun to play with this cute little Ducky!

Sweet right? I colored up with my Copics (colors below) to match up to some spring colored papers from My Minds Eye. Love all the pastels! All the layers are sewn down with a zig zag stitch and then I added some Nuvo Glitter to the water to make sure that it sparkles! The sentiment also from High Hopes Stamps matches up perfect with the little Ducky image "Dot Rain or Shine" - sweet sentiment for a friend to send a smile with the adorable "Rainy Day Ducky"

Copic colors used - 

Love so many images from High Hopes Stamps ... but I do totally adore the animals! To visit the High Hopes Store click HERE 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Animal Crackers - Happy Birthday Josie!


Well Monday our little Josie will be a year old! She is a little girl still, but she thinks she is all grown up But oh how we adore her! 

She is difficult to take photos of at this time. She is one of those in your face donkeys. So So Friendly... she just wants to climb in your lap and get lots of attention. Which we make sure to give her as much as possible of course. Now we have been saying since she was born, that as she grows up she will be a copy of her older sister Pepita... got a photo of the two of them coming at me... 

Once Josie looses the last of her baby fur that fades so much,  and fills out a bit more. These two sisters will look like twins. With years apart.. 

Got a glamour shot of Miss Bella - 

She is really looking skinny here... long ears, long face and the angle I suppose, but she is trimmer than some of my other Big Beautiful Girls. As Hannah stops snacking and following her Mom all the time she will probably fill out more. 

Fancy Pants was watching everyone approach me while I was out taking photos. Well that and "Dad" out checking on all the girls. It is so funny how they keep a close watch on "Dad" while he is in the pasture. You never know at any moment he could maybe pull a bale of hay out of his pocket, right? LOL

Even my pushy big girl Juliet was in full attention of "Dad". 

It is rare to get a still shot of Juliet that isn't inches from my camera. She was really concerned about how far out "Dad" was going. Should she stay with me? Or should she follow him? OH my it was such a decision to make... Ha! 

Now have I shown this before? I don't remember. Getting ready to do some painting in the house, so thought I would get a head start and clean the things hanging. And this little plate is a favorite for sure. 

I collected early creamware ABC plates for a long while. Then decided to thin out and only keep the ones I loved... you think you know why this one was in the top choices? Such a sweet little child's plate. Very old and very special! 

Hope you received your Saturday Smile this week. Our fur babies do bring so much joy and smiles to us that is for sure! Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and 

Monday, April 12, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Surfer Bob

Howdy - 

Have you heard the news? High Hopes Stamps has opened the vault and released The Men and Boys collection! Fabulous images for the guys in you life! For me today I pulled out Surfer Bob to enjoy the warmer weather and do a little surfing! 

He's having some fun! I colored with my Comics (colors below) and then cut him out so he would pop on the card. I found some cloud paper in my stash and then a couple of bright card stock pieces to sew together with a zig zag stitch and placed it all on a white card stock base. I love the circle sentiment from High Hopes Stamps "No Waves" To make the water feel a bit more like water, I added some Nuvo glitter to the waves in the image. And since they were on my desk and matched and felt fun I added some enamel dots to the card. I just love enamel dots... sigh. 

Copic colors used -

There are so many great images in this vault release... to pop over there quick click HERE 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Hugs and 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Animal Crackers - hot afternoon

Howdy - 

Not sure why Miss Jennifer was sticking her tongue out at me... but she seemed to think it was appropriate. LOL 

A pretty lady, but boy I wish she was a little friendlier. She wants to, she thinks about it, she walks towards me... then someone else charges towards me and she gets skittish and runs off. sigh. Maybe the tongue is out at those running in front of her! 

I was then having a chat with my super model Gracie. But she wasn't interested in my conversation... she had an itch that needed to be scratched. 

Boy those long gorgeous horns do come in handy at times! Oh yeah thats the spot! 

It was hot when I was out talking to my "kids" It said 99 degrees on my weather app! Seriously! Well the chickens misters are not up and running yet this early in the year, so they decided to move their water bucket and get it to spill out some foot cooling water to walk around in... oh chickens. One was making proper use and cooling down with a nice drink though. 

Found one of my old ladies snoozing a little in one corner. Some of girls are really getting old. 

She is still pretty.. her coloring shimmers in the sun. 

Now for some this isn't a rare sight. But for Hubby and I in South Texas it was exciting to see these three visitors from far away enjoying a rest and a bite to eat in a pasture not too far from home. These three Geese were so gorgeous. Sorry for the distance but I was zooming best I could with my phone to capture a image of this trio. 

Another bad zoomed photo... Our newest family member, our mysterious kitten that is growing up quick. We think she is 5-6 months old now. We have named her "Tuxedo". And even though she won't let us close... we are getting closer each week. 

She sat very still and watched me and when I would pick up a foot to take a step she would wiggle to take off. If I put my foot down and stayed my distance she would sit down and watch me. She is so funny. And seems to be adapting and living here very well. She prefers underneath the goat pens, but we have found her in the hay barn, the garage, and the back yard. Sweet kitty. 

Now the first veggie plants of the year. I don't know if Hubby is going to get in a big garden this year, we've been so busy. But he did get in some tomatoes a couple of weeks ago and they are getting really big. 

Now common on tomatoes! Yum! 

I hope you have nice weather where you are and can get out enjoy some sun... and love on a few furry or feathered friends! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and 

Monday, April 5, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Old Friend

Howdy - 

Today for High Hopes Stamps I went a little bright! I pulled out "Old Friend" I just love images that have great sentiments made in the image. 

Sometimes you just need a bright pick me up card for a friend, right? I found a piece of My Minds Eye Confetti paper and colored my flower in bright colors to go along with the plaid paper. Ok I went a little brighter but it was feeling fun. I sewed the layers down with a zig zag stitch, and then added a bunch of bright orange enamel dots for some added fun. 

Copic colors used - 

I just love cheering myself up coloring a happy image from High Hopes Stamps then sending it out to cheer up a friend! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

HUGS and - 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Animal Crackers - Sweet Beautiful Faces

Howdy - 

What sweet faces. Sweet Beautiful faces.  Jorge was being still for a great portrait shot.

It is so hard to snap photos of him, as you get very close he pulls his head out of the fence and flips around to put his ... ahem.. rear end towards you for scratches. But I actually snapped a couple of shots, and scratched his head, and even a kiss on the nose. Then suddenly... boom rear end for scratches coming at me. too funny. 

Calm, slow, sweet Pavo. He use to be soooo skittish and you couldn't even touch him most days. 

But since living in with the ladies as a gelding he has started approaching and letting us love all over him. Well at least until one of the pushier girls decide he needs to move back. And he is a gentleman and does just as they request. 

Walking back towards the house Thelma came running towards the fence for attention. She was alot like Pavo...skittish and cautious. 

But then she had the twin boys Alvin Jr. and Chipmunk she decided we are safe and she actually enjoys the lovings we offer. 

I found Ted E. Bear and Valentine enjoying the fresh green grass out in front of the house. 

This was a favorite of Teddy - My handsome standard man... I then approached Valentine for some hugs and a few photos.

And my favorite of Valentine. 

I think the photos of my fur babies during early Spring are my favorite. Bright green grass, beautiful blue sky, all the colors so vibrant. And with modern cameras... wow! Well it helps that Valentine is so handsome too, right? 

Hope you enjoyed the happy colors and my fur babies this week. They love visiting you each week. :0) 

HUGS and