Saturday, July 31, 2010

Animal Crackers - We are all Busting out of the house!

Ok... So Cathy and Hank are a little more literal than me about busting out of the house :0)  I guess the decided they needed a second doorway in and out of their house.. so they made one themselves -

Me... I know exactly how they are feeling about needing to bust out! Talk about stir crazy!! I am so tired of being cooped up!!! So this week I have actually gotten out!! Yes... did the grocery store thing again... but I mean really out.. lots of walking..  one day this week we went to the Museum - it was lots of walking ( I think I said that .. lol ) but it was wonderful! Now the next morning I felt like I had ran a marathon - didn't know I had gotten that out of shape laying around the past month but I had... barely could get out of bed the next day, but it was so worth it to do something fun! Glorious! And then yesterday Hubby decided I needed another fun day... so we drove 2 hours and went to Ikea.. and some Antique Stores... worn out again, but oh my it was so wonderful! 

OH OH OH ... and also this week I have been coloring and despite the fact that it took me three different times at my desk, I have a card made!!! I'll show it in the next day or so : 0)   I am feeling much more like me... just need a few breaks for resting during the day and still can't bend or lift... YEA!!! How about a few more Animal Cracker photos?
I ADORE this photo of Chloe and her Mom Annie... LOVE those ice blue eyes Chloe!
Two of the three Standard Donkeys.. that we lovingly refer to as the "The Three Stooges" posed for a photo.. this is Cocoa and her baby Valentine... baby is only in attitude he is now almost 5 years old.. but NEVER leaves his mom's side....

And the last photo today is of the two baby donkeys... they are so darn cute! Here the roll of hay had flopped over and they thought they were King and Queen of the Hill... Just look how high they climbed!!! LOL Still adorable!

Ok... so I will post again real soon to show you my "card" and hope to post more often this week.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Animal Crackers - I am enjoying spending time with all my furry kids -

HI - Well the best news that the Doctor gave me last week was that I could start visiting and playing with my kids again. Man that was torture not being able to love on my animals. Especially since I had babies out there!! But I have been trying to go out and make up for lost time, the heat and humidity isn't making it easy, but for a few minutes at a time I can enjoy them.  ;0)
Chloe is the smallest little baby... she was born just a couple of days after my accident - so she is just under a month old. And Gorgeous!!! Now she isn't quite as friendly as I would like, missing her first few weeks she is very independent and cautious.. but she is starting to warm up and is thinking about letting me love all over her.
Now Lucy... this is my girl. She missed me - - I know she did really! I go out now and she runs over to me and climbs all over me. She doesn't know she isn't still a baby - born in February. She has made friends with her 1/2 sister Chloe. I am hoping that some of her friendliness will wear off onto Chloe.
Lydia is getting so big, and this girl is super loving. Just like her Mom Lacey - Her and her 1/2 brother really do have a great time together, You should see them lap the pen in the evenings, for a while She chases him.. and then they turn and he chases her... and look how big he is getting....

He is so darn adorable and just over a month old. Wish he didn't have that one pink eye, but that is just something that comes with white coloring on donkeys... You can almost see here his blue/green eyes... they are just stunning. And this guy is SUPER friendly! Just too sweet... he is gonna be really tough to sell.... sigh....

As for me this past week - well I got my new glasses, trying to get use to them. I have worn contacts for nearly my whole life (got them on my 13 birthday a LONG time ago) And getting use to glasses is not going so well, I so miss my contacts!!  The feel of glasses, the weight. They have to be larger frames due to the injury.. the doctor wanted larger frames to protect my good eye as well as the one that has been lost. I am trying to get back to life... been actually loading the dish washer this past week, and have done two whole loads of laundry all by myself. Never thought that would be something I would be thrilled to do - but it has felt good to do them on my own. I get tired pretty quick, but each day I feel stronger. But a nap and I feel ready to go again most days!

I even tried to color last night... will need more practice there. :0) With no real depth perception, getting that point of the marker into the tiny details is tough!!!  But I will keep practicing and will master it. It did feel good to stamp and move around some ink though!!  I feel some crafting in me and that is a great feeling I have really missed.

Thanks again for all the wonderful cards - well wishes and prayers! I feel each of you and I do know that is my strength.

HUGS and

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just a little bit of Normal.....

Hi - I thought I would pop on and share that we have a just a little bit of normal around here the past couple of days.... a tiny bit of normal... but hey I am taking it!

First to report from my doctor's appointment, he said things are healing perfectly... keep things going the way they are.... still no lifting, or bending - just take things slow and gather my strength. Then we go back to him in one month for a final visit before we then visit the people that make the artificial eye - a month... sounds like a long time especially when I am not allowed to do anything... but in reality - this coming wednesday will be a month since the accident! Wow... really doesn't seem like it at all... time flies when you are on really good pain killers! LOL  ( actually haven't needed them in a while )  But I am getting much stronger and feeling better each day - I think I may even pull out my Copics this week and give some coloring a try :0)

We also went and found me a pair of glasses this week... ordered them anyway, will get them in a week or so - and then I actually went to the grocery store!!! See a little bit of normal :0)  Ok... so it totally wore me out and we only were picking up a few items, but it did feel good to push the cart and walk up and down a few of the isles... normal.....

Then this morning Autie and Libbie had a little bit of normal in their lives. They got a bath!!! They have been very spoiled this past month, in fact they have put on a few too many pounds with Daddy and Grandma both feeding them... and all the treats everyone has been sharing with them. So they are now on a watched diet... and back to a schedule, which one was a much needed bath!

Autie was up first.. he was an angel...

Libbie watched close, thinking uh oh... I bet I am next...... and she was, and she was not such an angel... she jumped ship and ran out of the bathroom... LOL I told Dad she would... he is learning so much during this time :0)

Gato really watched close... I could tell exactly what she was thinking... "What a disgrace! I would never allow that done to me!"

I want to again say thank you for all of the wonderful cards!!  It has become our favorite time of the day.. Hubby goes to the mail box each afternoon and we sit in bed and go through the beautiful cards... we talk about where each comes from and how different and fabulous each are. They have really lifted our spirits and brought hours of smiles to us. I will try and take some photos of the piles of envelopes to show you this week! They have been an unbelievable joy to this whole experience.

So things are going well... and I am feeling better... my main goal this week is to get my new glasses so I can spend hopefully a little time on the computer, just a few minutes now and I really can feel it in my good eye and my head.. ouch!

So from me to each of you.. HUGE THANK YOUS and HUGE HUGS!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I have made it through my surgery....

Sorry it has taken me so long for an update... last week was tough. Headaches.... but I had my surgery on Friday and things are getting much better.

Now that being said - when a doctor tells you that you will have a couple of "bad" days after surgery, then things will get better. Well... that is an understatement. WOW  - But here I am on Monday and I can "see" the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel much better today. I vaguely remember the phone ringing a few times over the weekend and Hubby saying "Well she is having a rough day, she is just a little Crabby" .... well I think that was an understatement as well :0)  He has been such a great nurse... I think pretty cute too...

So what is the future now? Lots of little steps, we go on Thursday for my first check up after surgery, then we start the procedures to getting my artificial eye. They have said you will have to really know it is not mine these people are so good at making them.

I have to now say again a huge Thank you - the out poring of cards, emails and well wishes I cannot even express how much it has helped me through this. I truly feel each of you are with me. And it makes me stronger knowing I have so many across the world helping get through it all. And I really cannot even speak about how generous you have been with the donations - from the bottom of my Heart as well as Hubby's Thank you -

Sorry this is short... but the computer screen is making my stomach do flips... so it is time to sign off... I will try and pop back in a day or so- -

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you .... HUGS

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Updates - I am doing well... overwhelmed -- - oh and we had a new baby

Hello and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

I really can't even put into words how much all of your support has meant to me and helped me keep my spirits up. Hubby is reading each of your comments and emails to me - they really do lift me and make both of us feel loved and supported.

So how am I doing? Well... I am doing well, and just waiting for my surgery - at this point we think it will be the 14th. I am learning how to move around and see with my left eye - I didn't see well before the accident, and wore contacts, now they say I have to only wear glasses and that is taking some adjusting.  Depth perception, and seeing around a room is taking some time to learn.  I have had very little pain this last week. Just headaches and some dizziness. Light still bothers me, and the TV and computer screen just really effect me.

I again need to say thank you to everyone - The support has meant the world to us - I really can't even put it into words - I think I already said that :0)

So before I go - we have had a new baby here on the farm... Life goes on and that is a true joy. Except... Did I tell you the Dr.s won't let me go outside to love on my kids? THAT HAS TO BE THE HARDEST THING TO DEAL WITH FOR ME! Any way - Annie one of our goats last weekend had a baby! Hubby went to let the dogs out about 11pm and came in and got me and walked me out to see it. And now every day he brings it up to the porch so I can see how big she is already getting! She is amazing - JUST STUNNING... I named her Chloe ...

She is white with buckskin and black spots... and she has her Dads ice blue eyes... she is gorgeous..
She has a healthy set of lungs too... WOW.

Life goes on. And the big picture is that I am going to be fine, I am getting stronger each day and in a couple of months I will be able to get back to babies. I hope to try coloring soon too miss that almost as much as my babies :0). I love each of you and really have enjoyed hearing from you... your support really has lifted me in ways I cannot even express... again I think I have said that -   :0)

Time for me to sign off.... and even if I have said it before... Thank you from the bottom of my heart  ==== HUGS and