Saturday, June 29, 2024

Animal Crackers - Miss Moxie

Howdy - 

Another hard post. Hubby says maybe I shouldn't do these post, but sometimes our fur children are part of this blog family just as much as our own family. This week we lost Miss Moxie. She has been getting older, and the last two weeks she has been really not feeling well. First off she didn't suffer, she just got old and weak. Nearly 16 for a outside farm dog is pretty good and we did our best to make sure she had the best life possible. She gave us lots of love and we gave it right back.

She was one of the neighbors dogs puppies - Three of the puppies were kept by the neighbor, who was never home due to work. So we took care of them. The neighbor moved off when they were still young and we adopted them. Heck they spent most of their time here with us. Niner and Nally were the other two doggies, we loved them too, time and wandering off and taking on coyotes and snakes were to much for them. Moxie... she was the sweetheart and never left far from the house at all. She adopted the donkeys as her siblings. Knew to stay just far enough away - but always close enough to "watch over" her family. 

She has been a special part of our family - will be missed terribly - driving onto the property our hearts sink not seeing our normal greeting. 

Always in our drive ears up and tail wagging. 
And I just love that grin of hers. I just had to call her name and she would come running and smile at me. 
She always followed us around the property as if she was taking count and checking on everyone just as much as "Dad". She was fed the the best we could usually all beef hot dogs, or hamburger patties, she never would eat that nasty dry dog food. She loved chicken too, especially shredded chicken tacos or nuggets! She had her cushy bed on the front porch under the porch light and with a heat lamp in the winter. She hated to be contained. Once she wandered in the back yard and the gate got closed and it was a really bad bad reaction. 
She knew she live on our property and this is where she stayed happily.

We were blessed to have been the ones chosen for her to live with and for us to love so much. Everyone that met her loved her.

Miss Moxie you will always be the best farm dog ever! We already miss you and will always remember you and love you! 

HUGS and

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Animal Crackers - Beautiful Faces

Howdy - 

Made my way out this morning to take photos... Not too far out as I am still hobbling on my knee. Man I am so sick of it! I am use to it hurting but I really pulled something in it a couple weeks ago and it just doesn't want to get better. But I am moving and trying to get things done! Today I decided to show off some beautiful faces - Sergio started it off...pushing his face into the camera! 

Such a sweet guy! My boy. He does love his nose rubbed and then kissed. Yes Sir - Mom always loves on you dude! 

Turned around and saw that someone was staring at me. Miss Cocoa. 

Cautious Big Girl. She is moving slow this week as well. The humid weather is really doing a number on all our old bones Cocoa!

As always never far from his Momma is Valentine. Now he usually will always step towards me for some head scratches. 

A Big Baby but a totally Love! A Lumpy Love!

Funny normally always first up for head scratches is Teddy. But nope today I had to walk out to him and find him. He found a patch of fresh grass! 

We have had a little rain this week. Weather people were saying like 4-8 inches for us from the tropical storm Alberto... but NOPE...we got just over an inch. Not complaining really an inch is an inch we will take it. But man we were looking forward to a really good downpour to soak things down. Anyway - Ted found some grass coming up and was taking care to MOW it down right away! 

Went to see the goats - Lizzy was chowing down and I tried everything to get her to look at me for a photo. She was totally ignoring me. So I said fine I will just take your photo and everyone will know you don't care to look and smile! 

LOL she is a pretty lady. And breakfast was just too important at that moment. 

Was heading back to the house and found this little guy next to our back sidewalk. Another tropical storm is brewing in the gulf. Maybe we up for some more rain this next week and isn't there an old saying that when the snails are climbing up lots of rain is coming? 

Hope he is climbing high! Go little guy go! 

Came inside to this face at the back door. Breakfast Mom?

Its coming right now big boy! He is so funny. Actually he really begs for breakfast - but once it is delivered, he will take a bite or two, then back off and let his sisters and Momma Cat eat first. He then heads back and chows down. A gentleman? hmmmm when it comes to meal time maybe yes, rest of the day he is wild and crazy and annoying all the girls. Brothers are that way - right? 

Prayers for Miss Moxie this week please. She is not feeling well at all. Being over 15 an outside doggie and this humid heat is rough. Man we love her and hate that she isn't feeling well. 

Have a blessed weekend - Thank you so much for visiting each week. 

HUG and

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Animal Crackers - A Visit from Our Granddoggie!

Howdy - 

Such a fun week! We got to Doggie Sit our Grand-doggie Ammo!! His Mommy and Daddy had to go out of town and we get to sit for Ammo! We love Ammo so so much! He is my carbon copy clone of Autie... my baby boy. It like having a little piece of my Autie boy that comes to visit. 

Not only does he look just like Autie... he acts just like him too. 

Well I say he is exactly the same but Ammo is better groomed ... LOL We had him most of the week and it was so fun.

He has a schedule to keep. So we stick to that. It amazes me how he can tell time. Lunch is around 11:45... and at 11:40 he sits at my feet staring at me. LOL 

But once he has his meal he looks up and is a happy boy. Love him! And feel so blessed that we get to help out and take care of him when needed and enjoy him.

Miss Chica was a sweet big sister and shared everything and was nice the entire time. She loves her "little" brother. 

Had a photo of Penelope that was too sweet. She is so beautiful. And smart afternoon you stay in the shade of the huts! 

 Short on photos this week... sorry. Hurt my knee big time this week and walking is not too fun. I think it is getting better but man .. OUCH. I am use to knee pain, it is a normal lately, but I really pulled something this time. New meds today so hoping that will help more. 

Hope you have a blessed weekend and enjoy a hug from a furry friend!!

HUGS and

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Animal Crackers - Time to Hydrate!

Howdy - 

 Wow Summer is here! and so is the heat. The ladies know the importance of Hydrating. Now taking turns is sometimes is an issue. I think the larger the girl, and the older the girl - they go first. Poor little Josie is the youngest so she had to wait her turn.

But no worries about Miss Josie... she took the time waiting to come over to me and show me her all grown up big girl whiskers! 

She is such a pretty girl. Adorable and sweet. And Yes her whiskers are long! LOL 

Her 1/2 sister Hannah was coming over so Josie and I had to do some speed nose scratching! Hannah is much pushier than Josie. So when she gets to the fence it is all about her! Doesn't she look stunning all slicked off. Pretty Pretty! 

Hannah's Mom Bella and Miss Patti was next up for scratches. Really had to work around Hannah she just did not want to walk away! But everyone gets their attention time!

Walked through the goat pen next. Had to go in and walk through as they were all hiding out of the sun and in the shade of their huts. Mind you this was late morning... not afternoon and they were already taking to their huts! 

Lizzy had one of the larger huts all to herself. She seemed happy about that -

 Our numbers of goats has really gone down the last couple of years. We are wanting to let these older ones live life and then look at new "kids" in the future. 

The oldest now in the family is Malory - the most timid and cautious one left. Since she was born she just didn't have that gene of being friendly. Oh well, she has had a nice life here and we love her no matter what! Shhhh... she is taking a morning nap here... 

Last photo is way over zoomed! But hey we are talking super fast little critter when you get too close! We have lots of little bunnies this year.

Moxie has always taken care of the population of bunnies. Despite me talking to her and asking her to leave them alone please. But now Moxie is getting old and chasing these quick little rabbits are just not on her list of things to do now. So they are everywhere! Especially early in the mornings. So adorable. And FAST! I snapped and it was gone into the brush and I wasn't even that close at all! They know when you are looking at them! 

I hope you enjoyed this week - Have a Animal Crackers Smile! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Animal Crackers - Memories

Howdy - 

 Ok, its been a long week, and honestly I just didn't feel up to going out and getting photos this week. It was hot and humid and most all my fur children were off in the shade chillin' - 

I decided it has been a long time since I did a Memory Post... I know lazy, but its been a week.. :0) 

First up this photo of Moxie.... I adore coming through our gate and seeing this girl laying in the drive waiting for us - 

When she isn't in her place, the first thing I do is get out of the truck and yell out for her to come. She is older now, and her hearing isn't what it use to be so sometimes she doesn't hear us coming through the gate as well - but once she hears us... she is there with her ears up and a grin, and lots of loving!

One of my older favorites is this photo of my man and our "new puppy" Libbie. Man we miss Libbie so much. This photo is one that pulls my heart - love it. 

She was such an adorable puppy!  And my guy is pretty handsome as well! 

We Miss You Libbie! She gave us over 15 years of joy!

Ok, hubby wasn't thrilled when I showed this photo the first time. But come on! It is a great photo!! I love the look in Porche's eyes.... Gottcha!!

There are so many great photos of our donkey's and babies on first day with Hubby. Could have posted so so many - This is one of the last... Hubby with Jolene and her baby Josie.

So so cute! We need some new babies don't we? Hoping this year all goes well and we can breed and get us MORE BABIES!! 

This is Hannah and Juliet. Not a perfect photo... but I love that these two have become bonded and are BFFs! They are always together. ALWAYS

Goats... There are so many great photos. I'm not sure why this one of Penelope is marked as one of my favorites. But I just love it. This girl is always right in my face wanting attention, now that she is all grown up and not quite as cautious with her Mom shadowing over her that it. She is so sweet!

And if you were to ask what is my all time favorite goat photo? This would have to be it! Baby Olive Oyl. We miss her too... she was such a loving goat. And such a friendly little kid. I snapped this photo of her after an afternoon nap... is that a stretch enjoying the sunshine or what? 


So adorable! I am sorry it lamed out this week, but really personally I needed some sweet memories to go back and enjoy. I do hope you enjoyed them as well. 

HUGS and have a blessed weekend!