Saturday, February 28, 2015

Animal Crackers - Whoo Whoo?

Howdy -

Brrrr... a bit chilly out there isn't it? Good thing I had lots of photos last week in the sun, cuz this week I just didn't get any decent pictures. Well Hubby got one really cool photograph....

Yes, it is grainy and not a "great" photo... but I still think it is a great photo. You see we have had an owl camped out around here the last month or so. I know they are beautiful and wonderful and all of that... but they still freak me out when I have baby goats and when I let the dogs out after dark. So when I hear him close I call Hubby out to help be on guard just in case. I would just die if one got one of my dogs or baby goats. Well we heard him in the front of the house..... Hubby pointed his camera on his phone up towards a dead tree over our pond... he couldn't see a thing as it was pitch black... and look at the photo that he captured!! Cool huh? As long as that guy stays over the pond and not in the tree over my back yard and goat pen I am ok..... come after my kids and I am one unhappy momma! But it is a really cool photo!

Showed off Chica last week... Autie was also enjoying the fresh cut grass...

Just after I snapped this photo... he starting rolling... sigh boys....

Speaking of fresh cut grass... Lizzy was really thanking "Dad" for the buffet...

 All of the baby goats were enjoying the grass... not much longer and they will be just looking through the fence with the adults.. as their horns are coming in and those heads are just about too big to fit through those squares! LOL

Now Paintbrush is one of our "old ladies" in the goat pen. And I think I am with her... Breakfast in Bed sounds just wonderful doesn't it?

Why stand when you don't have too? and besides breakfast is closer and does happen to be awful soft!

I have been trying to figure out an issue with our big boy chicken Leon...

 You see his tail feathers have been getting lighter and lighter in color. Just his tail feathers. Well the other night I went out just after the sun set and found out why. And I don't blame him at all. You see as cold as it has been at night here I have been running heat lamps in the chicken pens. Well Leon has found that he likes his rear end warm.... so his tail feathers have been right under the heat lamp. Not near enough to touch - but enough to fade them I guess! LOL

Hope you are inside where it is warm today - or at least bundled up and staying warm! Went out on errands yesterday and wore my heavy jacket... oops. Nearly froze! Here in Texas I just don't pull out my real coat much, but today... uh I will have my coat when I go outside! But the weatherman said on the news last night that it will warm up first of the week again... suppose to be 80! How insane is that. Then Wednesday another cold front and high of 48... gotta love Texas Weather! Only here .. flip flops one day - boots and coats the next!

Have a great day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Ya Old Goat!

Howdy -

Today I had some fun with a favorite High Hopes Image... Norman Goat -

Don't you love  Norman Goat ? I just love him!

He is fabulous for those men in you life that you love to give a little birthday old age poke too! 

On the front I used the great  Large Fancy "Happy Birthday"
The papers are all from my scraps stash - sewing down all the pattern papers, and adding ribbon and buttons - 

Inside the card is the little poke... a great sentiment stamp for the goat... "Ya Old Goat!" 

The Copic colors used - 

Fun Card!! Love ... this one. And Soooo many guys that I can think it fits for! Ha!

Today Hubby and are doing catch up a bit around here. Then I am hoping for a little time later today to do so crafting. After a long weekend at the Antique Show I have missed some crafting time. But life laundry housework and farm animals... yah those come first. But later today me time! HA!

Have a great one! Find some craft time for yourself too ok?
HUGS and 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Animal Crackers - Hello there -

Howdy -

Sun was gorgeous Thursday afternoon - and everyone was out enjoying it - Abigail was shouting out at the top of her lungs .. Hello There... the sun is out!

We weaned the girls off the bottles this last week... they cried for the first couple of days... I am still pouting... miss our quality feeding time. I didn't go in the pen much for a few days. But now that they are calming down I will start going in and loving on them and getting them use to visits without the bottle of milk.

Found Chica enjoying the sun - of course she had to find a spot just after "Dad" had mowed and was covered in grass.. but as cute as she is it is all ok.

Doris was staring me down in the chicken coop... I think she wants her afternoon lettuce... better find it quick don't you think? That is one intense stare! Don't look too long it starts to freak you out!

Found Sam resting perched up on their pole. Poor guy has been dragging around a bad wing. I think he had one of the girls fight back - the day we found Cora so poorly and lost her, was the same day Sam was injured. I guess Cora got one last fight in her before it was too much.

Sam is getting better... don't think his wing will be perfect again - but he is ok.

Picture perfect shot of Miss Ellie Mae - She is a stunning girl don't you think?

Those long gorgeous ears, long long eye lashes and a voice that can be heard a mile away! Love this girl!

Then I saw a game going on...

 I think it was a race... Pepita and Mirta were gobbling up the very last of breakfast hay on the ground. They were moving pretty quick and picking up every last piece. Sweet girls. These two are BFF's for sure.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned - lots of rain chances here for us. We always can use the rain... just wish it would come on weekdays.. LOL

HUGS and -

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Buggy Frog

Howdy -

Today is my day to post on the High Hopes Blog! I decided to dig into my older High Hopes images to make a just a fun Pick me Up card. Love this image.. to cute. This is "Buggy Frog R129".

Buggy Frog works perfectly with another High Hopes image - a sentiment image~ "What Bugs You?" R132  I just love sentiments that you can color up to match! 

Paired the two images up with some fun Cosmo Cricket papers - love the zig zag paper.. feels a big nauseous doesn't it? I sewed all the layers together - added a simple ribbon and a chipboard flourish. Then I added stickles to all the bug wings. As all bugs have blingy wings right?

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic Colors used -

Make sure to visit the High Hopes Blog - now showing off new things every day! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hubby's Valentine/Birthday/Anniversary Card

Howdy -

Thought I would share the card I made for Hubby's Valentine/Birthday/Anniversary... well the front of the card - inside was sappy... :0)

I pulled out an old favorite that I haven't used in years! A Sarah Kay image...

Still have that soft spot for Sarah Kay images - Colored with Copics - (colors below) - Found some papers from Bo Bunny's Serenade Collection. I matted everything in black - dramatic don't you think? I punched out a Martha Stewart Fence border punch as a border. All the layers are sewn down. I found the sentiment in some older Stampin Up stamps. Then I used red glitter stickles to create hearts on the sentiment and border.

Copic Colors used -

He seemed to like it :0)  -

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Weekend - we had a show on "the day" but did get a quick dinner on the way home. Then we pretended that yesterday was Hubby's birthday and I made a cake for him and a real old fashioned home cooked dinner. Shocker huh? I do cook... despite what some family and friends think... LOL

Have a great day -
HUGS and

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Animal Crackers - Heart Day!

Howdy -

And a Very Happy Valentines Day! We will be going off Animal topic today... you see it is Valentines Day - I adore Valentines Day... and each year I share with you about our day - Today is Hubby and I's 28th Wedding Anniversary - It is also Hubby's Birthday - and the holiday of Love! Special Day around here....

Hubby this year really did very well in the surprise and gift department. We are usually not the gift giving or secret surprise couple. We give all year to each other... so birthdays, Christmas and such we just don't do the big gift thing... but this year. He really gets the points for going out of the normal... He has planned for weeks a special present for me, and I had not a ounce of a clue... Now we are together every day.. all the time so to do this he had to really sneak around.

He found a beautiful antique sterling locket with a little ruby and stones -

 Sorry for the glare on the photos...  - old photos are hard to capture especially in this locket.  So amazing he found the photos of us.. and then got copies and fit them into the locket. With out me finding out!! He said he worked on the photos in the middle of the night... sneaky!

Just to make sure we do have a furry kid on here I thought I might share an oldie with you... Not That Hubby is the oldie... LOL... the photograph is an older Animal Crackers photo. And one of my all time favorite shots of Hubby and right after we got Libbie as a puppy... LOVE this shot! 

Seeing Libbie as a Puppy got me thinking about Autie and Chica as puppies....

The Day we brought Autie home.... meeting Libbie for the first time. 

Cute Cute Cute...

From that first day, he has always been a total love. Calm, patient with Libbie and all the puppies over the years... Hard to believe he was this tiny - OH My...

And then Chica... first puppy born from the very first litter... This one sums up her personality completely!

Chica was never intended on being one of ours. She was for sale. I actually had her sold.. and while I was gone and the people called, Hubby told them she was claimed already Sorry... I asked who claimed her... HE DID! Now I can't imagine life with out her.

Guess all the thinking ended up being a trip down Animal Crackers post huh? 

I am missing puppy breath!!! Better get over it. All the dogs are fixed now and honestly even little bit of puppies might push me over the edge with all that we have going on now. Love them, but... well no puppies any time soon for sure!

Hubby and I have been extremely blessed - he is my best friend, my partner and my heart.  I pray we have another 28 years together -

Man that was a long long long time ago... LOL

HOPE you have a wonderful Valentines day -
HUGS and - 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - My Best Friend Hedghog


Today is my day to share for High Hopes - The challenge blog has lots of fun new changes and you really will want to check out all the fun each day to see all the DT inspiration. Wednesday is my day... so I decided to have some fun coloring another one of the new images "My Best Friend"

Ok truth time... here in Texas we don't have too many Hedgehogs... not a normal cute image for me. But the smile on this guy is so adorable I just love how adorable he is. Hopefully I have colored him correctly... you see I don't know if I have ever even seen a real life Hedgehog... think I need to do some google searches on that later -

First I will tell you about the info on my card - I colored with my Copics (colors below) I doodled around the edges with a grey liner pen. My papers are all from Prima Marketing Julie Nutting Blush. Love the find bright colors. I punched out a Martha Stewart Doily as a background. Then dotted small dots of Viva Decor White Pearl Pen.

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

Please do make sure to visit the High Hopes Blog - and then PLEASE pop over to the BRAND NEW High Hopes Website. Totally redone! And FABULOUS to pop around and see all the great stamps available... warning.. you will fall in love with lots of new images!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Animal Crackers - Autie Yawns

Howdy -

Lazy Afternoon here - At least Autie thinks so -

Last week I told you I had taken a more photos than I could show you - so this week I am sharing the rest of them... they were some cuties that I just had to show off... Autie was so ready to head back inside to his pillow and crash. I think he yawned three or four times... then I yawned... being lazy is a contagious thing you know...

Doc caught it ... he was so relaxed - And adorable!

Gonna be a loud week around here next week.. it is already time to wean the boys off the Moms. So depressing they are growing up so fast. Doc I think will be ok... his brother Wyatt is going to be the very sad boy. He is attached to his Mom's side and is really going to be upset when they are taken away from his Mommy.

Now we did have a major accomplishment this week with the "kids" - Lizzy is officially the first of the babies to figure out how to jump on top of the huts. They have all mostly figured out the tops of the igloo huts - but the larger structures are a big deal to be able to climb on and relax up in the air above everything. Lizzy was so very very proud! As was I ... I just forgot to run in and get my camera... next time...

Guinea Girl was relaxing in the hay too...  These girls really do crack me up - they are in total control of the goat pen. And goats dinner looks like a soft bed so be it! LOL

Love this shot...  Now only with your good girl friends are you ok to lean back and scratch your rear end. Belle is really enjoying that fence is just the perfect place for that perfect scratch!

 I could sit and watch these animals for hours. They are always so entertaining - and sometimes so peaceful. Truly we are blessed to be given opportunity to watch over them.

Hope you can have some time to enjoy some furry kids - I think with the weather being nicer today Hubby and I are going to take some time to enjoy our kids - Sounds like a great little break to me.

HUGS and -

Friday, February 6, 2015

Wedding Card for a Friend

Howdy -

Last week a friend asked me if I had any wedding cards - hmm no haven't made one of those in a while. So a perfect time to pull out an old favorite and have some fun don't you think.

This image by Tina Wenke has always been my one of my favorite wedding images. Love how cute it is.

Old Stampavie image - so sadly it is no longer available. Really a great Tina Wenke image - I colored with my Copics - then cut out with Nesties and matted with a scalloped nestie. My papers are from My Minds Eye - Pretty Things Collection. I sewed the layers down - then punched out two bands with a My Favorite things Die - My sentiment is from Stampabilities. I stamped on the cream card stock, layered on the core-dinations teal card stock used in the card - then layered on top of the two die cut bands. I punched out LOTS of Marvy Flowers, Martha Stewart leaves and branches and made a bouquet of flowers. I dotted the centers of the flowers with Viva Decor Paper Pen. Love how it turned out - hope my friend liked it and more important I hope the bride and groom like it. :0)

Inisde the same papers - One of the papers in the collection are scrabble words - Love just works with a wedding card!

Copic colors used -

This one just all came together - cards like that are not always easy to come by and they always end up being ones I like how they end up.

Suppose to be a really pretty weekend here... need to get up and get all my chores done so I don't get stuck inside this weekend. Hope the weather is going to be nice where you are -

I will see you tomorrow for Animal Crackers -
HUGS and

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

High Hopes - Tea For Two

Howdy -

Today the High Hopes Challenge is an Anything Goes Challenge. No excuses for not joining in on the challenge this week! I colored up one of the new release images "Tea For Two" - cute mice huh?

Colored up with my Copics ( colors below ) Then I found some papers from Cosmo Cricket which totally by coincidence  has the same collection name as the image "Tea for Two". Honestly didn't know that until I was done with my card... LOL  I sewed down all the papers. I added a satin ribbon band and lots of flowers and leaf punches.

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

Have you visited High Hopes Site recently? Brand new Web Site with LOTS to see... Visit the site HERE   And you can see the challenge blog HERE to see all the DT's inspiration and to join us in playing along to win more High Hopes!!

Hope you have a blessed day -
HUGS and -