Tuesday, February 25, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Animals!!

Howdy -
Today is High Hopes Challenge and I love this one! ANIMALS! Anything to do with animals. Now I know you just know me so well and you "know" how much I love the High Hopes Donkey images... But I am going to throw you a curve ball.

LOL - I have had Herbies Heifer sitting on my desk just dying to be inked up and used. Now how could I say no. Herbie is just proud of his cow! I also used two High Hopes Sentiments... Here a Moo and Everywhere a Moo. Love how it all goes together.

Colored with my Copics (colors below) Papers from Carta Bella called Giddy UP! Sewing all the layers together, then punching the sentiments with a tag punch. I inked the edges, then tied twine to them before attaching them. It needed something else, and finally after trying a million and one embellishments I decided to stay simple and just add some dots of Viva Decor pearl pen.

Here is the inside - Scraps from the front.

 And the Copics used -

I have so much fun with these farm country images from High Hopes! Now join us with the fun and hop on over to the High Hopes Challenge HERE 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Garden - We are Growing Now!

Howdy -

Alright - I am going to hopefully get to show you our progress of our Spring Garden now!

Greenhouse is done - well 97% done - few little things Hubby still needs to do, but it is up and in use!

It is BIG! 12 feet wide!

And 32 feet Long!! That is BIG huh?

Here is this Spring Crop  -

Flats of 4 inch plants have been started. I was out there Friday evening and there are already little sprouts!! We have a million tomatoes - beans - cucumbers - squash - zucchini - jalapenos - Salad Peppers - and more!

As things get growing and we start potting up I will give you full names - we ordered Heirloom seeds we are really excited.

Then I will also show you our "orchard"... we purchased 14 trees - peaches, apples, plums and pears.

And three grape vines! So hopefully we have some really wonderful yummy things to eat this spring.

Really looking forward growing a bunch and I am already gathering canning recipes! If you have a great one email it to me! :0) We have done the jelly and preserves. And even did Salsa last year, but really wanting to do more.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday - Wonder if we have anything green by next Sunday?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Animal Crackers - A Sign of Spring!

Howdy -

Hubby and I were out in the Girls pasture yesterday and found this beyond their fence!!

It is a sign!! Spring is coming... A first sign of Spring for us around here. This is a Wild Cherry Tree - grows in our parts of Texas. We have a few of these on our property - wish they were closer up by the house, but I can walk out and enjoy it while it is blooming. Really a beautiful tree when it has all these pinkish white flowers all over it.

Close up -

 Now to my week... this girl has stressed me to no end, and caused many of our friends and family to roll their eyes and make fun of me...

Went out mid afternoon one day earlier in the week to hear a bunch of very loud screams and flapping noise coming from inside the coop. My first though is Snake! But when I got into the pen and got the door open I was in shock. One of the girls must have gone into the coop and was up on their roosting branch and slipped. There was a small fork in one of the branches and her foot got hung and she was hanging upside down totally freaking out. She looked totally worn out but was still fighting. Poor girl must have been like that for 2-3 hours! Hubby and I got her free and I held her for a long while to calm her down.

I was worried sick. She wouldn't stand at all the first day. I actually took her private food and water, moved her around the pen during the day so she would be in the sun too much. And even picked her up and put her in the coop that night for bedtime as she couldn't get up the ramp on her own. Next morning she would move around but only on one leg, and she drug the other behind her. Third day she was up and walking on it with a bad limp. She still sits most of the day unless she needs food or water but she gets it on her own now and even makes it in and out of the coop. Yesterday evening it was just a slight limp. You might see by the photograph that she leans and keeps the bad foot out front a bit.

Yes... everyone was making fun of me... "It is just a Chicken... heat up the fryer!.." Blah Blah... But she is one of my girls and I pampered her, worried about her, and lost sleep over her. Yes I know I am a dork. I think she is going to be good in a few more days and I am very happy about it. She may only be a Chicken, but she is one of my chickens and all my kids are part of the family!!

Marissa agrees!

She is one sweet girl and for sure a part of the family. Hubby and I were talking about her the other day. She is big like her Mom Patti, but she is one wonderful gal, with a ton of personality!!

On the other end of the size chart is Sonia. This little one is a LITTLE ONE! I wanted to try and get a photo of them closer, but to give you and idea... Sonia is under the second board up... Marissa is resting her head on the second board! LOL

Sonia is one of the calmest sweetest little girls. And a gorgeous one -

Found Bella and Darlene giving some Donkey Hugs -

This is really more of "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"  But I still like to think it is Donkey Hugs - These two Ladies are for sure BFF's they are pretty much always side by side - Despite the TWENTY years difference in their age! LOL Darlene is our Old Lady - the leader in charge of all donkeys!

Hope you have a wonderful day - I will be back tomorrow to show off our new greenhouse and "the crop" -

HUGS and-

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

High Hopes - Banners/Bunting/Flags

Howdy -

Tuesday's High Hopes Challenge is today - and it is to use a Banner Bunting or Flag on your project. I thought about it and remembered that I had some dies that look like banners.. well sort of so that is what I dug out and used.

I also took this as a chance to create a fun spring card for a friend as just a hello - and this is one of my favorites -

This is "Buzzin' By Bear" and I think he is a wonderful Spring Hello Card image!
 I colored with my Copics and then cut him out with an oval Nestie. He has a sentiment also from High Hopes that is just perfect! "Just Buzzin/ by to say... Hello"  ... Now I taped over the Hello so it would fit in my banner then I cut out the letters H and I for "HI"

The papers are from October Afternoon, with a pale yellow card stock and a light blue card stock. Die cut the banner as well. Then four sweet little red buttons.

Inside is all the left over papers -

Here are the Copics used -

Fun fast sweet card for a friend. Now you need to hop on over to the High Hopes Challenge and see all the Banners Bunting and Flags. Then join us for a chance to win some images to play with!!

Hope you have a great day planned - Lots of the same ole' normal around here - But that is ok cuz the weather has been gorgeous so chores are great as long as the weather is so pretty!

Have a great one -
HUGS and

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Animal Crackers - Warm Wonderful Sunny Weather

Howdy -

After a wonderful day out with Hubby yesterday celebrating Valentines/Anniversary/Birthday we came home to spend time with our kids on a Warm Wonderful Sunny afternoon -

This is one photo I am calling "Fat Girls"

Now Macey is PREGNANT BIG TIME. I am still arguing that Lacey is as well... you can't see in this photo real well but one side is MUCH bigger than the other. Hubby says  that Irene and Gloria have Grass Guts... hmmmm time will tell I guess.

Got one of Blanche out strutting... it got VERY Warm here yesterday. From the 20's earlier in the week to ... 92 degrees yesterday afternoon!!! I am not kidding! So Yes Blanche was out strutting in the sun...

 She is such a funny girl -

As is this boy....

Flavio is Such a stunning looking boy. Great size and he has that wonderful long face with the black nose I love. But man he frustrates the tar out of me. I stood out there calling his name and working to get him to come to me and he would get sooooo close and then bolt. I have NEVER had any other baby this way. He needs to be penned up and in a small pen and FORCED to let me love on him. Not now though, to much going on and he is really enjoying the pen with the young boys. He is bonding wonderfully well with Diego - my big baby boy. Our very first baby born here years ago. I asked Diego to talk to him and let him know it is not a bad thing to let me talk silly and love all over him. 

Talking Silly.... 

 These Guineas just crack me up - I could watch them for hours!! They just talk all the time - 24/7 even when sleeping. And they just waddle and pick all the time.

Caught one here helping Rhett stay clean and bug free... LOL

I have had the goats all over me and we check them constantly for fleas or any bugs and I have never found any on them. Surprisingly... but haven't... and now the Guineas make sure as well. Cracks me up how the goats just stand there and let them pick on them. I have tried to get photos of Lillie. She lays down and rolls around for them while they climb on her. Usually I am laughing so hard I forget to pull out the phone and snap the photo then she is up and done. 

Found Libbie waiting calmly in a shady spot for me to finish up and head back in. 

The dogs are so furry now with all the cold we have had... that 92 was more than they wanted to handle yesterday afternoon and they were quite happy to go in when I did. Usually it take 3 - 10 calls to get them inside. Love my babies...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
HUGS and-

Friday, February 14, 2014

Whimsy Stamps Challenge AND Hubby's Birthday!

Howdy -

Well today is Valentines Day - my favorite holiday :0) It is also Hubby's Birthday and our 27th Wedding Anniversary!! Big day here huh? You would think we really paint the town on this day huh? Nope.. LOL We are not ones to dress up and sit on a bench waiting 2-3 hours to eat a fancy meal somewhere. We sometimes go out for lunch.. early or late from the crowd of course! But we are together 24/7 and we celebrate everyday - so we skip the crowds on "our day".  Sometimes I actually COOK a special dinner. Maybe I will do that tonight.. LOL But I did make him a card with one of the new images from Whimsy Stamps... and it fit right in with the challenge starting today!!

This is "Lady Love Bug" by Miss Rach Digi's -

I colored with my Copics (colors below) - I found a piece of pattern paper I think from Martha Stewart that was perfect for my card today - I used Black and Red Card stock. Bold but I love the combo. I then found a piece of black and white gingham ribbon. I know you are looking at it and saying "White?" well I ended up not liking the white... so I colored it with my red copic. Love how easy that changes a ribbon! I then doodled the edge of the image and added LOTS of hearts to the top and bottom with stickles.

The inside is just like the front. I left it blank for my mushy personal stuff...

Here are my Copics -

Now you need to pop on over to the Whimsy Challenge Blog - Lots of great Love from all the DT - then join us for a chance to win some Whimsy for yourself!

I am off to find Hubby and give him another Birthday/Anniversary Kiss :0)
HUGS and

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Birthday Cards!

howdy -

This week at High Hopes Challenge it is an always needed challenge. Birthday Cards! Don't know about you but I am always short on Birthday Cards -

I took this challenge as a chance to make one for the guys too.. I love the new images from the new release. I know I know I have said that more than once. But these stamps just really made me smile - Makes me think of Hubby and some of his friends -

So I used the new "Bait Shop" image and "Casey's Catch" Love them so much they are too fun! And perfect for that guy who needs a card. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut them out.

I found some OLD papers in my stash from October Afternoon called Campfire - perfect for these images. I created another easel card. I get on a roll with them and make a few then go back to regular cards... LOL - I sewed down the layers with straight stitches and zig zag stitches. I wrapped some twine around the top of the card and then attached the same fishes from Casey's Catch.... was going for the look like they were on a fishing line.. not to sure I pulled that off.. LOL

Then I took Casey and created a fold at the bottom and attached him to the bottom of the card. I like the way it looks like he is walking out in front of the Bait Shop.

Here is a close up -

And my Copics used -

Make sure an click on over to the High Hopes Challenge and see all the Birthday cards - then please join us!! You will have a chance to win some High Hopes images of your own to play with!

Ok.. now to see if I can find the bottom of the laundry hamper... and while things are washing and drying... some coloring! Love Muli-Tasking!

Have a great day -
HUGS and

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Animal Crackers - Wet - Cold - Misty - Icy - then Wet again BRRR


Ok show of hands here... how many are really really ready for Spring! Lots of hands here at our place! Man this has been the weirdest winter ever! Yesterday it never got over 36 degrees - and today is suppose to be near 70! Tomorrow 76! Then not over 38 on Tuesday again!! The animals are cold one day and then their winter fur is to heavy for the next day. Really... well WEIRD!

Went out yesterday mid afternoon to shoot a few photos. Was hard to get many to pose and be pretty for you - In the distance I found the three standards..  More of my Donkey's in the Mist photos... LOL I have done a few of them over the years -

Now I am sure you see Valentine on the left.. that white nose pops doesn't it? Then next to him is Teddy E. Bear. But you might not spot Cocoa Bean... she is the dark spot just under the tree... She was really pushed back in there to stay out of the wet and the cold I guess. She is smarter than the boys though.

It was really loud out by the goat pen yesterday. Usually in the cold wet they are all in the huts... but Frankie was really interested in oh... 3 or 4 of the girls that were "in season".

As much as I am really wanting some babies I have to wait a bit longer. Otherwise they will be born in the middle of summer when it is 100 degrees... so we wait. Even if Frank is not happy about it.

When I got into the back yard... most of the girls figured since I had bothered to come out into the 34 temperatures that I might as well give them some extra feed. Especially Lilly and Paintbrush the old ladies. Sorry Girls Dad will feed you at regular dinner time.

Now the Chickens got their evening snack a little early (shhh don't tell the goats) But I feed the chickens in the evening. They actually usually get just a snack - sunflower seeds or lettuce or crackers or bread that is stale... but yesterday evening they got a handful of strawberries that had started to get a bit mushy. 

So they got their snack a little early - but honestly I was not going back out as the sun went down. I was really thinking that my warm comfy "lounge" PJs house shoes and my robe was sounding really nice about 4:30 yesterday! LOL And I was in them about 10 minutes after that!

I tried really hard to get some photos of the doggies. But they were not cooperating, and they were so nasty and messy after running around in the wet that I just couldn't them. The sad thing is they really needed a bath last night but it was too cold. So we are dealing with them until tonight... yuck!

So what are in your plans for today? We are doing a one day doll show. Hubby is just so thrilled. He will probably help set things up and then disappear for a while, may come home and work since the weather is suppose to be so nice. Sure hope he don't forget me.... . and I Hope it is an ok show. One day shows hardly seem worth it to me sometimes. But I have lots that I need to move and hopefully the doll show is the place. 

Have a wonderful blessed weekend - 
HUGS and

Friday, February 7, 2014

Whimsy Stamps - Vintage Girls Release Blog Hop!

Welcome to our special Vintage Girls Release blog hop!!!!

We have 4 Brand new images to share with you today created by the Lovely Lia Stampz 

All Whimsy Stamps digital images are 300dpi for high print quality.You can re-size, flip, or rotate to fit your own project To find all of today's new releases please visit the Whimsy Stamps Store

Don't forget to leave comments along the way as there will be 4 mystery DT Members who will each be choosing a winner from the comments left on their hop posts!

These winners will each win a Vintage Girl digital image of their choice. The Grand Prize winner of the hop will be chosen from the very last stop, which is Lia

This winner will receive all 4 of the brand new Vintage Girl digital stamps of their choice from the Whimsy Stamps Store

The hop will run for 1 week and end on Friday 14th February at 12 Noon EST, when the lucky winners will be announced over on the Whimsy Inspirations Blog

Below is a complete list of the hop in case you get lost along the way


Here is my card - I had such a good time with this one! The images are just so fun to color.

Used some older papers from my stash - I love purple and green together. I chose "Sugar Girl" Gotta love any cupcake that large! I colored with my Copics ( colors below ) Then I used a few dies - Whimsy Vine die  some punches of flowers and then the sentiment is Whimsy Birthday Sentimentables Die Set a few buttons, lace, Ribbon and then lots of stickles -

Close up -

And then Copics used -

Now you can follow the Blog Hop by heading on over to - Lisa and don't forget to leave those comments!!

Have a wonderful day - see you tomorrow for animal crackers!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Little Love

Howdy -

Today is the High Hopes Challenge - and I Love this one! A project with for someone you Love. Now I LOVE Valentines day - And LOVE Valentines! You see Hubby and I were married on Valentines Day... and it is his birthday! So we Love Valentines Day around our house. So when the challenge has anything to do with "Love" I am making Valentines!

As Soon as I saw the new image "Lucy's Lambs" I saw this in my head! I love the play on words with "Ewe" :0))

This is one of my favorite new images... I would say top 10 or 20 of the new collection! LOL The new collection is really awesome! I colored with my Copics (colors below) Then I pulled out a new paper pad from Recollections called Valentine... I have really been trying so hard to not buy. I have SO much and I need to use up this huge collection of paper I have. But HELLO... it was called Valentine... and it was on sale 40% off... so I HAD TO BUY IT... Right?

LOL Ok... So I layered up and sewed the layers together. I then used the new Whimsy Heart die for a border. Then I dug deep into the stash and found an old Sizzix Die called Wingo Zingo for the sentiment. Added a few little red buttons and done!

Here is the inside -

And the Copic colors -

I think I need to make a few more Valentines... I had so much fun with this one! Now you need to see all the LOVE over at the High Hopes Challenge Blog HERE and then join us for some fun!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Alota Rubber Stamps

Howdy -

Wanted to pass on a little information to you - If you have followed me for a while you might remember that I was once on the Alota Rubber Stamps Design Team. I loved every second of it, and one main reason... I ADORE the owner Helene. She is a truly one of the sweetest nicest people I have ever known. And just this last week I was telling Hubby how I missed Alota and Helene -

Well I got and email from her today....  Sadly the website is closing. I know I teared up the second I read it! She will still have her ebay store HERE  But the website Store HERE will be closing soon. I am happy for Helene as this will give her and her family time to travel and retire a bit. But I do love the website and all those THOUSANDS of images she has!! I do adore those bugs you know!! And don't forget I have a few that are super special to me...

Michelle's Sweet Donkeys 1

She really has tons of great images... of lots of things not just donkeys :0) ... Those are just special to me!! 

Now the big info is  - She is having a BIG TIME Sale with the closing of her store! 

50% off with the code ARSALE

So now follow this LINK HERE over to the store to save some big money on some FABULOUS stamps  - Tell her the Donkey Lady sent you there!