Monday, January 30, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Shower of Love Teddy

Howdy - 

Today for High Hopes Stamps I have another Valentine. I LOVE Valentines Day! Hubby's Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary so a big day for sure! So making Valentines is so much fun for me. 

This card is with the "Shower of Love Teddy" - Fabulous fun image with the sentiment already made in it! 

My card is a bit simpler - but I am planning for a guy so I went calmer than I normally do.


 Simple layers, that I rounded the corners on image and pattern papers. The image is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then for that cloud I added some Nuvo clear sparkles. Adds some depth to the cloud sort of. 

A gauze ribbon around the middle with a large bow tied to one side. These Valentine images at High Hopes really do make me happy. They have a slightly vintage feel to them and are so fun to color. 

Copic colors used -

You really need to visit the High Hopes Stamps web store and see all the Valentines! It is almost February so time to make those cards of love and hearts! Click HERE to pop over to the Valentines at High Hopes!

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Animal Crackers - Girls Up First

Howdy - 

Yesterday I headed out to see my girls first. They were all at the front of the pen, morning break around the water trough. Ha! So best to capture some photos before they head back to the pasture.

All were being pushy and friendly, like normal, ready for their close ups. Irene is normally towards the back of the group. But yesterday she was right up front. I got a chance to love all over her with out being pushed aside. Rare! 

Such a sweet girl! 

I just wish she would get pregnant when she is put in with one of the boys. But she is a bit of a trouble maker and fights off and causes issues. Maybe this year will be her year. 
Now while I was loving on Irene... her Momma Patti was giving me the eye. Seriously the "Eye"! Look at that look! 
I think she wanted her turn of head scratches and attention. LOL that look has me still cracking up. No worries she got her attention too. Always does I just LOVE old girl! 
Now standing off to the back was Miss Ellie Mae - not sure why she wasn't up front like normal. I think it was primarily the fact that I didn't bring out a bale of hay for her. Sorry beautiful... but Dad is planning a big round bale for you later today. 

And at the price of hay lately, we make sure not to waste any square bales when the round bale is coming. LOL Hay is like gold now - so we have to make sure to use it wisely and no wasting! 

Heading back towards the house I was greeted by Big Ted. He is such a lover, and adored as well. He was doing a little scratching on "Dad's" concrete deer. Now I explained that if he knocks it over or breaks off a piece "Dad" will not be happy... so Ted go scratch on a tree!

Who I am kidding... Dad wouldn't get mad at Big Ted at all... ever... LOL 
The goats were making noises wanting additional breakfast. It was the off day... they don't like off days! 
You see they get Alfalfa 1/2 the week, then the other days are plain old boring hay. We don't like plain as well as the good stuff! That is life though. I would love to eat some yummy puffy tacos every day but not the best for watching my salads, or veggie soup those off days. But mmmm right now I am craving puffy tacos! 
One more photos this week... I snapped this one as we were headed out the back door one morning. I was just too funny to not take a second and capture! 

Mercedes "Bubba" and Momma Cat were sitting up on top of the cabinet next to the back door. Just sitting there watching us gather up things and walk out the door. Now here is what I am thinking.... there is a bit of a look in their eyes don't you think? Especially Bubba! I think there is thoughts going on there... "Okay as soon as they are gone we are going to party!" Thinking we need a nanny camera... LOL now that could be entertaining! Or Scary!

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile again this week. WE love you visiting each week! 

Thank you - Have a blessed weekend.

HUGS and

Monday, January 23, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Kitty by Birdhouses

Howdy - 

 Its my High Hopes Stamps day! For my image today I dug into my collection of favorites from High Hopes and pulled out Kitty by Birdhouses -  Love the feel of this image! 

This is one of those images that is just fun to sit and color - pulling out lots of my Copic markers and just having fun! (colors below) I found some older papers from BoBunny Only You collection and some green card stock for a base and sewed things together with a zig zag stitch. 

The sentiment is a High Hopes Stamps "Pawsing to say hello!" is purrrrfect for this image! 

Copic colors used .. yes I had fun with a lot of them!

For more images to have LOTS of fun coloring just click HERE and fall in love with so much at the High Hopes Stamps web store! I ADORE High Hopes Stamps! 

Have a blessed day-

HUGS and -

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Animal Crackers - Look Alikes

Howdy - 

 The other day I got a great photo of Alvin. He is such a sweetheart. Well... when he is not showing off and being stinky for the ladies he is very sweet. I was having a conversation with him asking him if he knew he was totally a handsome guy... 

He loves when you tell him things like that :0) I then decided that I would make my way over to the boys pen and get a pose the same as Alvin - but his son Alvin Jr. (AJ) - sigh... AJ is just as sweet but not nearly well behaved at posing! He kept banging his head on the fence, poking his nose thru to bite at my shirt and just not cooperating.

This was the best I could do - I think I took 20 photos trying to get him to pose pretty. Sigh... He walked off and his brother Chipmunk said... he I don't look like my Dad but I can pose pretty!

Yes Chipmunk you are just as handsome! He is so funny and really is much calmer than his twin brother AJ. 
Now here is some value! LOL We do not have many chickens at this time, but these girls are bringing in their value around here! With the price of eggs in the store now these girls are worth their weight for sure !

Spring time we will bring in some chicks to increase our egg production. But for now our girls are doing what they can!

I thought you all might get a chuckle from this photo - Momma Cat is comfortable in the house now and seems very happy - Here she made herself comfortable by knocking over my show bag ( the bag I haul to antique shows with all are necessary things. Business Cards, phone charger and emergency Tums and Aspirin. LOL )

I must be a sucker... I left her there and came back and picked it all up later. She was very happy there after all. 

Last is not a great photo.. zoomed a long way. Hubby sent me this photo the other day. I had been telling him that I didn't think there was anyone in the cat house with OLD Momma anymore as I just haven't seen her kids in a while.


He got proof. Mom and Fraidy Cat snoozing one afternoon together. Great to see! 

Hope you have your Saturday Smile this week - They sure give us lots of smiles.

HUGS and -

Monday, January 16, 2023

Wilson's Honey Farm

Howdy - 

A good friend was just telling us that he had found a large bee hive on his property. He even got a bee suit to be able to work around the hive safely. Well I must have had that conversation in the back of my mind when I saw this image and just had to color it! This is Wilson's Honey Farm

Love the tiny little bees! I colored with Copics (colors below) and then added some sparkles to the honey. The pattern papers are from My Mind's Eye (Miss Caroline) collection. Sewing the layers down with both zig zag and straight stitches. For a sentiment High Hopes Stamps "Have a Honey of a day!" Such a sweet card for a friend! Punched the sentiment out with a EK Success punch, then used a Copic for a faux mat around the punch. 

Copic colors used -

Such a happy card! For LOTS of other happy images pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and fall for so many for yourself! 

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Animal Crackers - Sunny Skies Portraits

Howdy - 

 It has been gorgeous this week! And everyone has been out enjoying it! Perfect for some portraits too! 

Valentine was up first - Handsome man with that gorgeous blue sky behind him. 

I wanted to reach out and get that piece of hay off his nose, but I know him. He would have been insulted and walk off. It already was getting sketchy to get a photo, as his Momma, Cocoa and Teddy were walking off heading out to graze for the morning. Val tends to panic if he gets left behind! Seriously ... PANIC!

Heard a little grunt behind me. Scarlet or "Red" was lounging next to the fence enjoying the sun and full belly from breakfast. 

She is now the old lady of the group. She is mellowing a bit but I think she still is the leader of the ladies. 

As I went towards the back pens I hear fences banging and loud Hee Haws! Sergio was really being obnoxious trying to get my attention. Ok so Sergio is always pushy for his attention.

Its all good Serg - I always make time to scratch the top of your head and kiss that gorgeous silky nose! My baby!

Speaking of scratching... man those horns do come in handy! Olive Oyl was really going to town scratching her own back! OHHH that's the spot!

Such a pretty sweet little lady - and one really enjoying the morning. 
Lounging and enjoying the sun! That was Thelma as well. 

I tried to get her attention and get her to come over to me. She was way to interested in keeping a very close watch on Chica. Now Chica was in her own yard on the other side of the fence - but just in case it is always good to be ready to pop up and hide if Chica magically appeared on her side of the fence. Not that it has ever happened before - but just in case!

As I was heading in the house McLaren let out a loud Meow to get my attention. Now Libbie and Chica got new beds for Christmas - the Kitties got a few new window beds. Their old one were really old, and a few heavy rear ends jumping on them had done some damage. So more heavy duty beds were needed. They love them - they are larger and they really can stretch out and enjoy the sun through the window!

McLaren - This is our crazy cat. She really is just silly. I totally adore that when I talk to her she always tilts her head back and forth. At some times almost to the point that she falls over... LOL She is so funny! Crazy but Adored! 

Hope that silly face gave you a smile - and that you enjoyed another Animal Crackers post. 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Monday, January 9, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - No Bones Doggy

Howdy - 

Once the New Year is here - I am already looking forward to Valentines Day. Love it! It is also my Hubby's Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary so its a big day :0) - Today for High Hopes Stamps I decided to pull out and have some fun with one of the fabulous Valentine Images. Love how it has that vintage school days feel to it. Makes me want to find a shoe box and decorate it for a school room party! Ha! 

 This is No Bones Doggy  -  

Is he adorable or what?? Colored with Copics (colors below) It is really so perfect that the sentiment is part of the image. Easy! Cut out with a Circle die cutter, and then did a faux mat around it with a dark red Copic. Then matted with a Scallop die. The pattern papers aer from My Mind's Eye (Lost & Found collection) All the layers are sewn down with zig zag stitch. Then wrapped a ribbon the papers. Found some mulberry flowers... no red ones though. So I used light pink ones that I colored with a red Copic. It is great to make thing all matchy matchy! A few brads to center the flowers and done!  This one just makes me giggle! 
Copic colors used - 

There are so many great images for your Valentine this year! A Collection of these same types of images! Click HERE to pop right over to the Valentine images. 

Now I'm gunna run off and color up another one now! LOL 

Have a blessed day - HUGS

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Animal Crackers - Sunset Photoshoot


Sometimes its good to head out and take photographs at a different time of day. Sunset photos can be really stunning and you can get some stunning photos. Ok honestly here... we were out running around doing errands... things got longer than expected and well... we barely got home before the sun was down! LOL but sunsets do make some pretty photos! 

Lacey and her gorgeous long ears with sun going down behind her. So beautiful. She is such a tall girl, or is it those ears that make her look tall?

But Patti says I have long ears too! LOL Yes they all have long ears. Some are just better at showing them off! I love this angle of photo with the donkeys.

Their level you could say. They are so beautiful. 

Here is Mom and daughter - stunning in the sunset. Little Josie really is showing that stunning black fur. She's all grown up now, but very close with her Mom Jolene. Jolene probably thinks too close at times! Ha!

Sweet Vickie off in the background. She was just interested to see if "Dad" was coming out with some dinner. They have pretty much finished off this round bale now. We do make them eat ALL of it - as the price is so high no wasting any! No worries Vickie ... another bale is coming real soon!

Oh Miss Moxie... sigh... Had a couple of long sleepless nights with this girl this week. New Years Day she was not well at all. Now the fireworks freak her out a bit every year, but this was different. She was sick. Really had us extremely worried! 

She was slow to eat. Not like her at all. She wouldn't come to us. Not like her at all. She was slow moving and NO tail wagging. Not like her at all. She was not happy and bouncing at all! She was sick! For a couple of days and nights we checked on her day and night ... finally middle of the week she starting acting like herself again. And Now I think she is 100% herself. Not sure at all what she gotten into, but I don't think she will have it again. 

A rare photo of Old Outside Momma Cat! She is so hard to get to sit and let me take a photo of her, without bolting and hiding.


The life of an outside cat is usually a pretty tough life. Now she has her cat house - beds - fed daily and when really cold Hubby will get heat lamps for her house. So hard... but with some cushy comforts. I don't really know how old she is... OLD though. But still meows and talks to Hubby, and rarely she will sit and let me take her photo and she will say a word or two for me. She is a skittish thing - but still loved and part of the farm family. 

Speaking of kitties and family - Snapped a cute photo of one of the inside kitties. Porsche was holding down my fresh out of the dryer sheets...

I was asking her if those were hers to sit in.. I think this is the look of "Why Yes they are!" Didn't argue - she did seem to be enjoying them. Not that any of our fur children are spoiled or anything - :0) 

Hope you have another Animal Crackers Smile this week. All my fur children love you visiting and getting to know them each week. 

Have a blessed weekend and hug a furry friend! 

HUGS and

Monday, January 2, 2023

Just Chick-en In!

Howdy - Had some News Year Day fun coloring yesterday and found this fabulous fun image from High Hopes Stamps to color up! This is Chicken Flock!

I adore the animal & farm images from High Hopes Stamps. And these girls is a favorite! So much fun. 
Colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found an older scrap of papers from Scribble Scrabble Co. It is so perfect to work with two sided papers. No thinking it all matches up perfectly. Sewing down the layers to a white cardstock and pairing up with the High Hopes Stamps Sentiment "Just Chick-en in!" This image and sentiment is a great smile to send to a friend! 
While cleaning up some older stash of craft items i found these great paper flower from Prima. I attached them all with tiny copper brads. Love how this one came out and just makes me giggle. 
Copic colors used. 

Pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and see all the fun! So so so much to fall in love with and color up in 2023!

Have a blessed day- 

HUGS and