Saturday, January 27, 2024

Animal Crackers - It ain't easy getting OLD!!

Howdy - 

This month has had some COLD COLD days! We are now back up to normal temps for us here. But the last couple of weeks have really had us wrapping up and Hubby working hard to keep animals fed, and water flowing and not freezing! The cold temps have been hard on a few of the older donkeys. We have been keeping a really close watch on Cocoa. She has been moving very very slow. 


I think the cold has her old joints aching. I know it has me feeling it! We have no real idea of how old Cocoa is. Guessing... somewhere between 25-35 maybe. This winter has been tough on her already. Hoping she takes it easy and gets through it with just some minor aches and pain and nothing more. 

And then our old guy Black Jack has had issues with his age and the cold. Hubby works very hard to keep weight on Black Jack. And with that keeping him warm. He is use to cold temps. He was born and raised in the north. In the past it was all about making sure the heat didn't get to him. Now with less weight, getting older and thinning fur, keeping him warm is the issue. So "Dad" found a small foal horse coat and tried to keep it on him.


Ok... it stayed "on" but was dragging, slid over to the side etc.  But it really did help him stay warm. Wish I had thought of taking a photo with it on him. But well... I didn't spend a lot of time outside it was freezing! We actually got as low as 14 one morning. And for Texas that is pretty cold. 

Black Jack did get use to the coat. All except the hook and loop strap. He DID NOT like that sound of pulling it loose. LOL

As I went out Friday to take photos... I waited and waited for the wet fog to clear up. At noon I just gave up and went out. Everyone was wet and nasty. But then I looked over to the car port - Hubby was gone and Valentine decided the dry covered spot was a nice place to get off his feet for a while!

Speaking of wet and nasty... oh my Alvin Jr. was NAAASTY! and STINKY!  Trust me - I zoomed for this photo!  


Normally a very handsome man - but now. Not So Much.... He needs a bath!

Walking towards the back I found Malory flirting with Domino - I love this photo!

Domino is trying to look so innocent but seconds before this he was snorting and banging his horns on the fencing! Then as soon as I held the camera up ... stop, pause and smile!

Had a chat with Bubba - he is such a love. And loves for me to have total attention on him. He is my boy for sure.

Handsome, sweet and loving. Unless he is chasing and attacking his sisters - typical brother right? 

Hope you enjoyed this week - have a smile - 

HUGS and -

Monday, January 22, 2024

High Hopes Stamps - Frog in Boxers

Howdy - 

This is one of the very first images I purchased from High Hopes Stamps - YEARS and YEARS ago! I just love the look on this little frog. Frog in Boxers -


A top favorite of mine! Colored with my Copics - and found papers from scraps in my stash, and then sewed down layers. Now I wanted a solid green for one of the mats... didn't have the right green. So I used a Copic and colored a mat! Not bad... will have to remember that for future. The sentiment is a great one for a little pick me up for someone, and works with this guy hanging in his boxers. "Hang in there!"  just so fun! It needed a little more - so I punched up some leaves punches from Martha Stewart and colored them to match. This one really made me smile! 

Copic colors used -

To find so many fun images at High Hopes Stamps click HERE and have some fun! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Animal Crackers - Beautiful Big Eyes

Howdy - 

 Little kitty and Beautiful Big Eyes! Ferrari -

She was a timid little thing as a kitten. But she has grown into her own and now stands up to her siblings and dishes it out as well. One of her favorite things is to stretch out long in my lap in the evenings. As long as she beats her brother Bubba there at least. 

Came home the other day to find the goats sunning and eating breakfast - Mallory doing it in style using her breakfast as a bed of course.

Goats are really funny - they love laying in their hay. 

I snapped another photo of Thelma and Lizzy next to each other. These two look like twins big time! We really have to stop and look right at them to tell the difference.

But in reality they are only 1/2 sisters. Same Daddy - Different Mommas. They hang together quite often. Both are such pretty goats. And love coloring and the blue eyes! 
Speaking of beautiful big eyes! As always my little co-photographer each week. Moxie roams with me all around to say hi to everyone. At times she wanders into pens checks out things. But she always catches up quick and is right there with me. 

Love this blessing dog! She was abandoned from a neighbor that moved away many years ago and we happily took her in and have loved her from day one. 

The three stooges got a new hay bin this last week. They are loving it. Why bend over to eat when you don't have too! And this time so far they are leaving it in place and not knocking it over! Which is why they lost it for a while.

Another doggie photo this week. I had snapped this one a while back and it popped up and I realized it had to be showed. Love that Libbie and Chica get along so well. And lately they even have been sharing the one big doggie bed. I think Chica is making sure to be right there with Libbie as much as she can.

You think she knows how old her Mom is? In reality Chica isn't a spring chicken. But she knows her Momma's health is not perfect and keeps a watch on her. Sweet daughter - 

Hope you enjoyed - and we all hope you have a very blessed weekend! 

HUGS and

Monday, January 15, 2024

High Hopes Stamps - Carpenter Ant

Howdy - 

I needed another guy birthday card for this week - and I love this Carpenter Ant for some of my Man friends!  


Such a busy worker - what is he building?  Colored with my Copics - and then found papers from Making Memories that I sewed down with a zig zag stitch and straight stitch. I colored him bold, I wanted him to pop on the card. The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps perfect for our little builder - "Happy Birthday" Love the lumber look on this one! Great for my little ant! 

Copic colors used -

Fun card - that is a fun one to color up! There are just so so many great images at High Hopes Stamps, to have fun with for all your friends and family. To pop right to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store and have fun filling a cart - click HERE

Have a blessed day -  

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Animal Crackers - Duh Nuh Duh Nuh...

Howdy - 

Well here she comes ready or not! LOL

You can't tell by the photo but she was trotting... This girl cracks me up! Miss Juliet - the "BIG" girl in the ladies pen. My class clown. Always front and center and always the pushiest! And always one of the funniest! 

Now I had to show another photo of her... She is one of my "suckers" She gets her drink of water and then walks around with her tongue sticking out slurping or sucking on the water in her mouth. 

Not for just a few seconds. But like 5 minutes! She is not being rude... it is just her drinking style! LOL
Miss Hannah, Juliet's little BFF shadow. She was pushing as hard as she could against the fence trying to get my attention. 

And she got lots of lovings.. all up and down this sweet girl. She is such a pretty sweet girl. I love that she is so friendly!

Looked up and saw all the other girls - They were loving the shade of the big oak tree. Not one girl was out of the shadow of the trees... Such a nice day to enjoy sun and they were all under the tree. 

Oh well they were happy and that is all that matters. Right?

Walking back to the house Chipmunk was banging on the fence to get me to come over. As long as he doesn't bang to hard and hit me like Domino enjoys doing I am good with having a little chat through the fence.

Chip really is a sweetheart - he doesn't try and hurt me ever. He just wants me to scratch that spot between his horns and the top of his nose. Other than that I don't touch much more... Male Goat.. ewe stinky smell! Ha! 

Last photo is of my little old lady Libbie. She has finally given in and agreeing to wear the diapers! We have been dealing with her issues of not making it to the back door or out the back door. And well honestly not being able to wait for us to get to the back door.

But hey she is 105 now in dog years. So she is really doing pretty well. Blind, loosing her hearing and a bit of incontinence at her age is kind of expected I suppose. She still gets around pretty well, and eats very well. Old but still in control Miss Libbie! And despite damaging her dignity she is really pretty cute in these tiny little diapers. They come in Pink and Blue ... I like the pink ones on her best. :0) 

Hope you have an Animal Crackers smile this week - enjoyed some time with us we are thrilled you visit each week! 

HUGS and

Monday, January 8, 2024

High Hopes Stamps - Lil Fire Chief

Howdy - 

Today I dug into my High Hopes Stamps Collection and found a fun favorite for a Happy Birthday Card. 

This is Lil Fire Chief -  

I love coloring this image! Lots of Copic colors used, and then I find some papers in my stash from Making Memories. Of course I had to stay with the red theme. Black card stock for the base and mats. 

The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps and is just perfect with this hero's image! "Birthday Emergency

Copic colors used -


This is such a fun card! And perfect for a couple of guys I know! 

Hope you enjoyed - Have a blessed day!

HUGS and  

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Animal Crackers - January Sunshine!

Howdy -

Wow Yesterday I went out to take photos of the fur children - it was GORGEOUS! Just a little chilly but gorgeous! I headed out to see the ladies first off - They were begging for fresh hay bales - but they have round bales and LOTS of green to chow down on. They are just spoiled and think they can whine enough to get me to cave in and give them "the good stuff out of the barn" - Ha! Nope. I was just there for loving and my photos girls!  You have LOTS of great to eat on your own!

One of the older ladies Macie was front and center. Now remember we don't mention the bit of roundness to her belly.... she is "big boned, short legged and retaining water" wink wink


I adore Miss Macie - she has eyes that just melt me. Huge big brown eyes. And as long as she isn't getting shoved around she is just the sweetest, calmest and loves the attention. All was going well and I was giving her big time ear scratches... and well see that girl in the background? Miss Irene? Yep she wanted a turn too... 


And so Macie stepped (got pushed) aside and big girl Irene shoved on forward. LOL Everyone gets their turn. How long depends on just how pushy some of the really obnoxious ones get.  I did more rounds of attention on all the girls then moved on...

Next door to the ladies I found Little Penelope laying in the sun... I say "Little" loosely here. When did my tiny little baby goat get so ... so... well BIG! LOL Love how she has her eyes closed and really enjoying the sun.


You would think she was super pregnant there. But nope, just the way she is laying and well - they all eat too well! And healthy goats are usually a bit pudgy right?

This next photo is a bit blurry, zooming too far - but it was just too funny when coming in the gate - Hubby and I laughed and yelled out to Flavio to ask HIM how pregnant he was. LOL 

All this green grass in December has them eating well. And we are not complaining at all about that! 

Usually it is dead and brown by this time of year. And we are having to feed them all everything they eat. But this year - round bales in the pens are lasting much much longer than normal. Grazing the green is much preferred! Healthier and I guess Yummier, but I take their word on that one.

Seriously look at how gorgeous the boys pen looks! This was taken just before New Years Eve! Looks like a golf course doesn't it. Ok... well green like a golf course. Just shocking how blessed we have been and the animals are loving it! 

I have Hubby pause every time we come thru the gate - we both just love to see our fur children out grazing and happy! 

Snapped a photo of McLaren yesterday that did not make me happy - Poor girl got into it with one of her siblings. Not sure who... but my bets are on her brother Mercedes "Bubba" or her sister Ferarri. That is the two she has issues with most and plays the hardest with. But sweet little crazy girl has a pretty good scratch on the end of her nose!

I am sure next time she will make up for it and give instead of receiving the boo boo. They all get along so well 99.9% of the time. But then once in a while the rough house playing goes just a bit too far.

Well I hope you have a smile from this weeks Animal Crackers - Looking forward to a happy and healthy 2024! Have a blessed weekend!

Big Furry Hugs from all the family here!